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  • Free version
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  • Drag & drop backend course builder
  • Quiz creator
  • Analyze your course performance
  • Have different instructors for courses
  • Offer certificates

The online learning industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry with exceptional growth each year. In this Tutor LMS review, I will show you how you can be a part of it too.

If you were planning to set up a education site and sell online courses in your WordPress site, then the ideal WordPress LMS plugin is the number one tool you need.

In this Tutor LMS review, you will know everything about the Tutor LMS plugin. It’s the newest WordPress LMS plugin that has been creating a lot of hype.

When creating a course using an LMS (learning management system), you need a plugin that simplifies the entire process.

Also, keep in mind that creating a course is only a single aspect of your journey. You need features that help you manage, sell, and administer your eLearning platform.

Tutor LMS is a completely UI-based WordPress LMS plugin. It supports your entire course creation journey. Whether you’re a single instructor, an educational institute or training center- there’s something for you in Tutor LMS.


Best WordPress LMS Plugin- Tutor LMS Review

Most people who want to create an educational site often reconsider as the process seems hectic. That’s where Tutor LMS makes everything so much easier.

You can create courses both from the backend and the frontend. Tutor LMS is the first of its kind that lets you publish courses directly without going to the backend. You can literally see your site come alive as you build it.

Once you create a course, there’s definitely the need to give it for free or monetize it. Tutor LMS comes with the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) integration.

Moreover, there are analytics, reports, add-ons, and more that help both students and instructors stay connected through your educational site. The best part is, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this plugin.


Key Features of Tutor LMS

As you can already understand, Tutor LMS is packed with thoughtful features that make your site user-friendly. Have complete knowledge of all the features that Tutor LMS offers you as listed below.


1.  Smart Frontend Course Builder

Tutor LMS has a drag & drop backend course builder. But that’s not where it stops. It comes with a frontend course builder too. This one gives you a better sense of how your site looks on the frontend as you create courses.

You get the exact same functionality in both frontend & backend. In fact, as an admin, you don’t even have to go backend to publish a course. Just select the “Publish Course” button, and your course would be published.


Smart Frontend Course Builder
Tutor LMS has a drag & drop backend course builder


So you must be wondering, what can you achieve with the frontend course builder?

  • Add Course Title and description.
  • Choose the course category. (For example business, programming, etc.)
  • Set the course type if it’s free or put a price tag. This feature is cool as by entering the price, it’s automatically listed as one of your products.
  • Determine the course difficulty level. (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert or All)
  • Attach course thumbnail and introduction/trailer video.
  • Add more course topics and lessons. You can drag& drop them to rearrange their order from here as well.
  • Include quizzes and assignments.
  • Define course duration.
  • List benefits of the course.
  • Mention the targeted audience.
  • Give an overview about the included materials.
  • Make announcements in the announcement text field.
  • Upload course attachments in any WordPress-supported file format.
  • Name all the prerequisites required to complete before enrolling in a particular course.

The extensive course builder is like your one-stop station when creating courses. You pretty much get all the options right away.


2. Powerful Quiz Creator

The quiz creation process is extremely important for your entire course success. Students love quizzes that are fun to solve, challenging while being interactive. Tutor LMS makes that a possibility by introducing ten unique question types.


Powerful Quiz Creator
You can create quizzes using Tutor LMS quiz creator


Moreover, there are other options that help you create a quiz custom-tailored for your eLearning site. You can randomize the question order for every quiz. Optionally, you can add a description with your quiz.

This will give your students more of an insight into what the quiz is about along with additional instructions. There’s also the option to show marks for each individual question. Define the passing grade and enable/disable whether students can see the passing grade.


tutor lms quiz creator feature
Tutor LMS has ten unique question types.


Not only Tutor LMS lets you set the quiz time period, but you get to decide whether you want to show the timer or not. Students can have multiple quiz attempts according to the number the instructors set. There are a bunch of handy settings in the quiz that enables instructors of any niche to create a compelling quiz.


3. Reports & Analytics

Numbers are good for business. The stats that you get about your site helps you improve it. Tutor LMS comes with an innovative Tutor reports addon. Enabling it gives you a whole wide range of data that helps you to analyze your course performance.

Tutor LMS generates reports based on a number of parameters. You can look for course analytics by predefined time filters. Or you can search for the number of courses enrolled on a particular date.


tutor lms analytics and reports
Tutor reports addon gives you a wide range of data to analyze your course performance


Not only that, but you also get a list of all the popular courses, the latest reviews, and the last registered students all in one place.

It’s a smart system to keep track of all the courses and how they are performing. By getting the latest updates, you can analyze the strengths of your course.

The Tutor reports section is where you can manage course reviews as well. Here you can see all the details of reviews and delete them as well.


4. Include Unlimited Instructors for Courses

When it comes to creating a site like Udemy or Lynda, you’ll see they have multiple instructors for courses. Having different instructors for courses keep your students engaged while making your courses even more resourceful.

All you have to do is enable the Multi Instructor addon. When you go to the option to create courses, you’ll see the field to add many instructors.


Unlimited Instructors for Courses
With Multi Instructor addon you can have have multiple instructors for courses


So how do you select instructors for your eLearning platform? Tutor LMS has a specific Gutenberg block called “Teacher Registration Form.” This enables instructors to sign up for your site. You can choose to place the form anywhere on your website by using the block.


5. Assign Tasks to Students

Tutor LMS also comes with a Tutor Assignments addon. By enabling this addon, you can attach an assignment for as many topics as you want.

The addon is very well-organized, just like the entire plugin. There are a number of fields that help you assign a task just like you would in a conventional classroom.


Assign Tasks to Students
By enabling Tutor Assignments addon you can add assignments for students


At the end of a topic, all you have to do is select “Create Assignments.” This opens up the assignment submission form. Include the Assignment title and description to let your students know what the assignment is all about.

Below are some of the great fields in the assignment section that you need to assign a task.

  • Include assignment attachments in any WordPress supported format.
  • Define the time duration for the assignments.
  • Give the assignment deadline.
  • Show the total marks and passing marks.
  • Allow students to upload files up to a certain number of files. (You can disable this option as well).
  • Limit the file size in MB.

With these many options, you can easily create an assignment without feeling like you missed out on anything.


6. Offer Beautiful Certificates

At the end of any course, the best part for any student is receiving the certificate. Tutor Certificate addon comes with multiple certificate templates. You can personalize the template and give your Authorised name, Institution name and upload your signature.


Tutor Certifcate addon
Tutor Certifcate addon makes possible to issue certificates after successful finished courses


In case you want to upload as certificate template of your own, that’s possible too. There’s an example plugin Certificate Customizer for Tutor LMS from which you can see how to custom-tailor a certificate on your own.


7. Communication Made Easy

The Tutor Email addon is pretty interesting. It lets the admin send emails during certain events. You can send mails to students and instructors, just by selecting the event they should get it.


Tutor Email addon
Tutor Email addon lets admin send emails


Enter the necessary name and email address straight from the Tutor Email settings. You can also write the email footer text that should appear in all emails.


8. Set Course Prerequisites

The course prerequisites option lets you list the courses that students need to complete before enrolling in a course. For example, if a student wants to learn the Advanced course of Python, they need to complete the Introduction to Python course first.


course prerequisites option
List courses that students need to complete before enrolling in a particular course


This also helps instructors to show all the related courses they take in a list.


9. Unlock Lessons for Preview

Before enrolling for your courses, students might want to try out a few lessons. That way, your lesson content is enough to boost your conversion rates.


Tutor Preview addon
Tutor Preview addon makes possible for students to preview courses


Tutor LMS comes with the Tutor Preview addon. It lets you unlock as many lessons as you wish for your courses.


10. Earning & Commission Allocation

When you have multiple instructors for your site, there comes the question of earning or commission distribution. Tutor LMS lets the site admin distribute money quite easily.

Once you enable earning, you get to set the admin commission percentage and instructor admission percentage.

Earning and Commission Allocation
Tutor LMS lets the site admin distribute money easily


There’s also the option to deduct any fixed fee. You also get to select how many earning statements you want to see in your dashboard from the settings.


11. Easy Withdrawal Options

After distributing the funds, it comes to needing an easy withdraw method. Tutor LMS seamlessly allows you to make withdrawals as well.

Define the minimum, withdraw the amount from the settings. Moreover, there are three withdrawal methods – Bank Transfer, eCheck, and PayPal.


tutor lms withdrawal methods
Tutor LMS allows you to make withdrawals


There’s also the field to enter instructions for making a withdrawal.


12. Dedicated Dashboard

There’s a dedicated dashboard for all instructors and students. Your dashboard holds the complete information about your courses.

In case you’re a student, you get a complete track of your course progress. There are purchase history options, quiz attempts, enrolled courses, reviews, assignment, etc. You get total data given to you right from the dashboard.


dedicated dashboard tutor lms
Dashboard holds the complete information about courses


Similarly, instructors get all the stats here as well. The total students, the number of active courses, total earning, purchase status, and pretty much any information that you need. It’s easy to monitor courses and keep track of your progress when you have such a compact dashboard.


Tutor LMS Pricing Plans

Tutor LMS comes with both lifetime and annual pricing plans. The free version of Tutor LMS has a lot of features. However, if you want a truly top-notch professional eLearning site, then Tutor LMS pro is a must.


best lms plugin for wordpress

tutor lms pricing plans


The lifetime deal comes with priority support and updates for a lifetime. You can select a single license, five license packs, or unlimited license.

The annual deal comes with priority support and updates for a year. Here you can choose a single license, five license packs, or unlimited license as well.


Tutor LMS Review Final Words

An online education site can help you reach out to thousands of students globally. Monetizing your knowledge is made that much simpler with Tutor LMS. The tech-savvy WordPress LMS plugin comes with so many features that you’ll be able to create a course in no time.

One of the outstanding features of Tutor LMS is it’s UI. Anyone who has absolutely no technical knowledge can create professional-level eLearning site. Obviously, there is room for improvements in any plugin. Tutor LMS comes with regular updates that show the continuous effort from the dev team.

With Tutor LMS, you can achieve every course building, monetizing, and administration options. Some of compatible themes with Tutor LMS include Astra theme, OceanWP, Divi, and Storefront.

If you would rather use another learning management system, then MasterStudy LMS plugin and LearnDash are also a good choices. In that case check how to handle increasing students on Learndash, how to allow others to create courses on Learndash site, which are best LearnDash specific themes, which are best LearnDash addons, and types of LearnDash themes.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Thanks for this detailed review. Around last year while researching different LMS, reviewers like you helped me in choosing Tutor LMS as the LMS of choice. We opted for their premium lifetime plan. Less than a year later, it is a different story. I am writing this so that your readers may benefit from the customer support experience that I went through. Though the company has made an attractive product, their technical support is poor. We had couple of issues. We raised several requests. But none were addressed. Maybe while looking at similar products for review, you may consider post sales support as a factor. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding Tutor LMS. Could you give more info about what issues did you experienced with support?

      1. Thanks for your response. In the first few days, we had challenges in the quiz module adding detailed solutions to answer choices. When we contacted their support, we got a reply stating that they were busy with development and would not be able to provide support for another few months. I have it on record. Is this the reply a company gives to a customer who recently purchased a premium lifetime license. We had few more interactions for other issues. None solved. So basically from our experience their tech support is poor.

        1. Hi Sam,

          Wow, that answer is unacceptable from support. That is an example of bad support. Thank you for sharing this info. It can help other users.

  2. As far as I know, it is not possible for a teacher to register a bunch of users at once. Teachers using my course will have to buy a license for x number of students. Without this option it will be useless since students should never have to pay for a course themselves in our school system.

  3. Dear Kasa

    kindly suggest to me the best all in one theme for Tutor Marketplace for online live tutoring (e.g Vedantu) along with video course sales (e.g Udemy) and offline Home Tutoring services too (e.g Urbanpro).


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