Best WooCommerce Request A Quote Plugin | How To Let Customers Ask For Price Estimate?

WooCommerce Request A Quote


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Selectively display quote cart button
  • Auto generate quote PDF
  • Customizable quote request form
  • Selectively hide purchase button
  • Responsive quote cart
  • Allowing quote requests for multiple products at once
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Not localization ready

Using WooCommerce request a quote plugin lets your customers ask for a price estimate for products they are interested from your WooCommerce shop. Using WooCommerce quotation plugin, customers can create their list of desired products and receive price estimate from the site administrators.

Quotations are a great way to deal when selling certain types of products to increase your online shop performance. One of the most significant limits in online business is the difficulty to negotiate. For large quantities of same or couple products, supplier and buyer usually meet physically. They talk to find a reasonable solution for both parties.

If you sell custom-made products, then you surely understand the possibilities of using a inquiry form plugin. The fixed price can’t be set. The price always depends on a specification set by a customer. For example, say a client wants a custom-built closet.

The cost depends on the materials he chooses, the size of the closet, the time by which he wants it ready, etc.

The price would also depend on the total pieces he is interested in buying. Maybe the customer also wants a chair, center table, and a bookshelf. Then, the price for the entire set would be different.


WISDM Product Enquiry Pro and Quotation
Example of WISDM Product Enquiry Pro and Quotation plugin.


How to arrange a price with a customer in these cases? Well, you would first need to know what the customer is looking to purchase. You need to add a request a quote functionality. This will help customers to make a price inquiry for the products they are interested in buying.

But how to make it possible using your WooCommerce store? How to make a compromise that should be agreed by both buyer and seller? All this becomes possible for online shops thanks to WISDM Product Enquiry and Quotation for WooCommerce plugin.

WisdmLabs is a well-known company that creates mostly WooCommerce oriented plugins. If you follow my blog posts, then you know I have already written about some of their plugins.

If you missed you can check previous WisdmLabs plugins reviews:


WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

WISDM Product Enquiry Pro is a customizable quotation and proposal request management system for WooCommerce. It allows you to handle quotes in your WooCommerce shop.

This plugin is a premium extension for the WooCommerce plugin. You must have the WooCommerce already installed. It adds a quote request functionality that interested customers can use to send you a quotation request.

This WooCommerce product enquiry plugin adds a proposal request button for all or selected products in your store. Visitors interested in a particular product need to click on the button to initiate a “Proposal Request.”

Interested visitors are then presented with an option to quote an “expected price” and to add a personalized message requesting a purchase proposal. The proposal is then forwarded directly to the owner of the store.

Once completed, the updated proposal request is displayed on your admin panel, where you can view it in the form of an editable table. You can then accept the buyer’s proposal or propose the price you wish to sell it for and send it back to the customer.


inquiry form plugin
You can send quotes back and forth until you reach a price agreement.


The customer receives the proposal as a PDF via an automated mail. Then he/she can choose to accept or reject the proposal. On approval, the customer is automatically redirected to the checkout page to complete the purchase. The plugin works well with multiple products and gives you a variety of options.


How Is WISDM Product Enquiry Different From Other Quote Request Plugins?

WISDM Product Enquiry for WooCommerce brings flexibility with a customizable quote request form. The form contains basic fields and can be extended by adding additional fields.

Customers don’t need to send multiple quote requests for different products. Thanks to the multi-product quote cart option, a single quote can be requested for various products at once.

You can view quote requests from the admin panel, adjust product prices and quantities to create a quote. Upon choosing to send a quote, the plugin dynamically generates a quote PDF and emails it to the customer.

Customers have the option to accept or reject a quote. Once the offer accepted, the customer is directly taken to the checkout page to make a purchase.


How WISDM Request a Quote Plugin Works?

Upon purchasing Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro from the WisdmLabs site, you will receive a download link for the plugin and a purchase receipt id to your registered email.

Download plugin zip using the download link and upload it by going Plugin —> Add New menu and click on the “Upload Plugin” on your site.

After the plugin has installed successfully, proceed to activate the plugin by clicking on the “Activate Plugin” link. Plugin license sub-menu will be created under the Plugins menu in your dashboard.

Upon entering a valid license key, the plugin menu will be created in your dashboard, and the button labeled Request a Quote will be added to each WooCommerce product page.


Allow Customers To Quote For Products

The first step is to allow customers to select the products they are interested in. That’s how quote request systems work. The customer needs to take the first step.

By default, WooCommerce provides an ‘Add to Cart’ button, which allows purchases. The ‘Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro’ extension for WooCommerce provides you a quote cart functionality.


Best WooCommerce Request A Quote Plugin


This functionality adds a ‘Request a Quote’ button on every WooCommerce single product page. This feature is similar to the ‘Add to Cart’ option. But instead, your customer can use it to add products to a ‘Quote Request’ list.

The rest of your WooCommerce store can work as usual. Your customers can go about searching or filtering products, select related products based on category, etc.

The customer then has the option to make a single price quote request for all the products at once. This is a time-saver for you and the customer. The customer does not have to send out multiple emails. A single email that contains all the products, along with their quantities, will be enough.

Potential customer also has the option to add a short note to the email. You can track quote requests from the admin panel. The plugin allows you to adjust product prices and quantities and send quotes to interested customers right from the admin panel.

Be noted that the ‘Request a Quote’ button does not replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button. If you want to disallow the purchase of a particular product in your WooCommerce store, you can leave the product price field blank.

Product Enquiry Pro also has an option to disable the ‘Add to Cart’ button for all products or for particular products as needed.


WooCommerce Quotation Plugin Button

By default, the button will be placed after the product description. The styling of the button or the button position can be changed from the admin settings.


request a quote woocommerce

Upon a user clicking the quote request button, a modal dialog appears. An interested customer can request a quote by filling up the required fields and clicking on the ‘Send’ button.

The styling of the dialog and the field options can be changed using the admin settings of the plugin. Using the Multiproduct Quote option, you can allow users to request a quote for multiple products at once.

Upon activating the option, the quote request button turns into an add-to-quote-cart button. Customers can add multiple products to the quote cart, and then make a single quote request for all products at once.


woocommerce quote cart


The shopper can add a final message, fill in contact details, and send the quote request email.


Product Enquiry for WooCommerce Free

The free version of product enquiry plugin can be found in WordPress repository. You install it like any other WordPress plugin. In order to work, Product Enquiry needs WooCommerce plugin installed.

After activating free version, under Products tab (which you get after installing WooCommerce plugin) there will be Product Enquiry settings option.


product enquiry free for woocommerce


As you can see, there are not many settings to be done. There is Email information where you put an email address to receive product enquiries. The ‘Recipient’s Email’ is set to the admin email id by default. You can replace it, but you can’t add multiple emails.

Every time a potential customer sends an enquiry, you will get details such as site name, product name, product URL, customer name and enquiry message on chosen email.

Enquiry Button allows customers or visitors to make an enquiry about a product by asking a question about a product directly from the product listing page. You can choose where to show product enquiry button.

Moreover, the customer can receive a copy of his email if this functionality is configured to be allowed by the plugin administrator.

In Styling options you can leave it at default to use activated themes CSS or pick to set colours manually.

Then you will have options to choose colours of button, border, dialogue, product name, background, etc. Enquiry details are only available in PRO version of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce.

Free version features:

  • Add an Enquiry or Request a Quote Button – Allows customers or visitors to make an enquiry about a product by asking a question about a product directly from the product listing page. Setting the button label text as “Make an Enquiry”, “Request a Quote” or “Quote to Order” let’s your customers enquire and negotiate for a list of products they are interested into.
  • Localisation Ready – All you need to do is create the .mo and .po files for your language.
  • Configure Settings – Plugin user/administrator can configure where to show Enquiry or Request a Quote Button on the product page and few other details.
  • Email to Site Owner – An email is sent to pre-configured email address of the plugin user with details such as site name, product name, product URL, customer name and enquiry message. Customer can also receive a copy of this email if this functionality is enabled.


Product Enquiry for WooCommerce Pro

The premium version enhances the features of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce.  There is no excessive settings and configurations which is always good. I personally hate when after activating WordPress plugin need to spend half an hour configuring it. You will have same options as in the free version of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plus premium features.

Displaying telephone number will provide a field for buyer/customer to put his phone number. This field is not mandatory, and customer can choose not to fill it. Enquiry request will still be made.

With PRO version you unlock Product Enquiry Details which is not available in free version. The Product Enquiry details provide you with a list of all enquiries made for all products.

The details stored for each enquiry record are, Enquiry date, Product name, Customer Name, Customer Email, Telephone (if provided), Message and the Client IP.

Additional Features in PRO:

  • Support for variable products
  • Control button visibility
  • Mutiple product enquiries and quote requests on a single page
  • Show/hide price and purchase button for one or multiple products
  • Auto-generate quote PDF in the backend which allows the admin to create a quote for requested products
  • View enquiries and quote requests right from your WP dashboard
  • Reply from the dashboard feature for the store admin.
  • Style the buttons and dialogue
  • Filter and export enquiry and quotation records to analyse product demands
  • Responsive enquiry and quote request dialogue
  • Telephone number field option so potential customers can add their phone number.
  • Hooks provided to customise the enquiry form

A “Make an Enquiry”, “Request a Quote” or “Quote to Order” button allows shoppers to enquire about products on your store by asking questions directly from the product page.

The plugin adds an inquiry or quote request button on shop and product archive pages making it easy for customers to send you an inquiry about interested products.

There is an option provided on the product listing page to selectively display the enquiry button, the ‘Add to Cart’ button or the price for the product. You can easily manage the visibility of the enquiry and purchase buttons, and price of all products.


display enquiry and purchase buttons in woocommerce


The plugin supports enquiry or quote request for individual product variations. You can add an ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Request a Quote’ button to your variable products. Your customers can select a variation and then send you an enquiry or quote request.

Customers can add multiple WooCommerce products to an enquiry and quote cart, and inquire about or request a quote for several products at once.


quote request for individual product variations


As the WooCommerce store owner, Product Enquiry Pro makes it easy for you to manage inquiries and quote requests using a single point of access in the admin panel.

Once you receive a quote request, you can quickly edit the price and quantity of products added to create a custom quote for your customer.

Every quote you create is converted into a PDF with your store branding and emailed to the client. You also have the option to personalize the email content before it’s sent.


product enquiry wordpress


When you send customers a quote, they have the option to approve or reject it. Upon approval, customers are directly taken to the checkout page to complete the purchase.


Plugin Settings

Under “Settings,” you can find options such as the visibility of the quote request button, form field settings, PDF settings, email settings, and more.


#1 Enable/disable quotation for all products

  • Enable quotation for all products? – This option allows you to enable the display of the quote request button on all product pages.
  • Out of Stock – Check this option to display the quote request button only when a product is out of stock.
  • Archive Page – If this option is checked, the quote request button is displayed on WooCommerce product archive pages.


#2 Price and add to cart visibility for all products

  • Show Price for all products? – This option enables the display of the product price across all products.
  • Enable Add to Cart for all products? – This option allows you to enable the display of the ‘Add to Cart’ button for all WooCommerce products.

NOTE: To convert WooCommerce into a cart, the only store set both these options to ‘No.’


#3 Enable/disable multiproduct quote

Enable the “Multiproduct Quote” option to allow interested customers to request a quote for multiple products at once. The multiproduct quote functionality adds an ‘Add to Quote Cart’ button on all WooCommerce products.

Customers can add products to the quote cart and then make a single quote request for all the products at once.


#4 Global Settings

This option allows you to apply the global set values for ‘Show Price for all products?’, ‘Enable Add to Cart for all products?’ and ‘Enable Quote for all products?’ across all individual products.


#5 PDF Settings

The plugin generates and sends a PDF each time you send a quote from your WooCommerce store to an interested customer.

Under “PDF Settings,” you can specify company name, company email, company address, and logo for PDF. Data provided here will be used to add your company’s information to the PDF template.


#6 Quotation/Approval Rejection Page

You will need to create a quote approval/rejection page. This is the page to which a customer is redirected to when he/she clicks the ‘Approve/Reject Quote’ link in the email sent along with the quote.


#7 Redirect Page URL

Enter a page URL where a user has to be redirected to upon requesting for a quote.


#8 Form Options

  • Quote button label – Use this field to set the label for the quote request button. The value by default is “Request a Quote.”
  • Quote button location – You can choose to display the quote request button after the product summary or at the end of the product page.
  • Show Quote button only when a product is Out of Stock – Enable this option to show the quote request button only when a product is out of stock.
  • Display Quote button as a link – If this option is checked, the quote request button will be displayed as a link instead of a button.
  • Display Quote button on archive page – The quote request button is displayed archive pages such as ‘Shop’ and category archive pages.
  • Apply Global settings for an individual product – This option allows you to apply the globally set values across all individual products and overrides the values set for these products.
  • Display ‘Powered by WisdmLabs’ – If this option is checked, ‘Powered by WisdmLabs’ text will be displayed on the quote request dialog box.
  • Enable ‘Send me a copy’ option – Allow customers the opportunity to receive a copy of the quote request email.
  • Display telephone number field – If this option is checked, a field for accepting the customer’s telephone is added to the quote request form.
  • Make telephone number field mandatory – The phone number field will be made mandatory for the end-user.


#9 Email Settings

Under Emailing Information tab, you have only two settings:

  • Recipient’s Email ID: By default, the recipient email id value is set to the admin email id. You can set multiple e-mail ids as well.
  • Default subject: The value specified here is used to set the subject of the quote request email, in case the customer does not enter a subject.


#10 Display Settings

You can use the ‘Add Custom CSS’ field to add your CSS, which will be applied to the button and quote request form. Color settings can be changed by selecting Manually specify color settings and picking the colors according to your preference.


Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro Plugin Details

Under Details you can see a list of all quote requests made for all products in your WooCommerce store, along with customer details:

  • View: Quick view of the quote requests made displayed in a table. You can hover over the quantity of the items under the ‘Item’ field to view the products added to the quote request.
  • Sort: Sort these details by ID, customer name, customer email or the inquiry date
  • Delete: You can delete individual records, or select multiple records to delete.
  • Export: You can select individual records to be exported or export all records.

You can set a new purchase price for products, update the quantity, and then send a quotation to the customer using the ‘Send Quotation’ option. When you send a quotation, a PDF will be automatically generated and sent as an attachment via email.

You have the option to add a custom message before sending the quotation.


QuoteUp Per Product Settings

On every product settings page, there are options provided to toggle the display of the ‘Add to Cart’ and the quote request button for the product.

If the ‘Apply Global settings for individual product’ setting is checked, then global settings will be applied to every product. If individual product settings have to be applied, then remember to uncheck this option under Settings -> Form Options.


customize request a quote form
You can customize your request a quote form.


Accept/Reject Quotation

Every quotation email sent to a customer contains a unique link that the customer can use to accept or dismiss the purchase quotation sent. Upon visiting the link, the customer has to enter his email ID to authenticate it.

If the customer accepts the quote, the products are added to the cart. The customer is then taken to the checkout page with the updated prices. If the customer selects the ‘Reject Quote’ option, he is asked the reason for rejecting the quote before dismissing it. The admin can then resend the quote.


Add “Request a Quote for Multiple Products” Functionality to WooCommerce

Customers always want the best possible deal. Instead of asking them a price quote for individual products, they can benefit by requesting a quote for bulk order.

This doesn’t necessarily mean bulk order for a single product. This can mean the customer is interested in purchasing a set of goods and wants to know the best price for the entire purchase.

It is easy to allow the customer to select the needed products, their quantities, and then request a quote for the total. This functionality is also provided by the WISDM WooCommerce request a quote plugin.

The process goes like this: Customer selects the products → Customer sends you a mail asking for a quote → You reply with proposed rate → Customer accepts or sends another quote.


How to add “Request A Quote” for all Products?

Depending on the products you sell, you might be looking to add an inquiry price button on every product page, or to disable completely the purchase (or ‘Add to Cart’) button.




Settings these options will display the inquiry price button instead of the Add to Cart button on every WooCommerce single product page.

WISDM Enquiry and Quotation plugin also has an option that allows you to display the button on product archive pages such as the ‘Shop’ or product category pages.

There is also an option to show/hide the price for a particular product. This option will enable you to hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button while still being able to display the price for the product.


Enabling the Quote Request Functionality for Individual Products

In case you wanted to select a few products which could only be inquired about and not bought, you’d have to disable selectively the ‘Add to Cart’ button for those products and display the ‘Request A Quote’ button. You would need to set Enable QuoteUp to “No” and Enable Add to Cart to “Yes.”

Ensure that ‘Global settings’ is set to “No” so that the general options set are not forced for every product, and individual product settings can be applied as applicable. Head over to individual add/edit settings of individual product pages, to selectively display the buttons as needed.




Do remember to save the settings once you’ve made any change. This change will ensure that the button is displayed only for the selected products.


Handling Quote Requests and Sending Proposals

Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro allows the WooCommerce store owner to send quotes for requests made. All the quote requests made by a customer are sent to a shop owner via email and are also available in the admin panel for easy access.

As the store owner, you can edit the product quantity and price for a quote request, and send the quote to the customer. Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro automatically generates a quote PDF and emails it to the customer.


sending proposals in woocommerce


When you send customers a quote, they have an option to approve or reject it:

  • Accept the quote – the customer is taken to the checkout page to make a purchase of the products for the stated price
  • Reject the quote – store owner can edit the prices and resend a quote.

Upon approval, customers are directly taken to the checkout page to complete the purchase.


Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro Pros & Cons

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce is WordPress plugin from WisdmLabs and allows buyers/ visitors to make an enquiry about a product, right from within the product listing page. In that way potential buyer/customer can send an enquiry about the product selling on your site.

By addressing his enquiries, you can convert an unsure client, into a buyer. If you have a product that you sell via your website, then some kind of product enquiry plugin is a “must have.”

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce comes in free and paid versions. The free version can be found on as a free download and Pro by visiting WisdmLabs website.

The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin adds an enquiry button to every WooCommerce product page. Using this button a potential customer, can send you an enquiry or request a quote for a product he is unsure of purchasing.

This inquiry or quote request is sent to the product owner. The owner can then reply or send a quote, to convert an unsure visitor into a sale.

Here are advantages and disadvantages of using Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin:

WooCommerce Request a Quote PROS

  • Receive and counter product proposals in WooCommerce store
  • Selectively display quote cart button
  • Auto-generate quote PDF
  • Customizable quote request form
  • Selectively hide purchase button
  • Responsive quote cart
  • Allowing quote requests for multiple products at once
  • Easy and simple to use

WooCommerce Request a Quote CONS

  • Some people may find a price of $69 for a single site license too much
  • Only works with WooCommerce Simple Products
  • Has not been tested with WordPress multisite
  • Not localization ready


WooCommerce Request a Quote Alternatives

Here are alternative plugins if you think that WISDM Product Enquiry Pro is not the plugin you need for your online store:


1. WooCommerce Request a Quote

Woosuite WooCommerce Request a Quote is a plugin that offers a variety of features for your WooCommerce store in one place effective for initiating negotiations and conversations. With this plugin, you get the option to manage the quotation system easily. You can efficiently add a request a quote button to your entire site, on selected products, or to the selected user group.

It also gives you an option for show/hide add-to-cart buttons and prices, both according to your needs to automate your business.


Woosuite Request a Quote plugin.


WooCommerce Request a Quote also comes with additional features for your customers like managing quote submissions, call for price, confirm the request, create quote baskets and use built-in widgets to track what customers have added to their cart or quote basket at a glance.


  • Features request a quote and manage quotes system
  • Create a custom quotation form to capture relevant information from your prospect.
  • Help your customers stay informed via email notifications
  • Offer customers to create messages for quotes
  • Create quotes baskets, track them, and review them before submission
  • Show/hide add-to-cart option and prices for specific products to the entire website
  • Fill baskets with multiple products

WooCommerce Request a Quote comes in three subscription plans– basic, professional, and all access for $69, $139, and $349, respectively. You get coupon management, stock management, wholesale order form, volume discount, and much more with higher subscription packages.


2. YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote

YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote lets your customers ask for an estimate for products they are interested in. With just a single button in detail page of the product, users can create their own list and receive an estimate from the administrators.

One of the most significant limits of online business, in fact, is the impossibility to negotiate. Quotations are one of the best ways to deal with certain types of purchases, and it is very difficult to be played for online purchases.

Customers can ask for an estimate, and the admin can answer them back with a quotation proposal. Customers can either accept or reject the offer for the WooCommerce products they have added to the quote.

Negotiation becomes possible, and this can increase purchases in your WooCommerce shop.


woocommerce request a quote addon


Critical features of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • Create and customize “Request a Quote” page in your WooCommerce shop
  • “Add to quote” button/text in WooCommerce product detail page
  • Customize text for “Add to quote” button or link
  • Deactivate “add to cart” button/text in WooCommerce product detail page
  • Quote list page in your WooCommerce shop with a basic form (name, mail address, text area)
  • Hide “Add to cart” button everywhere in your WooCommerce shop
  • Customize “Request a quote” email sent from your WooCommerce shop


Premium features of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

If you want to benefit from more features you can look at the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • Customize “Add to quote” button or link in your WooCommerce shop
  • Display “Add to quote” button in WooCommerce shop pages other than a single product page
  • Hide product price everywhere in your WooCommerce shop
  • Hide “Add to quote” for selected WooCommerce products (exclusion list)
  • Filter plugin features according to the type of users (guests/customers/both)
  • Customize the default request form shown in your WooCommerce shop
  • Choose “Contact Form 7″ or “YIT Contact Form” to set your quote form
  • Manage quote requests as WooCommerce orders
  • Send a quote in reply to user’s request
  • Send the quote and the list with selected WooCommerce products either in the email body, as a PDF attachment or both
  • Let users accept or reject the quote directly from the email they get
  • Let logged-in users display a list with all recent estimate requests sent in “My Account” page
  • Manage quotes with expiration dates
  • Redirect users that accept quotes to WooCommerce checkout page
  • Display a widget with all WooCommerce products added to the quote request

Customers can ask for an estimate, and the admin can answer them back with a quotation proposal. Customers can either accept or reject the offer for the WooCommerce products they have added to the quote.

The price for the paid version is $59 for a single site license. There are also plans if you need a license for more than one site.

You can also join the YITH membership club to get much more add-ons for WooCommerce.


3. WooCommerce Request a Quote

The WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin for WordPress allows your visitors/customers to add products to a wishlist and submit an easy “request for a quote.”

This allows the site owner to provide special rates based on the quantity/amount of the order. At the same time, it allows the customer to bargain for better prices.


woocommerce quote cart


This plugin is ideal for rental stores, providing custom services, or anything that would benefit from the customer being able to receive a custom quote.

Customers add the products they are interested in their wishlist, and when ready, click a button. Then their list is sent to you along with customer name, email, and an optional short message.


  • Show/Hide Add to Quote or Add to Cart buttons at category/individual product level
  • Integrates with Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and Formidable PRO
  • Replace the Add to Cart button with Add to Quote
  • Add button to shop or product list page and product details page
  • Customize the look and feel of the button
  • Hide Price on the Shop and Product Pages
  • Configure send an email to multiple administrators (order info to admin only) and customer
  • Flexibility in a customizing email template
  • Hide/show Price column
  • and more features

The price for this plugin is $20 on Codecanyon.


4. Request for Quote plugin for WooCommerce

This Request for a quote plugin is ideal for stores providing custom services or anything that needs the option to receive a custom quote.

Customers add the products they are interested in their quote list. When ready, they need to click a Request for a quote button, and their quote request is sent to you. This extension adds all the necessary tools so customers can make customer requests from the frontend.




Shop owners can create and send customized commercial terms and price proposals from the backend. This way, the whole quote request process is 100% integrated into Woocommerce’s order flow.

Some of the features:

  • Supports all Woocommerce product types
  • Manage the visibility of the Add To Quote button and Add To Cart button
  • Enable Add To Quote button in Woocommerce catalog lists
  • Custom text for the ‘Add to quote’ button
  • Customer accepts or declines the proposal via email and account links
  • Redirect customer to checkout, account or custom URL after accepting or rejecting the proposal
  • Request for a quote without creating an account
  • Enable Shipping request
  • WooCommerce taxes calculation
  • and many more

The price for a single site license is $59. A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the plugin will require a license key for you to receive updates and support.


5. Propoza

Propoza Quotation Extension enables your customers to submit quote requests from the WooCommerce front-end. On submitting the request for a quote, the customers receive an email confirmation for the quote requested.

The store owner can add a custom price for each requested item and send a proposal back to the customer.




The customer will be able to accept or decline the offer via a client dashboard or straight from the email and check out with the custom prices.

Features Include:

  • Add an online quotation form to your Woo-Commerce store that is directly linked to your product catalog
  • Receive instant updates when customers submit requests
  • Create price proposals fast
  • Manage all your proposals in one place
  • Propoza merchant dashboard is fully integrated into WordPress backend
  • Fully translatable
  • Customers check out with custom prices via your WooCommerce checkout (possible only in paid plan)

Propoza is free with the option to convert proposals to orders in your store, which is paid 15 EUR per month.


6. Email Inquiry & Cart Options for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Email Inquiry & Cart Options allows you to fine-tune the e-commerce accessibility on your WooCommerce site by setting ‘Rules’ that apply to all site visitors. Fine-tune access to the e-commerce function for logged in users by assigning the Rules to WordPress user roles, including the WooCommerce Customer and Store manager Roles.

Add a space-saving and impressive pop-up email inquiry form to your product offering. The pop-up Email Inquiry form is 100% mobile responsive and displays the form beautifully in any mobile in portrait or landscape.


7. Woo Invoices

Woo Invoices WordPress plugin is an extension of WooCommerce, which allows you to create invoices and quotes from your WooCommerce orders automatically.

The invoices can be generated from the frontend upon the client checkout. You can quickly enable the default payment method on invoices, and invoices can also be allowed for specific shipping methods.

It also includes instruction and a link to the invoice in emails.


WooCommerce Request A Quote Conclusion

Most WooCommerce store owners sell products for a stated price. But have you ever considered using WooCommerce to sell products that don’t have a fixed price?

For stores that do not have a fixed price for the products being sold, services being offered, or work purely on a quote system, Product Enquiry Pro provides an ideal solution.

It provides your customers with a quick and easy way to request a price quote for products they are interested in and allows you to close the sale.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A potential customer browses through products in your WooCommerce store
  2. Customer contacts you and request you to send them a quote for products they are interested in
  3. You take a look at the request and send them a custom quote for the products
  4. If the customer accepts the quote, he can make a purchase. If he rejects the quote, you can send another offer

WooCommerce out of the box can only be used for step 1The rest of it you’d have to handle manually. Thanks to various extensions and add-ons for WooCommerce, there is a plugin to help you out!

You can sell custom services that do not have a set price but can be inquired about and sold based on a customer’s specific requirements. Product Enquiry Pro eliminates the need to quote and track offers manually.

And if you need plugin for B2B wholesale request a quote option, you can check B2BKing WooCommerce B2B plugin.

Now over to you. Do you think there are better quotation management plugins for WooCommerce? Is there a feature you feel is missing? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Best WooCommerce Request A Quote Plugin | How To Let Customers Ask For Price Estimate?”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the informative article.
    I have bought the “Request for Quote plugin for WooCommerce” plugin a few weeks ago. And I have raised a support ticket regarding a Google reCaptcha issue. Its been 3 weeks now, and I have never even received a single word from them.
    Please do not promote this plugin in your page. They seem utterly irresponsible towards their customers.
    Very unprofessional.

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