Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster Comparison | Which Should You Choose?

Which is better in duel Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster? They are both excellent lead generation tools. Despite that they have a lot in common, they are still very different. Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin, while OptinMonster is a hosted solution.

What this means is that Thrive Leads is only usable on a self-hosted WordPress site, while OptinMonster can be used on any CMS, i.e., Prestashop, Drupal, Shopify, Joomla, Bigcommerce, and Magento.

This comparison will operate under the assumption that you use self-hosted WordPress website and are looking for the best option for generating leads and building your email list.

For any other CMS or another kind of site, OptinMonster is the best solution for building your email list. You’ll find out the features of the products, what they both can or cannot do, and pricing plans so you can make the best choice.

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Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster Features Comparison

  • Name
  • Price
  • Integrates With All Major Email Services
  • Connect With Any Custom HTML Form
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Lightbox optin
  • Ribbon optin form
  • After content forms
  • Opt-in widget
  • Content lock
  • In line forms
  • 2 step opt-in forms
  • Slide in
  • Screen filler
  • Scroll mat
  • Yes/No forms
  • Social Media lightbox
  • Multiple choice forms
  • Asset delivery
  • Mobile specific lightbox
  • Custom ecommerce lightbox
  • A/B testing design
  • A/B testing different opt-in types
  • A/B testing triggers
  • Set and forget automatic A/B test winner option
  • Integrated analytics
  • Automatic traffic optimization during tests
  • Exit intent
  • Smartexit
  • Targeting by category
  • Targeting by page/post
  • Targeting by tag
  • Targeting by referral source
  • Time triggered opt-in form
  • Scroll % triggered opt-in form
  • Reaches specific content triggers opt-in form
  • Real time behaviour automation
  • Cookie content triggers opt-in form
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Hide Lightboxes for newsletter subscribers
  • Hide all opt-in forms for newsletter subscribers
  • Show different offers to newsletter subscribers
  • Templates
  • Drag & Drop form builder
  • Custom confirmation message
  • Custom confirmation page
  • Mobile Responsive Opt-in forms
  • Opt-in form animations
thrive leads vs convert pro vs optinmonster vs sumome
  • $228/year
    You get access to all Thrive products.
  • 30 days
otinmonster vs thrive leads
  • $348/year activate on 1, 3 or unlimited sites
    Features depend on subscription level
  • 14 days


Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is Thrive Leads core, and the ease with which A/B testing can be comprehensively analyzed is incredible. You can test variations in form design elements, form types, triggers, and other conditions to see what will get you the best growth and results on your site.

You can, in real time, monitor your A/B testing right from the WordPress dashboard, and the automatic winner option lets you see which form variety is working the most effectively for your needs.

OptinMonster focuses more on personalizing visitor experiences than on conversion rate optimization for opt-in forms.


thrive leads templates
Thrive Leads templates


There are many OptinMonster benefits and it offers basic options to help you get better results such as A/B testing the different elements on your opt-in form.

Setup is easy and allows you to copy the original opt-in form and change images, text, etc. To monitor A/B testing, OptinMonster integrates with Google Analytics.

While you will be able to see your conversion rates without having to go right to Google Analytics, it does not offer as much in the way of detailed reports to get the most out of your A/B testing results like Thrive Leads.


Visitor Experience Differences

Targeting the right product to the right people at the right time is essential to success, and this also applies to opt-in forms. If you can show a specific opt-in offer to the right visitor at the right time, you’re guaranteed to get better results.

Because Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin, installed on your website, you can target any content in any way. This can include anything from pages, posts, tags, and categories to specific parts of content on a given page.

Thrive Leads lets you pinpoint when the is the best time to prompt your visitors to sign up is and does it smartly.


optinmonster features


Once a visitor is subscribed, Thrive’s Smartlinks feature allows you to ensure that subscribers won’t be subject to the same opt-in forms as non-subscribers.

Not only does Smartlinks hide lightboxes, you can show new specials, subscriptions, or other deals specifically for subscribers. This can be anything from a Facebook like the button to a webinar subscription (see best WordPress webinar plugins).

OptinMonster uses advanced targeting that is primarily based on cookies. As long as your site visitors haven’t deleted cookies and are using the same device, you can tailor the site experience to their online behavior.


thrive leads optin forms testing
Thrive Leads optin form types


And set up guidelines for when opt-in forms show. For example, this could be set up based on visiting a certain number of pages, tailored for first-time visitors as opposed to returning visitors, or after visiting specific pages.

OptinMonster also offers post, page, and category targeting via WordPress and will hide the opt-in form for subscribing once a visitor has already subscribed.

The customization options for user targeting and triggers are more tailored to individuals based on their behavior on your site, as opposed to Thrive’s focus on a tailor-made experience unique to the site.


Customization & Design

Thrive Leads operates with a front-end, drag and drop visual editor that operates on the block-based model that both HTML and CSS use to make forms easily compatible across devices and resolutions.

Opt-in forms can be made in mere minutes without looking at a single line of code. Thrive Leads visual editor allows making forms from scratch or starting from a template. You can also use the opt-in form area from any opt-in form to create other types of content.


optinmonster optin form types


These elements can include video, social media, coupon codes, registration forms, etc. OptinMonster allows you to point and edit the different elements on the template and has a Canvas function if you want to start from scratch.

To customize the form, the user needs to add custom CSS, HTML, embeddable code or shortcodes to create an opt-in form.


Should You Choose OptinMonster or Thrive Leads?

So which to use? Which is better – Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster? If you’re all about generating leads and optimizing conversion rates, OptinMonster Basic ($168 per year) and Plus ($360 per year) are missing a lot of features necessary to get the most out of that.

With very limited form types, targeting, and triggers, there are not many ways to improve your list growth rates, especially with the Basic version.

OptinMonster Pro ($564 per year) comes with more features and opt-in form trigger options across various platforms like Prestashop, Shopify, Joomla, or Magento, and works well for e-commerce.

However, it’s not as data-driven as it could be, and not as tailor-made for comprehensive data analysis or A/B testing on a platform like WordPress.

Thrive Themes theme developed an entire suite of WordPress tools like Thrive Clever Widgets, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Theme Builder, and few other plugins & themes focused on converting website visitors into subscribers and loyal customers or clients.

Thrive Leads does have the necessary, data-driven approach to optimize your list growth and bring in leads, subscribers, and more. All while offering better customization options that are much simpler to implement and display across devices.

Not a single line of code needs to be examined to design the best opt-in forms for your site. Both OptinMonster and Thrive Leads offer professionally designed conversion-focused templates.

If you’re using OptinMonster, you host your opt-in forms on their platform. This means you have no ownership over them, and you will lose all forms if you cancel your subscription.

Thrive Leads can be purchased for your site with a one-time fee, so you always have access to your forms and never need to worry about losing them. Better still, Thrive allows this at less than half of the price you would pay per year for OptinMonster.

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  1. You might want to check your pricing for Thrive Leads. You can get Thrive Leads for a one-time fee of $67, which includes lifetime updates. The price also includes 12 months support with the option to renew each year for $40.

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