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  • Technology Checker
  • Email Verifier
  • Email Finder
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Very easy to use
  • Free version


  • No unsub links in emails option ( will be launched soon)

If you work as a freelancer, an outreach manager or a marketer, you surely use email to communicate with clients, establish relationships and networks, and pitch and swap ideas.

If you don’t want to waste time searching for email addresses and the ways to reach out to people, an all-in-one platform will help you. So I tried a fast and accurate email automation platform and decided to share the experience with you in this review. Let’s move on and see which benefits you will get once you sign up!


snovio features available tools


How Can Help Your Business?

As you’ve read above already, is an all-in-one platform. So let’s have a brief look at their five tools and what problems you can overcome with their help.

1. Email Finder Chrome extension searches for emails on top social networks like Linkedin and other websites and lets you send emails right from the extension. Within their web application, you can perform various types of filtered searches to find the best leads.

2. Email Checker allows you to verify emails you get with their finder tool or uploaded lists of prospects. It is available as a Chrome extension too.

3. If you hate sending emails and follow-ups manually, then Email Drip Campaigns will make your life easier. It uses an intuitive drag-and-drop email campaign builder which you can use to create custom campaigns equipped with triggers and multiple follow-up scenarios.

You can set timers and delays as well as triggers based on the recipient’s behavior like whether they opened the email or clicked the link.

4. With their Technology Checker, you can find out which CMS and technologies this or that company is using, for example, your potential clients or competitors.

5. also offers a Gmail tracking extension to follow if the recipients open the emails from you and click the links in the messages.


tracking emails statistics snovio


How To Use

It is easy to use The first and inevitable step is to sign up on the site because otherwise, you won’t be able to perform search and verification, send emails.

When the integration is completed, you can look for the needed emails, download and save them to your contact lists. The lists can be created for various business and marketing purposes. So let’s have a deeper sight at the tools.


Email Finder

Email Finder within the application lets you perform a few various searches for emails. They are domain and bulk domain search, company profile search, social URL search, boolean search, and find emails from names.


Domain And Bulk Domain Search

To find all the email addresses attached to a specific web domain, choose the Domain Search in the list of tools. This tool is very easy to use. All you need to do is type in a company’s domain name in the field and click the Search button.

To find email addresses associated with a number of domains, you need to save them in a file (TXT, XLS or XLSX), upload it to the platform, set the search parameters, and click the Search button.


extract emails from any website
Extract emails from any website using


If you ever want to review the searched companies, all the domains searched via this tool are saved to the Plugin History which you can find in the Businesses tab.

To view more details about the searched company and check if there are any personal contacts, click the company name and you’ll be redirected to the company profile.


Boolean Search

Use the Boolean search to filter prospects by location, industry, and skills. The Boolean Search will help you perform a specific analysis of large databases such as LinkedIn, Google, etc. via unique search parameters, and find the exact leads you need.


Social URL Search

If you have a list of URLs of people’s social profiles and want to get the emails of these people, this tool will support you. A big advantage of is that it can find Linkedin profile emails fast and easy. So you will have an opportunity to reach out to people via truly professional means of communication.


Company Profile Search

If you need to find a definite company according to some parameters, you can do it easily. This feature lets you use numerous filters to reach the goal. The filters are country, industry, city, company size, founding date, company name, and specialties.

Once the necessary company is found, go to the company profile page, and find email addresses of people working at that company.


Emails From Names

Perform this type of search if you have a list of personal and domain names. Then, you will only have to verify the list of found email addresses and compose an email drip campaign for those people.


Email Verifier

When you send an email to an invalid address, it bounces back. Too many bounced emails can get your account suspended. The accepted bounce rate should be between 10% and 15%. You can verify a list of emails found with, or upload your own CSV file with emails.


verify emails using snovio
Verify emails using


After an email address is verified, will assign it one of the following statuses:

  • Valid email address (that means that the email is correct and exists)
  • Catch-all email address (the email has an uncertain status)
  • Invalid email address(the email address does not exist or is not active)


Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns with quick-triggered follow-ups help in structuring customized email sequences. Using the drip email feature, you can select the suitable triggers, schedules, and delays for follow-up emails you send which places outreach on autopilot.

In just a click or two, the email chain will be sent to a high amount of potential leads.

1. By default, you can compose plain-text emails with personalized variables in both the subject line and the email body. In the account settings, you can add a professional email signature, either a plain-text or insert an HTML one.

2. The templates are another useful feature. You can save and organize templates to use for future emails or apply one of the pre-made templates. The platform also gives its users email campaign templates to use. And of course, you can build your own campaigns and save them as templates.

3. The trigger in an email campaign is what automates it. Once the trigger action is performed, the follow-up is sent automatically when the pre-defined time passes. If the trigger happens off-schedule, the follow-up email will be sent based on the schedule as quickly as possible.

4. The delay element is the one to connect either two emails or a trigger and a follow-up. This feature lets postpone the follow-up sending.

5. In addition to letting you set emails on autopilot, the scheduling feature also sends the emails based on timezones. It allows the email to be on top of the Inbox when the recipient gets it.


Snovio Drip Campaign
Creating drip campaign


6. The Email Drip Campaigns tool also checks stats that come free with the package. It informs you who viewed the email, how many times they viewed it, and the number of people who visited the link, the number of responses, and much more.


snovio analytics analytics provides real-time statistics and track key metrics.


Technology Checker

Are you curious about what technology your competitors use? Technology Checker is right the tool to satisfy your thirst. Technology Сhecker is a browser extension for Chrome which helps identify the technologies used to build a website or an app.

It detects CMS, marketing tools, e-commerce solutions, etc. Also, the web application lets you find websites in bulk by searching the database of millions of websites.

Technology checker helps marketers, designers, web architects, and developers identify technologies and find the right contacts to engage. Pricing

You can start a free trial that provides you with 50 credits. Gradually as your usage increases, you can move and purchase one of the available monthly plans.

A credit is a payment unit you can use in exchange for services. Credits issued according to your plan are valid for 30 days and renew every month.

You can distribute credits between tools as you need.  All tools are unlocked for all plans, either paid or freemium:

  • XS (Forever Free) – 50 credits per month
  • S ($29/mo) – 1,000 credits per month
  • M ($49/mo) – 5,000 credits per month
  • L ($79/mo) – 25,000 credits per month
  • XL ($139/mo) – 50,000 credits per month

Based on your requirements, you can choose the plan which suits you and your business. offers a free plan, so why not give it a try? Review Final Words is created to make email outreach campaigns easier for anyone. If your job is recruiting, you can expand your resources, and sales managers can find better prospects to increase sales.

Your business will be able to locate journalists, website owners, and bloggers for the email campaign and send them emails using the platform.

So besides being able to get more leads, allows you to contact them. Find email addresses from Linkedin profiles or corporate websites. Validate email addresses with Email Verifier, and send email chains with Email Drip Campaigns.

Add an email account and design triggered email sequences to follow up your prospects, save templates, and send emails to lists of found contacts from the web application.

You have nothing to lose when you integrate in your business. understands the struggles and needs of small businesses. has everything you need to organize high-performing campaigns in minutes.

If you need powerful email marketing and automation tool, I suggest you check AcyMailing review, Moosend reviewMailOptin reviewMailster review, or SendPulse review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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