Dixie vs Satchmo Podcast Theme Comparison | Which Is Better?

In this podcast theme comparison post I will compare two popular WordPress themes for podcasts – Dixie and Satchmo. One thing you’ll notice is that all of the best podcasts go past the call of simply having downloads through iTunes.

They generally have great looking websites with links to all of the podcast episodes. But what is the point of having a website for your podcast? Having site opens up possibilities for advertisements. In addition, you can stream shows directly to the site.

Podcast websites also have the functionality for uploading images, sharing videos, selling products and creating a brand. Regardless of the type of podcast, you plan on making, the key is to start with a WordPress podcast theme.

High-quality podcast themes are mainly designed to support lots of audio clips, allowing you to get your shows uploaded quickly, while also giving you plenty of other tools for when you want to expand.

You even receive an option to run your own full-fledged blog to complement the podcasts. Overall, the only way you’re bound to build an audience and keep those people coming back for more is to construct a website with a theme.

SecondLine Themes specializes in making clean, modern WordPress themes designed specifically for podcasting. They have built-in support for PowerPress and other podcast players. In this post, I will review and compare their WordPress podcast themes called Dixie and Satchmo.

NOTE: They have recently also added new podcast theme to the shop called Gumbo.


Dixie vs Satchmo Podcast Theme Comparison

If you’re launching or running a WordPress website for your podcast, these WordPress themes will help your podcast’s branding, engagement, and make things easier for you and your audience.

Dixie Review

Dixie is a modern WordPress theme built for podcast owners who wishes to showcase their podcast. It is clean and nicely designed theme that offers many features like multiple page styles, embedded media support, and custom, well-designed elements ready to use.

Dixie theme supports multiple podcasting plugins such as PowerPress and SeriouslySimplePodcasting. It also supports locally hosted or external MP3 files or embeds such as Libsyn, SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube, etc.

You can choose from dozens of design options as Dixie offers color customization and font control among other features for creating a unique style. The theme supports the Elementor page builder, which is popular free page builder. Dixie also includes its own addons for Elementor.


Dixie Theme review podcast


After installing your theme, you will be prompted to install several plugins. Click on the “Begin Installing Plugins” text link to install the plugins.

Theme recommends plugins Blubrry PowerPress, CMB2, Contact Form 7, Easy Google Fonts, Elementor Page Builder, MailChimp for WordPress and SecondLine Custom Addons – Dixie.

If you don’t see this message, go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install from there. You don’t need to install every plugin if you don’t want to. Or you can uninstall them later.

You can import the demo content under Appearance > Import Demo Data. Click “Import Demo Data” and wait until the importer notifies you the import process is successful.

The importer will not delete any pages, posts, or content. It will only add content and adjust theme options. If you intend to import demo data it is best to activate all plugins theme recommends so there is no issues while importing demo.


dixie builder setting


To customize the theme options go to Appearance > Customize. There are really many available options to set. Customization section includes theme colors, images, fonts, site width, logo, header options, tablet/mobile header options, navigation, sidebar options, posts, footer, menus, widgets, etc.


Podcasting With Dixie

The main purpose of this theme is podcasting, but it can be used for any other purpose also. To set up the podcast with Dixie you can use either Blubrry PowerPress plugin or Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

Blubrry PowerPress is probably the most popular podcasting plugin. Dixie fully supports the plugin and allows you to add in media files to any post.

Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin is also very popular. It should fully work with the theme, but there are some features that cannot be applied with this plugin such as the player in the Single Post Addon, or the player within the Title Area of each post.


dixie audio player


You can also use embedded audio files from external providers like SoundCloud, MixCloud, Libsyn, YouTube, Vimeo etc. The podcast can be displayed anywhere on your site. The audio player is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

You can even add a download button or the option to play in a new window. With Dixie, you can choose how you want to display your content as there are many available layout settings.

If it is important for you to show the faces behind the microphones, you will be glad to see that Dixie comes with About Us or Show Hosts page. There you can add an image, bio and social network links to increase engagement with your listeners.


Elementor and Dixie

Dixie theme works great with Elementor plugin (check Elementor pros & cons) which is one of the most intuitive page builders available. Build any page or element using Elementor. You can quickly create new pages or use the demo templates to build site. Elementor allows you to edit your page in real-time and instantly see the changes you’re working on.


dixie grid


You can add new elements by clicking the tabs icon on the top right of the Elementor sidebar. From there you get a list of elements. Choose any element and drag it onto your page.

In addition, there are many other free templates available that can be used to re-create various pages or sections of the site.

You have additional page options at the bottom of each page and post which can be used to adjust the sidebar display and header display. You can also choose to use Elementor to edit the regular posts. Simply enable this option in the Elementor plugin settings.


Satchmo Review

Satchmo is an elegant and powerful WordPress theme built for Podcast owners. It is very similar to Dixie and to be honest there are not much differences between those two.

Like Dixie, it also supports podcasting plugins such as PowerPress and SeriouslySimplePodcasting while also supporting locally hosted or external MP3 files and embeds.

Using embedded audio files from external providers can be easily achieved by adding your embed code into the External Embed Code field on each post.

External files that can be used include SoundCloud, MixCloud, Libsyn, YouTube, Vimeo, direct link to an MP3 file etc. You can choose from dozens of design options and display your content in a unique and customized design.


Satchmo theme review second line themes


The theme supports the Elementor page builder and comes with custom addons for Elementor. After installing your theme, you will be prompted to install several plugins just like with Dixie.

It is recommended to install all plugins upon the initial installation. Once you are start working with the theme and plugins, feel free to deactivate and remove any plugins you don’t need.

You can import the demo content to have an exact site like on Satchmo official site demo. You can customize the theme options under Appearance > Customize. You can edit any page with the page builder by clicking the “Edit with Elementor” button.

From there you can add new elements or edit elements by clicking on them. Just select an element and then the panel on the left will display options. There are two separate custom elements in the Elementor Page Builder that have been created for the theme – “Post Grid” and “Single Post” elements.

The Post Grid addon can display a grid or a list of posts. You can display an unlimited amount of posts in various styles. The Single Post addon can display one single post only. You must choose which post you are willing to show. This addon can also include an audio/media player.

In each one of these two addons, you will find many of settings that you can use like changing the layout, colors, font sizes, spacing, etc. You have additional page options at the bottom of each page and post which can be used to adjust the sidebar display and header display.


Using PowerPress Plugin With Satchmo

If you decide to use PowerPress, you will notice the additional meta box  which is added below post text editor. Fill in the URL to your MP3 file manually or connect your Blubrry account in order to choose the files directly within WordPress.


satchmo theme features


If you wish to display the player exactly like in the theme demo, modify the PowerPress ‘Website Settings’ and set to hide the audio player by default. If you just want the media player to appear in the content area of each post, select that option within PowerPress plugin.


Using Seriously Simple Podcasting

If you prefer to use Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, you should first change the default post type. Seriously Simple Podcasting creates a custom post type named “Podcasts”.

You’ll need to change the post type back to the original posts section. To do that, navigate to the Seriously Simple Podcasting settings, and select the Post setting.


satchmo Seriously Simple Podcasting


Once this is done, you’ll see a new meta box on all your posts.


External/Embedded Media With Satchmo

In case you wish to use External Embed code, there is a field available within the Post Settings area. You can insert the embed code from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MixCloud, etc. Add your own MP3 files by adding the link to the file inside the field in the Audio Shortcode format.


wordpress insert the embed code


To add your own video files, add the link to the file inside the field in the Video Shortcode format. Files can be hosted on your server, or on any external server. If you’re planning to display a video on your post pages, make sure to select the Video Post-Format when creating the post.


Dixie vs Satchmo – How They Are Different?

Dixie and Satchmo are both priced at $59 as well as SecondLines new podcasting theme called Gumbo. It seems there is no option to purchase multiple site license for themes. I guess if you need more than one license, you need to purchase theme again.

Dixie theme is also available to be purchased on ThemeForest so you could purchase it there and use Envato Market plugin for automatic updates.

Support and updates are for 1 year once purchased no matter what theme is in question. If the license is not renewed, your theme will still work but you will not receive support and updates.

Both Dixie and Satchmo (as well as Gumbo theme) have the option to play the podcast in a new window and have download buttons for each.

Both are made to work and integrate with Elementor page builder as well as popular WordPress podcast plugins and have the option to embed files from external sources.

Dixie and Satchmo have many customization options and ability to import demo content. I personally, cant find any significant differences between those two themes.

I guess if you choose, you will not go wrong whichever you pick. It seems Gumbo theme has slider feature which that two dont have.

While you could take any theme and make it podcast website using podcast plugins, I think SecondLine themes are a good pick as they were specifically designed for podcast needs and optimized for audio and video files.

If you would like podcast theme which supports multiple podcasts under one website, then Bolden podcast network theme is best choice for your needs. Check Bolden theme review for more info.


Which To Choose? Podcast Theme Comparison Summary

WordPress and podcasting go hand in hand. If you run a podcast and would like a website to go with it, SecondLine themes are great choice.

With the growing popularity of podcasting and podcasts, both the representatives of the business world and individuals use this technique to promote whatever they are doing.

Businesses and individuals can use podcasting to announce their new launches, products, and services, give presentations to their clients, etc.

Running a relevant website to share your podcasts and make them available to millions of people is one of the reasonable strategies to apply. No matter if you choose Satchmo or Dixie WordPress podcast theme, you will have everything to run successful podcast site.

As alternative option, you can use Podcastpage. It is website podcast builder that makes managing podcasts a breeze.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. This was a very good review for the Dixie theme. We just got a website from SecondLine Themes and their support is just amazing! The site looks great and it is very easy to use. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a website specifically for podcasting.

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