Grab Attention With WordPress Optin Box Plugin – FREE vs PRO

Plugmatter Promo Box


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Comes with base templates
  • Turn off option for subscribed users
  • Video template
  • Mini templates
  • Target individual posts and pages
  • Split testing
  • Treat returning visitors differently

Having good WordPress optin box plugin is great way to grab visitor attention and boost conversions. Having great content on site or fantastic newsletter is not enough. What is the point in investing time and money if no one is going to read it.

Some of the best ways to get visitors back to website and subscribing to newsletter is with good option form. Optin forms allows you to collect email addresses in order to notify users when you have new content or offers and get them to return to your site.

There are various ways to display optin forms on site.  They can be put in sidebars, slide-ins, after content, before content, on squeeze pages, etc. You can even choose when to display optin box forms (after a specified amount of time or when visitor scrolls to the bottom of site).

Most WordPress optin box plugins have ability to integrate all major email marketing services like MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. Adding an optin form to site is easy in most cases and definitely helps increase traffic to site, convert new visitors and better engage with return ones.

There are countless mailing list and option forms plugins available for WordPress right now. Free and paid. My attention grabbed Plugmatter Option Feature Box Plugin with innovative and interesting concept.

UPDATE: This plugin is no longer available.


WordPress Optin Box Plugin

Plugmatter Option Feature Box Plugin is an email subscription box placed strategically right under the header of WordPress site and before the main content. Its goal is to turn visitors into subscribers.

Most wordpress optin box plugin offer various ways to display opt-in forms. For example pop overs, sidebar widgets, under post widgets, floating headers (like HelloBar or Boom by iThemes) and even shortcodes within posts.

But pop overs in most cases annoy people despite good conversion rates. Sidebar widgets mostly don’t convert too good. Space right above blog posts is something people’s eyes first see. Optin box featured above the fold grabs the most attention and converts really well. It it is professionally designed and stands out from the rest of your website.




I am sure there are WordPress themes that have option Plugmatter plugin provides, but I personally didn’t encounter such a wordpress theme. Plugmatter Feature Box plugin for WordPress allows bloggers, entrepreneurs and businesses to create well-designed feature boxes for blogs.

Not only does it work well with different themes on WordPress, it works smoothly with frameworks like Thesis and Genesis too. Plugmatter Optin Feature Box comes with beautiful base templates that you can edit to match your website’s look and feel.

In-line editor provided lets you customize each element of your feature box without losing its professional touch. Change color, fonts, images… Templates are also responsive which means they will look good on any handheld device.

Grab visitors attention no matter on which device they browse your website. This wordpress optin box plugin supports Video optin forms. Create beautiful video optin feature boxes with a few simple clicks.

You can use the video feature box to give your visitors a strong reason to join your email list and easily increase your conversion rate. If you already use feature box on your site or plan to design one, you can just copy and paste the HTML/CSS code into Plugmatter plugin.

Pages, posts and archives can use different feature boxes. You have complete control over how and where you want your feature box optin form to appear. If you want to use different optin box for each post/page, you can do that too. Target a specific page/post and have a custom message displayed on it.

Or even disable the feature box on a certain page/post. There are bigger and smaller feature box templates available. Use mini version if you find other little to big.

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box lets you fully test all elements of your feature box such as headlines, bullet points, graphic/picture, background colors, button colors, etc.

Run A/B split tests to learn which feature box is converting better than other. You can show different feature box to returning visitors and different to first time visitor. Plugin allows you to turn it off as soon as someone signs up for your list so that it gets hidden.


Feature Box plugin features that will help you get more opt-ins:

  • Use a full size or compact Feature Box
  • A number of easily customisable themes
  • Intuitive interface to edit themes
  • Ability to assign different Feature Boxes to different pages or other post types
  • Ability to serve returning visitors with different Feature Boxes or turn them off altogether
  • Option to upload your own custom designs with HTML/CSS
  • Easy to use split testing function to help you maximise your opt-ins
  • Video optin forms
  • Responsive templates
  • Custom CSS feature
  • Supports major mail services

Plugmatter’s Feature Box currently supports most auto responder services which includes: Aweber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, iContact, Get Response, Infusionsoft, Mad Mimi…..




You can also integrate Plugmatter Optin Feature Box with Google Feedburner. Free version of plugin comes with 2 templates and paid version from 6-10 base templates depending on paid plan.

But if you don’t want to use base premade templates, just make your own custom one.




You can try to edit themes on their site to get the feeling and see possibilities. For paid version there is 30 day money back guarantee so no excuses to at least try out.


Customization & Installation

Customization of Feature Box once installed and activated is very easy. The issue with some plugins is that they just have too many controls which just make things more complicated than they need to be.

But there is an extra step that you need to do in order to set up Plugmatter’s Feature Box. That involves adding a snippet of code to your header.php file. Beginners to WordPress may find this intimidating.

Also most wordpress users don’t make child theme which means after every update of WordPress theme they will need to put code again in header.php file. They will probably be confused and will not know where there Featured optin box went.

Frameworks such as Genesis or Thesis handle the addition of code to the header file in a different way to most themes so if Plugmatter didn’t do this, you could end up having a display issue.

Fortunately Plugmatter’s Feature Box plugin comes with a very detailed user guide that gives you step by step instructions for adding the code. It also goes into how to add the code for Genesis and Thesis theme frameworks.

In order to start using the Feature Box, you have to create template by going to Plugmatter → Templates → Add New. Give your template a name and select base template.

The Base Templates are the editable templates provided Plugmatter Feature Box. You can modify a base template and make the necessary design or content changes according to your needs. If you don’t want to use base template provided, then create your own template.




The Plugmatter Feature Box allows you to turn it off for visitors who have already subscribed to your mailing list. Target different sections feature allows you to select different sections of your blog/website with different feature box templates or even disable it.

Target returning visitors feature gives you control over your returning visitors. After a set number of visits by a particular user you can choose to display a different feature box or even hide/disable the feature box completely for him.

If you wish to use split testing feature you need enable it first. Enabling this feature will suspend your General Settings. All General Settings will be ignored until the A/B testing is active.

You can create multiple split-testing campaigns with Plugmatter Feature Box Plugin, but can run only one campaign at a time. 


Free vs Pro

Plugmatter offers three paid versions of the plugin. Personal version, Professional version and a Developer version.

1. Personal: This version is for individual bloggers with a single website. It comes with a single site license at $37.

2. Professional: Bloggers with more than one site can go for this version. Professional version comes at a price of $57 and with three site license. It also has extra features such as the A/B Split Testing, Mini-feature Boxes, etc. In short, this version of Plugmatter Feature Box plugin is perfect if you own multiple sites.

3. Developer: Developer version comes at $97 with unlimited site license. It has all the features from Personal and Professional versions, but also has an option that allows the users to upload custom designs of their choice. Also this plan has priority support.

All plans include support and free updates for a period of one year.



From allowing a site owner to greet visitors with a message to introducing them to a video about products and services, a Plugmatter feature optin box does it all. There are two things I don’t like. It would be nice to have option for putting optin form somewhere else besides header. At least ability to put it after content.

Also extra step which involves adding a snippet of code to your themes header.php file may present problem to some users. Support is great and responses to email inquiries are really fast and helpful. So if you are worried about updates and support, don’t be.

In overall Plugmatter have done a great job with Feature Box. There are not many settings and options which would just confuse user. You get most important features and options as well as easy to use templates. Plugin supports all major mail services.

Some say “money is in the list”. But you need to build your list first and Feature Box will help you to do just that. And if you are interested in more Plugmatter products, then be sure to check Plugmatter Pricing Tables plugin to create stunning tables in WordPress and Document Importer plugin for easier importing Word content into WordPress.

NOTE: If your site uses CloudFlare and have activated Rocket Loader setting, it could have conflicts with Plugmatter optin plugin. Just deactivate Rocker Loader then or use manual settings.

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