How To Automate WordPress Email Campaigns Using Drip?

As a website owner, you must know how to convert visitors into customers. That is where good automate WordPress email campaigns go into use.

If you are running an online shopping website then there are many internet users who visit your website daily. But how many of them actually buy products from you?

There are many tools to review such data and Google Analytics is one of them. You can check different statistics such as number of visitors, conversion rate, sources from where they redirected to your website and a lot of such information. There is a lot of information that you can extract.

Any information about a potential customer is valuable. Especially visitors email address. You need good optin box WordPress plugin or product to capture leads and increase conversions.

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It would be even better to have a product which takes care of the tedious process of nurturing leads to a sales-ready state with relevant emails. Sounds pretty good right? Drip marketing campaigns do all of that and more for marketing and sales teams everyday.

Drip campaigns are automated processes that send a set of messages or content at the right moment. They allow you to consistently send relevant information based on time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your website, or other parameters, freeing up valuable marketing and sales resources.


Automate WordPress Email Campaigns Using Drip

Drip is a tool that allows you to send customized emails to the right person at exactly the right time. It is tool from makers of HitTail. A keyword suggestion tool I wrote some time ago.

It has the ability to trigger an action based on any action a user takes. It can be expressing interest in particular topic, downloading a sample chapter of your book, starting a trial of your software or viewing your upgrade page but not upgrading.

Well-executed marketing automation can mean big difference for you wordpress blog/site/shop.


When Should You Try Drip?

1. If you want to capture leads from every page of your website. It is only needed to add a single snippet of JavaScript to your site footer

2. If you want to automate WordPress email campaigns. Use email to inspire your target customers and earn their trust.

Transform skeptical new users into successful customers. Turn your successful customers into raving fans who bring new business straight to your door.

3. If you want to automatically send a user a series of emails, without writing any code, based on a purchase through Gumroad or PayPal, a recurring charge in Stripe or Chargify, or a new email into Unbounce or LeadPages.


Marketing Automation Features

Six key elements:

1. Email Capture – Accomplished using opt-in forms that run from a single field (typically email address) in low-touch sales to 15 or more fields (name, company, email, phone, job title, size of company, etc.)

2. Lead Nurturing via Email Marketing – Sending a personalized sequence of emails to educate and build trust. Often the emails and sequences are chosen based on that person’s interactions with your website.

3. List Management – The ability to segment your subscribers and send offers targeted to who they are and what they’ve done.

4. Web Analytics – It’s helpful to know what a person is doing on your website in order to determine how likely they are to buy. For example, if someone downloads 3 reports and attended a webinar, they are more likely to buy than someone who only signed up for blog updates.

5. Lead Scoring – Provides a score, often 1-100, on how ready a person is to make a purchase. In high-touch sales, higher scoring leads are typically assigned to sales agents who make phone calls and send one-to-one emails.

6. CRM  – Customer Relationship Management. This is the section that shows a sales agent who to contact next.


Difference Between Drip and Other Email Service Providers

1. Most email service providers (ESPs) are built to send email newsletters to a static list of subscribers. Drip can do this as well, but main differentiation from traditional ESPs is email automation.

This makes it simple to move people into and out of multiple autoresponder sequences based on things they do: click certain links, open certain emails, express interest in a topic, etc…

2. Drip is not focused solely on a specific phase of email sending such as marketing or customer retention. It supports five stages of email sending: marketing, lead nurturing, trial life-cycle, customer retention/life cycle, and post-cancellation.

3. Drip enables you to easily collect leads from every page of your website instantly, with only 1 snippet of JS

4. Drip’s autoresponder setup is simpler than any other email provider.

5. Drip allows split testing within sequences.

6. Drip keeps track of a visitor all the way from first visit (including how they found you), shows you every email they received, opened, and clicked, as well as which action caused them to convert to a customer.

7. Drip is a full-featured email service provider and is designed to handle all of your email marketing and marketing automation needs, from gathering emails via an opt-in form on your website, sending marketing sequences and one-off broadcasts, sending emails to trial/demo users, and paying customers.

Drip also has advanced automation features like tags, custom events, and custom fields/attributes.


How To Use Drip On WordPress Site?

In order to automate WordPress email campaigns using Drip you need to install a snippet of JavaScript in the footer of your website. You can do that using Email Marketing by Drip plugin from WordPress repository.

This plugin automatically installs the Drip tracking script for you. All you have to do is install this plugin and enter your Account ID on its settings page.

Simply sign up for a Drip accountt and install plugin to get started. Once installed, tracking script will be placed on site to activate your Drip account’s features. Using Drip tool to automate WordPress email campaigns comes in 4 pricing plans. You can always easily change pricing plan per needs.




Drip offer guarantee that it will grow your list and increase conversions. If not, refund for most recent monthly payment will be given. Drip can be tried free for 21 days. In that case you will get fully functional account for 3 weeks, which gives you access to everything Drip has to offer.

If you love it, your card will be charged a monthly fee at the end of that trial period. You will get email couple days before your trial expires to remind you. There is no excuse to at least try Drip and see does it satisfy your needs to automate wordpress email campaigns for your webshop, site or blog.

If you need good emails newsletter plugin, then I suggest MailOptin (check MailOptin review) or Mailster (check Mailster review).

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