WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO Pack

WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO Pack

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WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO Pack. Which one to use? Which one is best?

When starting your own WordPress site it is essential to have some kind of WordPress SEO plugin.

Because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is significant part of site’s success if you want to push your site on first pages in google search results.

If you don’t know what the heck is SEO then check out many available topics found on Internet.

Search Engine Optimization is huge topic and requires time and knowledge to master it.

But don’t be discouraged as our beloved WordPress has many SEO plugins. There are free and premium ones. Some are better than other.


WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO Pack

Blogs, company websites and web shops run on WordPress. Many are fascinated by its versatility.

It’s a simple blogging system that needs little or no knowledge of coding. Nearly 25% of the world’s top 10 million websites including TIME and Mashable are built on WordPress.

But being easy to use, it is important not to overlook/ignore important elements like SEO that can cause problems with business growth, success and profitability.


Some frequent questions about SEO:

1.Is WordPress is Search Engine Optimized out of the box?

No, there isn’t such a thing as a search engine optimized CMS. Though WordPress is search engine friendly, you will still need to do some manual SEO work for best results.

2. Is it enough just to install SEO plugin?

There’s no WordPress plugin that can cover all elements of SEO. Configuring your SEO plugin correctly is a step in the right direction.

The big picture is a lot more complex and comprehensive.

3. How do I chose the best WordPress SEO plugin for my website?

There are two SEO plugins that distinguish themselves from the rest: All In One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast. I use Yoast, myself.

4. Can free WordPress themes hurt my SEO?

A great benefit of WordPress is the huge array of free themes available. Many are harmless and are great choices for any website or blog. Some, however, can hurt your SEO.


WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO

If you want to see some of free SEO plugin available for WordPress then  check out WordPress plugin directory.

My top three, some may agree some disagree, are (in random order) WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, All In One SEO Pack and Premium SEO Pack.

I have used and tested all three of them on various sites. I will not write detailed reviews about these SEO plugins.

Firstly I will write little overview about each of them. Full comparison table can be found at the end.

Be noted, all below statements and features may be outdated as time goes by. I will try to update this regularly.


WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO Plugin vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO


Probably the most popular and well-known Search engine optimization plugin for WordPress.

It was created by Joost de Valk and his team and became quite popular in the community.

It has free and premium (paid) version. But free version has everything you could possible need and is powerful too.

Premium version adds Redirect manager, Integration with google webmasters tools and premium support.

I don’t find premium features and support worthy as it yearly costs 89$ for single site. If you want to use it on more than one site than price will be higher.

WordPress SEO Free  


WordPress SEO Review

Yoast SEO has couple sections in its menu: Dashboard, Titles & metas, Social, XML sitemaps, Permalinks, Internal links, RSS, Import & Export, Edit files, Description and Title Editor.

Some of wordpress-seo-by-yoast-tabthem have sub-sections delimited by tabs.

In “Dashboard” tab you can take the plugin tour and find out some basic information, reset the settings to default or verify your site for Alexa, Bing, Google Webmaster tools, Pinterest or Yandex.

“Titles & Metas” tab allows you to edit meta tags of your home page, posts, pages, custom posts and more.

From here, you can block certain pages from Google index with “noindex” meta tag, manage sitewide links, clean up and lot more.

If you don’t know how to set up or what to do here, then it is best to look at tutorials or settings other made.

You can check official tutorial by Yoast himself or other users tutorials.

In “Social” tab you can integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter or Google.

XML Sitemaps tab is for sitemap functionality and is recommended as it will help search engines to crawl your site content. Sadly WordPress SEO plugin doesn’t come with video sitemap.

Video SEO plugin from Yoast needs to be bought separately. You can also check out Ultimate Video SEO Plugin as alternative.

In “Permalinks” tab you can manage your permalink settings and edit some parameters like: enforce a trailing slash on category URLs, remove stop words from slugs, manage some redirects and canonical settings.

“Internal links” tab is useful if you want to activate breadcrumbs on your site and manage their separators and anchor text.

“RSS” feature automatically adds content to your RSS. It’s meant to add links back to your blog and your blog posts, so scrapers will automatically add these links too, helping search engines identify you as the original source of the content.


Dont worry if you have used another SEO plugin and want to start using WordPress SEO by Yoast. You can easily import all the data with a simple click in “Import and Export” tab.

You can also export your current settings into a .zip file and import it later if needed.

“Edit files” allows you to edit your robots.tx file and include all the links that you want to block from search engines’ results.

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Best part of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is page analysis option. When creating new post you will have new options below post content.

Those settings are choosing focus keyword, meta description, meta keywords etc.




Yoast SEO will help you choose focus keyword by suggesting keywords based on google search results.

It will also suggest changes in your post content which could help SEO performance of your post and let you know how to improve your content. It is great feature to have.


wordpress seo focus keyword


Yoast SEO Plugin Pros and Cons


– Surely best free WordPress SEO plugin

– Page analysis feature


– Premium version is little expensive and additional features like Local SEO, Video Sitemap…need to be bought separately if wanted

– Support only in premium version


All In One SEO Pack



Another well-known and widely used WordPress SEO plugin. All in One SEO Pack is created by Michael Torbert of Semper Fi Web Design.

It is popular WordPress plugin for managing the Search Engine Optimization of website or blog.

All in One SEO Pack is the downloaded over 18 million times to this date. It has free and paid version. Free version can be found on wordpress.org plugin directory.

All in One SEO Free  

Paid version is 79$ per year but once bought it can be used on unlimited number of your sites.

Free version will mostly be enough for beginners as it has all necessary settings.




The most significant difference between free and paid version is in additional features.

Paid has Robots.txt module which helps generate and validate robots.txt file to guide search engines through your site and File Editor module to edit your robots.txt file and your .htaccess file to fine-tune your site.

Also it seems video and news sitemap are coming soon to paid version. Like in WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, support for bigger problems with plugin is possible in paid version.


All In One SEO Review And Features

By default, All in One SEO has 3 main sections: “General Settings”, “Performance”and “Feature Manager”.

Additional features are added after activating other options in feature manager section.

The “General settings” tab is most important and that is place where all main settings are configured.

You will find practically all the features and settings, including meta tags, keyword settings, title settings, home page settings, webmaster verification, noindex settings, display settings and more.

Each section has a “help” button that explains what each option does. You can also link your Bing and Google webmaster tools accounts, as well as add your Google analytics for tracking and Pinterest.

Here you can also block certain pages from Google index with “noindex” meta tag.





In “Performance” you can view some technical parameters of your system like active plugins and memory limit. You can adjust some of its values to achieve better performance.

In “Feature Manager” you will find some extra functionalities that can be activated and deactivated.

These are: XML sitemaps (to generate and manage your sitemaps), Social meta (to edit your parameters for social media sharing), Performance (to view your system status), Robots.txt to generate and validate robots.txt, Importer and Exporter to import or export all in one seo pack settings, File Editor to edit .htacces and tune site.


Some of All In One SEO Pack Features:



You could say that All In One SEO has fewer options and settings than Yoast SEO plugin. And in this moment that is true.

Also no page analysis option. In duel WordPress SEO Plugin vs All In One SEO I would always pick Yoast SEO plugin.



– Fewer options than Yoast WordPress SEO but still good free WordPress seo plugin

– Once bought premium version can be used on unlimited number of sites


– Paid version with support and additional features is little expensive

– No page analysis

Premium SEO Pack is another well-known search engine optimization plugin.

It has more features/modules included than Yoast SEO and All In One SEO combined. But does that make it the best?

Premium SEO Pack




Premium SEO Pack is my favorite paid WordPress SEO plugin. It also comes in free version like WordPress SEO by Yoast and All In One SEO Pack.

Premium version is packed with various extras in order to take SEO optimization step further.

Premium SEO Pack contains all the features that you would expect to find in dozens of different WordPress plugins, plus it includes unique features that you just cannot find anywhere else.

It costs 37$ on Codecanyon and I find it to be great investment.

Premium SEO Pack  


Premium SEO Pack Overview

Premium SEO pack has lots of features. Some of those modules are:

Premium SEO Pack Modules

Premium SEO Pack Modules

Premium SEO Features

Premium SEO Features


After activating Premium SEO you will have couple main tabs. Those are Dashboard, Monitorize, On page optimization, Of page optimization, Advanced Setup and Plugin settings.

You can activate  modules you wish to keep and deactivate ones you don’t need. If you are stuck or don’t understand what each module does, there is HELP icon on the right for each module.

Here are main modules in Premium SEO Pack :

  • Backlink Builder module makes adding your website to website directories lot easier. But don’t be fooled. It is not completely automatic as human presence is still needed.
  • Google Analytics module provides page visit statistics from your WordPress admin site. No need to visit google analytics page.
  • With Link Builder you can put internal link building on autopilot. You create a list of keywords and links are automatically added.
  • W3C Validator module allows you to mass check the markup (HTML, XHTML, …) of your pages/posts/custom taxonomies.
  • Capabilities module lets you give different kind of permissions to different kind of user groups like editor or author.
  • 301 Link Redirect will save you troubles of manually configuring redirects in .htacces file. It is very useful for any permalink change.
  • Social Stats tab will show how many times were your website pages shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg etc.
  • Facebook Planner module allows you to post your content to Facebook.
  • Files Edit is intended for editing robots.txt and .htaccess file.
  • You can link your content to Google+ with Google Authorship module.
  • Page Speed Insights will show website page speed of each page or post on mobile devices or desktop using google page speed.
  • If you want to rank well locally, like for your town or specific country, then Local SEO module will be very useful.
  • With Monitor 404 you can see what URLs are referring visitors to 404 pages, how many hits it had and redirect them to another page.
  • Mass Optimization module is used for automatic seo optimization all pages and posts. I still recommend manually doing for each post or page as it gives better results.
  • SEO Friendly Images module will automatically update all images with proper ALT and Title Attributes. If they don’t have ALT setup, the SEO Friendly Images will add them according to the options you set.
  • SERP module will allow you to add focus keywords and track their search engine results ranking.
  • The Sitemap is generated automatically, and you can submit it to Google or Bing right from the dashboard. You can choose what to include, and if you want to include Images as well. It also has Video sitemap.
  • One of useful modules is Smushit. If you use Smushit plugin or any other images optimization plugin, then this will be for you. No need for additional plugins as Premium SEO Pack already consist it.
  • Title and Meta Format is used for setting custom page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots and social meta using defined format tags for Homepage, Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Archives, Authors, Search, 404 Pages and Pagination.
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– Little buggy


– Lots of features and modules

– One time payment

WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO Pack Comparison


SEO Plugin Comparison

  • Free version
    Does it have free to use version
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Title and Meta Settings
  • Integrating site with Social Sites
  • Support
    Help in solving problems with plugin
  • Sitemap
  • Video Sitemap
  • Permalink settings
  • Internal link builder
  • RSS Settings
  • Import and Export SEO Settings
  • Bulk Editor
  • File editor
    robots.txt and .htaccess
  • News SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Backlink Builder
    Submitting site to various directories
  • Google Analytics
    Analytics data for website can be seen from wp admin
  • 301 Link Redirect
  • Social Stats of your pages
    How many times were your content shared on various social sharing sites
  • W3C Validator
    Mass Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, …) of your pages/posts/custom taxonomies
  • Post content to Facebook
    Possibility to post your content to facebook
  • Page Speed Insights
    Analyze the performance of your website pages from your wp admin
  • Monitor 404
    See what URLs are referring visitors to 404 pages
  • SEO Friendly Images
    Automatically update all images with proper ALT and Title Attributes
  • Search Engine Reporter
    See how well do your keywords rank
  • Server/Performance Status
  • Optimize Images (Smushit)
  • Page Analysis Feature
  • Handy tips and help section
    Help available without need to visiting external sites
  • Price

WordPress SEO by Yoast

  • Bing, Google, Yandex
    Also Pinterest and Alexa
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Full support only in paid version
  • additional $69 for single site
  • Title and description (manually)
  • Additional $69 for single site
  • Additional $69 for single site
  • 89$ per year for single site
    You can buy for more than one site but then price is higher

All In One SEO Pack

  • Google, Bing, Pinterest
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Full support only in paid version
  • Coming soon to paid version
  • Just settings from another All In One SEO
  • Coming soon to paid version
  • 79$ per year for unlimited number of sites

Premium SEO Pack

  • Google
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Full support only in paid version
  • Mass Optimization module
  • $37 for single site
    One time payment


WordPress SEO vs All In One SEO vs Premium SEO Pack Final Words

This concludes my WordPress SEO Plugins Comparison.

If you are looking for free WordPress SEO plugin then best choice would be WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is by far best free WordPress SEO plugin which I personally use on most of my sites.

If you are willing to pay for SEO plugin, then you could try Premium SEO pack.

Before deciding which plugin(s) to use, here are some important questions to address:

  • Compatibility: Is the plugin compatible with other plugins on my site? Will it continue to be compliant in the future?
  • Support: Will there be adequate support for the plugin from the developers, or the community? Check out support forums, reviews and feedback from long-term users.
  • Usage/Popularity: How popular is the plugin? Many downloads is an indication of widespread use, and a community of experienced users who can offer you ideas or help troubleshoot problems.
  • Future Development: Buying themes and plugins from reputed vendors and Elite providers on marketplaces like themeforest and codecanyon is safer than trying out one from an unknown provider without a track record.


To conclude I find these three plugins great for any site and would recommend using any of them for your site optimization.

Leave comment if you disagree or know better SEO plugin. If I have made some mistake feel free to unleash your rage on me.

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Hello, my name is Matija but everybody calls me Kasa. I started this site to earn lots of money so that I never have to work again. Just lay down on a beach, drinking cocktails day after day while hot, beautiful chicks fight for my attention.Ok, now seriously. I love making websites, especially in WordPress. Hope reading content on this site you will find helpful tips, tutorials, comparisons, and product reviews for your business.

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  1. Manoj
    July 12, 15:53 #1 Manoj

    I strongly agree with you. Premium SEO has a lot of advanced features, we can resolve SEO issues quickly. But only one issue, it wont work with W3 Total cache. Any way to resolve the isse ?

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      July 14, 12:32 Kasa Author

      Hello Manoj

      What do you mean by statement that Premium SEO Pack wont work with W3 Total cache? Where seems to be an issue? I personally didnt try those two in combination, but dont know how could possibly one affect other in a bad way.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Abdur
    November 05, 00:38 #2 Abdur

    I bought it yesterday and it made me excited,

    Very excited.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Aliq
    November 06, 19:55 #3 Aliq

    I strongly agree. All the three plug-ins are best on their end. Main point is the way to use them. So nice sharing.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Boh
    November 07, 19:02 #4 Boh

    Premium seo pack costs 37 dollars if you have a non business site, it costs 195 if you are selling something
    good review

    Reply to this comment
  5. Elinaliya
    December 27, 13:22 #5 Elinaliya

    I strongly agree with you all. Premium SEO Pack has much more features and lower price. It is best choice.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      December 28, 21:33 Kasa Author

      Glad you like comparison table. Every person has his favorite SEO plugin. Hope Premium SEO pack will help your site.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Bareera
    December 27, 20:28 #6 Bareera

    Hello im using seo by yoast on my site but not receiving better results. One of my friend suggest me wp easy seo plugin so plz tell me can i use two seo plugins on single site ? plz help

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      December 28, 21:40 Kasa Author

      Hey Bareera

      I have never used or tried Easy WP SEO plugin so cant say how it performs. Using two SEO plugins on one site is unnecessary and strongly not recommended. Having more than one SEO plugin will hurt your site and plugins will just conflict each other or make duplicate settings.

      Yoast SEO is great plugin. If you are not satisfied with results try changing settings. There are plenty of tutorials available including Yoast recommendations.

      Reply to this comment
  7. Jogos Online
    January 02, 21:32 #7 Jogos Online

    Very good comparison.

    Reply to this comment
  8. evolve
    January 03, 04:03 #8 evolve

    Your jquery lazy loading not work. I cannot see comparison table

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      January 04, 20:16 Kasa Author

      It works fine when I check it through different browsers. Let me know if you still experience issue.

      Reply to this comment
  9. Dejtemir
    January 25, 16:51 #9 Dejtemir

    And I strongly disagree. Is clear that the author never actually used all three plugins on alive website or she would know that the Premium SEO Pack is so bloated and buggy that is impossible to use and also damages the database so badly that is a real pain to clean it out (if you don’t believe me then just check the comments on CodeCanyon).

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      January 26, 14:39 Kasa Author

      Hey Dejtemir,

      I actually did used and still use all three SEO plugins each on different WordPress site. I personally dont have any problems with Premium SEO pack plugin.

      But also have to agree with you that it wasnt updated for quite some time and I have read various complaints about it on CodeCanyon and other places. It is hard to balance all modules Premium SEO pack provides but that is not and excuse and buyers should receive what they bought.

      For now I dont recommend buying Premium SEO pack plugin.

      Reply to this comment
  10. AA-Team
    February 10, 16:32 #10 AA-Team


    I want to disagree with you, the plugin is no longer buggy and it has been updated recently, and we’re planning some more updates soon also.

    Also, there’s a light version(free) of the plugin that you can test out in WordPress Repository – http://wordpress.org/plugins/premium-seo-pack-light-version/

    Reply to this comment
  11. AA-Team
    February 10, 16:35 #11 AA-Team


    I strongly disagree, the plugin is no longer buggy and it has been updated lately. Also we’re planning some more updates soon.

    Also, we do have a free version on wordpress repository – http://wordpress.org/plugins/premium-seo-pack-light-version/

    Alexandra I.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      February 10, 23:47 Kasa Author

      Yes, I have seen that plugin is updated again after long time. I will check it out and update content if necessary.

      Reply to this comment
    • Kanniga Ponpiboon
      July 14, 07:18 Kanniga Ponpiboon

      I see on your plugin page

      In the section “Changelog” it see only the version but doesn’t say when is the version been update.

      Your plugin is seem really great and we are thinking to buy it but just only this point that still make us to reconsider and try to find more information to compare with other plugin.
      If you show us when was the lastest update at least it would help us a lot more.


      Reply to this comment
      • Kasa
        July 14, 12:59 Kasa Author


        You can see when was plugin last updated on the right below item rating. Currently it says: “Last Update 19 April 16.”

        Reply to this comment
  12. Olivia Bright
    March 30, 11:42 #12 Olivia Bright

    All in one SEO plugin is best in all but my SEO teacher says that Easy WordPress Plugin is also very effective and he also said that you can install both plugins and use at same time. Both are free plz suggest that which one is best for wordpress site and blog.


    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      March 30, 12:08 Kasa Author

      Hey Olivia,

      I have never used Easy SEO WP plugin so I am not familiar with it.

      Why would you want to have two SEO plugins installed? That doesnt make sense. It could only lead to problems.

      Reply to this comment
  13. David
    February 25, 15:07 #13 David

    Great post and comparison. You should make more like this. Thanks!

    Reply to this comment
  14. Gaurav Verna
    July 03, 20:10 #14 Gaurav Verna

    I think premium seo pack is the the best option for any blogger

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      July 03, 20:30 Kasa Author

      It does have many additional features, so it is not just SEO oriented. For the price of $40, it is worthy investment.

      I remember customers complaining about bugs and lack of updates. Don’t know what is the situation now.

      Reply to this comment
  15. Janet Fuller
    September 27, 07:49 #15 Janet Fuller

    Very informative post. I have tried all the plugin listed but “All-In-One- SEO Pack” had damaged my website but others plugins are really good.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      September 27, 19:22 Kasa Author

      Thanks for sharing your experience Janet. It would help if you explain how exactly did All in One SEO Pack plugin “damaged” your site.

      Reply to this comment
  16. Mark
    October 04, 17:58 #16 Mark

    Nice article, one should also be aware that keyword questions are becoming more important. Keyword questions are being driven by the uptake in search driven by voice on Siri and Cortina. With voice search people ask questions rather than look for keywords.

    Reply to this comment
  17. sadri ercan
    November 06, 20:09 #17 sadri ercan

    Im using yoast Seo but Premium Seo pack is very good. I think about buy or not. I m not sure.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kasa
      November 06, 21:40 Kasa Author

      Well unless you need to target more than one keyword per post, Yoast SEO free version is enough.

      Reply to this comment
  18. seyedrezabazyar
    November 11, 08:37 #18 seyedrezabazyar

    Thanks for this great comparison.

    Reply to this comment

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