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Everse Theme


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Speed optimized theme
  • Premium Elementor widgets
  • Header / Footer builder
  • Free version available
  • WooCommerce Elementor widgets
  • Pre-defined demos
  • Theme Hooks


  • Would like to see more templates available

DeoThemes is the developer of premium WordPress themes such as Everse, Estand, Purosa, Emaus, and Meridia. In this Everse theme review, I will show you what this theme offers, its features, pros, and cons.

Everse is a lightweight WordPress theme that uses coding and best design practices that’s ideal for any business and niche. The theme uses a native WordPress customizer for customization. It lets you make edits, which you can then see in real-time as they occur.

You can customize global settings and have full control over headers, footers, fonts, site colors, edit columns, sidebar, etc. The theme comes with built-in support for the WooCommerce plugin and works well with Elementor (check Elementor free vs pro comparison) and Gutenberg.


Everse Free vs. Pro

Everse theme is available in the free and paid versions. With Everse free, you get basic WooCommerce settings, customizer options, and free website templates for Elementor page builder, which you can use to import websites demo content, widgets, and customizer settings for Everse theme using the free Everse Starter Sites plugin.


Everse WordPress theme free vs pro comparison.


You get more site demos and pro templates with Everse Starter Sites pro, which is part of the Everse Pro BundleEverse pro comes with Header Footer Builder, Premium Elementor widgets, GDPR Tools, Pro templates, Advanced customization options, Adobe fonts integration, Advanced WooCommerce customization, Dynamic custom post types, Page layouts,  Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) plugin included, and LearnDash integration (check best Learndash specific themes).


Everse Theme Review

You will be asked to install the following plugins after the Everse theme has been activated:

  1. Everse Core – This is the primary plugin for the theme. It contains theme-related WordPress widgets, theme functions like social media, custom post types, and other essential theme features.
  2. Eversor – This is an Elementor page builder extension. It includes several custom Elementor widgets.
  3. Kirki Toolkit – This is a free framework. It’s used to integrate different theme options to the WordPress Customizer. This isn’t a required plugin, but it is highly recommended.
  4. Elementor – Eversor plugin requires Elementor to be installed.

You can then install the Everse Starter Sites plugin.


Importing Pro Templates

Premium starter site templates are included in Everse’s pro version. These are not just static templates but templates for the entire website and come with dynamic content such as blog post, services, projects, etc.


Everse theme free and pro templates.


You have to install the Everse Starter Sites Pro plugin, which is part of the Everse Pro Bundle, before using these pro site templates. Templates are divided into several categories: Free, Business, Pro, Onepage, and eCommerce. Some templates are placed into several categories. There are a total of 17 templates currently available.


Page Layout

You can set page layouts individually for search results, shop, pages, archives, and blog. This can be accomplished by going to the Appearance  > Customize > Layout option.


Everse layout customization.
You can override global settings and set individual layout settings per page.


You can also choose a specific layout on individual pages. Go to the page that you want to change and scroll to the layout settings. Saving your changes will override the global settings for that page.


Header Footer Builder

Everse has a unique Header/Footer builder feature in its Pro version. Go to Everse -> Templates to create a new template. Under Template Location, you have Header, Header Vertical, and Footer option.


Eversor theme header/footer builder feature.


If you’d like to design a vertical header, just select the “Header Vertical” selection. After you’ve made your edits, you can click on the “Activate Template” option to activate the template that you just created.

You can start making changes to your header and footer using the “Edit with Elementor” selection. Make any edits as you see fit. You can create brand new headers and footers from scratch if you’d like. However, using pre-designed demos makes it far easier. You can find all the demos using Everse Starter Sites plugin.


Everse Elementor Widgets

Premium Elementor widgets are included in the Everse Pro Bundle. You’ll find these new widgets in your Elementor editor after the Eversor plugin has been installed and activated. They will be listed as “Eversor Widgets” in the general widget area.


Eversor Elementor plugin widgets. Eversor pro Elementor widgets.


There are even some additional shop widgets that will be available if the WooCommerce plugin is installed. You can drag and drop these widgets into page layouts as needed.


GDPR Notification

The GDPR cookies notification bar is also included in the Everse Pro bundle. You can find settings for it by going to Appearance -> Customize -> GDPR. Here you can edit the message and link URL.


Everse theme GDPR feature.
Everse theme GDPR feature options.


Dynamic Custom Post Types

Projects and Services are Dynamic Custom Post Types included in the Everse Pro. It helps you to organize posts efficiently and use premade Premium Elementor Widgets. After activating the Everse Core plugin, you will see the Projects and Services options in your dashboard menu.


WooCommerce Ready

Built-in support for the WooCommerce plugin allows you to quickly set up a new store. Everse includes all the necessary pages for the online store.  There are several Everse theme WooCommerce widgets for Elementor, which you can use when editing pages with Elementor.


Everse theme WooCommerce ready widgets for Elementor.
Everse theme Elementor widgets for WooCommerce.


Also, under theme customizer, you can find several customizing options for WooCommerce. You have available Store Notice, Product Catalog, Product Images, and Checkout.

If Store Notice is enabled, the text you enter in the provided field will be shown site-wide. You can use it to show events or promotions to visitors.

Product Catalog provides options to choose what to display on the main shop page and product category pages, set how should products be sorted in the catalog by default, how many products should be shown per row, and how many rows of products should be shown per page.

You can also choose which product elements you will display. Choices are shown sale badge, show title, show rating, show price, and show add to cart button.

Under Product Images settings, you can set thumbnail cropping. The checkout option lets you change the appearance of the WooCommerce checkout.

In the latest update WooCommerce Builder feature was added. Now you can create and edit template for Single Product location.


Everse Theme Pricing

As already said, Everse theme comes in free and pro version. You can buy Everse pro theme version as single product or as a bundle with all themes developed by DeoThemes.

There are three pricing options at your disposal. If buying only the Everse theme, you have Everse Bundle plan at your disposal, which costs $49/year for usage of the Everse theme on one site.


Everse theme pricing plans.


If you need to use Everse theme on more than one site, you will need to purchase either Agency or Lifetime plan. Those two plans come with all DeoThemes WordPress themes, including Everse.

The Agency plan is $139/year for usage on an unlimited number of sites and a Lifetime plan, a one-time payment of $399 for lifetime usage on unlimited websites. Each plan comes with same features. The difference is only in number of sites on which you can use, and if it is annual or lifetime option.

There is a 14-day money back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you are not happy with the theme.


Everse Theme Review Conclusion

It’s never easy to build an entirely brand new website. You have to find the theme that you want, find good design templates, configure settings and take hundreds of other steps in the process.

Everse WordPress Starter Sites is a valuable resource. It tackles all of the site creation tasks for you. The plugin has pre-designed templates for different business specialties, premium plugins, and a WordPress theme that can be easily customized.

You can create a professional-looking website without spending a lot of time, effort or money. You can highlight your work and help convince new and existing customers to work with you instead of your competition.

Everse theme offers integration with WooCommerce so you can easily start to sell products and services online. You can also use the convenient drag and drop editor to create headers and footers or use the LearnDash plugin to promote and sell online memberships and courses.

Just a few mouse clicks are all it takes to quickly bring in text, visuals, and other content that can help your site stand out. Any changes to your footer, header, fonts, site colors, and other edits can be viewed immediately.

If Everse is not the Elementor theme you are looking for, then be sure to check Nokke theme review or Litho theme review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Hi, I purchased the theme from envato.element before they took it down and I have a problem. When I want to add the “Read more” widget on my website, I get the following error.
    Note this widget only affects themes that use the_content in archive pages​.
    Please can someone help me to solve it.

    1. Hi Nach,

      It is best for you to contact them via their official site. They should help you no matter that the theme is not available anymore on Themeforest.

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