12 Best Oxygen Builder Addons Free & Paid (2023)

Oxygen Builder has grown in popularity, and with it many 3rd party Oxygen Builder addons and integrations became available. These tools extend the functionality of the plugin.

Creating unique WordPress websites visually is easy when using Oxygen Builder. This impressive tool has plenty of advanced features. Oxygen Builder reinvents the very core of the CMS by replacing the need for themes with a complete site builder that allows you to build everything from the header to individual templates.

It is also lightweight and outputs the bare minimum of code necessary to create the site. This results in websites that load quickly, look good, and are fully customized to your needs.

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Best Oxygen Builder Addons

You may not need any Oxygen Builder extensions initially. However, as you continue to expand and evolve your website, you may find them essential for enhancing your site-building experience.

Below, I have vetted and selected the best addons for Oxygen Builder that will bring many new possibilities to customize the site.



OxyPowerPack contains all of the essential functions that should be included in the basic version of Oxygen Builder is its primary selling point. One such feature that isn’t in the core plugin is the ability to add parallax scrolling to your Oxygen site.

Some of the addon’s key functions are lazy image loading, three-dimensional maps, custom attributes for all element types, and animated text.


OxyPowerPack review features.


Here are some of the features:

  • Alter any element in DOM three – You can destroy, display or hide elements; replace or change texts or remove or add classes. The different browser and mouse events can be used to perform the desired actions.
  • Put tooltips above any Oxygen element – They are basic helper balloons text-based. You can put them on any side of the element that you want. Tooltips can be triggered by mouse over events or by a mouse click.
  • Design the popover content inside any DIV element and then assign it to the popover.
  • Use Oxygen Builder to create “Maintenance” and “Coming Soon” pages.
  • Create unique contact forms using Power Form. It uses Oxygen Builder’s functionalities to allow you to build forms that can have completely customized fields and other attributes. No additional plugins are necessary to create forms when OxyPowerPack is installed.
  • OxyPowerPack also comes with the Power Map. It’s an impressive Oxygen Builder map element that is totally configurable. It can be used with any MapBox vector base maps to create stunning results.
  • Configurable countdown timer.
  • Before/After Image feature – Two different images can be compared using the Before/After Image function. People can see differences between various process stages in a format that’s easy to understand.


OxyNinja Core

OxyNinja Core has an exhaustive CSS framework and set of Oxygen Builder templates. The Design Set has many prebuilt components like home page blocks, contact pages, columns, services sections, etc.


OxyNinja Core review.


There are also prebuilt Mega Menus which are incredibly easy to use and customize. These menus incorporate a mix of done-for-you coding and utilize many prebuilt Oxygen elements.

OxyNinja framework into the core. This means all of the classes that each element uses are named and created in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The framework also incorporates layout controls and grids. Impressive framework documentation is provided for any additional information required.

OxyNinja comes with a plugin that enables Class Lock. You won’t have to worry about making any changes by accident because you can lock Core classes. The plugin also includes the ability to reset styles if you make a mistake.

The plugin lets you copy selectors between various websites. You can copy changes made on one site to another site that has already installed OxyNinmja Core.

OxyNinja Core can really help reduce the time typically spent on designing site pages. They also offer a WooCommerce design set pack, but that’s a separate purchase.



OxyToolbox is an excellent Oxygen Builder addon for users who want a more efficient workflow and spend less time performing regular tasks. Right-click menus and copy and paste are some of the many sub-features.


Best Oxygen Builder extensions free and paid.


The plugin has handy functions. Right now, integrating Rank Math or Yoast with the main Oxygen Builder plugin can be rather challenging. Fortunately, you can integrate with these and other well-known SEO plugins thanks to OxyToolbox. This can greatly benefit anyone concerned about their website’s search engine optimization performance.

You can use Oxygen Builder’s primary default conditions with the conditions included in OxyToolbox. They work well and can be invaluable in certain situations. Some examples are geographical locations, the mobile device, and the visitor browser used to visit your site.

The ability to edit the text in the Oxygen properties panel, connections with search engine optimization plugins, full-screen mode, changes that can be made to the Oxygen editor, code completion when Emmet is used for typing, and a back to top button are just some of the many choices that you’ll find in the toolbox. Any of these options can be easily activated or deactivated as needed.

Quick links can be used in the WordPress admin bar with the Navigator feature. These links allow you to implement ACF field groups and Oxygen templates, alter pages in Oxygen and perform other actions. It’s a handy feature if you’re interested in making changes on the backend in very little time and prefer having a more efficient website.



OxyExtras concentrates on providing a nice variety of design elements for website design.

OxyExtras adds more than 30 additional elements such as author biographies, infoboxes, and more to work with. Their creators are regularly adding new elements roughly every few weeks.


OxyExtras review.

Premium Oxygen Builder addons.


The infinite scroller, popovers, hotspots, and the pre-loader are some of the OxyExtras elements that I find useful. Each resource has an impressive amount of features.

OxyExtras also has a few elements for WooCommerce users, such as a cart counter and mini cart.


Oxy Ultimate

You can also improve your workflow with the Oxy Ultimate addon. You get 33 different components to use on the Oxygen site. These components range from basic typographical elements, WooCommerce elements, etc.


Oxy Ultimate review.


Form stylers are some of the more unique attributes that this addon offers. You can visually customize CSS, which can style different forms such as Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms. Sse this Oxygen addon to style forms without having to place custom CSS in a style sheet.


Editor Enhancer

Editor Enhancer offers a suite of extensions to improve your workflow. Unlike some of the other workflow plugins, this one can integrate directly into the Oxygen user interface, offering slight tweaks that make the usability better and increase your efficiency.


Oxygen Editor Enhancer review.



  • Copy/Paste – allows classes and components to be copied between sites. Paste codes can also be used on various projects at later dates.
  • Items can easily be renamed, duplicated, and saved. You can toggle media queries and panels. Add components from your keyboard and customize the action sequences for every action.
  • Quick buttons can be added that let you open advanced panels when viewport extensions are used. You can reduce editor load times. If you want a quick menu, just right-click.
  • Improve workflow by adding navigation dropdowns, global color palettes in Gutenberg, and customizable template categories.


Hydrogen Pack

Hydrogen Pack has several functions that aren’t found in the Oxygen Builder core plugin. It can help make things easier with its sandbox mode, more than sixty customizable shortcuts, an enhanced structure panel, styles and elements that can be copy/paste, etc.


Hydrogen Pack review.


The keyboard shortcuts are the feature that most users will like. You have immediate access to well-known shortcuts such as Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + V for paste, and Ctrl + S or CMD for saving.

You can configure other shortcuts too. Using Shift + I for images, Shift + D to add a div, and Shift + S to add a new section makes things more straightforward.

You can always rebind and alter shortcuts as needed. Certain Hydrogen key sets can be linked with most Oxygen mouse click operations. You can make your own keybind combinations with Ctrl or Cmd, Alt, Shift.

Another awesome built-in keybind is the Ctrl + left or right arrow key to shift between breakpoints in Oxygen Builder. Instead of clicking the little device preview and choosing your desired breakpoint, you simply hold Ctrl and tap left or right on your keyboard, and it switches the device view automatically.

Many common right-click actions are available with the right-click menu. Styles can be copied and pasted, and whole sections or elements can be copied. You can also copy conditions. This function is an excellent addition because, typically, copying a few elements across different sections can often take more time and effort.

The Structure Panel has several essential functions. It allows you to rename elements fast, use icons that identify the kind of element that you’re using, work with an enhanced drag and drop feature, and complete other goals.

Hydrogen also offers Hydrogen Paste, a free Oxygen Builder add-on independent from the paid version, allowing users to share prebuilt components between sites by copying and pasting.


Swiss Knife Pro for Oxygen

The Swiss Knife Pro Oxygen Builder addon is a more comprehensive enhancement to the Swiss Knife free version. It’s aimed at improving Oxygen Builder workflows. Some of its unique features are a custom fonts manager, an intuitive bug mode, and light and dark themes with better contrast.


Best Oxygen Builder workflow addon.


The main selling point are custom themes for the Oxygen Builder editor, which make the buttons easier to click and view. If you use the code block element when creating sites, this tool adds the autocomplete functionality as well as emmet abbreviations.


  • Easily switch between search page and template without leaving the builder.
  • The class lock function can help to minimize errors. You won’t have to worry about site problems due to a class that was mistakenly edited that was part of the layout.
  • There are 40 different predesigned customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Get optimized elements that bring necessary actions into the focus. Get a richer experience with a more emphasized UI. You can choose from several themes: Dark, Light, and Default (Oxygen Builder Colors).
  • You can use Custom Fonts.
  • Include Scripts and Styles in Oxygen websites.
  • Every element of Advanced Tab ( for both JavaScript and CSS) has Code Hint (Autocomplete) enabled. This feature is also available for all CSS and JavaScript code blocks.
  • CSS and HTML workflows can be enhanced using the Emmet text editor plugin. It’s integrated using the feature Code Hint.
  • The Bug icon will appear in the top bar when the debug feature is enabled.
  • Adds a visual indication of what each element is without needing to write a description for them.


Agency Base

Agency Base extension for Oxygen Builder can help with the following:

  • Responsive font sizing based on the browser viewport width.
  • CSS variables are generated automatically from theme colors and their shades.
  • Naming classes regularly is made easier with the standard name class library.
  • Settings can be moved across your sites via the import/export feature.
  • WooCommerce, global settings, and all Oxygen components can have basic CSS global color variables.
  • You can create more than one minimum/maximum viewport scale set if you want more choices. You can also set image size, margin, responsive padding, etc.
Improve Oxygen Builder workflow with Agency Base addon.
It is the missing tool for rapid and consistent development of websites with the Oxygen Builder.


Nimbufy For Oxygen

Nimbufy 2 is a Chrome extension. It is not a WordPress plugin. Most of the features included with Nimbufy for Oxygen aren’t available anywhere else. Oxygen templates can be created quickly from HTML sites and are completely editable with the website builder.

You simply enter a URL into the tool, it will process the HTML of the underlying page, convert it into Oxygen format, and display an editable version of that page within the builder.

JavaScript isn’t touched, and any responsive layouts will not be imported. You can save significant time and effort when using Nimbufy for Oxygen to implement any structural items according to other site designs to your own website.

With this extension, you purchase KBs of allocation. This means is that if a website ends up being 400 KB’s after being processed into Oxygen’s format, that’s how many credits you’ll need to access the files.


Oxy Transfer Pro

Oxy Transfer Pro tool only has one job. It was designed to allow users to export and import blocks, pages, and other template types across various Oxygen installations. General migration functions are available with the plugin’s free version, while the pro version is oriented towards those who want to sell their Oxygen assets.


Asura For Oxygen

Asura for Oxygen addon is unique. It shows users how to make money from completed design sets instead of concentrating on workflow efficiency.

Anyone who has ever bought or published a plugin has encountered license keys.  People who create Oxygen design sets can profit from their efforts. New functions are being continually added, and EDD and WooCommerce integration will be added in the future.


Oxygen Builder Addons Conclusion

This article aimed to provide you with enough information about some of the most used Oxygen Builder addons to help you make an informed selection. I wanted to cover all of the useful addons available. If I forgot to mention some addons for Oxygen Builder, please feel free to inform me. I’ll add anything relevant to the list.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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