How To Use 10Web Dashboard & What It Offers?

If you’re looking for a fast, enjoyable way to build and host websites, 10Web is an all in one tool you should try. It’s popular with WordPress website owners and 10Web dashboard provides the key elements needed for a successful site.

You get AI Site Builder, Website Booster, image optimization features, fast hosting (from Google Cloud), performance analytics, backups, SEO tools, etc. 10Web is a very thorough and comprehensive platform. I have reviewed 10Web in detail, so be sure to check that.


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10Web Dashboard

If you want to opt-out of payments and cancel a current subscription, head to your account on your 10Web dashboard. Click Subscription Plan. Then click cancel. Even after you cancel, you have the option to activate your service at any time.

If you cancel the ongoing subscription plan, there will be no cancellation fees. Your subscription to 10Web products and services is valid until the last day of the billing period.

After subscription ends, you will not be able to use 10Web products and services.

Plans have varying limits, but overall all include hosting on Google Cloud, intuitive website builder, backups, security service, SEO tools, analytics, image optimizer, and customer support.

Upon purchasing, you are registered on the website as a customer and provided with user login credentials.


How To Connect/Migrate Website To 10Web?

Use your 10Web login info to access your dashboard. Here you can use its quick-and-easy tools to add and manage multiple WordPress websites.

The number of WordPress sites you can manage here depends on the pricing plan you’re subscribed to. Start by pressing Add Website button from the left menu of the Dashboard.


adding website on 10web


If you are using connect/migrate the website, you first need the 10Web Manager plugin. It links WordPress to the 10Web dashboard and its tools.

You can install it by downloading and installing 10Web Manager plugin from 10Web site or head to your site dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Search for 10Web Manager, and click Install Now.


connecting site to 10web


Find the 10Web Manager page on the left-hand side. Use it to log in with your 10Web credentials. This should make the new website appear on your 10Web dashboard.


How To Use Dashboard?

The 10Web dashboard is the best place to track and manage website building modules, monitor your hosting speeds, access your plugins and extras, optimize images, etc.

From here, you can install and update all aspects of your website. The point of the dashboard is to make it easier for users to tweak, edit, and change.


Installing Plugins

To start managing and installing plugins, visit Websites page of 10Web Dashboard. Then press Manage button of the site you wish to modify. You will access the tools, services, and products provided by 10Web.


10web installing plugins


With the settings in the Plugins tab, you can access and change all plugins installed to your WordPress site. Press Add Plugins button and a popup box will appear. You can install plugins from WordPress repository or upload plugin files.


Installing Themes

To begin changing, managing, and updating the themes on your site, go to the Themes tab on your 10Web dashboard. The current theme should be listed in the Active Theme section. You can browse all of the themes you have installed and ready for use in the All Themes section.


installing themes 10web


Here you can do things like changing the current theme, delete themes, change the active theme, preview theme, upload theme file, install a theme from WordPress repository, etc.


SEO Service

Navigate to Websites section of 10Web Dashboard, hover over your WordPress site, then click Manage. Afterward, click on the Overview tab of the SEO menu item to expand its tools.

Firstly, you need to click Activate SEO Plugin button to enable the service. This action will install SEO by 10Web plugin on your WordPress site.



10web seo optimization tab


Once launched, it will scan your WordPress site for potential SEO errors. You’ll get a full report in the Overview part of the 10Web dashboard detailing areas for improvement.

To allow you to fetch your Google Search Console information, you will need to enter your Google Authorization Code in SEO by 10Web plugin. You can even link your site and 10Web dashboard to an SEO Moz account. This is a great way to display key metrics and keep an eye on performance.

Don’t forget to browse the Search Console and Search Analytics reports to get a full picture of how your site is performing and how it could be doing better. From these areas, you can also access detailed data on your site’s indexation processes.


Backup Service

I strongly recommend using the 10Web platform to create secure backups of your WordPress data. It’ll take you a few minutes, but it’s worth the extra steps.

Go to the Backups area in your 10Web dashboard. Select Enable Now and wait for the list of backup options to appear. Now, you’re ready to start creating a backup.

Go to the Settings tab and choose the parts of the website you want to copy. There are two options – files and database. If you pick the database, the MySQL tables get duplicated and secured. If you check files, copies of all the files on your site will be included in the backup. Or enable to backup both files and database.


10web backups settings


Once you’ve picked the right option, all that’s left is to hit the Backup Now button. Now wait for the process to finish. It will depend on how big your WordPress site is and how many files it holds.

For each backup, a backup section is created on your 10Web dashboard. It gives you a number of options including downloading copies of the backup file, checking the backup files size and restoring the backup files and/or databases.

10Web Dashboard provides you also with a quick calendar tool which lets you check the dates of all backup processes that have run on your website.

Backup service enables you to configure automated backups based on any preferred schedule. To begin the setup, click the Scheduling tab and enable this feature.


10web scheduling backups


By default, backups are set to happen once a week. However, you can edit this setting per your needs. Smaller websites with a moderate amount of traffic may not need to back up any more often than this.

You may wish to consider switching to one of the following instead:

  • Monthly – ideal for smaller sites with low to moderate traffic.
  • Daily – the best choice for websites that are updated more often.
  • Every 12 Hours – perfect for sensitive websites with consistent, daily updates.
  • Every 6 Hours – use this for high traffic websites that see substantial daily changes.
  • Hourly (Real-Time) – most suitable for high traffic sites with critical hourly content changes.


Image Optimization

Image optimization is part of Web Booster feature. It uses lossy compression to reduce image file size without compromising quality and converts images to the WebP format. A backup of the original format is always kept in case some browsers do not support WebP.


10Web Booster image optimization.


10Web Booster is a powerful website optimization service that combines frontend and backend optimization techniques to significantly enhance website speed. It offers four distinct optimization modes to cater to a range of optimization needs – Standard, Balanced, Strong, and Extreme.

With 10Web Booster, you don’t have to go through the hassle of performing all optimization on your WordPress hosting server. Instead, enjoy a streamlined and efficient optimization process. For more info, check 10Web Booster review.


AI Site Builder

An AI Website Builder leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the website building process. It offers a quick and easy solution for those who want to create a website without having to invest time and effort in coding and development.

With the AI Website Builder, you can create any type of website in just a few minutes by simply providing the URL of the webpage you want to duplicate. This innovative tool automates the entire website building process, making it effortless and accessible to everyone. For more info, check 10Web AI Builder review.


AI Assistant

With 10Web AI Assistant you can generate top-notch content and perform edits ten times the speed of conventional methods, all within the familiar confines of your WordPress site.

10Web AI Assistant for WordPress.

Create compelling content directly from the Gutenberg block editor or Classic Editor, eliminating the need for external tools. The AI Assistant works automatically enhancing your content’s creativity and quality.


  • Content Optimizer: Optimize your content for SEO and fix SEO and readability issues.
  • Outline Generator: Generate outlines for various types of content.
  • Paragraph Generator: Generate unique, creative, and SEO-optimized content paragraphs.
  • Introduction and Conclusion Generator: Generate relevant and captivating introductions and conclusions for your articles.
  • Paraphrasing: Create plagiarism-free copies for product descriptions, blog content, articles, etc.
  • Content Templates: Choose from a wide selection of content templates that cater to different formats.

For more info, check my 10Web AI Assistant review.



Setting up a staging environment can be done in a few simple steps. Simply access the 10Web dashboard, select “Hosting Services,” followed by “Staging Environment,” and activate it by clicking “Enable now.”


10Web staging feature.


To push the changes to your live website, go to “Hosting Services” and select “Manage Environment,” then click “Push staging to live.” If you no longer require your staging site, simply go to “Hosting Services > Manage Environment” and select “Disable.


Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

10Web has teamed up with Cloudflare to bring you the best of both worlds. As a result, you can now enjoy the benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise features in addition to 10Web’s services.

With the advanced optimization of 10Web Booster and the top-notch security measures provided by Cloudflare Enterprise, you can be sure that your website will run smoothly and efficiently.


10Web Features & Settings Final Words

WordPress has many users. You can build websites for various purposes, open e-commerce stores, create blogs, etc. At the same time, you need resources and time to build even a simple WordPress site. It is not easy to find a reliable hosting service, find appropriate plugins, and good themes.

The 10Web platform is the all-in-one platform for building and hosting WordPress websites in minutes. It is all you will need for your WordPress site needs in one place. For more details regarding 10Web, check my 10Web review.

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