B2BKing Review (2023) – WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin



Easy to use




Costs & Fees





  • Lifetime updates
  • Comes in free version
  • Vast amount of features
  • You sell to businesses, as well as individuals
  • You can hide certain options depending on user role
  • Dynamic rules
  • Conversation feature


  • Didn't find any cons except that some may consider the price to be expensive (if also paying support)

The eCommerce industry is growing quickly every year. It doesn’t appear that growth is going to change any time soon. B2B commerce has also been thriving. WooCommerce is a free, robust option, but it wasn’t created with wholesale businesses in mind out-of-the-box. This is where WooCommerce B2B & wholesale plugin comes in handy.

The one challenge that users often face is the lack of a reasonable platform for small to medium-sized wholesalers. The SaaS resources that currently exist are primarily closed-source and are usually tailored for larger organizations. They can also be quite expensive at times.

B2BKing is an impressive tool that can extend WooCommerce’s functions and provides many important wholesale features. In this B2BKing review, I will show you what the plugin offers and what are its benefits.


WooCommerce B2B Plugin – B2BKing Review

B2BKing is a great WooCommerce B2B plugin with more than 130 different features that you can use to your advantage. Options like hiding prices or items from guest users to more complex functions such as wholesale prices with tiered pricing tables, tax exemptions, and custom business registrations are just some of the services this plugin offers.


B2BKing free WooCommerce wholesale plugin.


You can set wholesale discounts for trusted clients, set minimum order quantities for various users, and add a bulk order form to the site. B2BKing’s robust functions will probably make it the last ultimate WooCommerce wholesale plugin for your business you will ever need.

B2BKing can perform many everyday tasks for you. It can handle simple functions such as ensuring that prices are hidden from view for site guests to more advanced responsibilities like multiple users on accounts, VAT handling, tax exemptions, and tiered pricing structures.


Best free WooCommerce B2B plugin.


B2BKing can easily handle negotiated price offers, invoice payment gateways, custom billing fields, separate B2C/B2B registrations, extended company registration, and much more.

B2BKing plugin can be integrated with SalesKing plugin. It’s a single solution for overseeing sales agents/sales reps and sales teams. For more info, you can check my SalesKing review.

Another great plugin from the same author is MarketKing.


B2BKing Free vs. Pro Features

The plugin comes in a free and paid version. The Pro version of B2BKing comes with a huge amount of additional features which you can utilize. You can also see how the plugin compares with other WooCommerce B2B and wholesale plugins on the official website.


  • Wholesale prices (the same item can have different prices) on the product page for all of your individual groups (up to two in the free version).
  • You can manage payment method choices for logged-out users, B2C users, and your B2C groups.
  • You can also manage the shipment selections for your logged-out users, B2C users, and B2C groups.
  • The registration review process can have manual or automatic registration approval. The role will determine this status.
  • You can have as many registration roles as you want (Distributor, Factory, Reseller, etc.).
  • Implement the discount amount/percentage dynamic rule.
  • The plugin is fully compatible with any theme.
  • Enable email notifications for new customer registrations, notifications that the account has been approved, notification that the account is pending approval, etc.



  • You can create as many groups as you want.
  • Lock or hide store and prices as part of the Private Store feature.
  • Order forms can be created for wholesale bulk items.
  • Messaging and conversations between buyers and store.
  • B2B buyers can use purchase lists to reorder and restock inventory as needed.
  • Groups and users can see the offers (Product Bundles) created in the backend admin area.
  • Request a quote option.
  • Custom registration fields (such as VAT Number, Custom Fields, Company Name, and more) can be added to registration options.
  • Eight custom field types can be used (file upload, select, phone, number, text, etc.). These fields will be integrated into checkout and billing fields.
  • VAT VIES Validation available (for EU).
  • Set dynamic rules for tax exemption.
  • The convenient payment gateway for active invoices.
  • The product page can have a tiered pricing table.
  • The product page can have a customized information table.
  • Shortcode can be used for content visibility restrictions.
  • The entire site can be hidden, or you can hide prices for guest users.
  • Maximum and minimum order rules can be established.
  • You can create your own rules for free shipping.
  • Products and categories can be hidden based on users or groups.
  • You can have more than one buyer on the same account (subaccounts).
  • Each subaccount can have its own complex permission configuration.
  • Set a dynamic rule for changing currency.
  • Set product rules where zero tax can be applied.
  • Rules can be established for fixed prices.
  • VAT exemption rules can be set up according to VAT country or ID with complex configurations. Reverse VAT charge is supported in the EU.
  • Wholesale items prices can be displayed depending on the user.
  • Add custom fees and taxes.
  • Quote requests can be added for guests.
  • Certain products can have their prices hidden.
  • You can set minimum order for particular payment methods.
  • There are several bulk management tools available.
  • Discounts can be based on specific conditions.
  • Products can be searched using SKUs.
  • You can assign required multiple rules for different items. For instance, you may mandate that products are ordered in multiples of 4, 8, 16, etc.
  • Force login for guest users.
  • A quote system can be used instead of the cart option.
  • There’s a handy tool for CSV import and export.

B2BKing is ready to work with any properly coded WooCommerce theme as soon as the plugin has been installed and activated. The plugin uses default WooCommerce hooks found in all themes.



This B2B for WooCommerce plugin comes with a vast amount of settings options. After you install the plugin, you will see it is divided into several tabs. Those are Dashboard, Settings, Groups, Customers, Conversations, Offers, Dynamic Rules, Registration Roles, Registration Fields, and Tools.

Dashboard consists of sales summary, new messages, new orders, etc.



Settings tab is divided into Main Settings, Access Restriction, Registration, Offers, Language and Text, Components & Speed, and Other / Advanced Settings.

Under the Main settings tab, you can find various options like set shop mode. You can choose either:

  • Disabled – Disables all plugin functionality
  • B2B & B2C Hybrid – You sell to businesses, as well as individuals.
  • B2B Shop – Plugin functionalities apply to all users.


B2BKing main settings options.


You can choose various configurable options in the same panel. You can also determine which users can request custom quotes (B2C, B2B, All or None).

Guest user (and logged-out user) experiences can be managed from the Guest Access Restriction menu. This option can be found under B2BKing > Settings> Guest Access Restriction. You can select from the quote request system, force login, hidden shop, and hidden prices.


B2BKing hide prices, products and functionalities.
Hide prices, products, and functionalities.


Hiding products or product categories from specific users or groups are some of your product visibility option settings. This is useful if you only want certain groups or users to see wholesale prices on your site, for example.

Registration settings can be altered so that users will see fields according to their assigned role. “B2B” and “Customer” are some of the roles that can be created. Hybrid B2C/B2B online stores can benefit from this feature.


B2BKing user registration settings.
User registration settings.


When a registration role has been chosen, you can see the fields that are assigned to it.

Under Offers tab you can enable “Show product selector in offers,” and “Show product image in offers frontend.” In Language and Text tab you will find few options to change text and translate B2BKing.

Components & Speed Settings tab is useful if you want to disable individual plugin components. By default, all B2BKing functions are cached and their usage is auto-detected. However, here you can disable individual code components of B2BKing. This can help you troubleshoot issues, prevent plugin conflicts, or in edge cases improve performance.

Other / Advanced Settings tab consists of miscellaneous settings for the bulk order form, permalinks, multisite, large stores, VAT validation, caching, color & design, and uninstall.


B22King advanced settings and options.

B2BKing pros and cons.
Miscellaneous settings under the Advanced tab.



Creating groups makes it easier to manage access, permissions, and users. You can create your own groups and add users to those groups as needed. B2BKing lets you manage product access permissions, available payment methods, and other options per group.


B2BKing create groups plus control payment and shipping methods.


You can manage the following items in groups: available payment methods, available shipping methods, maximum order amount, minimum order amount, the specific price for a category or product, the hidden price for a category or product, fees, discounts, tax exemptions, required multiples, etc.


B2BKing how to create a group?
Example of creating a group.


You can also assign category/product visibility and offers to certain groups if you prefer. These and other group customization features can be implemented using B2BKing.



This is a customer panel where you can sort users by Company, Group, Customer type (B2B/B2C), etc. You can also view which users are main accounts and which users are subaccounts.



B2BKing has an integrated built-in conversation feature. It’s a form of messaging that allows users (companies or customers) and site administrators to interact.

The system is available in the users’ “My Account” section and the admin backend. Conversations can be an “inquiry,” a “message,” or a “quote request.” Every time a new message is sent, a corresponding email notification is also delivered.

Site administrators can create new conversations or reply to existing conversations. When a new conversation has begun, the appropriate users will be informed.


B2BKing conversations feature.
Example of Conversations feature in frontend.


The “Request a Quote” feature is deeply integrated with Conversations in B2BKing. Conversations are where these requests begin. Site admins can talk with the client about the amounts, quote request, and the individual situation can be negotiated.


B2BKing request a quote feature.
Example of conversation option.


Emails are sent to the user or admin (for a quote request, for instance) by B2BKing whenever a new message has been transmitted, or a conversation has begun.

You can use WooCommerce email settings to activate or deactivate email notifications (for customizing those emails, you can use WooCommerce email customizer). You can also disable or enable conversations using the B2BKing settings panel.



You can create your own offer bundles (offering a certain number of products at a given price, for example) to particular customers or user groups via the offer feature.

B2BKing’s backend admin section is used to create offers. You can decide if individuals or groups will see offers. Bundles can be created using a particular price, quantity, and item.


B2BKing how to create an offer?
Example of creating an offer.


Users can view the offers (if they’re part of a group that has been granted permission or if they were chosen manually) in their My Account sections after offers are created. Customers can then add those offers to their online shopping cart and purchase at the offer’s bundle price.


Dynamic Rules

Dynamic rules are a powerful feature through which you can add:

  • Discount amount – This is where any applicable value or quantity conditions can be added.
  • Discount percentage – Discounts can be provided as either flat amounts (example: $15 off of purchase) or a percentage (5 or 10%, for instance) in specific conditions. These discounts can be applied to certain groups, users, categories, or products.
  • Free shipping – Offering free shipping in WooCommerce store can increase sales. Free shipping can be allowed if an order meets a certain quantity or if a particular product or item from a designated category is ordered. You can assign your free shipping rules to identify what criteria will qualify orders for this perk.
  • Set a price (fixed price) – Certain prices can be set under specific order conditions using fixed price rules.
  • Hide price (hidden price) – Based on specific conditions, the price can be hidden for certain groups, users, products, or categories.
  • Minimum/maximum order amounts/quantities.
  • Tax exemption – Specific groups or users can be exempt from paying tax. This can be applied to their entire order or purchases of particular items or product categories when tax exemption rules are assigned.
  • Required multiple – You can mandate that certain items can only be bought in multiples under required multiple rules.
  • Add taxes and/or fees – Particular fees or taxes can be applied for specific groups, users, or under certain conditions using add tax/fee rules.


B2BKing dynamic rules options.
Example of some of the dynamic rules you can set.


You can create as many rules as you need. Just go to Dynamic Rules > Create new rule.


Registration Roles

“B2B” and “Customer” are just some of the many roles that can be created. It’s a convenient feature for B2B/B2C hybrid stores. Selecting a particular role will show you all of its registration fields.


Creating B2BKing registration roles.


Certain customer groups can have automatic approval during registration. For instance, a “BestBuy” group could have the “BestBuy Employees” group assigned to it and have their registration role approved automatically.

Manual approval can also be chosen for a registration role. This option allows you to look over the registration details and decide to deny or approve the user.


Registration Fields

When creating an individual registration field, you can select:

  • Whether or not the specific field is required.
  • Sort order, or the order that the fields will appear in.
  • Registration role for the field.
  • Whether or not the field can be altered after registration has been completed.
  • The type of field – Date, File Upload, Email, Select, Telephone, Number, Textarea, or Text.
  • The field label.
  • Any applicable placeholder.


B2BKing adding registration fields.

B2BKing billing fields.


The Billing Options section lets you choose the relation to those fields for your billing. You can select the billing fields that will be available during checkout on your site. The VAT field is one of the special fields. It lets you choose the nations where that field will be visible. You can also have automatic VAT VIES validation activated or deactivated.

Custom fields can also be created via billing options. Those fields will appear in users’ “My Account” sections and at checkout.

Field connections are another helpful function. Entering a field such as “Town” and information that is entered in a customer’s “Town” field will appear in billing options at the “Town/Country” section.



You pay for the plugin once and receive lifetime updates. The plugin can be purchased on Codecanyon for $199 or from the official site. They have a full live demo that you can use to test both backend and frontend. There is also a free version of the plugin (limited functionality) available on WordPress.org.

The only downside is that support is valid only for 6 months per Envato support policy. You can then purchase additional support if needed. Be noted, updates are lifetime. Plugin author can still offer support independently of Envato support policy. I don’t know which is the case with B2Bking.


B2BKing Review Summary

Business-to-business selling is quite different than selling directly to customers. It can require a more personal approach. Business buyers are willing to negotiate and want discount for buying in bulk.

Wholesale customers can have different shipping, payment, and discount choices and various price catalogs. Active business relationships, order size, and company size are factors that can determine those attributes.

Thus, sites need to be created with more order and shipping rules, discounts, and pricing flexibility. Supporting more than one user on a buyer account (for corporations), wholesale order forms, custom checkout and billing fields, quote requests, tax exemptions, VAT number support (or support for other tax ID), business registration forms, and hiding prices for guests are some of the features necessary for B2B selling.

In these cases, B2B functions need to be added to WooCommerce stores. B2BKing can be an invaluable WooCommerce wholesale and B2B plugin. It can help you establish your own WooCommerce private or wholesale membership store.

You can set quote requests (check WooCommerce request a quote plugin if you only need that option), tax exemptions, run your own hybrid, B2B/B2C store, configure customers’ extended business registrations, and much more with this impressive plugin. B2BKing can do all this and so much more.

It’s not too complicated to run a WooCommerce B2B wholesale setup. Having the right resources and knowing how to use them properly is essential for achieving your goals. You can configure and operate your WooCommerce wholesale business with the B2BKing plugin, and you will have everything you need.

As alternavive option to B2B King, you can check Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale Suite review. And if you need plugin to sell services and accept payments using WooCommerce, then I suggest you check Woo Sell Services plugin.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for the following feature in our new B2B environment:
    B2B customer: standard discount on all products is 25 % for orders under 200 euro. For orders between 200 and 500 euro the discount is 30 %. Orders exceeding 500 euro, discount should be set to 45 %. Is this feasible within B2BKing?

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    I was looking for some time good WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale plugin so it seems B2BKing is just what I need.

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