How To Sell Moodle Courses In WordPress Using WooCommerce?

Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration


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  • Import Moodle courses to WooCommerce
  • Sell Moodle courses in WooCommerce
  • Sell individual courses or course bundles
  • Monthly subscription or membership options
  • Link and unlink registered users
  • Set Moodle language

WordPress can be used for almost anything. Even to sell Moodle courses in WordPress using WooCommerce. If you are into e-learning, then you probably heard about Moodle or Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Moodle is a free online learning management system. It provides educators around the world with an open source solution for e-learning. Moodle is not a plugin for WordPress. It’s a complete system by itself. You could say it’s parallel to WordPress as a platform.

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Moodle is built by the Moodle project which is led and coordinated by Moodle HQ, an Australian company of 30 developers which is financially supported by a network of over 60 Moodle Partner service companies.

Of course, WordPress has a far bigger reach with more options and features. Using WordPress and WooCommerce is by far better solution to set up an eCommerce store. Even if you just want to sell courses, it is not a bad idea to integrate Moodle and WordPress to have benefits from both worlds.

WooCommerce as an eCommerce solution is great because of a big community, various plugins, and add-on features. Moodle, on the other hand, makes setting up a learning management system very easy.




The integration of both these powerful systems can provide selling courses online with a whole new level of options. Users can make use of the integration for various purposes.

Some of them can be:

  • Setting up online courses in Moodle and selling them in the WooCommerce store
  • Selling Web-based paid certifications online
  • Set eLearning business using Moodle and sell online test series

Those of you looking to sell Moodle courses are not seeking to switch your Learning Management System. You are just looking to improve it.

And that is because Moodle does not have the needed e-Commerce capabilities, to sell courses online. It’s not supposed to be an e-Commerce system. It’s perfect for what it’s meant to be. A robust, highly scalable and secure Learning Management System.


What Benefits When Selling Moodle Courses in WordPress?

Using WordPress and WooCommerce gives you the possibility to add course materials, like books or DVDs, along with the courses you sell. You can add an option to enroll automatically registered students for the courses they purchase, or allow them to buy a membership package.

The most significant advantage of using a WordPress site is SEO. Attract and bring more people to your site by doing search engine optimization thanks to various free and paid WordPress plugins.

More visitors mean an increase in registration and subscriptions and by that more earning possibilities. WordPress is a very popular platform. It has garnered this popularity and attention because it is very easy to work with. Whether you are an end user or a developer.

With WordPress, you have an ecosystem of plugins, to help you:

1. e-Commerce: If you are just looking for an e-Commerce system, you have to know, that WooCommerce+WordPress, is one of the most popular and used e-Commerce solutions available.

2. SEO+Social Sharing: As compared to pure e-Commerce platforms, WordPress has more to offer. It is search engine optimized and has social sharing plugins available to popularize your content.

You could have and maintain an active blog, to talk about your courses, and provide interested students a means of finding what they are searching.

3. Social Participation: WordPress facilitates social participation, by providing plugins for forums, and social networking. A participator does not necessarily have to be a registered student on your Moodle site. This could help add content on your website, and make it popular.

4. Events: WordPress has event management plugins as well, which can help you manage any e-learning events you plan to host.


How to Sell Moodle Courses in WordPress?

It is understood, that since WordPress is an entirely different platform, you’d have to set up a different site. But maintaining two separate sites can be an overhead. In such cases, you’d want options to automate several processes involved. The point of integration is selling the Moodle courses’.

This would mean integrating WooCommerce (WordPress) and Moodle. This is where the Edwiser Bridge: The WordPress Moodle integration plugin helps you.

This plugin automatically imports Moodle courses onto your WordPress website. The courses are introduced as products, which are sold from your WordPress+WooCommerce store.

A major advantage students purchasing your courses receive is that they are auto-enrolled for the courses they buy. If you want to sell Moodle courses on your WordPress site, Edwiser Bridge is a fantastic plugin that integrates the two platforms. WordPress and Moodle.

This plugin will help you to import Moodle courses to your WordPress site and sell those using PayPal. The courses can be categorized to make it easier for the users to access them efficiently.

Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin provides users with the features of WooCommerce and Moodle all at once. It allows users to sell Moodle courses in WordPress using WooCommerce shop.

Since Moodle is a separate system and not a WordPress theme or plugin, it can’t be installed on a WordPress website. Edwiser Bridge plugin works as a bridge between WordPress and Moodle platform and makes it easy to sell the Moodle courses on any WordPress site.

It is incredibly easy to get started with the plugin, once you activate the plugin all you need to do is to add the Moodle Access Token to complete the integration.


Integrating Moodle and WordPress


Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration Review

With the introduction of Edwiser Bridge (a WordPress-Moodle integration plugin) and the WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge, Moodle LMS owners now have a ready solution which integrates WooCommerce and Moodle.

If you have a WordPress website, all you need is the Edwiser Bridge and the WooCommerce integration plugin, and you’re set!

Edwiser Bridge is the base plugin which integrates WordPress and Moodle. Its primary function is to import Moodle courses into WordPress. It’s available for FREE, and you’ll need it installed and activated to use the WooCommerce Integration plugin.

The WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge (or the Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin), adds WooCommerce to the mix. It integrates WooCommerce with Moodle allowing Moodle website owners to sell their courses as WooCommerce products.

Edwiser Bridge provides Moodle LMS owners an option to sync courses into WordPress. WordPress is used as a shopping portal, whereas Moodle is where the learning happens. Once you have activated and configured Edwiser Bridge, you can go through the plugin settings.

By default, Edwiser bridge provides only PayPal as a payment gateway option. To provide additional payment methods, options to bundle courses and offer subscriptions, you’ll need the WooCommerce Integration extension for Edwiser Bridge.

General Settings: In the general tab of the settings page you can setup the registration option for the users. Click on the user registration field and define your user profile page. You can also set the language for your Moodle courses.

wordpress moodle integration plugin


Connection Settings: This is a crucial part of the setup process, because if both platforms are not linked correctly, the system will not work. Here, you need to define the Moodle site URL and set up the Moodle Access Token, which you have generated on the Moodle site by setting external service.

Synchronization: In the synchronization tab you have the options to synchronize Moodle to WordPress. You can sync the categories of the courses and keep them as a draft on your WordPress site.

PayPal Settings: Here you set up the payment gateway for your courses.


WooCommerce Integration

The WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge adds WooCommerce to the mix, eventually integrating WooCommerce and Moodle.

Along with this the WooCommerce Integration extension provides the following:

  • The WooCommerce Integration inherently provides a course bundle option (you do not need any additional plugin)
woocommerce moodle integration plugin
  • With the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you can sell courses on a subscription basis as well.
  • Course access management is simplified as well, and course cancellation or refund request is handled seamlessly by revoking course access.


Selling Moodle Courses in WordPress With Edwiser Bridge Plugin

Edwiser Bridge plugin makes it easy to define categories for your courses. You have two options to set the categories.

  1. You can use the synchronize the categories option in the synchronization setting tab that will import the categories from Moodle
  2. You can create new categories on your WordPress site using the Edwiser Bridge plugin admin panel. To create a category go to Edwiser Bridge > Course Categories.

Once all the settings are done, and courses set, you can go to set up the selling option for the courses. Edwiser Bridge > Courses go to a particular course and click on ‘Course Options‘ for further settings.

Here you can define the price for a particular course; you can also make any course free for all registered users as well as close a particular course if that is no more available for the users.

Once everything set, users will see the courses with the defined price tag in the front-end, and as they click on purchase option, they will get the login page.


Edwiser Bridge Plugin Extensions

1.WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for creating online shops, and Edwiser Bridge offers you an extension which will help you to use WooCommerce for the selling process.

 This extension will bring in many amazing features along with WooCommerce compatibility. You can treat the courses as real products and sell them as subscription based products.

Also, you can bundle different courses and sell them as one product which will be beneficial for your users and help you earn a little more than a single course.

When a user cancels one order, the system will automatically unenroll the member for that course. Once you get the extension, the plugin will show the WooCommerce synchronization option right in the plugin settings.

Price: $55


2. Single Sign On for Edwiser Bridge

This extension will make the login and logout process a lot easier for the users. Once this extension is activated users will be able to login to both WordPress site as well as Moodle with a single credential. They will not have to login to both the platform separately.

Price: $26


3. Selective Synchronization for Edwiser Bridge

Selectively synchronize Moodle courses or courses belonging to a particular category using the Selective Synchronization extension for Edwiser Bridge.

Price: $12


4. Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase

The Bulk Purchase plugin lets you buy more than one Moodle course through WooCommerce at one go and enroll each student in your class.

Price: $39


What Can You do With Edwiser Bridge Plugin?

So what can be done using the Edwiser Bridge plugin?

1. Import Moodle Courses to WooCommerce

The primary reason for WooCommerce and Moodle integration is that users can sell their Moodle courses in the WooCommerce shop. To achieve this functionality, the user is provided with an option in admin dashboard to sync the courses on the Moodle website with the products in the WooCommerce shop.


2. Automatic Registration to Moodle Learning Management System

Once a customer has completed the purchase process for a particular post he is automatically registered to the Moodle learning management system. The customer is then given a link to the Moodle website along with the login credentials.


These credentials are the same as the ones entered by the client when registering to the WooCommerce shop page. The client can use these credentials to login to the Moodle and make a smooth transition from being a customer to being a student.


3. Export Customer Info from WooCommerce

Moodle account is automatically created for a user who bought a course from the WooCommerce shop page. The customer then becomes a student. The user’s profile information is exported from WordPress to the user’s student account on the Moodle website.

4. Sell Moodle Courses in WooCommerce

Once the user adds the Moodle courses to the WooCommerce shop page, the course details can be modified from the admin dashboard to update information such as product description, price, etc. Courses can be easily sold as products using WooCommerce and Moodle Integration plugin.

5. Sell Individual Courses or Course Bundles

The admin can synchronize Moodle courses to WordPress and as WooCommerce products. These products are published as private, and the admin can then add a price and product details and make the Moodle course public.

Alternatively, the admin can choose to create WooCommerce products and then select and add related courses using a product field. This way the admin can bundle and sell Moodle courses as a single WooCommerce product.


6. Auto Enrollment on Course Purchase

Once a customer has completed the purchase process for a particular post he is automatically registered to the Moodle learning management system.

The customer is then given a link to the Moodle website along with the login credentials. These credentials are the same as the ones entered by the customer while registering to the WooCommerce shop page.

The customer can now use these credentials to login to the Moodle LMS and make a smooth transition from being a customer to being a student.


7. Add a Course Package

Many businesses offer discount packages to students who opt for multiple courses at once. Similarly, you can bundle several courses and sell them at a discounted rate.

To bundle products, you have to use the Product Bundles Extension and create a ‘Product Bundle’ in your WooCommerce store. Product bundle extension for WooCoomerce costs around $49. I didn’t check, but there may be some workaround or free substitute.




8. Add Monthly Subscription or Membership Options

It is also possible to create subscription products or membership site. For courses which are available on a timely basis, you can use the WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension to create subscription products.

In this case, a student will have to subscribe to a particular course and will be charged an amount based on the subscription duration. For example, a student will be charged $10 for a four-week course or $20 for a two months course.

The student has the option to renew the subscription, if applicable. WooCoomerce subscriptions plugin is not cheap. For single site license price is $199. That is very expensive if you are just starting and not sure if it is worth of investment.

But if you decided to have Membership function, maybe you should consider Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin available on Codecanyon for $29.


9. Enable/ Disable User Registration

With Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration, you have the option to enable or disable auto-registration of users on your Moodle website. By default users, who purchase courses in WooCommerce and register on the WordPress site, are not automatically registered as students on Moodle.

Upon selecting the option to ‘Enable User Registration’, users who register on WordPress are auto-registered on Moodle.


10. Link and Unlink Registered Users 

You can link WordPress user accounts with Moodle user accounts. Since user accounts are not liked for WordPress users with previously registered on Moodle, user details might not be in sync. But using this option you can sync the two account details (except for the password). Similarly, there is an option to unlink accounts as well.


11. Set Moodle Language

Configure the language of your Moodle website from WordPress using the Moodle Language Code field. Also, you can translate the Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin to any language by just adding the respective .mo and .po files.


12. Unenrollment on Order Cancellation

If a user cancels a course purchase order in WooCommerce or claims a refund, his enrollment is automatically withdrawn from the purchased course and his access to the course is blocked.


Sell Moodle Courses in WordPress FAQ

Here are some often made questions about Moodle integration plugin. If you have more questions or inquiries about product contact WisdmLabs for more information.

Q. How to Sell Moodle Courses?

A. Moodle Courses can be sold using the Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin. WooCommerce will be used in WordPress to sell the courses. The courses in Moodle can be imported into the WooCommerce shop page with the simple click of a button. Once the courses have been imported, they can be sold on WordPress site as products.


Q. How to Share Moodle Courses on Social Networking Sites?

A. You can share them using a sharing plugin like SNAP. For more info see Social Networks Auto Poster review.


Q. How to make WordPress site SEO optimized?

A. The makers of Moodle also say that Moodle is limited in SEO. To let the world know that you exist install SEO plugin on your WordPress site. There are many various free and paid Search engine optimization plugins available for WordPress.


Q. What happens if course details are changed in Moodle?

A. If you change course details in Moodle, you will need to synchronize the courses in WooCommerce too. Same goes if you delete a course in Moodle. You will need to synchronize the courses again, and the product will be automatically deleted from WooCommerce.


Sell Moodle Courses in WordPress Using WooCommerce

The advantage of using a specialized Moodle and a dedicated e-Commerce plugin is having best of both worlds. You can make optimal use of all the features to create a great site, as per your needs.

With WordPress, you can add a blog section, create forums, or can even create a social network for students. There is a lot you can do.

Price for Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin from WisdmLabs is $55. I think the price is fair considering features it provides. Every license you purchase is valid for one year, during which you will receive free support and updates.

After the license expires, you will still be able to use the plugin, but will not receive support or updates. To continue receiving support and updates, you will have to renew the license at a discounted rate.

Be it online for offline, education has always been a great business model which is successful and profitable. So, I’m sure you can make handsome revenue by selling useful online courses, and a plugin like Edwiser Bridge makes the process a lot smoother for you.

Do you think Moodle+WooCommerce is a good combination? If you are using some other WordPress plugin for integration with Moodle, let me know in comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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