How To See What Keywords Are Driving Traffic To Site From WordPress Dashboard?

There are several ways to find out what keywords are driving traffic to your site and which are used most often by people to find your website. Google Search Console is the most popular tool for discovering what search terms people use to locate the website.

The MonsterInsights plugin lets you see those keywords from your site WordPress admin dashboard. It connects Google Analytics with your Search Console to find these results.

Keywords are essential for search engine optimization. The better your keywords are, the higher you’ll rank on Google and other search engines. They also give you better chances of finding your target market. Long tail keywords are easier to rank than broad search terms.

After you’ve learned which keywords bring the most organic search results, you can see how your site performs on search engines. You can also compare your targeted keywords with the keywords that actually drive traffic to your site to see how effective your SEO efforts are.


keywords you rank for form website dashboard


If your targeted keywords are different than your site’s top keywords, those efforts may not be as effective as they could be. You could be losing out on finding potential customers and increasing revenue. That’s why it’s important to have these results available at your fingertips so that you can adjust your strategies to increase the chances of people finding you online.

You can also incorporate new keywords as part of your existing blog topics. Adding these keywords to your posts can improve organic traffic and help bring more people to your site.


What Keywords Are Driving Traffic To Your Site?

Google Search Console is a free tool that you can use to track keywords people use to find your site in Google Search. It’s the best resource around for accessing this information.

It can help you fix issues with web crawling. It also lets you evaluate and track your results in Google Search, using data that’s updated regularly.

Using a WordPress website saves you a step from having to log in to Google Search Console to see that data. All you need to do is have the MonsterInsights plugin installed. This plugin allows you to connect your Google Search Console account with Google Analytics. It will show you all the keywords used right on your dashboard.

There are three ways that you can view your site keywords using Google Search Console:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard with MonsterInsights
  2. Using your Search Console account
  3. Via your Google Analytics account

In this post, I will focus how to see what keywords are driving traffic to your website using MonsterInsights plugin right from your site admin dashboard without the need to login to Google Search Console to access wanted data.


What Is MonsterInsights Plugin?

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins used for web tracking and checking Google Analytics from the site dashboard. Its interface is straightforward to use, and it provides a lot of helpful features. It provides an asynchronous or universal Google Analytics code that you can use to track WordPress file downloads, outbound links, and search results.


best google analytics wordpress plugin


You can even hide your IP address if you’re concerned about online privacy. By linking your Google Analytics and WordPress site through this plugin, you can learn how people find and use your website and what entices them to come back.

Some of the MonsterInsight plugin’s features include:

The premium version of the MonsterInsights plugin gives you access to AdSense tracking, custom reports, and around the clock technical support.

MonsterInsights gives users total tracking code control. Its flexibility and adaptability make it one of the most used WordPress plugins.

–Custom Dimensions and Event Tracking: You have access to Google Analytics functions including custom dimensions, event tracking, file download tracking, outbound link tracking, performance tracking, WordPress author tracking, and much more.

–Easy Setup: MonsterInsights makes connecting your Google Analytics account easy. Its simple point and click interface means you don’t have to touch any code.


how to check google analytics on wordpress


–eCommerce/Ad Tracking: the MonsterInsights eCommerce add-on lets you add Google Analytics eCommerce tracking to your Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce stores.

–Real-Time Data: plugin gives you real-time statistics that you can use to your advantage. You can act immediately to enhance the maximum potential revenue for each customer. No more having to wait until the next day to find about traffic spikes or potential issues.

–Universal Tracking: MonsterInsights gives you access to universal tracking so that you can track user activity across different devices and different platforms. Interest reports and demographics can help you better understand your website’s audience.

–Scroll Depth Tracking: using page scroll tracking, find out if your site visitors are actually reading your long posts and when they lose interest.


Viewing Your Site’s Keywords From Dashboard With MonsterInsights

To access Search Console reports on your site WordPress dashboard, just install the MonsterInsights plugin and link it to your Google Analytics account. You’ll need to buy the Plus plan of the plugin, as this feature is not included in the free version.

If you didn’t already add and verified your site on the Google Search Console, do it now using your Google Analytics account. After you’ve added your website to the Google Search Console, you can see the top 50 search terms for your site in the MonsterInsights reports.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to “Insights” and then “Reports” to see the Search Console reports. This will show you the analytics overview report for your website.


top search terms from wordpress dashboard


By going to the top of the report and clicking on the Search Console Tab, you can then see the top 50 search terms for your site. You’ll also be able to see the number of impressions, clicks, click-throughs, and average position for each keyword listed.

There is a “View Full Queries Report” button on the bottom of the page. Clicking on it will take you to the Google Analytics website. The report will open the Analytics » Acquisition » Search Console » Queries.”


Check Keywords That Are Driving Traffic From Dashboard Summary

Keywords are an essential part of your blog’s success. Using the right targeted keywords can help bring more users to your website.

Once you’ve discovered search terms (keywords) people have been using to find your site, you’ll know more about your end-users. You can find out about their interests, questions, and pain points.

This information can be used to choose more relevant keywords, review your current search engine optimization efforts, increase organic traffic and search engine results, and further optimize your site.

Comparing the keywords, you’re currently using with the ones that your site is ranking for will show you which ones are the most and least effective.

The information that you receive about the keywords being used can help you select more personalized and relevant keywords to drive more organic traffic to your website. With that information you can:

  • Build content around a keyword that your site is already ranking for
  • Fine-tune keywords that you use in blog posts
  • Improve your existing content
  • Get new ideas for future blog posts
  • Consider additional products and services that you can sell

Google Search Console is a tool that many companies are already using to determine what search terms are being used to find their websites.

Have you ever wanted to be able to see what keywords people have been using to find your company’s site, right from your WordPress dashboard? The MonsterInsights plugin makes this a reality. It helps you link your Search Console with your Google Analytics account and shows you the most popular keywords in your WordPress dashboard.

You just have to purchase and install the plugin. From there, everything is automated. MonsterInsights is excellent for tracking keywords. It’s an essential tool for all WordPress site owners because it allows you to understand better which keywords are the most effective.

It allows you to adjust your search engine optimization and marketing strategies so that you can maximize site visitors and continue to increase revenue year over year. And if you need tool for keyword research then Keyword Revealer and KWFinder are great tools. You can check my in-depth Keyword Revealer review and KWFinder review for more information about them.

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