How To Make A Flipbook For WordPress Site Using FlipHTML5?



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  • Flipbook content can be indexed by search engines
  • Access statistics
  • Free pre-designed templates
  • Enrich your digital publications by adding animations
  • Sell your digital publications online
  • Add an advertising banner to the background of your publications
  • Create private publications

How to make a flipbook had become a common question in times when electronic media in the form of eBooks, virtual magazines, e-papers, etc. emerged as the dominant platform for reading.

More and more people have started realizing the advantages of converting physical print documents into digital formats. This phenomenon has increased in the last few years, due to the proliferation of mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc.

These days, getting hold of a virtual magazine or pages of an eBook which turn over with the simple swipe of a finger is quite easy as it has become trendy. As a WordPress webmaster, you may need to present some documents, such magazines or branding brochures on your website.

The traditional medium for this was PDF or Portable Document Format, invented by Adobe, which was used extensively by many publications and websites.

However, the original PDF document is dull and ordinary and fails to catch the attention of readers online. All of this started changing with the introduction of flipbooks, as they serve the same purpose, but in a more advanced and user-friendly way.


The Disadvantages Of Using PDF Compared To Flipbooks

To understand the reasons behind the success of online flipbooks, we first have to look at PDFs. The Portable Document Format, invented by Adobe, was created with the aim of presenting information to viewers.

The layouts of these documents are not affected by the application, software, hardware, or operating system that they are being run on. Adobe Acrobat reader is a popular application for handling these formats.

The points mentioned above are reflective of the effectiveness of PDF formats. What, then, are shortcomings of this document format?

1. Navigation: Documents used online or on websites are required to have user-friendly navigation for the convenience of readers. This is one of the primary concerns regarding PDF files. From the SEO perspective, a higher ranked document on an organic search will have further navigational problems.

2. Large Documents: When it comes to documents of a large size containing several pages, PDFs do not offer advanced navigational or indexing options. This becomes a problem if a document with hundreds of pages needs to be published.

3. Scrolling: For lengthy documents, the scrolling options found in PDF documents are not adequate and operating them can be time-consuming.


flipbook plugin


4. Download Time: PDF files do not have advanced compression options, so rendering compressed files is not recommended. However, these documents can take up a lot of space, which makes it difficult for easy and fast downloading.

5. Updating: In PDF files, URL and other links to documents require a lot of time to update. This poses a problem for documents which require multiple modifications for adding or removing URLs.

6. Analytics: Analytics are almost non-existent while using PDFs, which is a disadvantage in today’s world of search engine optimization and PPC campaigns.

Unlike online flipbooks, PDFs cannot provide users with comprehensive data regarding user interaction with published content. This makes it harder for receiving real-time information, which is the basis of strategy modification, needed for improved sales.


What Are Flipbooks?

Contrary to popular belief, flipbooks aren’t that different from PDFs.  In fact, the creation of an online flipbook involves creating a PDF first. The only difference is the number of enrichment that can be added to the documents along the way.


flipbook wordpress plugin


There are many online flipbooks available, with applications such as FlipHTML 5 offering the cutting edge in online flipbook creations.

Interactive features which can be added include: Website linking to pages, Pop up options, Mouse over text, Videos, and animations, E-commerce services, Social media integration, Analytics, etc.

All the above features are suited for today’s online world, where digital marketing is dominating the marketing landscape in general.


FlipHTML5 Features

FlipHTML5 is a software that lets you create responsive CSS3 jQuery & HTML5 FlipBooks from PDF files. You can create publications like magazines, catalogs, brochures, posters, etc.

The easy to use interface and procedures will guide you through steps to create flipbooks easily. It lets you create an unlimited number of publications (depending on plan) for online and offline use.

You can enhance your publications using videos, audio files, animations, images, buttons, links, etc. There are also hundreds of themes and template to select from. So, you don’t need to start the publications from scratch.

Here are some of the features:

1. Bookcase – Automatically collect all your digital publications in a nice looking bookcase which can be embedded into your site. You can create as many bookcases as you need.

2. Sharing – Share digital publications on the social networks.

3. SEO Friendly – Flipbook content can be indexed by search engines.

4. Statistics – Access statistics including homepage visits, publications reads, etc.

5. Templates – Free pre-designed templates are available.

6. Animation Editor –  You can enrich your digital publications by adding animations.


html5 flipbook wordpress


7. Page Editor – Add YouTube video, local video, audio, images, photo slideshow, text, links, and button.

8. Custom Domain – Change the domain of your publications from to

9. Logo – Upload your logo on each of your publication.

10. Google AdSense Integration –  Insert the Google AdSense ID and display ads to your readers.


pdf wordpress flipbook


11. Selling Publication – Sell your digital publications online. Profit will be transferred to your Paypal account, and no fee will be charged.

12. Advertising Banner – Add an advertising banner to the background of your publications.

13. Private – Create private publications and set up permissions to view them.

14. Publish to local – Publish digital publications as HTML, ZIP and EXE formats and send them to your readers via email.

15. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Plugins – Create WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugins and get them installed and run on your websites. – GOLD PLAN

16. Local Reading – Read digital publications on your local computer without internet connection.

17. Native Android App – Start to build Android flipbook app with a desktop client, upload and sell it on Google Play.


responsive flipbook plugin


18. Interface Language Localization – Change toolbar language of your publications.

19. Auto-Flipping Mode – You can read your publications without turning the pages manually one by one.

20. Custom Background Image – Customize style background image for your publications.

21. Background Music – Wanna to add background music (MP3) and let it play for the entire publication? Yes, you can.

22. Slide Mode – Enables your users to read your publications with sliding effect.

23. Table of Content – Create your table of content and make it easier to navigate through the whole book.

24. Multiple PDFs to a Single Book – You can import multiple PDFs at the same time and merge them into one single jQuery and HTML5 digital magazine.


How To Make a Flipbook And Embed Tt In A WordPress Blog?

Embedding flipbook in a WordPress site can help you enhance website contents and drive more traffic. There are two ways to embed your page flipbook into WordPress site using FlipHTML5. Online and via the desktop client.


Upload a PDF document from your computer, and then create a flipbook with a couple of clicks in FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform.


wordpress flipbook


After you publish a flipbook, open the flipbook and then click the“Embed” button. Copy the embed code in the pop-up window and add the code to a WordPress page.


wordpress page flip book plugin

wordpress pdf flipbook


#Desktop Client

This option is only available in the GOLD plan. Import and create a flipbook. Customize it. You can use animation, page editor, and custom settings to enrich your page flipbook in order to make it attractive. Then publish the flipbook as a plugin for WordPress.

Click “Publish to Local” -> Save as Plug-in -> WordPress Plug-in -> Customize output options -> Publish. Then you upload it like any other plugin from WordPress admin dashboard.


wordpress pdf flipbook plugin


Click plug-in name “Flip Html5” and copy shortcode which you can then paste into a post.


wordpress pdf flipbook plugin free


Why Should You Use FlipHTML5?

Online Flipping books like FlipHTML5 have the options of embedding interactive features into any website, which many marketers find useful and effective.

Along with this, there are several areas where flipbooks are more effective than an online PDF file.


1. Quicker loading times – Most modern browsers are expected to access any information instantly when required. This is not possible with PDFs because of the larger file sizes and the inability to download quickly if net speeds are not high.


2. Add multimedia and hyperlink – After uploading a PDF document to the FlipHTML5 cloud, publishers can add multimedia to the books in FlipHTML5 Online Editor directly.

You can enrich your content with rich media, such as YouTube video, links, audio, images, photo gallery and more.


3 Time-saving – One of the reasons why users are more attracted to FlipHTML5 is its time-saving aspect. This can be achieved through its instant updating feature, excellent search functionality and custom link importing functions.

This makes it suitable for publishing large product catalogs, e-commerce integration, and faster sales efforts.


FlipHTML5 Price

The free version of FlipHTML5 provides users with basic features, allowing users to convert a PDF file to a page flipping book.

However, there will be a FlipHTML5 watermark on the published eBook. Also, access to the advanced features like Page Editor to add video and audio is forbidden. Depending on which pricing plan you choose you will have less or more options and features available.


fliphtml5 review pricing


If you go with paid pricing plan, the cheapest is PRO plan which will cost you $15/month.


Other WordPress Plugin Alternatives For Making Flipbook

1. WordPress FlipBook – a WordPress plugin that allows to browse images, PDFs or HTML as a flipping book. It can be used for demonstration magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets and much more in a natural way.

2. dFlip PDF FlipBook WordPress Plugin – It’s very responsive and device friendly. You will have almost all features you need like hot-spots, PDF annotations, outline, custom outline, image support, etc. all in a single package (This plugin is no longer available).

3. Flip Builder – Transform any subject PDF document into a beautifully animated publication. The flipbook plugin is optimized for all size of screens, and your readers will get the same reading experience on every device.

4. Yumpu – Integrating your Flipbooks into your website or blog is easy. You can define color, size, border and much more.


How To Make A Flipbook Final Words

By embedding the flipbooks into your WordPress posts, you give your readers access to additional content that is visually engaging. You don’t need to create an extra mobile version because the flipbook automatically adapts it to all devices.

Whether you’re in the publishing business or a newbie in that area, creating digital catalogs can benefit everyone. In my opinion, WordPress flipbooks are destined to revolutionize website and blog content.

Special Offer – FlipHTML5 is running promotion campaign for new registered users. All readers can get a 3-month Platinum Plan gift card code and use the advanced functions include Animation Editor.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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