WordPress Content Spinner Review – Does it Work?

WordPress Content Spinner Review – Does it Work?

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My search for finding good, quality WordPress content spinner plugin or software continues.

If you didn’t already, I advise you read my previous post on this subject where I wrote about WordPress Auto Spinner Article Rewriter.

You can also check most talked, and popular content rewriter nowadays called Spin Rewriter and my thoughts about it.

As you probably know spinning is a method of changing either sentences, phrases or words to create unique content.

So for instance good becomes {good|very good|excellent|superb} and so on.


WordPress Content Spinner

So lazy as I am, and I am sure many of you too, writing text for your website can be time-consuming.

Yes, you can pay someone on Fiver, iWriter or on another site, to write content for you. Just search for bombastic titles offering you “high-quality SEO optimized content” as they like to put.

But do you really want to pay every time you need an article? I don’t. Then start typing that “ultra high-quality Google loves me” article.

So what can you do? Scrape others people content? That won’t help you as Google will most likely penalize you because of duplicate content.

If you have a side business (like me) with affiliate sites and promoting various products to receive commission fees, then you probably don’t have time to write quality content for each site.

There are plenty of plugins and WordPress themes which just scrape product description, features, pictures from Amazon and you have your site in minutes.

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But that is duplicate content, and you are not providing anything new to your visitors.

Why would they stay on your site when there is exact content on more reliable and better website.

You need to alter text at least or rewrite it. It could be even harder if you, like me, have more than one website.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I recommend you write your own text.

Research and write about something you like and have experience with – for most of the time 🙂

Browsing internet I stumble upon another plugin which promises just that. Unique content.

Another crap I thought to myself. But then I read something interesting. It wrote that plugin doesn’t rewrite the text, in fact, it stays the same but unique to Google. GTFO! How is that possible?

Does it work? Continue reading and you will find out.


WordPress Content Spinner – How Does It Work?

When you install WordPress content spinner and activate it, that is it. No settings, no nothing to mess with. Yes, you read correctly.

So how the heck does it work?

Sales page says it takes the content that is being posted and makes content same to you and everyone else but different for Google.

I doubt Google is that stupid. How can I even know it works?

On sales page, it says that it automatically spins blog content on the background by replacing unnecessary words with ASCII equivalents to please the bots eye but preserving the original contents exactly as it is.

The difference is in the source code, which is what Google looks at when visiting a website.

We should see it work by looking at the source code for that page or post, and see all the small words replaced with their ASCII equivalents.

I had WordPress Content Spinner activated on two of my websites for about two months. Can’t say if it actually works or no.

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Does Google sees my content as duplicate or unique? I presume that if Google thought it is unique, the sites would get more traffic which didn’t happen. Is WP Content Spinner scam?

I used example text to test it
. Here are results before activating the plugin and after (sorry for bad quality but it is evident that there is a difference).


wp content spinner


wp content spinner review


As you can see the text was replaced with numbers and signs. Okay, the Content Spinner does something.


WordPress Content Spinner Final Words

What rating to give? Don’t know. Didn’t manage to find relevant comments or other reviews on the internet.

If you used this plugin or know how to test it really let me know by contacting me or leaving a comment.

For now, I will leave plugin activated on two of my sites and see what will come from all.

My opinion is that Content Spinner doesn’t work, and it is probably a scam. I mean it changes the text in the source code but doesn’t provide unique content for search engines.

Sales page also doesn’t bring some level of trust.

UPDATE: I don’t believe any updates for the plugin are being given and domain intended for members and associated with wp-content spinner site is expired and pending delete at this moment.

Don’t recommended buying this. STAY AWAY!

Review Summary

4.6 out of 5
Easy to Use
2 out of 5
Options and Settings
3 out of 5
2 out of 5
Overall Quality

I dont really know what this plugin exactly does nor does it really work. My recommendation is to stay away from it.

2.9 Average 2.9 out of 5

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