How To Set WooCommerce Google Analytics Conversion Tracking? Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Why should you set up WooCommerce Google analytics conversion tracking for your eCommerce online store? Because tracking sales in your webstore gives you a better understanding of site performance.

What works, what puts customers off and which products perform best? This is the sort of information you need to know to modify your WooCommerce site most effectively.

For this article I will assume you already monitor your site’s traffic with Google Analytics and have the tracking code for that in place.


Why You Need WooCommerce Google Analytics Conversion Tracking?

Google Analytics allows you to see “enhanced E-commerce tracking” data. This feature is handy as it gives you more insight into sales and purchases on your site.

You’ll have a clearer picture of what potential customers want – and what they don’t. Which product pages are most visited and most importantly which products sell best, and are those two lists the same?

If they’re not, you know that you have some work to do on under-performing pages for high-potential products. To get this information, you need to enable enhanced E-commerce tracking in WooCommerce.

Having WooCommerce conversion tracking allows you to generate useful reports in Google Analytics. These include Shopping behavior, Checkout behavior, Product Lists performance, Sales performance, Marketing reports, see top performing keywords, etc.

Having these reports allows you to understand your audience truly. And that’s key to your store’s future success. But to go beyond that and get the best insights you can, you will need enhanced e-commerce Google analytics plugin for WooCommerce.

I recommend using MonsterInsights and its e-commerce tracking addon. You’ll have all the data you need on your WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or MemberPress store.

Even better, it only takes a few clicks to enable and integrate with your WordPress dashboard. Here are few reports you will have when enabling Google Analytics enhanced ecoomerce tracking.


Shopping Behaviour Report

Track your clients through their customer journey on your site. This powerful tool shows you on a customer-by-customer level which products they viewed, what was added to their cart, whether or not they checked out, how they paid, and whether they completed their transaction.


actionable google analytics for woocommerce
Actionable Google analytics for WooCommerce


You’ll see where customer journeys break. How much of page visitors scroll and do most of your customers stop short at a specific page? Your site needs to be adjusted to remove that ‘pain point.’ If everyone who visits a specific page stops dead, you may have more severe repairs to do. That could be a broken link or worse (see how to check for broken links in WordPress).


Product Lists Performance Report

Product lists are a great tool to upsell your customers. Once a user decides to buy on particular site, they’re already in the right frame of mind to purchase related products. Cross-selling is also a potential moneymaker, but you have to make it work. Great plugins for upselling are Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce, and UpStroke (check UpStroke review).


enhanced ecommerce google analytics plugin for woocommerce
Enhanced e-commerce Google analytics list performance report


This report is designed to help you see what works and what doesn’t in your related product lists. This can be a real revenue generator, so you mustn’t overlook it!

In this report, you can also compare different products for how well they upsell, how often they’re ordered, what the cancellation rate is, etc.


Marketing Reports

It’s common practice in online stores to set up multiple Google Analytics filters to track each campaign separately. These Marketing Reports break down your site’s performance just like that.

For example, companies with affiliates will easily be able to compare them, seeing which affiliates are the most effective revenue drivers.


Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking tool
Google analytics ecommerce tracking tool marketing reports


You can track revenue, a number of orders, successful transactions, etc. You’ll also be able to monitor the value of coupon campaigns here. See which codes bring in sales and which codes are under-performing.


What Is MonsterInsights?

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. Experts can get almost any information out of the interface. But if you’re not an expert, you can feel lost. The interface almost seems deliberately confusing.

If you can’t understand the interface, how to check data provided in Google Analytics? Here is where MonsterInsights plugin comes to help. It offers you the tools you need to see the most critical data at a glance. It makes data easy to understand.

You’ll be able to start changing your site immediately – for real results. It’s vital that you understand the content your audience lists. That way, you can produce more content on those topics.


google analytics for woocommerce


MonsterInsights plugin allows you too see Google Analytics data right from WordPress dashboard. You will also know how people find your site. Some marketing might never pay for itself, and that budget deserves to be spent on better-performing marketing channels.

Most of all, you need to know how to set conversion goals and track their performance. Without that information, optimizing your site is impossible.

A Google Analytics expert already knows how to do all of that, and you will know too thanks to MonsterInsights plugin. There’s no need to edit any code. You just install the plugin. The learning curve is easy. Especially compared to Analytics.

And MonsterInsights lets you review and enable dozens of Analytics tracking options you might never even find out about otherwise. You don’t need to worry that you’ve set up the tracking code wrong and skewed your results.

Let’s take a look at a few tracking features you can enable easily with MonsterInsights:

  • E-commerce Tracking – Enable eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce or Digital Downloads store.
  • Ads Tracking – Learn which ad slots bring in the most revenue.
  • File Download TrackingTrack file downloads on WordPress site, and see exactly how many times each of your files are downloaded.
  • Custom DimensionsTrack content authors, searches, logged in users, tags, categories, and more.
  • Google AMP Tracking – Continue tracking accurately even on faster-loading AMP enabled web pages.
  • Facebook Instant Articles Tracking – Enable Google Analytics tracking for your Facebook Instant Articles promotions.
  • Forms Tracking  – Track all of your online forms, gathering data on form views and submission rates.
  • Google Optimize – Test the performance of two or more versions of the same page.
  • EU Compliance – Remain GDPR compliant, among other primary legislation needed to trade in or with the EU.
  • Scroll Depth TrackingAdd Google Analytics scroll depth tracking which helps you better understand your customers and target market.

MonsterInsights data from Google Analytics is accessible from your WordPress dashboard in easy to understand way. You don’t need to log into Google Analytics every day to check your performance. Instead, monitor your data from the same screen you use to modify your website.


How To Set Up Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on WooCommerce Site?

The first thing you’ll need to do is install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. Upon activation, go to Insights » Settings page. From there, click on the Authenticate with your Google account button.

For complete instructions, follow this guide on how to connect Google Analytics with MonsterInsights. After successful connection, visit Insights » Add-ons to install and activate the MonsterInsights eCommerce add-on.


MonsterInsights Ecommerce addon
MonsterInsights E-commerce addon


Once activated, log in to your Google Analytics dashboard. Click on the name of the website where you need to set up enhanced E-commerce tracking. Go to the Admin settings in the left-hand sidebar. On this page, go to eCommerce Settings on the right side of your screen.


woocommerce conversion tracking


Next, enable the Status and Related Products options. Once activated, click on the Next button to continue. It’ll display the Enhanced eCommerce Settings option. You need to enable this reporting option to view all the reports in Google Analytics.


woocommerce enhanced ecommerce tracking
WooCommerce enhanced e-commerce tracking settings


Then go back to your WordPress admin area. Visit the Insights » Settings page and click on the Tracking tab. In the left-hand menu, go to eCommerce and click the Use Enhanced eCommerce setting.


How to Enable Enhanced eCommerce in WordPress


You can now view the complete reports for your WooCommerce store with MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics eCommerce tracking. Using MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics E-commerce tracking, you’ll be able to see your site the way an expert would.

Your WordPress admin area now has an E-commerce report area. In there, you’ll get all the business-critical information you need at a glance. This includes Transactions, Revenue, Average Order Value, Conversion Rate (what percentage of site visitors become customers), and many more.

For more detailed information, scroll down. You’ll see your top referral sources, broken down by the revenue and conversions they provide, etc.


best free google analytics wordpress plugin


With this data presented clearly, it’s easy to identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses. You might be surprised when you see what your ‘ideal customer’ looks like. But you’ll know how they find you, what they spend, and how likely they are to convert. That’s enough to produce highly-targeted marketing.

And you’ll be able to see which product pages they don’t care about. See what product descriptions don’t work, and compare them to the ones who do. Tweak your product listings and even adjust ‘related product’ lists to increase your customers’ average order value or drive conversions.


WooCommerce Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Summary

Google Analytics eCommerce tracking covers everything related to online purchase activity. It highlights popular products. It tracks the conversion rate, which you can break down by referral source. And it follows the average order value.

MonsterInsights makes it easy to understand e-commerce tracking data. And understanding that behavior is the key to success for your business. As another useful tool and to track user behavior in WordPress, you can try HumCommerce which is free WordPress plugin which can be used as a powerful marketing tool to increase the usability of your website and make it more successful.

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