Paymattic Review (2023) | Stripe & PayPal Online Payment Gateway Plugin



Easy to use








Ovewall quality



  • Affordable price
  • Comes also in free version
  • Easy to use interface
  • Input fields with drag & drop facility
  • Advanced form settings option
  • Smart payment form scheduling
  • Organized entry management system


  • PayPal payment gateway available only in PRO version

If you have an online business of any kind that serves your clients in exchange for revenue, you need a proper solution for accepting transactions like online payment gateway plugin.

To be adequately paid from your potential clients you need to set up a payment gateway on your site. To set up a payment gateway it’s crucial for you to choose the right payment gateway. If you are using WooCommerce then check my post about best WooCommerce payment gateways.

Using multiple payment gateways is always good option. A proper payment gateway will help your clients to transact flawlessly. WordPress plugin can do a lot in this respect. There are many WordPress payment gateway plugins, so it is easy to get confused about which to choose.

What separates Paymattic (formerly WPPayForm) from the rest of available plugins? In this Paymattic review, I will show what it offers and why it can be great choice for your needs.


Paymattic Review

Paymattic is smart online payment gateway plugin that covers two different payment gateways within a single plugin. The two payment gateways are Stripe and PayPal. The plugin comes in the free and paid version.

The free version allows you to use the Stripe payment gateway while the premium version will enable you to use PayPal and Stripe along the way.


Paymattic Features & Overview

There are a ton of features and functionalities of Paymattic plugin. You will get the functionalities that support two renowned payment gateways.

If I simplify all the significant features, then, they are as follow:

  • Multiple payment gateways within one plugin.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Stripe & Paypal payment gateway supported.
  • Input fields with drag & drop facility.
  • You can rearrange fields using drag & drop facility.
  • Advanced form settings option.
  • Special custom currency feature.
  • Advanced designing options.
  • Smart payment form scheduling feature.
  • Organized entry management system.
  • Alterable payment status.
  • Shortcode-friendly payment form creation.


Installation & Activation

If you are going to install the free version of Paymattic, you can do such from the WordPress plugin directory, or you also can install it from your admin dashboard. To make this happen, go to the dashboard of your site → Plugins → Add New → Paymattic, then install it.

If you want to install the pro version of the plugin, you need to download it from the official website. Then upload it from the FTP from your plugin dashboard. To learn more about the installation process in details, you can go to the documentation page of the plugin.


multiple payment gateways plugin


After installing you will find the plugin options in the WordPress admin page of your site.


Creating a New Payment Form

With Paymattic, you can easily create a new payment form with no time. To make this happen, go to the Paymattic dashboard and click on the Add Payment Form located the top right corner of the plugin dashboard. Then it will open up with a pop up to fill the form details. Put the form name and click on the Continue button.


payment gateway in WordPress
Paymattic creating a new payment form


When you click on the Confirm button, then it will take you to the next level where you will find the options to create your desired form and configure it according to your need. You have the options to set the product under the Product Fields section.

You will get the Payment Method Fields section to set up the payment method on your payment form. You also get an exclusive General Fields section for adding different input fields in your payment form.


Stripe & PayPal Online Payment Gateway


To specify the products on your form, you can use the Product Fields section, whereas to specify the payment method you can use the Payment Method Fields section. To learn more about creating your first payment form using Paymattic, you can head over to the official page of the plugin.


Stripe Settings

In Paymattic, you can use the Stripe payment gateway with zero cost, as it is available in the free version of the plugin.

After installing and activating the Paymattic, you will find the Stripe Settings option under the Settings located in the left sidebar of the plugin’s dashboard. While setting up your Stripe account into Paymattic, you have all the necessary options.


stripe payment gateway plugin
Stripe settings in Paymattic


There are two payment modes named Test Mode and Live Mode for ensuring better performance over the configuration. Before making the payment form live, make sure that you have tried with the Test Mode first.

Moreover, you will get Stripe Test Keys and Stripe Live Keys options configuring with all the credentials for both testing and live purposes.


Paypal Settings

For having Paypal on your payment gateway, you need to purchase the pro version of the Paymattic. After purchasing the pro version, you will get the option for Paypal payment method to integrate with your website.


woocommerce paypal payment gateway plugin
In the PRO version of Paymattic plugin, you have PayPal gateway


Like Stripe, in Paypal, you will get two different payment modes. One is Sandbox Mode, and another is Live Mode. Before turning the payment form into live, use Sandbox Mode for testing purpose.


Custom Currency Settings

Paymattic comes up with a special feature named Currency Settings under the General Settings section.


Multiple Payment Gateway Plugin


Using this amazing feature, you can set Stripe checkout locality, currency, currency sign position with the separator, etc.


Form Confirmation Settings

Using Paymattic, you can set up a confirmation message while payments are submitted to make sure that the payment has sent successfully. This is a pretty cool feature that allows you to show confirmation message to your clients while they submit the respective payment using the payment form.


wppayform form confirmation settings
Form confirmation settings in Paymattic plugin


In the Confirmation Settings page, you can set confirmation type and the message that you want to display as a confirmation. You can show the confirmation message to the same page, you can show it to another page, or you can show the message to a custom page if you want.


Designing Payment Form

Designing a payment form is very crucial for having a smooth transaction. In Paymattic, you can design your payment form per your wishes. There are a bunch of options for designing a payment form on your website.

Using Paymattic, you can design and style your form layouts. To make this happen, you need to go to the Design Settings option.


designing payment form wordpress
Designing payment form settings


This option will allow you to configure the form label alignment, asterisk position, and even submit button positioning. There is another option named Form Element Styling in the Design settings tab that can be used to make font weight bold and input item style default or not.


Payment Form Scheduling & Entry Restriction

Scheduling is one of the most important features for any form on the web. The same thing goes for payment form. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to deal with the payment form, and at that situation, you need to set payment form scheduling to make things happen.

Paymattic allows you to set this scheduling feature on your site. This is pretty easy and simple to set up. You need to define the start date, and the end date of each submission, form waiting message, form expired message, etc.

You also can set the entry and restrict each user while putting entries. You can maximize the number of entries, show special messages while reaching maximum entries.

Even you can make login required before filling out each form. Moreover, you can show/hide the form inputs if any restriction implemented on the form. This means you can Hide Form, Hide Submit Button, Make Validation Failed After Submit.


Entry Management

Entry management is one of the essential features of any form. In Paymattic, you can have this amazing feature on its system. The most important thing is you can see entry in two different ways.

You can set to see the whole entry submitted using your payment form, or any single payment submission.


Changing Payment Status

In Paymattic you can change your payment status like paid to refund. You also can add a useful note to each payment form.


wp payform demo preview


Pricing and Documentation

As the plugin is freemium, it offers free and pro versions. In the pro version of Paymattic, you will get an extensive feature like Paypal transaction altogether.

The free version of the plugin can be found in the WordPress directory, and you can get the premium one from the official website of the plugin.

Pro version of the plugin offers you with three different pricing plans, and they are as follow:

  • Single Site License – $59.00
  • Agency License (Up to 20 Websites) – $99.00
  • Unlimited Site License – $299.00

As far as the documentation is concerned, Paymattic comes up with extensive and elaborate documentation on their official website.

You also can find useful video user guides if you need any help to set up. For more deeper support, you can use the ticket support option from the developer’s side.


Paymattic Review Conclusion

Paymattic is one of the latest and modern quality WordPress online payment gateway plugins for WordPress users. This is a smart payment gateway plugin that offers you multiple payment gateways for your business. This user-friendly plugin offers Stripe payment gateway at no cost.

Moreover, the premium version of the plugin offers you with Paypal integration for your business. You can create any kind of payment forms on your website, including donation, e-commerce related business using this drag & dropable plugin.

If you need to integrate only Stripe payment gateway into your system, you can try the free version of the plugin. If it fulfills all your requirements and you want to extend your payment related accessibility, you can go for the premium one.

I hope this article helps you to serve your payment gateway related purposes and you can grab the suggested plugin without any doubt for having a better output. So grab the Paymattic plugin today. And if you need Paddle payment gateway for WordPress, then WPSmartPay plugin is a good choice.

If you just want to accept payments through WordPress forms without eCommerce solution or accept one-time and recurring Stripe payments via forms, then WPForms plugin is gread choice for that purposes.

As alternative to Paymattic you can check WooCommerce PayPal Express plugin, best WooCommerce PayPal checkout gateway plugins, and Stripe plugin for WooCommerce from WebToffee. For accepting crypto, you can check my list of best WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway plugins.


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  1. We installed Stripe on a brand new website, we made test payments with no issues, and then after our very first (3 in total) paying customers had their payments confirmed and our company sent welcome emails and necessary information, Stripe contacted us to tell us that the three paying customers were to be fully refunded and we can no longer use their services as we sell ‘online digital services’, considered to be a high risk. Anyhow, two customers have been refunded and a third is very angry as they have not received a refund and nor has our company received the payment from the customer!

    I have emailed Stripe several times with screenshots as proof but until now, almost three weeks later, no resolution! Stripe have really messed up with this payment and meanwhile our new company has to resolve the issue with a very angry customer, we may even be forced into a position to refund said customer from our own pocket!

    Stay away from Stripe unless you want stress, to be out of pocket, to get a bad reputation for your company!

    Still no reply from Stripe after sending many emails, a payment was made on 24/02/2021 and has not been refunded to the customer or paid into our bank account. Today is 17/03/2021!

    Stripe have been in touch on 19/03/2021 and simply said they will not refund the customer, Stripe are thieves and have stolen the money (99 pound sterling), not from our company but from a person who merely made the transaction on our website.

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