Getsitecontrol Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Unique Set Of Optin Form Widgets



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Fantastic designs and templates
  • Powerful targeting features
  • Easy to use dashboard & interface
  • Free 7 days trial
  • Direct links to widgets option
  • Integration with Unsplash so you can easily add images


  • Monthly payments which can become expensive especially if you intend to use on more than one website

There are a lot of ways for website owners to interact with their site visitors. Promotions, surveys, popups, and email lists are just some of the many options that can be used to help improve conversion rates and overall engagement.

Site visitor attention spans are quite short. It takes less than seven seconds for them to move on to something else. Converting those visitors into loyal customers can be difficult. People need more motivation than just being encouraged to subscribe to your newsletter. You have to create multiple ways to retain their interest for longer periods.

Popups don’t provide the best user experience. But they are useful for generating leads, increasing conversion rates and to let site visitors know about any particular promotions or other relevant information that you want to communicate. Popups shouldn’t be annoying, but they should help boost your conversion rates. Using the right resources for creating popups is essential.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources for creating popups using WordPress-exclusive plugins and standalone SaaS products. Getsitecontrol is one such SaaS product. It’s a unique set of widgets that are packaged as an online toolkit, allows you to create unique popups running on any platform for any site. In this Getsitecontrol review, I will show you what it offers, its pros & cons, and if it is a worthy purchase.


Getsitecontrol Review

Getsitecontrol can help people who own websites of all sizes and specialties. Its intuitive resources can be used to improve site visitor engagement and retention.

The tool has a nice set of widgets that can help you get the most out of your site. These widgets are incredibly easy to use and have an impressive amount of features. You can use them to bring more traffic to your site by advertising specific sections or features, create polls and surveys, turn site visitors into customers, and get more people to sign up for your email newsletter.


Why Getsitecontrol?

Getsitecontrol offers many options and features. Some of them include:

  • An impressive template gallery – There are plenty of pre-built popups to choose from, which means you’ll spend less time creating popups. Just add the ones that you want to your site with a single click of the mouse.
  • Mobile popups – Your popups can be both appealing and effective on mobile devices. Widget design can easily be adapted to smaller screens. This helps to improve retention and overall user experience.
  • Convenient CSS editor – The included CSS editor lets you adjust your widgets to the sizes you prefer. You can use the dashboard controls to edit widget color, font, position, size, and more.
  • Easy to use interface – You don’t need to be a technical expert to create widgets with high conversion rates. The wizard-based popup builder has presets, layout templates, and a very intuitive interface.
  • Direct links to widgets – You can find more potential customers besides your site visitors. You can copy any direct links for forms that you’ve built and share them on your social media pages, messenger and email.
  • Add GIF and picture images – You can make your widgets stand out by adding high-quality images. You have a thousand images from Unsplash at your disposal, which you can use to search and add relevant images and GIFs from the Getsitecontrol dashboard.
  • Target specific audiences – Use the locations of your site visitors to segment the audience. You can target audience according to UTM, a device used, or other criteria that you determine. AND/OR operators can be implemented to establish detailed targeting rules.
  • Triggers – Widgets can be activated based on actions performed by website visitors. You can use image or button clicks to activate certain popups. You can also use exit-intent triggers, scroll depth, session length, and other parameters.


Widgets Overview

Getsitecontrol has several helpful widgets combined in a single tool. They allow you to add:

  • opt-in email forms
  • feedback and contact forms
  • call to action (CTA) forms with high conversion rates
  • exit surveys and other popular online surveys
  • notification bars and much more from the single dashboard

Widgets can always be customized to meet your needs and enhance user experience on mobile and desktop devices. You can manage widget display triggers, positioning, and targeting.


getsitecontrol analytics
Getsitecontrol offers the option to see how your widgets perform.


Easily customized templates can help you establish everything in just a matter of minutes.

Along with widgets, you’ll also get:

  • A handy CSS editor that can be used to edit forms and popups so that they’re consistent with the rest of your site’s design.
  • A nice library of pre-built templates that can be used when adding new widgets.
  • Simplified A/B testing.
  • The ability to add images from Unsplash or other websites.
  • You can use direct links to share forms.
  • Detailed targeting options.
  • Certain actions can trigger specific on-page behaviors.
  • Autoresponders can be integrated for email signups.
  • You can connect with Zapier apps, Google Analytics, and other popular email marketing tools.

You can use the Getsitecontrol interface to control all of these features and widgets. The dashboard will display site traffic statistics once you start drawing people to your particular widgets. You can view actual clickthrough rates in addition to raw traffic data. The interface can also be used to run A/B tests.

You don’t need to be concerned about the user experience on various devices, as Getsitecontrol’s widgets are responsive.

The widgets work with Google Analytics to show information as particular events. Besides that, Getsitecontrol allows you to see data in real-time as they occur. You can see which pages are performing well and which pages can be improved. Widgets provide statistics in click maps, downloadable reports, and graphs.


Dashboard & User Interface

Getsitecontrol has grown in popularity because of its easy to use dashboard and user interface. You’re redirected to a new widget creation interface immediately after signing in.

Clicking on the “Create widget” button will bring you to the widget builder’s main interface. Now you have to determine the widget’s goal. There are four primary widget goals that can be assigned:

  1. Collect email address (modal, fullscreen, slide-in, bar, and panel popup),
  2. Contact visitors (modal, fullscreen, slide-in, and panel popup),
  3. Notify visitors (modal, fullscreen, slide-in, bar, and panel popup),
  4. Conduct surveys (modal, fullscreen, slide-in, and panel popup).

Each of these goals has its own widget templates that are responsive and optimized for performance. You can preview each widget at different resolutions and how it appears on these devices as they are being created and edited.


getsitecontrol templates
Getsitecontrol offers a vast template library.


Pre-built designs have great images and illustrations. The design editor is very flexible. You can customize each widget to achieve brand uniformity.

Getsitecontrol already connects with many of the most popular email marketing platforms. There’s also a handy’ autoresponder that’s included. Whenever a site visitor uses a widget or popup to subscribe, a one-off broadcast email is sent.



Page targeting, or URL targeting, allows you to specify the pages of your website where the widget will appear. You can set so that widgets appear only on specific pages, or you can choose to have them appear on all of the site’s pages. You can use this function to assign the conditions in which widgets and popups will be displayed.

Some of the targeting conditions that can be used include whether the person is a new or existing site visitor, the city, country or other regional demographic, the amount of time spent on site, the device used to access the site, etc. You can also assign stop conditions. These conditions will determine when users stop seeing particular widgets or popups.


getsitecontrol targeting options
There is a vast number of options in the targeting section.


You can schedule specific dates and times for certain widgets to appear. You can use these options to create different email lists, each with their own target audience.

Advanced users can access a public API to create custom targeting according to pre-determined UTM tags.

Getsitecontrol’s targeting feature can be used to show widgets to specific groups of people according to any of the following criteria: Characteristics – e.g., new vs. returning, Browsers, Operating systems, Devices, Referrers, UTM tags, IP addresses, and Locations.

Advanced options give you even greater control. You can decide what percentage of site visitors will see certain widgets, and so on.



All popup builders need a good email marketing integration. They can sometimes make all the difference in a website’s functionality.

Getsitecontrol has an excellent range of integrations with most of the popular email marketing tools including ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Klaviyo, MailChimp, MailerLite, Mautic, OntraPort, SendGrid, SendinBlue, Sendy, Vertical Response, etc.


getsitecontrol integrations
Getsitecontrol offers vast integration options.


If you’re not using any of the marketing tools with which offers integration, Getsitecontrol also has vertical integration with Zapier and Google Analytics. The amount of email marketing tools that it can connect with is quite impressive.

Email notifications can be set up on the notifications tab. You’ll know every time that someone uses one of your widgets. An autoresponder can also be set up for each of your email marketing campaigns.


getsitecontrol notifications options
Getsitecontrol notifications options.


Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Connect with popular third-party marketing tools
  • Connect with Zapier or set webhooks to provide more flexibility
  • Connect with Google Analytics to better understand how particular audiences behave

Getsitecontrol is a cloud-based SaaS resource with a unified dashboard. This means that it can integrate with Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Tumblr, WordPress, and others. It also works well with Google Analytics, Hubspot, MailChimp, Slack, and other popular third-party applications.


How To Install Getsitecontrol Widgets In WordPress?

There’s already an official plugin that was created explicitly for using Getsitecontrol widgets in WordPress. It will connect your website with Getsitecontrol, so there is no need for you to install any code. From there, you can use their dashboard to build and alter widgets. All results will be shown in real-time. You only need to install the plugin once.


install getsitecontrol widgets wordpress


You can quickly create survey and poll forms, notification popups, contact forms, and email subscription forms for your website. Floating notification bars, slide-ins, and exit-intent popups can be added to deliver your call to action messages.

If you already have a site that was built with WordPress, here’s how you can install the Getsitecontrol plugin:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Open the Plugins section and look for Getsitecontrol.
  3. Select the “Install Now’ option. Once the plugin has been installed, you can then select the “Activate” option.

The Getsitecontrol section will appear in the left-hand section of your WordPress menu dashboard. After you click on the Getsitecontrol menu, you can either sign in if you already have a registered Getsitecontrol account or sign up for a free account if you don’t have one yet.

After you sign in, you will need to select a website to manage widgets. The “Go to Dashboard” button will appear when you choose the site to which you want to edit and create widgets. Selecting this option will bring up your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

That’s all you need to do to install the Getsitecontrol plugin on your WordPress website. Any activated widgets created in Getsitecontrol will then appear on your site.


How To Create Widget Using Getsitecontrol?

Getsitecontrol’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy to adjust settings, add and control sites, connect with other tools, and much more. To build widgets, start by clicking on the “Create Widget” button that appears on the top left-hand side of your dashboard.


getsitecontrol create widget


An opt-in email form template will then appear automatically. If you want to create a different type of widget, all you have to do is choose that option from the drop-down menu.

You can always choose another template from the gallery if you don’t like the particular template that is displayed. The horizontal menu across the top provides options for fullscreen, modal, slide-in pop-up, etc. Everything can be customized as you see fit.


getsitecontrol types of pop up


Click on the “Continue” button once you’ve found the right template. You will see the menu with editing options like Content, Appearance, Targeting, Notifications, and Integrations.


getsitecontrol advantages


In the Content editing options, each text block in the menu can be edited just by clicking on them. Selecting the “+ Add Field” option provides even more choices than just the standard name and email address selections.


getsitecontrol content editing
Content editing choices.


The button can be edited in several ways. The text and the actions that occur after site visitors press that button, can be altered. The button can be opened in a popup or in another kind of widget. The button can also be used to bring people to another page if you’d like. Content editing and all other editing choices are the same for all widget types.

Once you’ve finished editing your widgets, you can select the “Appearance” option from the top horizontal menu to make your widgets unique.


getsitecontrol appearance tab
Appearance options.


This dashboard allows you to add stickers and pictures to your widgets. You can also alter the widget text colors, background, button, and much more.


image options getsitecontrol
There is a huge image library at your disposal.


There are other helpful features here, including:

  • Individual editors for desktop and mobile devices – You can adjust widgets so that they work well and look great on all devices.
  • CSS editor – You can add additional customization to your widgets using the CSS editor. You have more choices than the standard WYSIWYG editor to make your widgets stand out.

The “Targeting” tab is another exciting feature. There are plenty of selections to choose from. For example, you can use exact URLs or expressions to include or exclude widgets on particular pages of your site.

Underneath the Targeting tab is the option for targeting using different characteristics. You can choose to target by browsers, devices used, new versus returning site visitors, operating systems, locations, referrers, UTM tags, and IP addresses. Directly below those choices are options for picking the dates and times when your widgets will be displayed.

The targeting selections are fun. Conditions can be stacked to provide more accurate targeting. Traffic can be included or excluded for each condition that you set. This provides even more flexibility and freedom.


Getsitecontrol Pricing

Getsitecontrol offers a seven day free trial period. You can access all of the tool features during that time. Your widgets will still operate, and all of your data will be saved after the trial period expires. The widgets won’t be shown on your website after the free trial period is over, unless you purchase one of the following plans:

  • Small ($9/month) – This plan provides up to 10,000 monthly views per site.
  • Medium ($19/month) – Provides up to 100,000 monthly views per site.
  • Large ($39/month) – Up to 1,000,000 monthly views per site.

Each price listed above applies to a single website. If you add more sites to your plan, the price will be applied for each website. For instance, if you purchase the small plan, it will cost $9 for one site, $18 for two sites, $27 for three sites, and so on.


Getsitecontrol FAQ

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Getsitecontrol:

1. Is a Getsitecontrol account required for using a WordPress popup plugin?

You can’t build and alter widgets without an active Getsitecontrol account. You can visit their website to sign up for a free trial. The plugin can only be used to integrate the Getsitecontrol account to your site.


2. What’s Getsitecontrol?

Getsitecontrol is a conversion optimization and lead generation tool. It’s used to create widgets and popups for advertising specific content, gathering email addresses, interacting with site visitors, and receiving feedback from them.


3. Is Getsitecontrol better than other popup builders?

Getsitecontrol’s impressive illustrations, images, and designs can be used in constructing unique high-converting widgets and popups. It has several unique designs and targeting options that differentiate it from other similar tools.


4. How much does it cost?

Plans range from $19 to $49 per month, based on the number of site visitors. You get complete access to all of Getsitecontrol’s features no matter what plan you buy.


5. Is there a free trial period?

There is a seven day free trial period. You’ll have unlimited access to all features during the free trial.


6. How do widget views get counted?

Every time a widget is shown, a unique widget count occurs. The total amount of widget views can fluctuate according to your site’s entire monthly visits.


7. What happens when widgets reach the views limit?

Widgets will get fewer views when you get closer to your monthly view limit. A smaller percentage of site visitors will be able to view them when this happens.


8. Is there a limit to the number of widgets that I can create?

You can create an unlimited number of widgets. You can also create and publish as many widgets on your site as you wish. You can use the same type of widgets as many times as you need.


9. Can Getsitecontorl be used on clients’ sites?

Getsitecontrol can easily be used on any website that you build or control for your clients. You can use the same account to control different websites simultaneously.


Getsitecontrol Review Conclusion

Getsitecontrol is a great online resource for creating new leads and enhancing user engagement. All widgets are conveniently bundled together. You can use the same online dashboard to control all widgets that you create and edit.

What you get out of the tool depends on the work that you put into it. You can run A/B tests and create widgets to maximize your site’s full potential.

Getsitecontrol is one of the best applications. It’s a powerful tool to retain current users and draw new potential customers to the site.

You can use Getsitecontrol to:

1. Conduct user surveys to understand your audience better

You can create surveys to determine why certain pages are abandoned, gather suggestions, get feedback about new product features, and assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. You can create custom forms, use existing templates, or create your own simple polls or multi-page questionnaires.

2. Use popups to show a call to action

Attractive popups can be added with information about site updates, special promotions, or any other relevant content that motivates people to engage with your site actively. You can use them to help prevent cart abandonment, increase conversions, and advertise specific site content.

3. Grow email lists

Targeted opt-in email forms can be added to help convert site visitors into regular customers. Exit popups, slide-ins, time-delayed popups, and floating bars can be used. You can also send new leads to your email marketing application.

4. Make a custom contact form 

Custom fields and templates can be used in creating contact forms that best meet your needs. You can get notifications instantly every time that a site visitor sends a message.


Is Getsitecontrol the best popup builder ever? Hellobar, MailOptin, OptinMonster, Sumo (check Sumo review), ThriveLeads (check Thrive Leads review), Convert Pro (check Convert Pro review),  Brave conversion engine, Claspo and other popular popup builders have been around for a while now. Competition is fierce, but I think that Getsitecontrol offers many features to make it a worthy purchase.

The only downside of Getsitecontrol is that its not a one-time payment. You pay monthly, which can be expensive, especially if you want to use it on multiple sites.

If you’re already using one of these or other established popup builders and are ready to try something new, you can’t go wrong with Getsitecontrol. It’s a highly recommended resource for anyone looking for great targeting functions or understands just how a well-crafted, targeted popup can help improve conversion rates.

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