Thrive Quiz Builder Review PROS & CONS (2023) | Worthy WordPress Quiz Builder Plugin?

Thrive Quiz Builder


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Detailed analytics
  • Opt in gate customization
  • Create simple and complex quizzes
  • A/B testing
  • Affordable price
  • Dynamic results
  • Question weighting


  • More templates would be nice

Like many people, I enjoy answering quizzes when I visit websites. In this Thrive Quiz Builder review, you will see how quizzes provide a fun and entertaining way to engage in content that many enjoy, beyond just reading or watching.

You’ve probably filled out a quiz or two online yourself and know how fun it can be. Maybe you even shared results on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Most online quizzes are just fun time wasters. But what if we could use them to generate leads, grow mailing lists and even make sales?

For many webmasters, putting a quiz or survey on a blog or business website comes as an afterthought. They’re more focused on fulfilling orders, creating blog posts and developing the website.

Quizzes are a proven method to generate traffic to your website. They are a great option to get a reader to stay longer on website and engage with it. Quizzes generally generate much more social shares than plain and simple articles.


complex quiz plugin for wordpress


Thrive Themes has developed an entire suite of WordPress tools, themes, plugins, and widgets focused on converting website visitors into subscribers and loyal customers or clients.

Thrive Quiz Builder lets you harness the amusement of online quizzes and use them to gain valuable insights into the needs and desires of your visitors to convert them into customers.

So how does it work?


Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Thrive Quiz Builder gives you the power to create a professional looking quiz easily. Instead of spending time and money designing quizzes, Thrive Themes has built that ability directly into this easy to use the plugin.

You don’t have to spend time learning to code or have any knowledge of graphic design to make a fully functional and impressive looking quiz.

Just use the plugin’s intuitive drag and drop interface. It’s easy to use, but you’ll find that you can do a lot with it, such as:

  • Create simple or complex quizzes to engage your website visitors.
  • Quickly see how your quiz will look in a quiz builder window before going live.
  • Effortlessly review all the questions and answers to see how your quiz works and what information it will provide.
  • Create branching quizzes which ask different questions depending on how a visitor answers previous ones, allowing for incredibly varied results.

An easy to use setup wizard guides you through quiz development and a troubleshooter warns you in the case of any problems.

The plugin lets you know if the quiz won’t work correctly and tells you how to rectify the problem. Thrive Quiz Builder simply won’t let you publish a non-working quiz on your site.


quiz evaluation type thrive quiz
Quiz evaluation type Thrive Quiz Builder


Thrive Quiz Builder also makes it easy to create share-worthy badges without tons of Photoshop or design experience. Using the badge creator feature, you don’t have to worry about CSS, margins or any of that — you can move elements around as you see fit.

Upload your images, resize them as needed, add text in any format and font you want, and use many other options to make your badges look precisely as you like.

The badge creator also lets you optimize the badges for different social media platforms without having to make any drastic alterations.

Those social media shares bring new prospects to your website, who in turn will take your quiz, “win” a badge and potentially share it on their social media feeds.


question and answer quiz wordpress
Choosing quiz type in Thrive Quiz plugin


This positive cycle can generate several new leads and subscribes, so definitely take advantage of the social aspects of Thrive Quiz Builder. Of course, these options only make up the surface of the quiz. You’ll find what goes on behind the curtain just as impressive.

While your visitors enjoy participating in a fun activity on your website, Thrive Quiz Builder gathers valuable insight based upon their answers. This enables you to understand better what they need and empowers you to offer it to them as conveniently as possible.


Test quiz performance wordpress plugin
A/B testing feature in Thrive Quiz Builder plugin


Thrive quiz builder collects all the answers from quiz participants, compiling that data into reports so that you can see how visitors interact with your quizzes, what answers they give and how many people answered similarly.


Build branching quizzes wordpress


From here, you can use those insights to develop new blog posts, create new merchandise, or make knowledgeable recommendations to your customers.

While this sounds great, you can also dive more in-depth with these quizzes using a relatively straightforward workflow. These steps allow you to get the most out of Thrive Quiz Builder:

  1. Use your quiz to learn what interests your visitors.
  2. Take the data gleaned from those quizzes to offer content based on what you know visitors like.
  3. Use quiz data to segment your mailing list so that specific content goes to recipients with the most interest.
  4. Use Thrive Quiz Builder to optimize conversions by A/B testing various elements of the quiz and associated pages to convert even more participants into clients!

Using this workflow, you can continuously refine your quizzes and optimize your conversion rates without having to create entirely new campaigns.


Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin Pricing

You can get Thrive Quiz Builder plugin as a part of Thrive Suite. When you get a Thrive Suite membership plan you also get:

  • Thrive Themes gives you ten professionally-designed, conversion-focused WordPress themes to choose from.
  • Thrive Apprentice – Create pro-looking courses straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Thrive Comments – Brings the addictive triggers of social media and a conversion focus to your WordPress comments, through several innovative features like upvoting and downvoting, gamified comment incentives and an impressive number of after-comment-actions.
  • Thrive Landing Pages allows you to build and implement powerful landing pages on your site with any of the hundreds of templates available.
  • Thrive Architect is a powerful drag and drop visual editor that lets you create content, forms, and pages and optimize them across resolutions and devices. See difference between Thrive Architect vs Thrive Theme Builder.
  • Clever Widgets displays relevant content based on various targeting rules, categories, and more in your widget areas. For more information see Thrive Clever Widgets review.
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer lets you optimize automatic engagement winner, set-and-forget A/B testing for all headlines.
  • Thrive Ultimatum will improve your conversions by using timer campaigns for evergreen marketing tools, perfect for scarcity marketing. Check Thrive Ultimatum review for more information.
  • Thrive Ovation will save you time and hassle in finding the perfect user testimonials for your site. Check my Thrive Ovation review for more information about its features.
  • Thrive Leads plugin that is conversion-focused, data-driven and lets you build and test any opt-in form design you can create. See pros and cons in my Thrive Leads review. I have also compared Thrive Leads with other popular optin plugins so be sure to check Thrive Leads vs Sumo, Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro and Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster.

Thrive’s membership plan has a lot to offer and gives you the tools to build a clean, easy-to-use website. Thrive Suite comes with option to install the tools on up to 25 websites. If you need more, then you will need to buy Agency plan.


Thrive Quiz Builder Pros

You have a lot of options with Thrive Quiz Builder. Thrive Themes has developed a feature-rich plugin with lots of pros.

Here’s some of what stands out the most for me:

  • Detailed analytics that tracks the number of stats.
  • Easy to use quiz builder makes coding unnecessary.
  • Opt-in gate customization — you decide when participants provide their information.
  • A/B testing capability that ensures continuous optimization.
  • Mobile friendly quizzes will work on any smartphone or mobile device.
  • Easy to customize social media optimized badges to support sharing results.
  • Very reasonable pricing.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, just in case you decide it isn’t the right fit for you or your website.


Thrive Quiz Builder Cons

While Thrive Quiz Builder comes with a lot of positive features, it does have a few limitations that I didn’t love.

I found the question drag and drop areas a little touchy. I could get everything where I wanted it, but sometimes it took me a few tries. It would also be nice to have more templates to build on.


complex quizzes with branching logic


A few more options for answer format, like dropdowns, for example, would be nice on some websites. In all honesty, these cons are far from deal-breakers for me.

Every plugin has limitations, and while that holds for Thrive Quiz Builder, you’ll find it hard to spot the negatives in this plugin once you’ve got your first quiz set up. When appropriately used, Thrive Quiz Builder will have positive effects on your WordPress site and your business.


Thrive Quiz Builder Review Summary

The majority of online businesses live or die by the mailing list, but capturing attention has become more challenging than ever.

In a business environment where everyone tries to make a subscriber out of a visitor, it’s essential to set yourself apart in some way and Thrive Quiz Builder provides an option to do just that.

Using this plugin, you can capture user information in a new and exciting way. Visitors will have fun when they sign up for your mailing list, which provides an incentive in and of itself.

Further, because Thrive Quiz Builder enables you to develop a deep understanding of your clients’ needs and wants, you can avoid showering them with information, recommendations, or products that don’t fit them, and instead focus on providing them with something just right.

If you want to refresh your website with a fresh alternative to surveys or other data collection methods, Thrive Quiz Builder will help you expand your reach in a fun and compelling way.

While you bear the responsibility of making the quiz captivating and enjoyable, the plugin provides everything you need to build your site’s quiz and begin harnessing subscriber information in a whole new way.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

11 thoughts on “Thrive Quiz Builder Review PROS & CONS (2023) | Worthy WordPress Quiz Builder Plugin?”

  1. You should take into account the awful performance provided by thrive execution time.

    It sends the whole page into the abyss of Core Web Vitals scoring, taking 3/4seconds to execute.

    As long as they don’t use a façade to load everything after 1st load, this plugin shouldn’t be rated more than 5.

  2. I started using Thrive Quiz Builder at the beginning of January 2021. I could see it had great potential. It is now Mar 26, 2021, and Thrive’s development team has still not fixed their bug and renders Quiz Builder useless to us.

    Soon after trying Quiz Builder, we realized that due to the complexity of what we wanted to create and the great potential of Quiz Builder, we needed all the Thrive products. Our nonprofit is providing education to the public regarding pandemic safety. Quizzes are a great way to entice the public to learn.

    Shane Melaugh, the founder of Thrive, created something that can provide great visuals, but with the philosophy that people put up websites to get traffic and convert. Thrive products are well thought out in general. But Quiz Builder has limited quiz attributes, limited formatting capabilities, and serious bugs. I am not sure when Thrive first released Quiz builder, but it seems early in its development and prematurely released. Our team first identified and pinpointed a bug in mid-Feb 2021, and now it’s Mar 26, 2021, and it is still not fixed. We cannot fully launch our quizzes until the bug is fixed. Our volunteers create pandemic safety quizzes with the idea that it cannot take Thrive much longer to fix the bug, but time passes, and the quizzes become obsolete.

    Thrive support needs improvement as well. We required assistance on issues with other Thrive products, and so we feel our experience with Thrive support is accurate. Support’s automated message says responses within a few hours. Quick responses rarely occur. It’s usually 12 to 24 hours or longer. With the bug issue, support response is cordial and sterile, and most importantly, it lacks informative content. Thrive support acts as a buffer between the Thrive developers and us -so we cannot get a story straight from the developers. Although I ask specific questions about progress, the response from Thrive support is always the same, the developers are working on the problem, and they will let us know when the bug is fixed. Thrive support even explained that fixing a bug can be complicated and needs testing. I think most would agree that 5 weeks to fix a bug that renders Thrive Quiz Builder useless to us is far too long, considering Thrive is selling Quiz Builder as a finished product.

    We looked Shane Melaugh up on LinkedIn. He markets himself as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and advertises his availability as a source to help companies grow. Since he has no user feedback mechanism to upper management built into his own company or his feedback tool is ineffective, I am not sure how far he could take an entrepreneur beyond initial launching. We would have moved on to another concept or product, except that we already put a great deal of time into this project, and we cannot understand how the developers could take much longer to fix the bug. Our quiz project has now fallen out of favor with others who dedicated time and effort to those we were supporting with the quizzes. If you are serious about increasing business through your website, I am not sure Thrive Quiz Builder is the best tool for doing so at this time.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thank you for sharing your experience in using Thrive Quiz Builder. It can help other users decide if plugin is the right choice for them. I hope your issue will be fixed soon.

    2. Thank you so much for this comment. I am evaluating possible quiz tools for educational purposes also, not generating leads. It’s good to know if there is non-responsiveness to issues at a company – that’s very frustrating. Have you any other tools you had thought about or would recommend? I am working with a WordPress site (Avada theme). I’d like a quiz that allows for Q&A: Question, followed by a right/wrong indicator, followed by a short explanation about the correct answer. I’d probably include 1-5 such questions in a quiz.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      If I remember correctly there is integration with Mailchimp. But I recommend you contact Thrive support and ask for confirmation.

  3. Mieya Donyea Hardee

    i need clarification on the license part. Does one license mean one quiz per website or many quizzes for one website?

    1. There is no limit on how many quizzes you can use per website. One license means you can activate and use Thrive Quiz Builder only on one website.

  4. Thrive Themes has got lots of useful features which makes blogging quite simple. They provide cool customisation features at a reasonable price.

    I am using Genesis Framework and Thrive Architect and my site looks cool with this combination.

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