How To Check Google Analytics From WordPress Website Dashboard?

Do you want to add a Google Analytics dashboard and check Google Analytics from WordPress website dashboard so that you can see your site’s stats right from your site admin?

Most websites use Google Analytics. It’s a powerful tool that provides businesses with statistics about their website visitors. Company owners and managers use that information to update their site and improve functionality.

The most common way to add Google Analytics in WordPress begins by putting the code to your theme header. Once that’s done, you can then log in to your Google Analytics account to view reports for your website.

For some, this is easier said than done. Certain site owners don’t know how to add codes in WordPress. Other users don’t use, and log in to their Google Analytics account often enough to examine and evaluate the data it supplies.

Another problem is that while Google Analytics can be invaluable, it’s not always easy to navigate and understand. It can take some digging to find just the information you need. Many website owners don’t have the time, knowledge or energy to do that.

One thing that can make things easier is the MonsterInsights plugin. This handy plugin is the top-rated Google Analytics plugin for WordPress sites.


best google analytics wordpress plugin


It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to connect, and you don’t need to fiddle with code. You can view your data right from your WordPress dashboard.

The best part is that you can see information and statistics about your website without having to leave your WordPress admin area.

You can use this information to determine how many users visit your site regularly, what times of day your website has the most visitors, and what pages are viewed the most.

You can then use this information to provide relevant content specifically targeted to your site visitors. It’s especially helpful for websites that use Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to run their online stores.

MonsterInsights’ eCommerce features allow you to set WooCommerce Google analytics conversion tracking which provides updated data that helps you determine what products to promote and which ones to discontinue.


How To Check Google Analytics From WordPress?

To be able to check Google Analytics from your site admin dashboard, you will need to install MonsterInsights plugin. Go to the MonsterInsights website and download the MonsterInsights plugin. After you’ve downloaded the plugin, install it on your WordPress site.

After the plugin is installed, you should see a new Insights menu. Access this menu by going to “Insights” and then to “Settings.”

Enter the license key for your plugin when prompted to do so. Click on the “Connect MonsterInsights” button. This button should be right below the license activation field.


add google analytics to wordpress
Connecting Google Analytics account with your WordPress website


This will redirect you to your Google accounts page. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, be sure to create it. From there, you’ll need to sign in to your Google account or select a Google account if you’re already signed in.


monsterinsights access to google analytics


If you have multiple accounts, make sure you log into the account you used for creating your Analytics account. Click on the “Allow” button to let MonsterInsights access your Google Analytics account. Choose the right profile for your site and click on the “I’m not a robot” box.

Click on the “Complete Authentification” button, and you’re all set. You’ll be brought back to your WordPress dashboard.


Viewing Your WordPress Analytics Dashboard Widget

Now that you’ve added Google Analytics onto your site using MonsterInsights, you can see your analytics added to your main WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights adds two types of WordPress reporting dashboard widgets:

  1. MonsterInsights Dashboard Widget
  2. MonsterInsights Custom Dashboards


1. Viewing Your Site Stats in MonsterInsights Dashboard Widget

Once you’ve logged into your WordPress site’s admin area, the dashboard widget will appear. An Overview report for your website will appear by default.


google analytics dashboard for wp
Monster Insights Google Analytics dashboard widget for WordPress example how it looks from your site admin dashborad


Some of the information included in this report include:

  • Average session length
  • A report showing the breakdown of site visitors by a device used – cellphone, desktop or laptop computer
  • Your site’s bounce rate
  • A report showing new versus returning site visitors
  • The top pages and posts for your site
  • Total sessions and pageviews for the last 30 days

All of this and other details on the overview report contains data from the last 30 days by default. You can go into the drop-down menu to view data from the last seven days or use other parameters.


google analytics for wordpress by monsterinsights
Customize widget to see the stats which you are interested in the most


The widget is easy to use and is also very customizable. By going into the widget’s “settings” icon, you can add tabs from the eCommerce report, Publishers report and generate other reports for just the specific data that you need.


best free google analytics wordpress plugin
Check dashboard widget reports in full screen mode


You can also view the dashboard widget reports in full-screen mode. For that change the view to full-screen by clicking the blue cursor between the days switching drop down and settings icon in the MonsterInsights widget.


2. Viewing Your Site Stats in MonsterInsights Custom Dashboards

MonsterInsights also comes with beautiful custom dashboards inside your WordPress dashboard. Custom Dashboards give you access to complete analytics for your entire website. Just go to MonsterInsights custom dashboards.

To view reports, visit “Insights” and then “Reports” from the admin area. You’ll see your site’s entire Analytics reports presented in a beautiful way.

The first thing you’ll see is the Overview report, which includes information such as the top posts and pages, total page views, sessions, top 10 countries, top referrals, and more.

You’ll also see five more tabs on the top of this report. These tabs are additional analytic categories that you can use to interpret your site data better.


You can find the following metrics in MonsterInsights custom reports:

1. Custom Dimensions Report – Here you can track data for top authors, categories and keywords, custom posts, and other helpful information easily.

2. eCommerce Report – This report is handy for companies that use Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to run their online stores.

You can track data for your online shop’s sales, revenue generated, products sold, transactions, total add to carts, top products, conversions, and other useful information (see WooCommerce inventory management for more info).

3. Forms Tracking Report – This is your WordPress forms full tracking report with conversion rates, conversions, impressions, and other related data for each form.

4. Overview Report – Total page views, top pages and posts, bounce rate, top countries, total countries for site visitors, and more relevant data is contained in this report.

5. Publishers Report – This report provides demographic information, affiliate links, download links (see how to track file downloads in WordPress), outbound links, top exit pages, top landing pages, and other information.

6. Search Console Report – Here you can find average position data, click-through rates, clicks, impressions, and the top 50 Google search terms for your website, track your site pages scroll depth, etc.


how to check google analytics on wordpress

how to check views on wordpress website
MonsterInsights addons


Benefits Of Using MonsterInsights For Google Analytics Reporting?

Here are three distinct advantages that the MonsterInsight plugin’s reporting tools provide and why I think you should use MonsterInsights for checking your Google Analytics:


1. It’s user-friendly. One of the most popular reasons why more and more companies are using this plugin is its ease of use.

You can access vital information right from your WordPress site. It’s easy to set up and run Google Analytics in just a matter of minutes.

You don’t have to be a technical expert or know anything about coding.


2. Everything’s in one place. Another benefit is that you see and control your information right from your WordPress dashboard.

There’s no need to login to Google Analytics and then go to your WordPress page admin. It makes running your eCommerce store quicker and easier than ever before.


3. You have access to detailed and thorough reports. There are many overview and customizable reports that you can access and analyze through the MonsterInsights plugin.

You can find out more about your site visitors, the pages they view, products that they order the most, and pages that receive the most traffic.

You can then use this information to promote top-selling products and adjust your marketing efforts to reach your target clientele.


How to Add a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard in WordPress Site?

Statistic plugins are a great way to monitor website traffic and sales. This data will tell you what products are top sellers and which ones are underperforming.

It can also tell you what content on your site is the most appealing and who visits your site when. You can even see top keywords which drive traffic to your site right from your website WordPress dashboard.

These plugins can help you increase sales and generate more traffic to your site. They can also provide demographic information that you can use to target your marketing efforts to specific groups of customers.

MonsterInsights is one of the easiest and most effective plugins around. It lets you access Google Analytics right from your WordPress site.

You’ll be able to see all the reports in a few minutes. It also adds the Google Analytics code to your WordPress site automatically.

Google Analytics, by default, doesn’t track advanced metrics like eCommerce, forms, downloads, etc. and the setup process without the plugin is very tricky. But you can do them all by yourself using MonsterInsights.

Being able to view all of this information can help you understand Google Analytics data and make decisions to run your business more efficiently.

There are two versions of MonsterInsights plugin: a free version and a Pro version. The free version allows you to install and setup Google Analytics and track your WordPress page information.

Pro version brings additional tracking features in the form of addons which you can activate or disable per your needs.

The MonsterInsights plugin is an important asset to any company and amazing tool to check Google Analytics from WordPress site dashboard. It gives access to dozens of data categories that you can use to your advantage.

It’s an essential accessory for building a better website, increasing sales, and helping your company continue to thrive year after year. But if you think that MonsterInsights is not what you need, then as alternative choices, I recommend that you check InfoCaptor WooCommerce Reporting Pro or Putler Advanced Reports, Metrics & Insights for WooCommerce.

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