Thrive Clever Widgets Review PROS & CONS | Show Different Content Based On Targeting Rules

Thrive Clever Widgets


Easy to use






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  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Determine precisely where your widget content should be shown to visitors, based on categories, tags, post types
  • It will not slown down the website
  • Integrates with the default widgets options in WordPress
  • Include and exclude rules for specific pages

Do you want to show targeted ads based on content? Correctly targeting your visitors is an essential step in advertising. It does not matter whether your target is to promote an affiliate offer, build up your email list, offer a free download, you need to pinpoint the target audience and address them accordingly.

If you want to achieve that level of success with your website, you need to apply precise targeting methods. There are lots of different ways that you can monetize your website and the content on it.

One of the most common ways that blogs and websites monetize their traffic is by running affiliate advertisements. Running affiliate ads on your website is most effective when you can place ads for products and services that are related to the topic matter on your blog.

The closer the relevance and need or want between your content and your visitor, the better you are going to convert and the more money that you are going to make. Showing the same ads or content to every visitor on your site can never help your site to increase sales.


show different widgets based on targeting wordpress


Even a big player like Google shows more targeted ads with Google Adsense, which means more clicks and conversion. If target ads or content is shown in your WordPress sidebar or footer, you can boost your sales with the targeted promotion.

Whatever you add to a widget area will show up everywhere on your site. It means that you will have the same sidebar’s content or ads showing on each blog post.

Using Thrive Clever Widgets, you can show different content in your widget areas, based on posts, pages, categories, tags, and advanced targeting rules.


Thrive Clever Widgets Review

Thrive Clever Widgets plugin will show particular ads or content to different groups of people, in different pages, posts, categories, etc., so your site gets more attention, and you get more conversions.

Clever Widgets is a plugin for WordPress that opens up your opportunities of where, when and how you can display and even use unique ad targeting on your WordPress website.


show different content in your widget area


Clever Widgets gives you the ability to show specific ads to certain visitors, based on the content that they are viewing on your website. It also gives you the ability to vary and customize where and how you want to show your ad on the page, to optimize for visibility and conversions.


Show Different Content Based On Targeting Rules

When the plugin is activated, a new link will be added below each of your widgets. To access this area, go in your WP Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.

At first glance, you won’t notice anything different. But when you drag a widget into a widget area and open the settings section, at the bottom of the widget, you will see a new option titled ‘Thrive Widget Display Options.’


wordpress clever widgets plugin


When you click on the “Thrive Widget Display Options” you’ll see a list of display settings that will allow you to specify where you want the widget to display on your site.


Create Targeted Widget Content With Clever Widgets

Display logic allows you to choose where you want to display the widgets. Exclusions enable you to exclude the widget for specific locations. The exclusion rule(s) will always override the display logic(s).

Here are Thrive Clever Widget settings:

  • Basic Settings – In the basic settings section, you can choose to display the widget in the front page, blog page, all posts, 404, all pages, and the search page.
  • Categories etc.You can choose the tags or categories where you want to the widget to be displayed.
  • PostsIf you want the widget to be displayed on specific posts only, you can choose the posts from all the posts of your site.
  • PagesIf you want to display the widget in specific pages, you can choose the pages from all the pages of your site.
  • Page TemplatesIf your theme comes with any page template, you can display any of those templates.
  • Post TypesYou can choose to display the widget from all the available post types of your website, common types like posts, pages, and attachment, any special post type of your theme can be selected from this section.
  • Archive PagesEntire archive related pages like the categories, tags, format, etc. can be selected to display your widget from this section.
  • OtherYou can choose to display the widget only to the logged in or logged out visitors.
  • Exclusions sectionIf you want to hide the widget from any of these posts, pages, post types, archives, page templates, etc., you can do that from the respective tabs of the exclusions section.


show WordPress widgets on specific categories


Without a doubt, the simple interface and the unique features of this widget offers are its finest selling points.


Thrive Clever Widgets Pricing

Thrive Clever Widgets can be purchased only as a part of Thrive Suite where you get all Thrive plugins and themes:

  • Thrive Themes – professionally-designed, conversion-focused WordPress themes.
  • Thrive Landing Pages allows you to build landing pages with dozens of templates available.
  • Thrive Architect – drag and drop visual editor that lets you create content, forms, pages and optimize them for all devices.
  • Clever Widgets displays relevant content based on various targeting rules.
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer lets you optimize and do A/B testing for all headlines.
  • Thrive Ultimatum is evergreen countdown timer for WordPress for creating timer campaigns perfect for scarcity marketing.
  • Thrive Ovation is all in one testimonial management plugin for WordPress site.
  • Thrive Apprentice – Create pro-looking courses straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Thrive Comments – Brings the addictive triggers of social media and a conversion focus to your WordPress comments, through several innovative features like upvoting and downvoting, gamified comment incentives and an impressive number of after-comment-actions.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder is great if you want to build WordPress complex quizzes with branching logic.
  • Thrive Leads – create and test optin forms for collecting email. Check Thrive Leads review for more info. I have also compared Thrive Leads vs Sumo, Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster, and Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro.
  • Thrive Theme Builder –  This is Thrive WordPress theme that lets you customize any feature that you want using the intuitive drag and drop editor. I have explained difference between Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect so be sure to check that post.

Thrive Suite comes with option to install the tools on up to 25 websites. If you need more, then you will need to buy Agency plan.


Thrive Clever Widgets Review PROS & CONS

Thrive Clever Widgets gives you complete control over where your widgets are displayed on your site. This means you will only show highly relevant content for your visitors, so your site gets more attention and you get more conversions.

When someone visits your site and sees an advertisement which is relevant and related to the post or page they are visiting than it is more likely that they will click the ads.

Thrive Clever Widgets unlocks a lot of potential for monetization and growth. It is a very useful plugin that can make your website smarter and more relevant to boost your sales. If you need to create sidebars which will show only on particular pages, then you can check my guide on how to create WordPress or WooCommerce sidebars.

Hope you liked this Thrive Clever Widgets review and my recommendation is to grab this plugin as it makes your site even more relevant to your readers.

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