Product Enquiry for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin – FREE vs PRO Comparison

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce is WordPress plugin from WisdmLabs and allows buyers/ visitors to make an enquiry about a product, right from within the product listing page. In that way potential buyer/customer can send an enquiry about the product selling on your site.

By addressing his enquiries, you can convert an unsure client, into a buyer. If you have a product that you sell via your website, then some kind of product enquiry plugin is a “must have.”

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce comes in free and paid versions. The free version can be found on as a free download and Pro by visiting WisdmLabs website.

The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin adds an enquiry button to every WooCommerce product page. Using this button a potential customer, can send you an enquiry or request a quote for a product he is unsure of purchasing.

This inquiry or quote request is sent to the product owner. The owner can then reply or send a quote, to convert an unsure visitor into a sale.


Product Enquiry for WooCommerce FREE

The free version of product enquiry plugin can be found in WordPress repository. You install it like any other WordPress plugin. In order to work, Product Enquiry needs WooCommerce plugin installed. Woocommerce is free, and you probably heard about it already.

After activating free version, under Products tab (which you get after installing WooCommerce plugin) there will be Product Enquiry settings option.

product enquiry free for woocommerce


As you can see, there are not many settings to be done. There is Email information where you put an email address to receive product enquiries.

The ‘Recipient’s Email’ is set to the admin email id by default. You can replace it, but you can’t add multiple emails.

Every time a potential customer sends an enquiry, you will get details such as site name, product name, product URL, customer name and enquiry message on chosen email.

Enquiry Button allows customers or visitors to make an enquiry about a product by asking a question about a product directly from the product listing page. You can choose where to show product enquiry button.

Moreover, the customer can receive a copy of his email if this functionality is configured to be allowed by the plugin administrator.


free product enquiry wordpress plugin


In Styling options you can leave it at default to use activated themes CSS or pick to set colours manually.

Then you will have options to choose colours of button, border, dialogue, product name, background, etc. Enquiry details are only available in PRO version of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce.


Free version features:

-Add an Enquiry or Request a Quote Button – Allows customers or visitors to make an enquiry about a product by asking a question about a product directly from the product listing page.

Setting the button label text as “Make an Enquiry”, “Request a Quote” or “Quote to Order” let’s your customers enquire and negotiate for a list of products they are interested into.

-Localisation Ready – All you need to do is create the .mo and .po files for your language.

-Configure Settings – Plugin user/administrator can configure where to show Enquiry or Request a Quote Button on the product page and few other details.

-Email to Site Owner – An email is sent to pre-configured email address of the plugin user with details such as site name, product name, product URL, customer name and enquiry message. Customer can also receive a copy of this email if this functionality is enabled.


Product Enquiry for WooCommerce PRO

The premium version enhances the features of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce. After activating Product Enquiry Pro for WooCoomerce plugin you will get new tab in dashboard (not under products option in WooCommerce).

There is no excessive settings and configurations which is always good. I personally hate when after activating WordPress plugin need to spend half an hour configuring it.

You will have same options as in the free version of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plus premium features.


Product Enquiry for WooCommerce


Displaying telephone number will provide a field for buyer/customer to put his phone number. This field is not mandatory, and customer can choose not to fill it. Enquiry request will still be made.

With PRO version you unlock Product Enquiry Details which is not available in free version. The Product Enquiry details provide you with a list of all enquiries made for all products.

The details stored for each enquiry record are, Enquiry date, Product name, Customer Name, Customer Email, Telephone (if provided), Message and the Client IP.


Additional Features in PRO:

  • Support for variable products
  • Control button visibility
  • Mutiple product enquiries and quote requests on a single page
  • Show/hide price and purchase button for one or multiple products
  • Auto-generate quote PDF in the backend which allows the admin to create a quote for requested products
  • View enquiries and quote requests right from your WP dashboard
  • Reply from the dashboard feature for the store admin.
  • Style the buttons and dialogue
  • Filter and export enquiry and quotation records to analyse product demands
  • Responsive enquiry and quote request dialogue
  • Telephone number field option so potential customers can add their phone number.
  • Hooks provided to customise the enquiry form

A “Make an Enquiry”, “Request a Quote” or “Quote to Order” button allows shoppers to enquire about products on your store by asking questions directly from the product page.

The plugin adds an inquiry or quote request button on shop and product archive pages making it easy for customers to send you an inquiry about interested products.

There is an option provided on the product listing page to selectively display the enquiry button, the ‘Add to Cart’ button or the price for the product. You can easily manage the visibility of the enquiry and purchase buttons, and price of all products.


display enquiry and purchase buttons in woocommerce


The plugin supports enquiry or quote request for individual product variations. You can add an ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Request a Quote’ button to your variable products. Your customers can select a variation and then send you an enquiry or quote request.

Customers can add multiple WooCommerce products to an enquiry and quote cart, and inquire about or request a quote for several products at once.


quote request for individual product variations


As the WooCommerce store owner, Product Enquiry Pro makes it easy for you to manage inquiries and quote requests using a single point of access in the admin panel.

Once you receive a quote request, you can quickly edit the price and quantity of products added to create a custom quote for your customer.

Every quote you create is converted into a PDF with your store branding and emailed to the client. You also have the option to personalize the email content before it’s sent.


 product enquiry wordpress


When you send customers a quote, they have the option to approve or reject it. Upon approval, customers are directly taken to the checkout page to complete the purchase.


WooCoomerce Product Enquiry Summary

In overall it is a very useful WordPress plugin for product enquiry. Very simple, lightweight, easy to use.

The price of $39 for all features this plugin offers is reaaly a bargain deal. But the license is valid for only a year, and if you want to continue receiving updates and support, you will need to renew the license at discount price.

Renewal costs 15$. You can choose not to renew the license. Plugin will continue to work as usual. But you will not receive new features published, nor you will be able to contact support in case you encounter issues.

This plugin is very useful for your WordPress shop or business. As already mentioned, by addressing buyer enquiries, you can convert an unsure customer, into a buyer.

You can also purchase Priority Support for additional feature requests for the plugin. Refund can be requested within 30 days of the original product purchase date.

Refund will not be provided, if you do not have a valid reason, to not use the product. Purchasing of the plugin is currently possible only via Paypal. I recommended using the free version. If more features needed or support, in the future, go for the paid version.

Now over to you. Do you use any product enquiry plugin on your site and do you feel they increase sales? Let me know in comments below!

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Easy to use
  • Support for simple and variable products
  • Mutiple product enquiries and quote requests on a single page
  • Show/hide price and purchase button for one or multiple products
  • Auto-generate quote PDF
  • Style the buttons and dialogue
  • Hooks provided to customise the enquiry form

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6 thoughts on “Product Enquiry for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin – FREE vs PRO Comparison”

  1. Hi,

    I would like to inform you that Product Enquiry Pro now supports multiple product enquiry. Which means you can add multiple products to an enquiry cart and make a single enquiry.

    This has been a much awaited feature and I’m sure your readers would be glad to know about it.

  2. Hi KasaReviews Readers,

    The plugin has been updated to incorporate new and improved features. So, I hope you find what you have been looking for in the updated plugin.

    1. The plugin is now WPML compatible.
    2. You can now display Enquiry Button selectively on products.
    3. For readers who are developers we now have added actions and filters to simplify customization of the plugin.

    And oh yes for those who want to customize the enquiry form…our next update will include that too!!

  3. Hi Kasa,

    Thank you for the detailed review. We really appreciate it. If I may just put forward our view about the price. All the features implemented in the Pro version have been based on feedback from clients who use the free version. The price not only includes these features, but additional features that we are in the process of developing. We will provide these features free to our users who have already purchased the pro version, instead of providing paid add-ons.

    Regarding support, we do take client feedback seriously, and even though our immediate priority is bug fixes and minor updates, we do listen to all suggestions from clients and implement popular feature requests.

    Thanks again for the great review! Stay tuned for further updates from Product Enquiry Pro.

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