AcyMailing Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Best Newsletter Plugin For WordPress?



Easy to use









  • Free version available
  • Send unlimited number of emails
  • Advanced statistics
  • Send personalised newsletters
  • Powerful newsletter editor
  • Scheduled newsletters
  • List segmentation


  • To get important features you will need to use paid plan
  • Only 3 templates available and if you need more then you need to purchase template pack

Many individuals and companies spend considerable time and effort in building and growing their email lists. This is an important task because those lists contain people who have expressed interest in what you and your organization have to offer. They want to hear what you have to say. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed up for the newsletter.

Asking for the email addresses of the people who visit the website is how those lists begin. But this is often easier said than done. There are a large number of sites competing against each other to attract and retain visitors.

A good email marketing platform can help you reach more potential customers and grow your email list. The tool you pick to help you with this goal should be simple but still packed with useful features. This is where AcyMailing comes into play.

In this AcyMailing review, I will show you how it can help with building and managing subscribers, why you should use it, and show its pros and cons.


AcyMailing Review

You can monitor, manage and create newsletters that you send to people on your mailing list using a AcyMailing WordPress newsletter plugin. It will make your marketing campaigns effective and life easier, thanks to the newsletter automation resources that AcyMailing provides.


AcyMailing free vs paid.


Plenty of impressive functions and features are included in the AcyMailing Newsletter Subscription and Newsletter tool. You can keep up with analytic information from its intuitive dashboard and use the simple drag and drop builder.

There is just so much functionality that AcyMailing provides, and this review could easily be 10 000 words long, and I would still not mention all the features. Here are some of its most popular functions:

  • External sending service or SMTP can be used to send unlimited newsletters.
  • A convenient subscription form builder.
  • You can create follow-up newsletters.
  • Newsletters can be scheduled.
  • Send WooCommerce follow-up emails and abandoned shopping cart reminders.
  • It doesn’t take long to create automated marketing workflows.
  • Newsletters can contain WordPress posts.
  • Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link.
  • User information can be added to newsletters to personalize messages.
  • You can use AB testing.
  • There’s a handy test tool for newsletter spam.
  • You can see newsletters stats such as bounced and successfully sent emails with the SMTP Sending performance data.
  • You can view click rates, churn rates, and open rates in the Newsletters results section.
  • You can see who interacted with your newsletter and what links were clicked most often from the Engagement data.
  • Sendinblue, Mailgun, Elastic Email, Amazon SES, and Sendgrid are the external services that can be used to send newsletters using SMTP.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. AcyMailing is a complete tool for newsletter creation, subscription, and management.



The dashboard is composed of several parts. Function shortcuts for starting new campaigns, creating a mailing list, and other essential AcyMailing features are found in the first part.

A global stat overview is in the second part. The third part displays weekly open time in a chart with easy-to-understand percentages.

Your last three scheduled campaigns are in the fourth part of the dashboard. Additional details are available on each campaign once you click on them. You can choose the “Cancel Scheduling” option if you want to stop a campaign’s scheduling. You can alter campaigns before they are re-scheduled since each canceled campaign will be set as a draft.


Subscription Forms

You can make it easier for people to subscribe by creating various subscription forms for your site.


AcyMailing creating subscription form.


The ways that subscription forms can be created are as follows:

  • A WordPress widget can be used to show forms.
  • WordPress shortcode can be utilized to add the forms you created into whatever posts or pages you want.
  • Forms can be placed in a popup (only available in the Enterprise plan).
  • Header (another Enterprise plan exclusive). The top of your page will show a subscription form.
  • Footer (available only in the Enterprise plan). The bottom of your page can display the subscription form.

When you choose the type of form, you will be taken to form creation editor.


AcyMailing form editor builder.



Your users can be managed from this section. New subscribers can be created, and subscribers can be added to lists. Subscribers can also be exported, imported, or filtered.

Current subscribers can be modified and new users created. User subscriptions can be altered and viewed. Each user has a history showing when he subscribed, how they subscribed to the lists and other information.


AcyMailing subscriber stats.


Users can always be subscribed or unsubscribed from various lists when editing user. All you need to do is click on the “Unsubscribe” link or the “Add Subscription” button.

AcyMailing will monitor user subscriptions and unsubscriptions. This helps to prevent duplicate users from being added to subscriptions. Any duplicate entries will be caught.

During export, you get to decide which fields will be exported. You can export users that were assigned to particular lists or export all subscribers.


Custom Fields

Additional fields can be added to subscription forms on the frontend or backend. Those extra fields can be exported, and you can import the users that have those fields. You can even create a newsletter that includes the fields that were added.


AcyMailing custom field option.


You can create personalized subscriptions easily and effectively with this option.



A list is a group of subscribers to which you send emails. Grouping your users helps to manage them more easily to mass send emails.



Filters can be used to create segments with this feature. Campaigns can then be filtered by those segments as needed.


AcyMailing segments feature.



Unsubscribe emails, welcome emails, follow-ups, automatic campaigns, scheduled campaigns, and campaigns are among the many kinds of emails that can be sent. You can create a new email and select the type you want to use by selecting the “Create new email” option. Click on the email type and then click “Create” to get started.


AcyMailing newsletter type options.


If you choose to create a classic, automatic, or scheduled campaign, you’ll be redirected to the creation of the campaign. For the welcome and unsubscribe emails, you’ll be redirected to the drag and drop editor to create or edit email.

AcyMailing email editor.


WooCommerce (WordPress only) emails, Birthday emails, and other specific email types can also be used. These emails can be adjusted with the proper send settings for your campaign.



Clicking on a template will allow you to edit it. You can use the blue icon to download a template or click on the red icon to delete a template.


AcyMailing ready-made templates.


The red or blue buttons can be clicked on when you hover over an email template. Choose the “Create new template” selection when you want to make a new template. You’ll be asked if you want to use HTML or The Drag & Drop Editor to build your template.

There are only three ready-made templates. If you want more, you can purchase their template pack for €29.


Email Overrides

Most emails sent will look basic. To generate more appeal and interest, you can replace those basic emails with better versions.



You can perform various actions on certain AcyMailing user sections with the Automation feature. Automation can be conducted in two ways:

  • Mass action – Certain targets can have one or more actions triggered for them.
  • Automation – Particular frequency or user action can cause different mass actions.


AcyMailing automation settings.


WooCommerce and other plugins can also be connected with the Automation function.



Here you’ll find your scheduled campaigns and the emails that are in the queue. Those emails can be cancelled, resumed or paused if necessary.



Global stats for all campaigns can be found on this tab. Choose the campaign that you want to check stats. If you want to view your overall stats for multiple campaigns, that data will be merged together.


AcyMailing statistic overview.



The AcyMailing addons allow you to add new features by installing plugins that add integration with third-party plugin or additional features. Addons are free.


AcyMailing extensions.


Bounce Handling

Automatic replies to particular email address that doesn’t exist are referred to as bounce emails. The email address you assign as a “bounce address” in your AcyMailing configuration page will receive bounce emails.


AcyMailing bounce emails.


AcyMailing will connect to your mailbox, “read” your messages, determine which email address bounced, and automatically execute actions such as:

  • Delete the user
  • Block the user
  • Remove the subscription of the user
  • Unsubscribe the user
  • Subscribe the user to another list



Various tabs that combine different configurations are found in this section. You can configure particular AcyMailing portions in these tabs.


Mail Settings

You can set the default information AcyMailing will use when sending an email. Bounce email address, Add names, Reply-to email, Reply-to name, From email, and From name are some of the options that can be used.  Each campaign can have different reply-to properties and sender information. You can also add several reply-to addresses.

If you activate the multilingual option in the AcyMailing configuration, you will be able to set a From the name, From email, Reply-to name, Reply to email for each language. The email will be sent with the information in the language of the user. If the user doesn’t have a language set, it will use the default language.


AcyMailing configuration mail settings.

AcyMailing external mail sending service options.


Emails can be sent in different ways. You can send using external mail delivery services (such as Amazon SES, Mailgun Sendinblue, SendGrid, SMTP, and others) or use your own server.


AcyMailing advanced configuration options.


The following choices are available under Advanced configuration:

  • Encoding format – Determine your newsletters’ encoding format.
  • Charset – Configured charset in this section.
  • Accept special characters in email addresses – Characters such as Cyrillic or Chinese aren’t allowed by default in AcyMailing. You can activate this option to allow such characters.
  • Multiple parts – Newsletters with more than one part can be sent successfully.
  • Embed images – Newsletters can have images embedded.
  • Embed attachments – Attachments can also be embedded.
  • Prevent hyphens in text paragraphs – Prevent words to break.
  • Add unsubscribe header in emails – A List-Unsubscribe header may be used by certain mail clients. When your emails are opened, subscribers can see the direct unsubscribe link in the email header.
  • Add “Built with AcyMailing” image in email footer – A promotional footer for AcyMailing.
  • DKIM – This feature confirms that you were the email’s original sender. It verifies that another user didn’t transmit the email to the recipient after intercepting it and changing some of the content included in your message.


Queue Process

This section lets you configure how your AcyMailing sending process should behave and enable automatic actions and reports.

AcyMailing will use the automatic process if the “Automatic Only” sending method has been selected. A certain number of mail batches will automatically be sent in the time interval that you set. You don’t have to do anything further when the automatic send process has been enabled.


AcyMailing queue process settings.


Using the manual send process, AcyMailing will send a batch of emails, then wait X seconds and send another batch, then wait X seconds, etc. Sending scheduled emails and other automatic tasks won’t happen if you enable the “Manual Only” setting.


AcyMailing enabling reports.


You can enable reports via email or log file. They can be helpful to troubleshoot any errors or if you want to see what goes on when the cron triggers your site. Data about the last cron execution (if one exists) will be shown underneath the cron options.



Here you will find settings such as:

  • Allow non logged in users – You can decide if you want to restrict mailing list subscriptions only to people who have logged in.
  • Auto-generate user names – AcyMailing automatically creates a user name based on the person’s email address if their name was not entered while subscribing.
  • Require confirmation – Before becoming a subscriber, you can mandate that the person needs to confirm the info.
  • Redirect after confirmation – This option will send the user to a specific page once their email address is verified correctly.
  • Allow user data changes without identification – Here, you can decide if users who are not identified in the system can alter their subscription or not.
  • Create a user on account creation
  • Send a confirmation email
  • Delete the user on account deletion
  • Subscribe zone label – Before the lists, this is the label that will appear.
  • Displayed lists -Display list after the label with checkboxes so the user can opt-in.
  • Lists checked by default – Automatically check particular lists when displayed.
  • Automatic subscription – Users will be subscribed to certain lists automatically after their user accounts have been created.
  • Display lists afterward – Where do you want to display the lists in the form.


AcyMailing subscription settings.

AcyMailing WordPress integration.


It’s up to you whether or not you want to receive emails after certain user tasks are completed. Some common examples of those actions are unsubscribing from a list or verifying a subscription.



Here you enter your AcyMailing license and activate it for your site.



Here you can modify the behavior when a user is unsubscribed. You can set that users who click on the unsubscribe link can be taken to another page where they can manage subscriptions. If that option is not enabled, users will be automatically unsubscribed from all campaign lists.


AcyMailing interfaces settings.


If you activate the multilingual option, this page will be available in all the languages of your website.


Bounce Handling

How bounced emails are handled can be managed in this section. An email address must be assigned for bounced emails. The “Bounce email address” configuration field is where you can enter that email address.


AcyMailing bounce handling.


Data Collection

The privacy of your users is taken into account when AcyMailing gathers data. Users can use the widget or profile page on your website’s front end to download their complete information in accordance with the GDPR.


AcyMailing data collection.


It’s up to you if you want to allow AcyMailing to collect information on clicks to internal links or external links.



Here you will find options to handle security regarding the user subscription, file download on your site, and database maintenance.


AcyMailing security settings.

AcyMailing permission options.



Text customization and AcyMailing translations are managed in this section. In the AcyMailing Essential plan or higher, you can translate your emails.

You can create various versions of the same campaign as it’s being edited when the multilingual option is used. The default language can also be assigned. If users don’t choose a preferred language, the emails that they receive from you will be in the default language.

When a new campaign is created, you can pick from the languages found in the “Languages used” selection. Most of the language files are included in the package when you install AcyMailing.


AcyMailing Pricing

AcyMailing has free plan and several paid plans which differ in number of available features you get. With free plan you get:

  • manage an unlimited number of users
  • send unlimited number of emails
  • send personalised newsletters
  • simple statistics
  • newsletter editor

Essential plan costs €29 year for usage on one site. You get all features from free plan plus:

  • option to send newsletter automatically
  • scheduled newsletter
  • captcha protection
  • advanced statistics
  • customer support via email

Enterprise plan costs €89 year for usage on one site. You get all features from Essential plan plus:

  • workflow creation tool
  • list segmentation
  • emails override
  • follow up emails
  • mail tester integration
  • bounce back handling
  • email improvement tool
  • conditional sending process
  • full integrations access
  • add custom fields to the user profile
  • front-end management

Multi-site plan costs €319 year for usage on up to 20 sites and you get all available features.

As you can see, Enterprise plan is needed to get most of the tool. Luckily, it is not expensive if you are going to use for single site.


AcyMailing Review Conclusion

Many businesses already use newsletters. They help companies connect with users and send them updates about information that they’re interested in. They’re an excellent way to build and retain a loyal subscriber base, which is why they’re so popular today.

AcyMailing is one of the most used newsletter plugins. It has plenty of impressive features that can help you automate marketing and newsletter campaigns. Just install and configure the plugin and you will start seeing your audiences engagement increase.

You can see out who opened your newsletter and what mail clients were used in the process. You can find helpful information about your newsletter subscribers and determine the optimal time when readers see and view your emails.

You can enhance your newsletter effectiveness with the Mail-tester tool. You can ensure that your newsletters won’t go into a spam folder by receiving valuable advice to improve the content and enhance images too good to ignore.

Lists from other services can be imported in a matter of minutes. You can then create and customize your campaigns at any time. If you are still not sure, you can always try free version or take the plugin for a test using demo.

As alternative options, I suggest you check Moosend review, MailOptin review, Mailster review, Omnisend review, or SendPulse review. And if you need good email finder tool for outreach campaigns and other purposes, I recommend Snovio.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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