Convert Pro Review (2023) | Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster vs Sumo Comparison

Convert Pro


Easy to use








Ovewall quality



  • Very easy to use with no learning curve
  • You can test drive plugin before purchase
  • Affordable price compared to some other popular plugins
  • Drag-and-drop editing interface
  • White label (you can rebrand it)
  •  Schedule start and end dates of opt-in forms
  • AdBlock Detection


  • Conflicts with some other themes (doesnt work with Gadgetine theme for example)
  • Bigger library of templates would be nice
  • Requires integration with Google Analytics to access A/B tests and statistics
  • No option for optimization of forms for tablets

In this Convert Pro review, I will be dissecting this popular email optin and lead generation WordPress plugin. If you are looking to successfully collect user data and form critical connections with readers and visitors, you will want to get an email address for follow up. The secret to getting those email addresses to follow up is a call to action opt-in form.

Offering benefits and promotions in exchange for subscribing to a newsletter via email is one of the most effective ways to turn those random clicks and visitors to your blog into conversions.

Lead generation is one of the most critical activities to grow your business. Whether you run a big business or a small blog, collecting email subscribers will not only help you increase your website traffic but also grow an audience.

Now you have to figure out the best way to set up your opt-in system. I want to present you with one of the best opt-in plugins you can get for WordPress – Convert Pro.

There are many other quality plugins for collecting emails like OptinMonster, Brave conversion widget, Thrive Leads (see Thrive Leads review), Sumo (check Sumo review), Claspo, etc. So why should you choose Convert Pro?

I have used Thrive Leads for about four years and though it is a very powerful plugin I recently started using Convert Pro. And in this Convert Pro review, I will tell you why.

Let’s check out what it is and how it works, as well as why it is an excellent choice for bloggers and businesses looking to convert visitors into customers.


Convert Pro Review – What Does It Offer?

Convert Pro is very easy to use lead generation plugin for WordPress. The simple drag-and-drop interface of the builder has a plethora of styles and templates. You can add the best opt-in feature for your blog or website guaranteed to help boost your conversion rate in no time.


convert pro advanced targetting


Developed by Brainstorm Force (developer of Astra, one of the fastest loading WordPress theme), Convert Pro is one of the easiest to use opt-in and lead generation plugin for WordPress.


Drag-and-Drop Interface

The drag and drop interface to set up call to action optin forms in Convert Pro editor are one of its best features. Pick where you want your opt-in button by dragging and dropping it onto your desired page of the blog.


creating form in convert pro


Position it above the fold, below the fold, or add it to the end of each blog entry or featured post. Edit their properties to configure features and what text you want to display.


Mobile-Friendly Editor View

Your WordPress site may as well not even exist if it doesn’t have a smart mobile layout and design. At every stage of page design, you need to preview how your setup is going to look on a mobile device.

Around 75% of all content online is now consumed via smartphone or another handheld device, and that’s an audience that no individual or business can afford to ignore.

Convert Pro makes lead generation on a mobile interface quick and easy. You can make sure you aren’t building a WordPress site that’s a pain to navigate or has poorly designed opt-in popups and boxes on your pages.


Many Ready-Made Templates

Not everyone is a gifted and creative graphic designer who is experienced at building neat and attractive popups. Convert Pro offers templates with designs that are perfect for your WordPress site and ready to set up as soon as the plugin is installed.


convert pro templates


Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, pick the right template for your opt-in popups and make appropriate changes.


Programmable Behaviour Based Triggers

This is a crucial feature if you intend to build your email list quickly. Behavior-based triggers are mainly a series of sub-programs that keep track of customer viewing behavior when they visit your site and activate pop-ups at predetermined times.

What content they hover over, what they click and where they spend time on your blog or website is crucial information when it comes to timing pop-ups and placing those email collection boxes.

Programming behavior-based triggers to keep customers on your site longer from the content that generates the most interest is as easy as checking a few boxes and linking the triggers to specific visitor behaviors and actions.


convert pro rulesets


You can also place information gates using timers for content, or hide content behind email collection pop-ups, thus building your list even faster.

It’s important to display your offer at the right time to the user. This increases the chances of converting them. Convert Pro offers advanced triggers to give you full control of the timing of your message.


Easy Integration With Hundreds of Other Email Tools

Convert Pro comes ready-built to interface with many other WordPress plugins and third-party sites and apps that help aggregate your leads and keep your automated follow ups and mass mailing campaigns running smoothly.


convert pro email integrations

convert pro integrations with other tools


Want to check your performance on Google Analytics? Just activate Analytics module in Convert Pro, and you can integrate Google Analytics and see how well your optin forms perform.


Exit Intent and Multi-Step Pop-up Forms

There is no hundred percent effective way to keep customers on site. Exit intent and multi-step pop-up forms are about the closest you can get.

When customers click to navigate away from your site on their device or browser, exit intent triggers and a pop-up generates to offer them something and make a final attempt at collecting their email address for later follow up.

Using exit intent in tandem with multistep pop-ups allows your visitors and potential customers to add more personal information so you can make their follow up customized to them.

This increases your chances of gaining that important contact information and helps you follow up more effectively in the future.


Monitor & Adjust Pop-up Performance With A/B Testing

Not every pop-up and marketing tactic is going to be effective. You need to do extensive testing at first to make sure that you are presenting the best pop-ups and making the offer that builds your contact lists quickly.

Convert Pro offers a convenient tool for finding just the right pop-up for your lead generation, and it automates the A/B testing process to help you make informed choices about what pop-ups perform best. Once you have that hard data, making the most of every pop-up becomes short work.


Advanced Filters

You can target audiences using the advanced filters that come with Convert Pro. These filters will help you get higher conversion rates.

The advanced targeting filters that come with Convert Pro are:

1. Page Level Targeting – Display relevant opt-in forms on relevant pages using page level targeting.

2. Referrer Detection – This helps you create opt-in forms customized with messages that match the interests of visitors coming from a particular website.  Referrer detection is a powerful way of converting visitors.


convert pro behaviour rules


3. Device Detection – With device detection, you can display custom messages based on which device user used to visit your website

4. New vs. Old Visitors –  Convert Pro lets you show different offers to new visitors and returning visitors to ensure high conversion rates.

5. Cookie Control – This helps you hide your opt-ins for a specified time from the visitors who have already opted in.


convert pro cookies settings


6. Logged-in Users – You can hide or display custom messages for users who are already logged in to your website.


9. Fully GDPR Compliant

Since its inception earlier this year, GDPR compliance has become a critical component of any sales lead generation program. Convert Pro is already certified compliant, and you don’t need to worry about how it collects or stores customer data you acquire as part of your email list.

Once it’s installed and running, you don’t need to worry about violating international customer data statutes or laws.


Convert Pro Add-ons

Convert Pro comes as two plugins. One is a master plugin and other is Convert Pro addon with addon which is a collection of advanced modules and features that you can enable or disable as per your needs.

With these modules, you can integrate with third-party mailers, view analytics, A/B test your designs, add advanced scripts and view grid lines within the editor.

1. Connects – Connects addon allows you to integrate Convert Pro with your favorite email marketing service provider/mailer.

2. A/B Test – A/B Test addon allows you to compare and test any call-to-actions created using Convert Pro.

3. Advanced Scripts – The Convert Pro Advanced script addon allows you to add JavaScript at a particular event like form submission, close popup and more.


convert pro addons


4. Grid – The Convert Pro Grid addon will let you add a grid within the editor so that you can manage the placement and alignment of text and elements on the panel.

5. Analytics – The Analytics addon makes it possible to integrate Convert Pro with Google Analytics and facilitates the transfer of data to and fro.

6. Import/Export – Import/Export addon allows you to export the desired call to actions and export it to any other website.


Creating An Opt-in Form With Convert Pro

Creating an opt-in form using Convert Pro is very easy. This is why I like this plugin so much. Once you download and install the plugin, you can go to the Convert Pro dashboard.

This dashboard shows a summary of your performance and the call to actions you have created. To create an opt-in form, click on the ‘Create New’ button. Then select a call-to-action type.

You can choose from several call to action form types:

1. Modal Popup – Lightbox overlay that can be launched on any web page with a dedicated call to action.

2. Info Bar – Notification or optin form that slides in and remains at the top or bottom of the page.

4. Slide-In – Slides in from the corners/sides of the screen.


convert pro call to action types


5. Before/After – This type of opt-in form can be embedded before or after your blog post on a page. These opt-in forms types help offer incentives to your audience relevant to your blog post.

6. In Content Form – These opt-in forms can be embedded anywhere within the content on your page.

7. Widget Box – You can use the widget box opt-in form type to display your form on the sidebar or in the footer of your website.

8. Convert Mat – Covers the entire screen with an overlay opt-in form. This is useful to welcome your visitors with an offer.


convert pro convert mat


9. Full-Screen Popup – It is an overlay opt-in form which can be launched anytime with a dedicated call to action.

After you selected call to action type form, it’s time to choose a template. You can choose any template you like, or you can filter the templates based on the goal.

After selecting your template, give a name to your call to action. Once you have selected your template, you can edit it by changing the text, background, and other properties. The drag-and-drop editor makes this process very simple and fast.


convert pro pop up templates

convert pro optin forms


You can also switch to the mobile editor to make changes to your optin for mobile devices. After making changes to the design, go to the configure tab and set the display rules for your opt-in. There are many targeting and display rules to make your opt-in offer target the ideal audience.


Convert Pro Pricing

Convert Pro costs $99 for a one year license and $399 for a lifetime license. With both these licenses, you can use the plugin on unlimited websites.

The one year license provides updates and support for one year while the lifetime license provides lifetime support and updates.

You can choose Agency Bundle plan if you also want to get Astra theme pro features, WP Portfolio which is great WordPress portfolio plugin, Schema Pro which is amazing schema plugin for WordPress, all future plugins and Ultimate Addons for Elementor (see best Elementor addons) and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin (see best Beaver Builder addons). This plan has an annual option or lifetime updates and support.


convert pro pricing plans


There is no free trial for Convert Pro, but you can take a test drive to see how the plugin works on a WordPress setup. Moreover, they also offer 14 days no questions asked refund policy which can be processed in case you find the plugin is no longer useful for you.


Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster vs SumoMe

  • Name
  • Price
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Real Time Editor
  • Customizable layouts
  • Responsiveness
  • Mobile View Editing
  • Lightbox Popup
  • Info-bar
  • Slide-Ins
  • Content locker
  • Full screen optin form
  • After blog post form
  • In-content form
  • Widget box
  • Write Custom HTML
  • Mobile specific form
  • Yes/No type form
  • Multi-step forms
  • Event Countdown Timer
  • Evergreen Countdown Timer
  • Welcome Mat
  • Multiple form fields
  • Before blog post form
  • Phone Field & other fields
  • WPML Compatible
  • White Label
  • Welcome Popups
  • Exit Intent
  • After scroll trigger
  • On-click trigger
  • Load when you reach ID/Class
  • After reading Post trigger
  • User Inactivity trigger
  • Referrer Detection
  • Device Detection
  • First Timers detection
  • Logged-in users detenction
  • Converted visitors detenction
  • AdBlock Detection
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Testing Designs and Content
  • Test Triggers
  • Test Different Design/Form Types
  • Ready-made Templates
  • Integration with email marketing and other services
  • Analytics
    How well each form performs
  • Import/Export
    Export desired call to actions and import them to any other website
convert pro vs thrive leads vs optinmonster vs sumome
  • $99 / year (unlimited sites) or $399 one time payment for lifetime updates and support (use on unlimited sites)
  • Around 62+
  • Around 33+
thrive leads vs convert pro vs optinmonster vs sumome
  • $67/year for one site, $97/year for 5 sites or $147/year for 15 sites
    Updates are lifetime but support is for 1 year. After year if you need support you can renew.
  • Around 561+ (according to their site)
  • Around 39+
optinmonster vs convert pro vs sumome vs thrive leads
  • $99/month if you want all features (for 5 sites)
  • Around 175+
  • Around 31+
sumome vs convert pro vs thrive leads vs optinmonster
  • It has free plan for one site which is basic and very limited and Pro for $468+ /year for 3 sites and 100k visitors per month
  • Around 40+
  • Around 33+


Thrive Leads and OptinMonster (check OptinMonster benefits) as paid options are good because they have been around for a long time. I have not used OptinMonster nor Sumome for several years, so I can’t compare them with Convert Pro fully.

I can tell based on what features and settings about them I read through other posts, reviews and via official pages. But I have used Thrive Leads for a long time. The Thrive Leads opt-in form template library currently has way more ready-made templates than Convert Pro’s template library.

Convert Pro allows marketing agency customers to white label (rebrand software). Thrive Leads does not. Thrive Leads and Convert Pro are evenly matched when it comes to opt-in form triggers, visitor targeting options and A/B test setup features.

Every Thrive Leads A/B test provides users with a comprehensive suite of reports within the WordPress dashboard. Convert Pro requires users to integrate plugin with Google Analytics to access and monitor A/B tests.

Convert Pro users can schedule start and end dates for their opt-in forms. Opt-in form scheduling is not available in Thrive Leads. Thrive Leads and Convert Pro both use front-end, drag and drop visual editors. However, each editor approaches this in different ways.

ConvertPro uses an Absolute Positioning Visual Editor. This allows users to position elements anywhere on their opt-in forms with an easy mouse movement. The tradeoff is that custom design becomes easier, but responsive scaling to different screen sizes becomes more difficult.

Thrive Leads uses a Block-Based Editor. This makes initial alignment of opt-in form elements more complex but provides much more responsive scaling across different screen sizes.

Thrive Leads allows users to create desktop, tablet and mobile versions of their opt-in forms. Convert Pro only provides users with desktop and mobile customization of their opt-in forms.

Convert Pro is a relatively new plugin and has gained popularity so fast and will only get more popular in the future. The plugin offers top class features with awesome support. On top of all this, the pricing of the plugin is very affordable considering other list building plugins.

If you’re looking for a list building plugin that is not only affordable but does everything you want, then Convert Pro is perfect for you.

I think Option Monster is too expensive and the best choice for large websites and companies. My recommendation would be Convert Pro or Thrive Leads.

Choose Convert Pro if you want easy to use lead generation plugin with white-label for use on unlimited sites. Pick Thrive Leads if you want to have access to a bigger selection of templates.

Or if you don’t want to pay anything, then SumoMe free plan can be a good choice for a start. But be noted it is very limited.

NOTE: Above comparison table Convert Pro vs. Thrive Leads vs. OptinMonster vs. SumoMe is made from Convert Pro perspective comparing its features with the availability of those features in other plugins.

Thrive Leads, OptinMonster and Sumome might have additional features which Convert Pro doesn’t have. Also, be aware that as plugins get updates, some features are removed or new added so for most accurate information visit official plugin sites.

I have also compared Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads, so check that if you are interested in only those two plugins.


Convert Pro Review Conclusion – Why Convert Pro?

WordPress offers many opt-in email plugins, and it can be tough to choose the right one for you. From my usage and testing, Convert Pro takes the cake for giving you the most bang for your buck.

In my opinion, when it comes to cost versus value and ease-of-use Convert Pro is recommended email opt-in plugin for WordPress.

Why choose anything else when the best is so easy and cost-effective. Get Convert Pro for your WordPress blog or website, and watch your conversion rate grow.

If you need lead generation tool that can be used on any kind of website (not just WordPress), then Getsitecontrol (check Getsitecontrol review) is good choice.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Convert pro is a very weak tool, it has few templates that have problems with the base integration into the program and e-mail

  2. Thank you for excellent preview. Convert PRO doesn’t work well with Mailwizz. We bought full version because we need WordPress plugin for Mailwizz API and Convert PRO is very slow -15 seconds to insert e-mail address. Horror. We asked support to fix this, waiting for a long time and nothing happens. We don’t recommend if you want to connect Mailwizz.

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