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An upsell is an offer for an additional product or service in addition to main product which customer is purchasing. Creating WooCommerce one click upsells in your WordPress store can increase your earnings.

Funnel is a  sequence of offers you present to your buyer after he has completed his initial purchase. There are two types of offer. Upsell or Downsell. Upsell offers are primary offers presented to a customer. A buyer can accept or reject this offer.

Downsell offers are secondary offers which are presented when a buyer rejects an upsell offer. Usually downsell offers are presented at a lower price.

Have you ever purchased something only to get offer for some special deal or to upgrade immediately after you finish checking out? Usually, they’re tempting offers. You already bought something so the thought of getting a deal on a connected product is tempting.

Example: Let’s say you sell batteries for something and that one battery costs $2. After checkout you can set up an offer “Buy pack of 6 at $7”. This offer will be an upsell offer. If buyer accepts the offer, he is directed to thank you page.

If buyer rejects the offer he is redirected to another offer “Buy pack of 4 at $4”. This is a simple downsell offer.


best woocommerce upsell plugin


One-click upsells are a method of boosting your eCommerce sales by recommending products to your customers at the checkout. Customers can then purchase that product or deal with a single click, rather than needing to check out again from scratch.

Essentially, your customer already made a purchase. Now, you’re trying to “upsell” them to buy something else as well. If you target your upsells well, you can make upsell helpful by showing a product that’s relevant to what your customer just purchased.

For example, if customer purchased mobile phone, you could “upsell” them screen protector for that model or extra battery. Then, customers can add that purchase to their order with one click.

What’s the difference between upsells and one-click upsells? Upsells in general can be pre-purchase upsells. They are suggestions based on what the customer is browsing.

But one-click upsells are strictly time-bound upsell offers that you make after they’ve submitted their credit card details for the main offer, but before they’re directed to the thank you page.

But there is no native solution available to build one-click upsells in WooCommerce.

There’s no way that you can trigger a funnel of relevant upsell and downsell offers right after the user checks out and before he sees the thank you page.

So you will need the help of an external plugin to do the job. In this post I will be reviewing UpStroke. Plugin which makes possible creating one click upsells in your WooCommerce shop.


WooCommerce One Click Upsells – Creating Funnel

To create funnel in UpStroke plugin click on Add New button. Then you will be redirected to funnel editor page. Here you have four tabs to configure settings. Those are Rules, Offers, Design, and Settings.


woocommerce cart upsell plugin



Rules allows you to trigger different upsell funnels based on different conditions. There are product and advanced rules available to set.

Product rules allow you to set conditions based on products/ items in buyers order (products, product tags, product category).

Advanced rules are used to create complex rules to trigger funnel. Allows you to set specific conditions (and/or) for order attributes, customers, geography, date/time and funnel.


woocommerce checkout addons & upsells


You can show upsell offers based on the item bought, the category of purchase or display specific upsell offers based on coupon code, shipment method, payment gateway used, etc.

You can also create offers for first-time buyers or for specified user roles and even use customers country of purchase, day/date/time of purchase to show custom upsell offers.



Each step of the funnel is called an Offer. A funnel may have one or more offer. Each offer can be Upsell or Downsell. The Upsell is when you present a new offer. The first offer in a funnel will always be an  Upsell.

The Downsell is when your original Upsell offer was declined, and you present a new offer (usually at a lower price) in response to rejection.

Upstroke allows you to upsell specific variations of the product. When you add a variable product a table containing variations is generated.

You can customize offer prices per variation. You can also select specific variations to be shown in upsell. On fronted, the variations are available in a drop-down for user selection.


woocommerce one click upsell funnel



You can choose from available pre-designed custom templates to create your upsell offer pages or build custom upsell pages using shortcodes.

You can customize every component of your upsell page. Change the look and appearance of product, videos, reviews, guarantee, header etc.

Drag and drop the components to show a particular section before the other and vice versa. Even change colors, fonts, sizes, timer colors, add custom CSS, etc.

If you wish, you can build custom designed upsell pages using page builders like Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi (check Divi vs Elementor comparison), WPBakery, etc. In this scenario, shortcodes come in handy. UpStroke offers variety of shortcodes to build custom upsell pages.

Once you select and save a custom page in offer’s Design, shortcodes will be dynamically generated for the offer.


woocommerce Post-Purchase Funnel


Funnel Settings

Here you can set behavioural settings, priority number, upsell success confirmation, and external tracking code.


woocommerce upsell after checkout


Under Accepted Upsell Order you have two options. Add to Main Order if you want to merge accepted upsell order with the primary order.

Create New Order if you want to create a new upsell order. Once you select this setting there is a sub-option to cancel primary order. There may be a chance that Rules are set up in a way that two upsell funnels are triggered.

In such cases, Funnel Priority is used to determine which funnel will trigger. Priority number 1 is considered highest. Upsell Success Confirmation are messages which are shown when buyer upsell order is charged and confirmed.

If customer cant be charged, a failure message will show. In the end, when finished the final result should look something like the picture below.


best woocommerce one click funnel upsell plugin

woofunnels upstroke review


Here is what each components is designed to do :

1.Urgency Bar – Displays deadline with a scarcity inducing message and countdown timer.

2. Progress Bar – Let user know that his original order is submitted but he still needs to take further action.

3. Dynamic Merge – To make personalized pitches.

4. Offer Block – Customizable product blocks with ability to change title, description and images. You can choose from eight different product styles.

5. Feature Block – Highlight important features of the offer.

6. Review Block – Automatically pull in product reviews or add your own testimonials.


UpStroke Global Settings

Once you activate UpStroke you will have new tab under your WordPress dashboard on the left called WooFunnels.


woocommerce 1 click upsell


Go to global settings to configure the main options of the plugin. There are several tabs to configure under global settings, and they include Gateways, Order Statuses, Confirmation Email, Tracking & Analytics, External Scripts, Offer Confirmation, and Miscellaneous.



Here you can see all the enabled gateways which are compatible with UpStroke. Select the gateways which you want to be used for purchases. UpStroke will only shows the list of WooCommerce payment gateways with which it is compatible.

If you have multiple gateways and only one of theme is compatible, upsell offers will only show compatible gateway when purchase happens.


woofunnels upstroke gateways setting


Currently, UpStroke is compatible with PayPal (with reference transactions enabled), CIM, Braintree Credit Card, Braintree by PayPal, Stripe Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and cheque transfer.

If you are unable to find gateway in the list, check WooCommerce Settings > Checkout to see if the gateway is enabled.

Only gateways which are compatible with the plugin will be shown as plugin developers aim to provide compatibility and support for official WooCommerce gateway plugins.

This means that there is a high chance UpStroke will not work with 3rd party plugin gateways for WooCommerce.


Order Statuses

Here you can set order status when upsells are merged with original order. What is custom order state label setting? It is an intermediary state when funnel is running.

Once user has accepted or rejected a upsell or time of offer expired, order status is automatically switched to successful order status.

By having an intermediate order state, it will wait upsell funnel to get complete. Once it is done order status automatically moves to successful order state.


woofunnels upstroke order statuses setting


What is failure order status? Sometimes it may happen that due to failure of payment gateways, the customer was not charged for upsell right away.

In such scenarios, a separate order is created for your record and is marked as failed. In such scenarios UpStroke creates a new order and marks it as Failed. You can then retry and capture this order at a later date.


Confirmation Email

Here you can customize behavior of when Order Confirmation Email will be sent. You can choose to send the confirmation when the funnel starts or when the funnel ends.


woofunnels upstroke confirmation email


Behavior can be further customized for different cases:

  1. When upsell orders are to be merged with original order
  2.  When upsell orders  are to be created as separate order
  3. When upsell orders  is created as separate order and primary order is cancelled


Tracking & Analytics

To view and track purchase events you can enable Facebook and Google tracking. For Facebook, you can enable Page View Event, Purchase Event, Synced Purchase Event, and Advanced Matching with the Pixel.


woofunnels upstroke tracking and analytics setting


For Google Analytics you can Enable Page View Event and  Purchase Event. If you are using any external plugin for Facebook and Google Analytics tracking, you can disable the purchase event tracking from those external plugins to avoid duplicate sending of the data.


External Scripts

If you wish to embedde external scripts in the funnels offer pages globally, you can do it here.


upstroke external scripts settings



Offer Confirmation

These settings are applicable when you use custom upsell offer pages and have enabled confirmation. In this case, you can manage style of those offer confirmation from these settings.


upstroke woofunnels offer confirmation setting


If you have built offer pages using native Design Customizer, these settings will have no impact.



Shipping Label For Custom Fixed Rates – If you add shipping charges to upsell, you need to mention the label. This label will be shown in order summary on thank you page, order emails or wherever else is applicable.

Forcefully End Funnel – Sometimes users may keep Offer Page open and not take a decision. Here you can set up a time in minutes after which funnel forcefully ends.


woofunnels upstroke miscellaneous setting


Offer Post Type Slug – The URL structure of an offer page is You can set  offer post type slug from this setting.

Enable Logging -Logging is a process of registering critical events when code runs. It provides insights to plugin developers whenever there is an issue.

Meta Keys To Copy From Primary Order – When you create a separate upsell order, you can mention the order meta keys which are needed to be copied from primary order.


How Much Does UpStroke Cost?

UpStroke comes in three pricing plans. Basic costs $69/year and you can use it on one site and create unlimited number of funnels.

With Pro plan, you get all that comes in Basic plan and can use UpStroke on up to five sites. This pricing plan costs $139/year.

In this plan, you will also get Dynamic Shipping Addon which makes possible to calculate live shipping prices from carriers and add it to upsells.

You’ve got two options here. In flat shipping you can add fixed shipping charges to the price of the product. The user will be shown updated price with the flat shipping.

In dynamic shipping, the product price is shown independent of the shipping charges. When the user adds the upsell offer to the cart the new shipping charges are shown.

These shipping charges are based on the shipment method chosen in the initial purchase, and they are calculated as if the primary product and the upsell product were in the same cart.

You will also get in Pro plan Upsell Reporting Addon. This addon makes possible to track success of your funnels.

If you choose Elite pricing plan which costs $199/year, you will get all from Basic and Pro plan, and you can use the license on up to ten sites.

You will also get Subscription Addon which makes possible to sell subscription products as upsells, Multi Product Addon to offer multiple products on offer page, and all future addons.

Mentioned addons in the Elite plan are currently not available (not live yet). These add ons were not live at the time of writing the review but feel free to check their website for the current status.


UpStroke Review Final Words – WooCommerce One Click Upsells

UpStroke charges buyer for primary order right away and presents the upsell offer.  It does not wait for buyer to accept or reject upsell offers or complete the funnel.

It is built in a way that under no circumstances you lose the initial sale. If buyer accepts the upsell, he is charged offer amount. If he rejects, nothing happens. This process is repeated for all offers in the funnel.

WooCommerce one click upsells is a smart and effective way to increase your sales and earnings and UpStroke is an excellent choice for creating them. As alternative to UpStroke, check UpsellMaster review, J Cart WooCommerce cart upsell, Offermative review, WooCommerce Product Bundling plugin from WisdmLabs or best WooCommerce customers also bought plugins post.

If you tried UpStroke or any other plugin for creating one click funnels in WooCommerce feel free to write your experience in comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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