UpsellMaster Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Set Suitable Upsell Products Automatically



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Automatic calculation of suitable upsell products with single click
  • Algorithm with flexible and adjustable logic
  • Detailed tracking of upsell sales results
  • Integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Display upsells anywhere on your site using shortcode or widget
  • Works with Gutenberg block editor
  • Show recently viewed products


  • No free version available
  • Can become little pricey if you intend to use on multiple sites

Upselling is when you encourage customers to buy add-ons or upgraded, more expensive versions of a particular product that may have more features (and/or a higher price).

Many online stores commonly use cross-selling and upselling tactics, and Amazon is a great example. In this way, customers are introduced to new options that they may not have been aware of, while companies attempt to increase overall sales and revenue.

You can show customers that you genuinely care about their needs by offering upsells that provide better overall value and complementary products that the customer might not have seen initially.

Upselling does not have to happen right away. While upsell is usually used to suggest similar products during the customer purchase process, you can also send them emails to keep customers informed about their possibilities.

UpsellMaster is an excellent plugin for creating upsells packed with various features to improve overall sales. This UpsellMaster review will show what features it offers and how you can use them effectively.


UpsellMaster Review

UpsellMaster uses a data-driven algorithm to automatically calculate suitable upsell products for each product. All this can be done with a single mouse click. Upsell tactics can be updated if needed by changing the algorithm to fine-tune it.

Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to set upsell items for each product manually. The algorithm does the work for you. You just need to click the “Calculate All” button.

Gutenberg blocks, shortcodes, or widgets can be utilized to show recently viewed products or upsells on the purchase receipt page, checkout page, product pages, and other appropriate site areas.

UpsellMaster has its own tracking report for upsell sales and integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.


  • Show recently viewed products and upsells.
  • Upsell suggestions tailored per product and based on data from the algorithm.
  • Thanks to the convenient single-click automatic upsell suggestion feature, you don’t have to spend time setting upsell manually.
  • Modify algorithm per your needs to optimize upsell strategy.
  • Thorough upsell sales tracking data.
  • Shows upsell in lists or carousels and displays them via Gutenberg blocks, shortcodes, widgets on the purchase receipt page, checkout page, and product page.
  • The plugin offers integration with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.


Algorithm For Automatically Displaying Suitable Upsells

UpsellMaster unique algorithm will determine upsells for different products with just one click. Ideal upsells for every item you currently offer are calculated by the algorithm’s flexible logic. It also lets you configure the following tasks:

  • Number of upsells (max is 10).
  • Upsell targeted price ranges.
  • Set if you want to first consider products for upsells from the same product tags, categories, same author, or products that have the most overall sales.

Your store’s information is evaluated so that only the best suitable products are recommended as upsells to your customer base. Different methods can be implemented and tested at any time to fine-tune the upsell strategy.


UpsellMaster algorithm for setting upsells.
One-click calculation of suitable upsells for each product.


Product upsells will be determined automatically after the plugin has been installed and activated. For that go to Upsells > Products > Recalculate All Upsells. You can go to Upsells > Settings to fine-tune the algorithm.


Upsell Sales Report & Tracking

The plugin provides a comprehensive sales summary. You can use the data contained in those reports to create effective upsell strategies.

Several calculated key performance indicators are listed on the report, along with a chart and filters. This data makes it easier to compare different metrics for your Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce stores.

All items offered as recently viewed and upsells will be included in the report summary.


UpsellMaster reports summary.

UpsellMaster performance tracking.


Here you can find the details about upsells (total value, total number sold, value range, average value, average value per day), products, orders, customers (number of customers, average customer lifetime value, total customer lifetime sales), and top 5 (upsells, base products, customers, orders).

On the same page, you will find a list of all sold upsells with data such as date, sales value, related products, payment ID, location, customer name, and base product.

You can effectively adjust your upsell strategies once you’ve learned which base and upsell items are your top sellers. The best locations for recently viewed or upsell items on your store can also be tracked.

Upsell tactic key performance indicators are grouped together in summary. There you’ll find top customers and orders, your most effective base items and upsells, the number of upsells that customers have purchased, your current upsell value and other relevant data. This information can be filtered.


UpsellMaster reports filters.
Filter reports option.


For instance, you can filter information according to orders, customers, display locations, time periods, base items, specific upsells, etc.

You can easily adjust your site’s conversion strategies by analyzing this information. Site admins can copy, print, and export into Excel documents upsell summary list. Those options will appear in the available options on top of the list.


Product Upselling

Admins can see a list of upsells created by UpsellMaster on a per-product basis. The full list can be exported into a CSV file if needed. Admins can also recalculate upsells manually. This could be necessary if settings page changes were made.


UpsellMaster upselling by products.


You can opt to configure upsells for particular products manually or automatically. Manually changed items will be a preferred upsell for the particular base product. Assigning a preferred upsell to a product manually will cause that item to appear whenever a customer buys the base product.

Individual products can have certain tags, products, and categories excluded from being recommended as upsells. You can also check the active upsells for different products offered at any time.


Recently Viewed Products

You can opt to display recently viewed items instead of upsell products. Those products will then be shown in the carousels and lists. Recently viewed items can be made visible in the same spots as upsells.

You can even display upsells and recently viewed items simultaneously using shortcodes and widgets.


Display Locations

Locations where various upsell items can be bought on your site, are important. Companies always strive to optimize and find the best places on their websites for visitors to notice and purchase upsell products from.

Upsell items can be placed on the following pages using UpsellMaster:

  • Product page
  • Checkout page
  • Purchase page
  • Via upsell widget on any page or post
  • Via shortcode or Gutenberg block or any post or page

These placement locations can be a great way to encourage visitors to add more products to their shopping carts. These product suggestions are calculated based on an algorithm.



UpsellMaster comes with a convenient widget that was explicitly designed for upsells. This widget can be placed on any sidebar on the site.

The widget allows setting the price range, carousel or list type, number of upsells displayed, title, etc. That is a very effective way of informing customers about other additional options that they can buy, no matter what landing page they use on your site.


Gutenberg Integration

UpsellMaster offers Gutenberg integration which means you can use blocks to display recently viewed items or upsells on any post or page.


UpsellMaster Gutenberg integration.


EDD & WooCommerce Integration

UpsellMaster works great with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. Using 1-click automatic upselling, you will save a lot of time from having to manually define upsells even when using this popular WordPress eCommerce plugins.


UpsellMaster WooCommerce integration.
Example of UpsellMaster displaying products on WooCommerce store product page.


UpsellMaster Setting Options

UpsellMaster’s settings can be configured whenever you start or change your upsell tactics. Methods can be changed and optimized to meet your store needs. The Upsell widget and upsell settings can show more upsell items on various site pages.

General Settings

  • Number of upsells – Set how many upsell options you want to show for each product.
  • Recalculation interval – Here, you can recalculate the upsells created for each product and the frequency of those changes.
  • Batch size – This setting lets you assign the specific number of products that will be considered when recalculating upsells simultaneously. Figuring upsells by batch can come in handy for companies with many products or product lines.
  • Keep upsell data for – Upsell data can be retained for the period that you specify. UpsellMaster will automatically remove that data after the time has expired.
  • Default upsells – Select the default items that will be offered as upsells for your entire store.
  • Auto calculate upsells for any newly published products – Enable or disable calculating upsells for new products automatically.
  • Enable log – Enable or disable logs that will be shown in the PHP error log file.


UpsellMaster general settings.


Algorithm Logic

  • Exclude categories and tags – As upsells are created, you can opt to exclude certain tags and categories from upsells.
  • Price range – Set minimum and maximum price ranges for products you want to offer as upsells.
  • Priority 1 to 4 – Here, you can determine priorities when generating upsells for all your products. Options are null, tag, category, lifetime sales, or vendor. If your priority 1 is lifetime sales, the plugin will look at the lifetime sales to find the best-suited upsells for the base product. The process will continue with priority 2 and continue to move down the list.


UpsellMaster algorithm logic.


Product/Checkout/Receipt Page

  • Enable – Product upsells on the product page can be enabled or disabled.
  • Display type – Product upsells can be shown in a carousel or list to site visitors.
  • Show – Display either recently viewed products or upsell items.
  • Title – Define the title.
  • Call to action text – You can generate client interest by adding call to action text.
  • Max columns – Here, you can set the maximum number of columns that will be used to show upsell items to your customers.
  • Max products in carousel – The maximum number of upsell items shown in carousels.
  • Add to cart button – Show the highest value of product upsells or all price points.
  • Description length – Set the total number of description characters for upsell items that are shown.


UpsellMaster product settings.



The Widget tab doesn’t have any settings. It is basically a reminder about the UpsellMaster widget and redirects to the Widget settings area where you can customize your UpsellMaster widget.


Attributes and shortcodes are provided in this section. They can be used to add recently viewed products or upsells to any product page that you want.



There are three pricing plans for the plugin. You can pay $99 for a single site license, $149 for a three-site license plan, or $249 for a 10 sites license plan. All pricing is on an annual basis.

As of this writing, there aren’t any unlimited site or lifetime pricing plans. Each plan comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. There isn’t a trial option or free version of the plugin.


UpsellMaster Review Conclusion

UpsellMaster uses a handy single click “Calculate All” button and a proven algorithm that’s powered by data to determine the best product upsells for products on your store. You can forget about having to manually add products for each base product you sell.

Upsell methods can be continuously improved by optimizing how the algorithm works. The days of manually spending countless hours figuring out which upsell items complement which base products will be a thing of the past. All you need to do is to press the Calculate All button.

You can improve revenue and sales by implementing Gutenberg blocks, shortcodes, widgets, lists, or carousels to show customers upsells and recently viewed products. Upsell tactic priority factors can be adjusted at any time. You can also monitor and evaluate your sales data through the use of UpsellMaster’s report data and all-inclusive dashboard.

UpsellMaster also integrates with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. It will show customers items that are related to the products that are in their online shopping carts.

Upsell items can be displayed on every active page or post. You can make more money and develop better long-term customer relationships by taking advantage of all that this powerful plugin has to offer.

If UpsellMaster is not the right fit for your needs, good alternative options are J Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell, UpStroke, or WISDM Custom Product Bundles plugin.

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