10Web Review (2022) | All In One Platform For Hosting, Plugins, Themes, Backup, Security

In this 10Web review, you will find out what this new all in one platform can bring to your website and business. These days, when it comes to site building, all-in-one platforms are all the rage because they give users all the tools needed to build a site from the ground up without having to worry about coding a single line.

You also don’t have to worry about hosting, choosing themes or templates, or choosing compatible third-party applications with an all-in-one service. 10Web is a new service that strives to be the go-to all-in-one WordPress platform for site building.

It was created by the Web-Dorado team, who created plugins like Photo Gallery by WD, Google Analytics WD, Event Calendar WD, and Form Maker by WD. 10Web platform features all of the crucial components for crafting your WordPress site.

Better yet, all of your services are on one dashboard, meaning you can manage multiple websites from one location.

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10Web Review – What Do You Get?

Here are the features you will get when you start using 10Web service.


WordPress Cloud Hosting

10Web platform offers the most advanced cloud hosting with the most user-friendly features:

1. Speed-focused architecture – You can expect the most sophisticated architecture tech, such as PHP7, LXD containers, Nginx, to be used to guarantee scalability, data isolation, and constant user availability.

2. Tight-knit, secure network – 10Web has everything you need to ensure your site’s security, including SSL security, attack detection, uptime monitoring, etc.

3. Next-generation infrastructure – 10Web’s infrastructure means you have access to cutting-edge hardware and software for supporting your site.

4. Google Cloud – Google’s cloud service powers 10Web managed hosting and guarantees both its speed and security. Because of this, 10Web can rely on a variety of data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia to optimize performance and expand the range of circuit providers available to you.

5. Automatic migration – With 10Web, site migration is automated. With just a few clicks, everything is moved for you.

6. Premium DNS – Premium Domain Name System aids in guaranteeing security and performance when linking IPs to domains, improving your experience.

7. Staging area – Will ensure that you have a clone of your site for testing new features before implementation on live site.


Site Builder

When building your sites, it is vital to make the construction of pages user-friendly and accessible.

10Web understands this and lets you use a simple, yet potent drag-and-drop page builder so you can easily add the page elements you want and customize them to your specifications without a single line of code.


10web site builder feature

10web themes and sites


Features that enable this include:

  • Elementor page builder – the extremely popular Elementor page builder powers 10Web’s site builder. This site building powerhouse is an open-source option that is fast, free, and easier to use than most services available. If you are interested in Elementor free vs Elementor pro differences, check my post where I show what you get with each version.


Design Options

Functionality matters most when it comes to site design, but aesthetics is also crucial to keeping an audience engaged with your content.

10web themes
10Web available themes


10Web offers all the tools you need to build a clean, crisp site design that keeps users coming back with a variety of features, including:

  • Themes – 10Web currently offers users six themes that cater to a variety of needs and aesthetic tastes. All you have to do is install and see what works for you.
  • Page templates – You can use ready-made, fully customizable templates for building web pages.


Vast Amount Of Available Plugins

When you use 10Web, you can count on unparalleled functionality, as this service includes 50+ premium plugins for you to implement on your WordPress site. I will mention only a few plugins so that you get an overview of what you get.

The WordPress Form Maker plugin included in the 10web package will help you create various forms. You create the forms with the drag and drop method right from your browser and customize them to suit your needs using the many available fields.

It has the power to make multiple forms with just a few key presses. WordPress Form Maker can help you design any form from simple site surveys to complex sales pages with payment boxes.


instagram feed plugin display products in catalog


The WordPress Slider plugin allows you to create as many responsive sliders as you need. Use it to include videos, images, posts, and other media types in slider format or layered form.

Another useful plugin offered by 10web is Photo Gallery. It has many features, and it is easy to use, even for novices, allowing you to add photos and photo groups to your site.

In addition to this, you can add awesome layouts to display images. If you need or want to display calendars and events, the Event Calendar plugin lets you do that.

It can make unlimited calendars and events and lets you divide them into specific groups with tags without having to know to code.


random post plugin event calendar for wordpress


To highlight your Instagram posts, you can use WordPress Instagram Feed. This user-friendly feature allows you to create multiple Instagram feeds in WordPress in a few easy steps and showcase on your website.

With WordPress Google Analytics, you will be able to view site stats that reveal the location, interests, and behaviors of your primary client base. The reports can be viewed on your site, and it also includes the tracking ecommerce conversions, completion of goals, and sources of traffic plus much more.

10Web set of tools also incorporates Google Maps. Create unlimited maps with your marker icons or select icons from an extensive list, and make map screens to fit any size device. Design the map by hand or use one of the six available themes.


Backup Service

So much can go wrong when you manage a site, from updates going awry to technical difficulties that can cause downtime on your website. 10Web offers backup solutions, so if something happens, you can be back up and running quickly.

10Web’s Backup Service provides a variety of features besides essential data backup, including:

1. Scheduling – Rather than implementing a manual backup every time, you can schedule backups regularly so they can automatically occur monthly, weekly, daily, or even in real time. This way, you can implement a backup immediately after changes have been made to your site.

2. Differential backup – Differential backup solutions give you the option to only back up changes that occurred between backups.

3. Amazon S3 – 10Web uses Amazon S3 for storing your site backups so you can count on it to be fast, secure, and reliable.

4. One-click restore – With just one click your site can be restored to the latest automatically saved version.


Security Features

When managing your site or sites, it is essential to keep safe from security risks, technical issues, vulnerabilities, SQL injections, etc.

10Web offers a variety of features in its security service that are catered to scanning your site and files to recognize and potential security features so you can take action before your site is compromised.


10web security features


10Web’s powerful scanning tools give you comprehensive information about issues and risks on your site and sort them into easy-to-access categories: Issues, Ignored Issues, Vulnerabilities, and Settings.

Security features also include:

  • Vulnerability scanning – vulnerability scanning is made to immediately pin down and reveal any security vulnerabilities in your WordPress core or plugins.
  • File changes scanning – 10Web’s Security engine can compare all of your files to the original copy on your WordPress database and provide you with a full list of missing or edited files.
  • Original file restoration – If you find that unwanted changes have been made to your files, you can restore them to the original file uploaded to your WordPress database.
  • Unlimited scans – No matter what plan you choose for using 10Web, you can scan your website as many times as you want or need.
  • Scheduled scans – You can even schedule regular security checks.


Speed Testing And Optimization

Speed is a non-negotiable factor to consider in maintaining your site quality. Speed affects traffic, conversion rates, and your clients’ assessment of your site. Slow load speeds are enough to give potential customers a reason to leave the page and go elsewhere.


10web performance scan


That’s why 10Web offers a comprehensive performance service designed to optimize WordPress site speeds. For that purpose, they have 10Web Booster plugin.

This service provides you with:

1. Performance service – It can measure the average load speed of pages and give you insights on your performance in terms of ranking. Better yet, this service can provide you with advice on ways to improve your site speed.

2. Image Optimization service – 10Web knows that loading tons of high-res images can make a page take ages to load. That is why you are provided with great WordPress image optimization plugin that give you access to high-quality compression and automatic optimization features to keep your speeds lightning fast.

3. Caching – 10Web uses Nginx FastCGI page caching, which stores your pages in unused memory to optimize access speeds.

4. CDN (coming soon!) – 10Web’s content delivery network for WordPress aims to ensure that your pages are copied to a network of servers. This optimizes speeds by allowing users to access servers that are geographically closest to them instead of waiting on a server across the world to load their pages.


Search Engine Optimization

10Web strives to provide you with every service you need to optimize your WordPress site, including SEO features. This service aims to help you improve search rankings and site visibility on a wide variety of search engines, and can help you detect and fix any SEO errors.

You can even access search queries on your site, among many other handy features. 10Web’s SEO service can display notices and errors from the Overview screen of your Dashboard.

To ensure that you receive accurate and in-depth information about your site, make sure to use a Google Authorization Code added to the SEO plugin.

You can even authorize an SEO Moz account and display statistics on your 10Web Dashboard, as well in the SEO by 10Web plugin.


10web analytics


Unlike most of the 10Web plugins available, the SEO service is not natively available through the central 10Web manager. However, it can be easily installed by searching for SEO by 10Web in WordPress.

After that, you can connect your Google Search Console account and start tracking errors and much more.

You can also detect and change SEO keywords and meta titles, general XML sitemaps, and even implement canonical URLs and redirects to optimize performance.

One major drawback to 10Web’s SEO plugin, however, is its lack of content analysis features, so other popular plugins like Yoast SEO, RankMath, SEOPress Pro, All In One SEO, and SEOPressor Connect are better choices if you need readability and keyword density data for your content.

10Web’s SEO plugin includes:

1. Search Analytics – gives you a full list of your search analytics. You can examine everything from clicks and queries to Google rankings. These results can then be sorted by geolocation, so you get a better feel for your search patterns.

2. Technical Analysis – gives you specific and in-depth advice on ways to improve your site based on comprehensive scanning technologies that are catered to identifying potential technical difficulties.

3. Search Console page – This feature aims to fix SEO errors. The console can scan and point out errors in your SEO, including keywords and meta descriptions so you can adjust your SEO accordingly.

4. Canonicalization and Redirects – 10Web’s functional redirects can help you to avoid annoying 404 errors. Better still, the duplicate content can be fixed by adding canonical URLs to your posts.

5. Keyword rankings – With this service, you can track any number of keywords on your pages and optimize your site per daily search trends.


Analytics Reports

When you need to improve the performance of your site, analytics is vital. 10Web gives you the tools to get detailed, visualized analytics with the help of the ever-popular Google Analytics.

This suite of tools can help you see your visitor count, average reading time on each page, and much more. Other analytics features include:

  • Various reports – get a full read on who is visiting your site, with information like age, gender, geographical location, interests, etc.
  • Frontend reports – access your statistics for each post right on your front page.
  • E-commerce tracking – offers e-commerce reports for a variety of factors, including trends and sales.
  • Goal management – add new goals and manage current goals from the convenience of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Custom reports – customize reports to fit specific metrics, dimensions, etc., and track it.

10Web also plans on providing a full service of Analytics integrated on the dashboard.


Image Optimization

10Web’s Image Optimization service feature allows you to optimize both single images and bulk uploads. You have three compression options for your images.

Image optimization and compression can also optimize your site’s speed, which further enhances visitors’ experience on your page.


10web image optimizer


10Web Image Optimization service for WordPress provides you with the following three quick and easy optimization types:


  • Reduces image size up to 20%,
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures,
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 40% (lossy reduction),
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures,
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 90% (drastic reduction),
  • Doesn’t keep EXIF data of the pictures,
  • Doesn’t keep full-sized images.


10Web Dashboard

The 10Web Dashboard is a one-stop location for all of your plugins and extensions, as well as hosting needs, a cutting-edge site builder, downloading and restoring site backups, image optimization, etc.

You can install and update your products with only a few clicks. Because 10Web knows the importance of all-in-one services being comprehensive, the Dashboard tool is tailor-made to save you time and hassle.

You can manage your Google Cloud hosting, adjust your security features, tweak your performance, and install and test themes, plugins, and extensions on your site.


How Much Does It Cost?

10Web products and services are available with two types of subscription plans, monthly and yearly. The list of features in each subscription plan is provided on the Pricing page of 10Web.io.

You can change your subscription plan in case you have canceled it, and the subscription period has expired.

Using the Subscription Plan section of User Settings toolbox in 10Web Dashboard, you can easily activate the canceled subscription or cancel the ongoing plan. You can re-activate the plan anytime you wish.

After you cancel the ongoing subscription plan, there will not be any cancellation fees. Your subscription to 10Web products and services will be valid until the last day of your billing period.

After this period ends, you will not be able to use 10Web products and services. You can also take advantage of 7-day free trial to make your 10Web review and opinion of the service.


Is It Worthy Service? 10Web.io Review

WordPress is famous all over the world for its variety of themes, extensions, and plugins with a high level of flexibility and options. 10web applied this aspect to their services, and it easily allows you to create and host a user-friendly, customizable website.

They make sure to give you a full range of tools and services to create the website you need for your business. 10Web has a lot to offer in an all-in-one platform that is catered to the building and hosting of WordPress sites.

If you need fast, secure, Google Cloud-powered hosting, a sophisticated site builder on top of Elementor with a wide range of templates to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

Better yet, you get security, backup services, performance and image optimization, SEO, dozens of premium plugins and extensions, and customer support.

What’s not to love about that? With features for beginners to expert bloggers and programmers, 10web is a secure and advanced service that comes highly recommended when choosing best affordable hosting for WordPress.



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Managed cloud hosting
  • Security features
  • Backups
  • Plenty of available plugins
  • Site builder and templates
  • Affordable price
  • Free trial


  • 10Web hosting doesn't come with email
  • 10Web premium plugins can only be updated via 10Web account dashboard

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