ProWritingAid Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Best Tool To Improve Writing?



Easy to use


Available features




Overall quality



  • Grammatical and vocabulary correction
  • Writing reports, and style suggestions
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Free version available
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Plagiarism checker is separated and needs to be paid additionaly
  • Sometimes it takes time to detect all

We know that fine writing is more than just proper grammar. To achieve the level of fine writing without a lot of brainstorming, there are tools like the ProWritingAid. In this ProWritingAid review, I will show how it can improve your writing and go through the pros and cons that come with it.

When you use ProWritingAid, all the plausible issues in your writing related to spelling, grammar, wording, punctuation, style, etc., will be highlighted with suggestions. Based on the suggestions of the tool, you can accentuate and beautify your writing.

Many ProWritingAid reviews refer to the tool as the perfect writing mentor, a grammar guru, and a reliable style editor. Time and again, it has proven its worth and helped the authors, editors, copywriters, students, and even professionals reach new heights in their level of writing.

If you are an amateur or a professional, with the use of this tool, you are certainly going to impress your readers and clients and escalate to new heights in your professional or casual writing career.

NOTE: Check ProWritingAid vs Grammarly comparison.


ProWritingAid Review

Are you a freelance writer, blogger, copy editor, story writer, or content creator? Do you need genuine help with your writing? If yes, this detailed ProWritingAid review will help you ascertain whether this tool can be the right helping hand for you or not.

ProWritingAid is an incredible tool that is perfect for helping you get rid of grammar issues. In addition to removing grammar mistakes from your content, it also helps make your content plagiarism-free.


ProWritingAid is packed with tools to improve writing.


This tool is helpful for you to check the grammar errors, spelling errors, perform style corrections, and reports the clichés or the repeated words in your content. Moreover, these are just a few of the many things that ProWritingAid helps you with.

ProWritingAid is not a mere grammar checker tool. It is rather a writing aid that helps you fix all the possible issues related to the language, such as punctuation issues, sentence structure, overused words, pacing, consistency, repeated phrases, readability, and dialogue.


ProWritingAid grammar and spellcheck tool.


With the ProWritingAid tool, you actually learn as you edit, and as a result, it makes you a stronger and an improved writer. Many experts even refer to the ProWritingAid as the Swiss Knife for the story writers, bloggers, content creators, digital marketers, copy editors, or freelance writers and the content writing issues, and the tool is also helpful in fixing the plagiarism issues of your content.

Over the past few years, this tool has been repeatedly used and overused by millions of editors, professionals, authors, copywriters, students, and others.


What Features Does It Provide?

With the ProWritingAid tool, you get more features than you could avail with any other manuscript software available in the market. Further, it has some features which are unique to this product.


In-Depth Reports

The ProWritingAid tool helps you analyze your writing. Further, it presents the findings in more than 20 different reports, more than any other editing software. Every writer has a different set of strengths and weaknesses, so these distinct reports are designed so the said user can find what will appeal to them the most.


Mac & Windows Support

Usually, most editing software support Windows only. However, the ProWritingAid tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac. So, the users of Mac and Windows can make use of the desktop app. The premium license will cover Windows and Mac, along with all the word-processor integrations.


Contextual Thesaurus Report

The contextual thesaurus report of the ProWritingAid tool highlights every word in your content, which can be changed to a better synonym. As a result of this, you can quickly explore a multitude of wordings.

This tool will not suggest just any other synonym. It will rather give you a word that best fits the context.


Word Explorer

Using Word Explorer, you can always find the right word to eliminate the writers’ block. So, the word explorer will contain everything from the thesaurus, contextually related words, dictionary, reverse dictionary, collocation dictionary, alliteration dictionary, cliché dictionary, rhymes to the example usages from poetry, prose, and songs.


ProWritingAid word explorer.


Grammar Checking

The ProWritingAid tool helps you with punctuation checking, contextual spelling, and grammar. So, as part of this tool, you actually get two products at the price of one.


Detailed Explanations

The ProWritingAid tool always provides you with a detailed explanation wherever needed.


Find Repeated Words

For the writer’s it often gets hard to spot the repetition in their own work. Moreover, when you replace a word, you tend to forget that you have used the same word in a sentence before or after.

Using this tool, all the repeated phrases and the words in the documents will be highlighted to ensure that you use a more detailed and diverse vocabulary in your content.


Context Sensitive Style Suggestions

The expert team of copy editors of the ProWritingAid tool has hand-coded thousands of rules to cover the most important style improvements possible.


Visualize Sentence Lengths & Variation

Keeping the lengths of different sentences variable will work best to keep the interest of your readers intact. So, with the ProWritingAid tool, a visualization of the sentence length is created. Based on this visualization, it will be easier for you to spot the sentences that need amends.


Data visualization ProWritingAid.


Third-party Tools Integration

Many editing software force you to perform the copy and paste functions between your website and a word processor. When you repeatedly copy and paste operations, you tend to lose the formatting you have set for your text.


ProWritingAid integration with other tools.


Further, this will also lead to a lot of time waste and as a result, you might even feel exhausted. As a solution to this, the ProWritingAid tool is the software that integrates with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Scrivener, and Google Chrome so as you write. You can edit:

  • Microsoft WordThe ProWritingAid Microsoft Word plug-in integrates directly into your word processor. However, please know that only Word on Windows supports this integration. For Mac users, there is a Desktop App available for you to edit your MS Word Documents.
  • Chrome Extension – The ProWritingAid’s Chrome browser extension is beneficial for you to edit whenever you write online. You can integrate this extension with Facebook, Gmail, WordPress, along with any other website. In addition to Chrome, this extension is also available for Firefox, Safari.
  • Google Docs – The ProWritingAid’s Google Docs plugin is integrated directly into your Word processor. So, you can make use of this editing software anywhere you need.
  • Scrivener, Open Office, and Other Formats – The Desktop App of the ProWritingAid tool will help you open, save and edit your Scrivener projects without any formatting issues. This also works perfectly fine with formats like HTML, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, Markdown, and Open Office. You can get this for both Windows and Mac.

You can also integrate ProWritinAid real-time grammar checking, spelling, style checking, and terminology management into your website. Plugins for Froala, ContentEditable, TinyMCE, TextArea, ProseMirror, Quill, WordPress, Redactor, CKEditor, and other CMS and Helpdesk Systems are available.


ProWritingAid Editor

With the ProWritingAid online editor, you get a blank page with a list of menu boxes right towards the top. So, herein the box, you can upload your text by uploading the doc or text file or copy-pasting the content. To preserve the style of your content to what has been set by you, I advise you to upload the doc file.

When the summary is presented, you can see the identified issues in your content highlighted in red, yellow, and blue:

  • The suggestions that you see in the yellow color present ways to improve the readability and content style.
  • Highlighted suggestions in the blue present grammar mistakes.
  • Red highlighted issues are for all the spelling-related issues such as incorrect spelling, hyphens, or apostrophes. Based on the suggestions, you can either change the words according to the suggestions or add your words to the dictionary for future reference.

When you hover your mouse over the underlined words, you will see a pop-up appear on the screen. This pop-up contains the suggested changes. You’ll be amazed by the number of options and suggestions that you get.


ProWritingAid editor example.


The menu bar is filled with some common yet deadly grammar mistake correctors such as dialogues, sticky sentences, etc. When it comes to analyzing your content, nothing works faster than the ProWritingAid editor. It will start pointing out the errors as soon as you upload even a line or two of content on it.

With the ProWritingAid tool, all the errors are categorized into 3 primary groups. These include grammar issues, style issues, and spelling issues.

Grammar Issue – The grammar issues that you detect with the ProWritingAid are mostly related to the grammatically incorrect placement of the words. For any online content editor tool, this happens to be the most quintessential task. You can see these issues highlighted in blue color.

Style Issue – In yellow, you will see some style issues. These issues basically relate to what impacts the readability of the content.

Spelling Issue: These issues arise when you tend to mistype or wrongly type the spellings of any word. It may sometimes also include a word (like a proper noun) that may be correct but might not be found in the ProWritingAid dictionary.

So, based on the given suggestions, you can either correct these issues or add new words to the dictionary. Such issues will be highlighted for you in red.


Types of Report 

When you submit a piece of content to the ProWritingAid, it will analyze the writing style and based on it. It will highlight certain improvements. Every report focuses on the different areas of the writing.

There are certain reports which will provide you a quick fix and polish a small piece of writing. On the other hand, others go in-depth and put forth the areas wherein you could improve your writing style.

The ProWritingAid is not the tool that will work on your behalf, but it is the tool that will work for you and make your job faster and easier. With the help of the ProWritingAid, you can definitely, over time, improve your writing style when you go through the reports.

These reports will make you much more informed about the mistakes being made. So, on the whole, these reports are nothing but actually having a real-life writing coach who will guide you through everything. Please keep in mind that not all suggestions would work for all writers, so it is also important to use your own judgment.


The Writing Style Report

One of the most comprehensive and popular reports which the ProWritingAid offers is the Writing Style Report. Good writing is a lot more than just correct usage of grammar.


Writing Style Report.


Your Writing Style Report will bring the different areas of your writing which can be revised from your end to accentuate the readability. This will cover factors such as:

  • passive and hidden verbs
  • over-reliance on adverbs
  • repeated sentence starts
  • emotional tells and much more.

If you look through carefully, you’ll realize that the suggestions are more or less similar to the suggestions that you would have got from any professional copyeditor.


The Grammar Report

Grammar Report is more or less similar to the grammar checker of Microsoft Word. However, it comes with some additional superpowers. The tool uses the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, based on which, it will catch all the issues that might be missed.


The Grammar Report.


The in-house team of the copy editors of the ProWritingAid has included several thousands of specific checks that they have seen over the course of the years.

For instance, there are times when a writer uses “adverse” by mistake when the meaning that he wants to convey is “averse.” So, when such a thing comes up, the ProWritingAid tool will give you a small explanation of how you have to use these two words.

When you go through this additional understanding provided by the tool, you’ll remember the correct usage not just once but every time you have to use the same context of words.


The Overused Words Report

There are many phrases and words in the English language that are actually indicative of an amateur writing style.

For instance, the use of intensifiers such as “very” actually weaken your style of writing. More so, the use of hesitant words like “maybe,” “just” make your content piece look a little unconvincing.

You shouldn’t use them at all, but whenever you use such words in a piece, make sure you use them moderately. When you overuse such words, it tends to undermine your ideals.


Overused Words Report.


Therefore, the Overused Words Report will flay all the problematic phrases and words commonly used in writing and give you suggestions to eliminate them. When you work through them, you’ll continue to recognize this yourself, and as a result of this, you’ll avoid using them from the next writing onwards.


The Clichés & Redundancies Report

Only a lazy writer seeks refuge in clichés. So, never rely on anyone’s archaic, dusty imagery. As a writer, you must always brainstorm and develop new and innovative ways to express what you want to convey.


Clichés and Redundancies Report.


Whenever you use any fresh metaphor, your reader will be impressed. Further, don’t ever make the mistake of using two words to do the same job. The use of redundant words will only add to the word count of your piece, but it will not do anything for the quality of your writing.

Make sure, even an article like ‘a’ or ‘the,’ if present in your writing, is there for a reason. So, make use of this report to avoid clutter.


The Sticky Sentence Report

When you wobble around without coming straight to the point, that is when you use sticky sentences. Not needed! These sentences are hard to follow and must be done away with immediately.


Sticky Sentence Report.


In the English language, every sentence has a set of words that do not have a meaning on their own. The only job of these words is to hold the sentence structure together. This will include words like – in, and, the, of, etc.

These are known as the glue words which stick meaning in the empty spaces of your writing. In a good piece of writing, the percentage of the glue words has to be minimum.


The Readability Report

To prove your potential as a writer, you don’t have to make use of fancy words. The only requisite is communicating the thought in your mind to your readers. If every time the reader has to look up the words in a dictionary to decipher your language, the reader will get distracted.


Readability Report.


Hence, the Readability Report employs the most effective readability tools like the Flesch Reading Ease Score. The tools will analyze the writing style and then highlight the sentences that will be hard for your reader to comprehend.


The Repeats Check

When writing in flow, writers often make the mistake of using the same word several times in the span of a paragraph since they happen to be foremost in their minds. However, when the reader reads such repeats, it tends to set off an echo in their mind. This brings in a subconscious feeling wherein he feels that just two-three sentences back, the same meaning was conveyed.


Repeats Check Report.


Moreover, when the reader reads too many similar phrases or words in writing, it irritates him and distracts him. Thus, when you use the Repeats Check report, you can use a more diverse vocabulary.


The Sentence Length Report

When sentences of varying length are used in writing, it engages the brain of the reader. So, there should be some short sentences, some punch lines, and some long and flowy sentences in properly constructed writing. The variety in the sentences adds an element of music to your writing.


Sentence Length Report.


Using the ProWritingAid, the writer can see a visual representation of the various lengths of sentences used in writing.

So, based on this report, you can make alterations in the area where more variety must be added. Using a lot of long sentences can lead to monotonous text. On the other hand, when too many short sentences are used, it makes the text look choppy. Thus, in a refined piece of writing, a proper blend of short, medium, and long sentences must be used.


The Pronoun Report

Only an inexperienced writer makes use of a lot of pronouns in his writing. For instance, “She did this,” “He is my friend,” “They are here,” “I know about this.” Such usage of pronouns in a sentence makes the sentence look dull.


Pronoun Report tool.


Going by the stats, good published writing only contains about 4-15% of the pronouns on an average. If your writing contains a percentage of pronouns higher than that, you need to use the Pronoun Report and re-work your writing.


The Transition Report

Transition words actually perform the same work that the road signs do on the road. They make your writing smooth, and when the writing is smooth, it is easier for the reader to flow smoothly in the reading.


ProWritingAid Transition Report.


Some common transitions used include – “as a result,” “nevertheless,” “similarly,” or “to.” These words are helpful for your readers to connect two different points that support a larger idea.

The use of the transitive words mainly uses a contract, illustrates agreement, or brings forth the cause and effect. Every one in four sentences must contain a transition word. In case your transition score is less than that, you need to add more of it.


The Consistency Check

There is no lie in how important consistency is for a fine piece of writing. When your document has consistency, it will look more polished and professional. So, with the Consistency Check report, you can find out all the inconsistencies in your writing in terms of spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and punctuation.


Consistency Check Report.


This report will also check whether you write consistently in American English or British English and show suggestions accordingly.


The Pacing Check

Every great piece of fiction will be composed of fast-paced sections like the character action and the dialogues. It will also include some slow-paced sections like the backstory and the introspection.


Pacing Check Report.


Both these paces are equally critical in creating a strong narrative with believable characters. The idea of the Pacing Check report is to ensure that at no point in the writing, your readers will be bogged down or bored by too many long and slow passages.

So, with the use of the ProWritingAid, you can monitor the flow of the slow pace sentences to ensure that these sentences don’t make the reader lose interest in your writing.


The Dialogue Tags Check

This tool of the ProWritingAid will highlight all the dialogue tags of your writing to ensure that the emotions behind the dialogues are highlighted in a powerful manner.


Dialogue Tags Check.


The Contextual Thesaurus

Using the contextual thesaurus, you can explore the variety of synonyms by double-clicking the words. Unlike the other tools, the ProWritingAid will only offer you replacement words that will perfectly fit in the context of that sentence.


Contextual Thesaurus.


The Diction Report

The rule of less is more is the most significant rule in writing. A lot of writers have the problem of sounding bossy by the use of wordy words. Why use a sentence like “He has the ability to write well” when you can simply write “He can write well.”


Diction Report.


There is no point in using more words that could convey the meaning in lesser words. So with the use of the Diction Report of the ProWritingAid, all the unnecessary verbose will be eliminated.


The Alliteration Report

The right use of Alliteration creates a fine rhythm in writing. This is often a key ingredient of fiction, poetry, and even advertising. So, when you use the Alliteration Report, it will highlight all instances of alliteration in your text to help you beautify it.


Alliteration Report.


The Homonym Check

Homonyms, as you know, are words that have the same sound but come with different meanings. Often, these are the words that usually slip the spellcheckers all the time.


Homonym Check.


For instance, if you are trying to convey “He lost his patience” but instead write “He lost his patients,” the spellchecker won’t flag this as an error. However, the Homonym Check report of the ProWritingAid tool will highlight all the words in the document that contains a homonym. When it is highlighted, you can double-check and ensure that correct spellings are used.


The Acronym Check

From the Acronym Report, you can see the entire list of acronyms used. It will also point out all the inconsistent or misspelled acronyms that are normally not pointed out by the regular spell checkers. So, this is the perfect list for you to scan such errors.


Acronym Check.


The House Style Check

The House Style Check will basically create customized reports to check through the specific issues depending on your needs.


House Style Check.


For instance, if you are a sportswriter, you can input the names of all the players to ensure that these are spelled correctly every time you use these names in your writing. Similarly, if you are a fashion writer, you should make it a rule that the use of the “fall collection” must always be flagged and replaced with the “autumn collection.”

Also, if you are writing for a particular client, make sure you have included the rules of their style guide in the House Style Check of the ProWritingAid to flag in case of any deviations.


The Plagiarism Report

The primary concern for a lot of people, especially those involved in academic writing, is plagiarism. Thus, the plagiarism performed by ProWritingAid will compare your writing with a billion other pages on the web and cite for any unoriginal content.

When you rephrase some content, the chances of unoriginal content slipping into your piece are high. The result of this can be really hazardous. To view the Plagiarism Report, you’ll have to purchase the credits, which start from $10 for 10 checks. As an alternative, check my post regarding the best paid and free plagiarism checker tools.


Grammar Checker

The Grammar Checker of the ProWritingAid comprises three primary aspects. These are Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics.

Each of these three aspects checks for various things to ensure that the result has the perfect grammar. Let’s see factors are covered under the Grammar Checker.


Grammar Errors

Adjectives Conjunctions Participles Transitions
Adverbs Clauses Plurals Verbs
Anaphora Infinitives Prepositional Phrases Word Classes
Articles Interjections Preposition Subordinate Clause
Dangling Modifiers Nouns Pronouns


Punctuations Errors

Apostrophe Ellipsis Oxford Comma Quotation Mark
Colon Exclamation Point Parentheses Semicolon
Comma Hyphen Period Slash
Dash Hyphenation Question Mark


Mechanics Errors

Abbreviations Compound Words Run on sentences
Capitalization Contractions Spelling


Word Cloud Gallery

According to Google, a word cloud is basically “an image composed of words used in a particular text or subject, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance.”

So, if you use a particular word more often than usual in your text, it will get bigger and bolder when you make a word cloud. Using the Word Cloud Gallery of the ProWritingAid, you can create word clouds according to the texts that you paste in this tool.


Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism in simple language means copying. So, when you copy the thoughts, ideas, and words without giving them the credit they deserve, it is known as plagiarism. It is not just wrong for your writing, but it is ethically and morally very wrong to pass on something as your own when it belongs to someone else.

Using the Plagiarism Checker of the ProWritingAid, you can now check your writing with the billion published works, web pages, and academic papers. This is necessary to ensure that your text is 100% original. You can run the plagiarism report through the online editing tool or Microsoft Word addon.


ProWritingAid plagiarism checker.


Here are ways you could get plagiarize—without even knowing it:

  • When you use the words stated by someone without the use of quotations. This makes the statement your own when it is obviously not.
  • Using the information from the research or work done by others without adding it as your reference source.
  • Paraphrasing the content in a manner that is similar in look and feel to the original content.
  • Copying the exact bits from the internet and include them in your content without attribution.
  • Not giving citations where should have.
  • Self-plagiarizing the content that has been written and published by you in the past for some other website or client.

Using the plagiarism check of the ProWritingAid, you can easily identify all the instances in your document wherein you have employed the same ideas, words, or thoughts. This report will include data, wordings, ideas, and questions copied from a source.

Irrespective of your intention, you have no right to publish the work done by someone else as your own. So, whenever you seek help online, always ensure that you do not plagiarise it and if in doubt, it is always safe to use a plagiarism check.

Think of an instance wherein you are caught plagiarising the content? What will that do to your reputation as a writer? If you are getting paid for this content, and the client finds out that the work has been copied at any point in time, it will permanently ruin your reputation in their eyes. Moreover, if you are an author, you could even face a lawsuit for copying the work of others without their permission.

How can you prevent plagiarism in your own work?

  • Make sure you know how to cite the sources properly.
  • Know the correct usage of paraphrasing.
  • Know the sources of your content

Please know that plagiarism is a very unhealthy habit. It is something that you usually develop during the school projects or the college reports. However, as a writer, the use of plagiarism can have a major setback on your career.

So, whenever you send out your work, always make sure that you have checked it through the plagiarism checker of the ProWritingAid to ensure that you are not passing out something as your own when it does not belong to you.

The algorithm of the plagiarism checker of the ProWritingAid is powerful. It will check the document submitted by you against the sources published both online and offline.

This tool has a massive database of several thousands of periodicals and several billions of web pages. So, nothing can ever escape the eye of the ProWritingAid plagiarism checker.

Using this tool, you can see the percentage of similarity in your work to another writer’s work. It will also identify the areas wherein you need to use better paraphrasing or add quotations.


Pricing Plans

The pricing structure of the ProWritingAid’s premium plans is:

  • $20 for a monthly subscription
  • $79 for an annual subscription
  • $399 for a lifetime subscription (one-time payment)

Just keep in mind that this pricing structure of the ProWritingAid does not include the plagiarism checker. The free version is also available with certain restrictions.

If you also need a plagiarism checker, you’ll have to look for a premium plus package that has the following pricing (60 plagiarism checks per year):

  • $24 for a monthly subscription
  • $89 for an annual subscription
  • $499 for a lifetime subscription (one-time payment)

There is also the option of choosing only plagiarism checker checks:

  • 10 checks $10
  • 100 checks $40
  • 500 checks $120
  • 1000 checks $200

There are 14 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the tool, you can stop using it within 2 weeks and ask for a refund. However, being such an incredible tool that ProWritingAid helps you with 20+ content-related issues, there cannot be any tool better than this. So, we are certain that if you do purchase this tool, you’ll never regret spending your money on it.

For colleges and the companies on the lookout for the bulk orders of the ProWritingAid, a fine scheme is introduced by the company wherein you can enjoy an additional discount of 10% with your ProWritingAid subscription.


ProWritingAid Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using ProWritingAid:


  • With the ProWritingAid, you get almost all the possible grammatical and vocabulary correction options.
  • Using the overall writing reports, style suggestions, and innumerable tips of the ProWritingAid, you can improve your writing based on your past writing scores.
  • ProWritingAid engine comes packed with all the latest and the updated English vocabulary.
  • The tool is available for all the platforms such as Scrivener, Windows and Mac-native software, Word, Google Docs, Google Chrome addons, and an online editor.
  • The overall interface of the ProWritingAid is lightweight, fast, and easy to use.
  • ProWritingAid provides a lifetime deal option.


  • Lags are noted in the ProWritingAid, especially when you throw to it a massive document or a book, maybe something like 500 pages at once for editing.
  • The plagiarism checker has to be purchased separately.


ProWritingAid Review Verdict

ProWritingAid is totally worth the investment. With this tool, the critiques are detected, and you will get an extensive range of suggestions to help improve your writing. The suggestions achieved with ProWritingAid are undoubtedly more in number than most of its competitors.

Further, given its affordable pricing structure (with a lifetime access option), the wide variety of writing reports it offers, and the platforms and integrations it supports (Google docs, Scrivener, etc.), ProWritingAid is definitely the perfect choice for all.

ProWritingAid is one of the best online editing and writing tools available. As an alternative to ProWritingAid, I suggest you check my TrinkaAI review, Grammarly review, Ginger review, or WhiteSmoke review.

I would like to conclude by saying that amongst the multitude of features offered by the ProWritingAid, I really like and appreciate the sticky sentences and glue index, repeated phrases, thesaurus, clichés, and redundancies, etc. These features are incredibly helpful in ensuring that the quality, readability, and engagement of the content are improved.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Sorry, but the latest incarnation for Word is defective and the company doesn’t seem in the least interested in providing a fix. The All Repeats and Echoes function is not working properly, and despite asking the company over and over to either provide the previous version, or at least correct the problem, nothing is happening. I haven’t been able to use the program for well over a week, and I’m right in the middle of a final edit for a book. Emails are going unanswered, vague promises made via FB that ‘it’s being looked into’ – how long does it take to simply provide the previous version, or just fix the damn problem? I’ve used the program for close on five years, and I’m fast reaching a point where I’m going to dump it and make the switch to something like Grammarly. I don’t know what’s going on with this company – they used to be very proactive id dealing with problems quickly and efficiently.

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      Thank you for sharing your experience with ProWritingAid. I have not used them for a while so don’t know how well it performs.

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