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Yotpo Social Reviews is great way to add WooCoomerce product review plugin to your site and encourage buyers to leave reviews. More reviews will help other visitors and build thrust with your site or product selling. It will also help in website ranking.

About 70% of online shoppers say reviews have a major impact on their purchase decision and 60% of online shoppers indicate that reviews are the most important factor when choosing a product.

90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know. With that in mind, every company needs to employ capturing reviews on their products and services.

User generated content is easily crawlable by the search engines and has been proven to significantly raise site rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin and it’s available for free.

It is packed with various features and there are hundreds of free and paid plugins available to integrate with it. Yotpo Social Reviews is one of them.

Yotpo is a better way to generate reviews for products and present them beautifully. You will not lose your existing reviews with Yotpo. Just import them from whatever platform you’re on. If you wish you can easily choose which reviews to show and which ones to hide.


WooCoomerce Product Review Plugin

Installation is very simple. You need to have WooCoomerce installed on your site. Install Yotpo Social Reviews either via the WordPress.org plugin directory site, or by uploading the data to your web server.

After activating Yotpo Social Reviews click on the Yotpo hyperlink in the left hand side bar of your WordPress admin. You will need to sign up an account with Yotpo or log in with your already existing account.

Customize settings per wishes on the Yotpo Settings web page and click update when done. That’s it. WooCoomerce product review plugin is ready to go.


Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCoommerce

Mail after purchase is what differs Yotpo from any other review plugin. Buyers will automatically get email, at a set time after purchase, which encourages them to leave a review.

They can can leave reviews directly within the email, making the process very simple. This has been proven to dramatically increase reviews.

The Mail After Purchase emails always link back to your shop. Plus, you will be notified whenever a buyer leaves a review, enabling you to contact them directly. Post-purchasing communication is a great way to get shoppers back onto your site.




WooCoomerce Product Review Plugin Features:

  • Send out Mail After Purchase to urge clients to leave reviews
  • Display testimonials in an attractive and adjustable format
  • Supports all languages.
  • Enhance your SEO with User Generated Content
  • Permit users to share their reviews/opinions on social media networks
  • Import pre-existing reviews
  • Fully personalize feel and look
  • Immediately alert your followers on social networks of new reviews

WooCoomerce Product Review Plugin  makes possible to showcase your trusted and most helpful reviews. A review by someone who bought a product from your shop is worth more than a review by a random passerby.




This is possible thanks to Yotpo feature to assigns badges to each reviewer and to rank reviews based on credibility. This adds a layer of trust that has been proven to help drive sales.

Potential customers finally know they can trust what they’re reading. You can also encourage your shoppers to share their reviews on their social channels. After a shopper leaves a review he has ability to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn giving your site even more exposure.


WooCoomerce Product Review Plugin Free vs Paid

Yotpo is free wordpress plugin. You can install it for free from WordPress repository. If you need more features there is also premium version.

For features like respond to reviews, answer shopper questions and spread the word to social networks, you will pay $30 a month for up to 300 orders + $10 for each additional 100 orders. There is 30 day trial option for this plan.



Yotpo Premium Features


If handling 5,000+ orders per month then you need to consider enterprise package model which includes a personal account manager and quarterly optimization calls.

Price varies for this plan. You may cancel at any time. Simply go to the Billing page in Account Settings and hit “Cancel.” When you cancel, your account will simply revert back to a free one and you will keep all of your reviews.




WooCommerce offers vast amount of great addons. If you manage business or have WooCoomerce oriented website, then you should probably consider some kind of WooCoomerce product review plugin.

Yotpo Social Reviews can help in increasing amount of reviews left by buyers. If your site doesn’t sell much and you don’t need extra features, free version will be good for start.

When site starts to prosper you can try paid plan and see how it goes. 30 days trial option to test Yotpo is welcomed option too. Hope it helped. If you have better WooCoomerce product review plugin for WordPress let me know in comments below.

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