Covert PinPress Review – WordPress Pinterest Theme

Covert PinPress


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Flexible post layout grid
  • Automatic loading more posts when scrolling
  • Custom popup
  • The ability to add 5 rotating ads at the end of your posts


  • Lack of advanced features
  • Design needs to be better

Pinterest is crazy popular, and growing fast. It is no wonder why many WordPress users want to use some kind of WordPress Pinterest theme on their site. With so many users pinning their daily activities, likes and dislikes and useful information it’s no surprise Pinterest styled themes have been created for WordPress.

Pinterest wordpress themes capture the essence of Pinterest which is masonry style grid portfolio or blog where posts include a thumbnail of the featured image and a short blurb from the article.

People want to be stimulated with visuals and media rich sites and they want the information they’re after immediately. Content-heavy blogs have a place but are driving less potentially viral traffic compared to visual rich sites. People want stimulation and engagement.

Visitors tend to stay longer on more visual appealing sites. Extensive testing has shown that engaging platforms like Pinterest outperform all other blog designs in terms of “time on page”, “bounce rate” and “clicks.”

All of the metrics which matter to bloggers and anyone who earns a living through internet marketing. Covert Pin Press is one of new WordPress Pinterest themes. It is is an easy to utilize yet powerful theme. It benefits from the existing rise of Pinterest.

It is developed by IM Wealth Builders and it is great way to make money through affiliates or to advertise different products. Some of other well know IM Wealth Builders products are also Covert Store Builder, Covert Video Press, and Covert Shirt Store.

UPDATE: It seems Covert PinPress is not updated anymore nor supported so it is not recommended to use it.


WordPress Pinterest Theme

The style of the Covert PinPress theme allows blog owners to capitalize on the natural activities that Pinterest users have been educated to do.

It produces a familiar as well as organic encounter. The principle behind the entire Pinterest philosophy offers the possibility to generate viral web traffic, leading to recurring income via your site.

Covert PinPress WordPress Theme looks and functions like Pinterest. Its goal is not to compete with Pinterest. It is set up to benefit from the activities Pinterest users have actually been trained to do.


Using WordPress Pinterest Theme With Covert PinPress


It uses that to create web traffic, viral activity and naturally earnings for your website. Once you’ve installed and configured covert PinPress, which is very easy, you are ready to start adding posts as with any other WordPress blog.

Set up and installation are a breeze even for beginners thanks to the comprehensive instructions and tutorials provided with the theme. Whether you’ve installed a theme before or not, this will be a one-click install for you.

It will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog. The front page of your site will look exactly like Pinterest. Each image that’s published will have the 3 social buttons that pop up when you hover over the image, just like Pinterest.

If a user clicks “Re-Pin,” he is taken to his actual Pinterest Account where he can pin the photo to their boards. Each Re-Pin will have backlink to your website. The next button is the “Like” button.

If a user clicks the “Like” button the picture and description will be posted to their Facebook Timeline for all their close friends to see. If they select the “Send” button they’ll have a prompt to send/share it via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Adding the most engaging and interesting images that you can to your posts will almost ensure that you get tons more traffic than you do right now.

The secret of PinPress power lies in its familiar look and feel. When people land on a typical, blog or site they don’t necessarily know the blogger, nor the site. The chances of them clicking on an image or link are fairly small.

These visitors may read some content, but most of them will leave without any engagement at all. Most will never return. Using Covert PinPress changes that because people who land on site immediately feel welcomed and at home thanks to the trust they’ve established with Pinterest. That trust makes your site feel familiar.


What’s Included With Covert PinPress 2.0?


  • Flexible post layout grid
  • Automatic loading more posts when scrolling
  • Widget area at the top where you can put html or text in, or turn off completely
  • Categories and pages as navigation menu
  • Option to use sidebar on the front page
  • Add custom featured images to display on your “board”
  • Change the background color of the theme
  • Use a widget left or right sidebar (or both) on individual posts and pages
  • Show post title, excerpts, full post on the front page
  • Custom popup
  • The ability to add 5 rotating ads at the end of your posts
  • Show comment count and comments on the front page


Using Covert PinPress WordPress Pinterest Theme

Covert PinPress WordPress Pinterest theme can be used on existing site. If you convert a blog, the theme will automatically grab a an image from your post to use on the front page. If the post has no image it will use a default one (you add your own default images).

The theme will track impressions and clicks for every single post on your blog and by default it will automatically show the most popular posts at the top of your site! The Covert PinPress theme lets your visitors comment on your posts using Facebook comments.

This will only result in more comments and social engagement from visitors. Every time someone comments on a post on your blog it will be posted on their Facebook wall complete with a link back to your site.

Covert PinPress also has inbuilt theme ads. You can use these for anything you want, including banners, Google Adsense, Amazon widgets, custom HTML etc. Simply configure how many different ads you want to display and where. Then put in the code for your ads.

Once purchased you get multi-site and site flipping license at no extra cost. That means you can use Covert PinPress as wordpress Pinterest theme on unlimited number of sites. Existing and future ones. Or use it to build sites for clients or on blogs you will flip for profit!

Price for Covert PinPress, in time of writing, is $47 which is very good considering what you get. If not satisfied you can ask refund as they offer 45 days money back guarantee. Highly recommended if you want to create WordPress Pinterest theme!

Have you used Covert PinPress? Maybe you use another WordPress Pinterest theme. Let me know in comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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