BuddyX Review (2023) – Free WordPress Community Theme

If you are in need of a theme that is BuddyPress and WordPress compatible and lets you build an impeccable community website, then BuddyX theme by Wbcom is the perfect answer for all your needs.

In this BuddyX review article, we’ll be highlighting BuddyX as one of the stellar themes available for WordPress and how it is one of the best themes available in the market for curating community and social networking websites.


BuddyX Review

BuddyX theme is one of the top-rated themes ever created for the WordPress community as a whole. The theme is generously packed abundantly with optimum features, style, and units to make your website look completely fresh and new.

BuddyX primarily functions as a community theme that can renovate the entire website into a Facebook-like community theme. Moreover, this theme comes with various contemporary plugins such as LifterLMS and WooCommerce to make it more visionary and sustainable in the current high-tech environment.


Create Fun Social Networking Site Inspired by Facebook & Twitter

BuddyX has been designed primarily to deliver a holistic community experience by refurbishing your existing website into a complete social networking domain.


BuddyX free buddypress theme.


BuddyX creates a community-driven social network on demand, an effective marketing strategy, and a tool for many brands. Businesses can utilize this idea to amass a considerable following and make their brand more prominent among their peers and colleagues.

The theme, just like Facebook, can provide features such as member profiles and group forums, interactive user interface, etc.


For Communities, NGOs, & Philanthropic Organizations

BuddyX has been deemed fit for developing any virtual community that caters to many sporadic endeavors and ranges from communities that are driven for marketing to philanthropy.


BuddyX free WordPress community theme.


The theme’s premium customization tools allow the admin to create a community that offers assistance to any given niche with the same attention and care.

The theme makes sure that the content drawn and posted can reach the masses. The NGOs or any community can join as volunteers, fundraisers, investors to connect, explore and invent new ideas for the brand and business.


Simple & Easy To Customize

The BuddyX theme is highly customizable and easy to use. BuddyX facilitates innovative techniques and offers varied options for customization.

Brands and businesses can tweak the existing features and make changes in the elements of the theme, such as maximizing the header variations and making them more expressive.

This theme also offers unique dashboard variations with an integrated bbPress option to track the progress of various members and group forums.


Sell Merchandise With BuddyX WooCommerce Integration

BuddyX core component includes an active WooCommerce integration that assists in transforming the website’s nucleus function into a fully-fledged virtual marketplace.


BuddyX theme WooCommerce integration.


WooCommerce provides access to the world of e-commerce, where websites can directly sell their products, services, and merchandise. Sellers can easily interact with potential customers with the help of the BuddyX community-like features for easy social networking.


Social Gamification Feature

BuddyX ensures the Facebook-inspired community is not completely dry and devoid and has fun and engaging activities. For this purpose, the theme accompanies a social gamification option where users can earn digital rewards, unlock coupons and certificates, which later can be redeemed on their next purchase.


BuddyX theme gamification features.


The social gamification feature lets consumers secure more leverage in social activities and keep them entertained on a community platform for a long time.


Create Product Listings & Layouts With Dokan Support

BuddyX features offer par support with Dokan integration, an essential tool in developing stunning layouts and product listings. The extended license will enable the theme to have an organized product listing layout and design for easy viewership and cart management options.


LifterLMS Integration

With the growing narrative of revolutionizing the education sector and making it more advanced in technology, BuddyX comes with an embedded LifterLMS and LearnDash support to provide impeccable support in online learning.


BuddyX LifterLMS integration.


The embedded integration allows the theme to transform any given website into a virtual classroom where students can buy courses and curriculums to sharpen their intellect and knowledge.

Using the LifterLMS plugin website, the admin can create engaging educational content, courses and sell online. The course syllabus can be designed by accessing the settings, which can flawlessly transform the existing website into a place to initiate online course sales.


BuddyX Supports LearnDash

Being LearnDash specific theme, consumers can quickly develop new course material and easily sell it online to educational organizations, institutes, and NGOs.


Integration With Contact Forms

We all know the importance of contact forms in general and how crucially they deliver potential marketing data and information. With BuddyX installation, the users can easily use contact forms such as Gravity, Contact Form 7, WPForms, and Ninja Forms.


Why Is BuddyX Better Than Competitors?

BuddyX is one of the highly professional themes available for WordPress and has a comprehensive approach for websites harboring long-term business goals in mind. The theme has created a lot of buzz for being exceptionally well-curated and fostering all crucial elements that a good WordPress theme should consist of.


Well Designed UI

Customers and members using BuddyX can have a seamless UI interaction with no absolute hiccups. The user interface is light and responsive and delivers the best of online content in a go.


Open To Customization & Layout Repairs

BuddyX is highly user-friendly and helpful. Users can customize their community member profiles, colors, and shift layouts/templates to have their own personalized space for their creativity to prosper.


WC Vendor Support

Along with WooCommerce, the additional WC vendor support is a crucial step in developing an online marketplace. Here vendors can have direct sales with their customers, harbor community contacts, and establish personal/professional connections.


Contemporary Social Network

Like Facebook and Twitter, BuddyX is a unique social network theme that can modify your website into a complete community inspired by Facebook.

The theme employs a real-time activity stream like Facebook, creates member profiles and group forums, and hosts an option of private texting and messaging to cultivate social contacts and community.



BuddyX theme comes with an inherent custom tool that adapts to the available screen sizes making it more apparent and functional to all social groups and devices. The theme is Gutenberg compatible and also works well with all major page builders such as Elementor.


BuddyX Review Conclusion

With an extensive list of specifications and advantages, BuddyX comes with optimum performance and seamless integration with many plugins. Furthermore, the premium version of this theme called BuddyX Pro has recently been launched and brings even more features and options for its users. As alternative option, check Reign theme review. It is another great BuddyPress theme from the same author.




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