HostArmada Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Good Choice For WordPress Hosting?



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free daily backups
  • Security features
  • Free domain
  • Free website migration for up to five sites
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Cloud SSD storage
  • Speed optimized servers


  • No monthly pricing option
  • LiteSpeed available only in most expensive plans
  • Initial rates for plans are lower, but renewals are costlier

Having the right web hosting service can sometimes make or break a business site. Your web host can greatly impact a website’s speed, security, and overall user experiences. It definitely pays to do your homework before selecting a web host. If you are a beginner, you can opt for a hosting provider that offers plenty of features at a reasonable rate.

Choosing the right WordPress hosting is not an easy task with so many option available. The web hosting provider you choose will have a major impact on your site. This HostArmada review will show you what this cloud-based SSD WordPress hosting offers, as well as benefits you get like automatic backups, single-click installation, maintenance features, etc.


HostArmada Review

HostArmada is relatively new to the web hosting industry. The company is based in Delaware in the USA. HostArmada launched in 2019. They have quickly made a good name for itself with many positive reviews.

HostArmada offers dedicated servers, WooCommerce and WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud-based SSD hosting, shared hosting, development hosting, Magento hosting, domain-related services, etc. Their servers are located in Australia, Canada, India, Germany, Singapore, UK, and the US. Check all datacenters.

The company works closely with several well-known and trusted brands. Some of their business partners are Intel, Imunify360 (which is used to prevent malware and hacking attempts on servers), JetApps, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux OS (which is used to quicken site loading in various areas), Cloudflare, cPanel, and SpamExperts (which is used to safeguard customers’ email accounts from spam and viruses).


What Features You Get?

HostArmada specializes in cloud-based hosting, which means customer data and resources are spread across multiple servers. This approach brings several advantages.

Because sites are stored in more than one location, cloud-based web hosting is usually much more secure than many typical website server configurations. It also provides faster loading times because distributed resources lead to less strain on servers.


HostArmada WordPress hosting review.


HostArmada uses Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for all its hosting plans. This further improves a site’s overall performance. Added stability, automatic backups, and one-click installation are some of the most popular WordPress managed features HostArmada provides.

Hosting plans come at affordable pricing. You can have an effective web hosting plan for as little as $2.69 monthly. You can easily upgrade as your site expands and additional resources are needed. You can save money by signing up for their three-year plan. You’ll be charged $2.69/month with the basic plan option.

When selecting a data center, select one closest to your target audience to provide your visitors with a faster loading experience. HostArmada offers three managed cloud shared hosting service plans – Start Dock, Web Wrap, and Speed Reaper.

Some of the features that you can expect to see in these plans are:

  1. Unmetered bandwidth
  2. cPanel
  3. Cloud Solid State Drive storage
  4. Free SSL certificate
  5. Automatic daily backups. If you ever need to restore data for any reason, all it takes is a single click of the mouse.
  6. Free domain name. HostArmada offers free domain registration as long as you remain their customer. If you only want to use a hosting service, you can use your current domain name.
  7. Free site builder
  8. The Softaculous one-click app installer
  9. Most recent PHP version
  10. If you’re moving from another hosting provider, you can take advantage of HostArmada’s free WordPress site migration.
  11. Create as many databases and emails as needed.
  12. LiteSpeed Cache
  13. Memcached Cache
  14. Brotli compression to minimize page loading times and page sizes.
  15. The Connect Limit feature lets you assign a specific limit for the number of requests per second from a single IP address. This reduces the possibility of DoS attacks.
  16. Web Application Firewall Solution (WAFS) to take care of treats such as SQL injection or XSS attack.
  17. Some of the routine functions include proactive zero-day attack detention, live security monitoring, malware scanning, intrusion detection, etc.

HostArmada’s shared hosting can be used on an unlimited number of websites. You’ll receive cloud SSD storage space between 15 GB and 40 GB. You’ll also have a faster site that performs better because cloud SSD drives are quicker than most typical disk drives.

All of HostArmada’s hosting plans have support for multiple PHP versions. They also provide unlimited FTP accounts, databases, and email accounts.

Host Armada uses cPanel, which is an industry-standard control panel. It’s become the preferred choice because of its multiple functions and ease of use. cPanel is a valuable resource for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on manually controlling site tasks and for beginners.


HostArmada uses cPanel as a control panel.
HostArmada uses popular and easy to use cPanel as a control panel.


You can use hundreds of well-known applications with the Softaculous single-click app installer. HostArmada also has a very intuitive free drag and drop website builder. You don’t need to know much about building sites to create your own custom site from scratch using available diverse themes and templates.


HostArmada Interface

HostArmada uses generally accepted standards in the industry. Their hosting plans come with Client Area and the popular cPanel control panel. Both interfaces are simple to use. It doesn’t take more than several clicks to control important functions effectively.

HostArmada provides a Client Area. It can be used to easily control your billing information, subaccounts, invoices, orders, support tickets, domain names, and hosting services. Client Area can also be used on your cell phone and other mobile devices.


HostArmada client area dashboard.
Client dashboard looks very nice, everything is at neatly organized and very easy to use,


cPanel is the leading hosting management control panel that’s used by the majority of web hosting providers. Its efficiency, simple interface, and impressive features are what attract so many users.

All HostArmada hosting plans include an individual cPanel account. This makes it easier for you to install multiple apps, restore backups, manage DNS records and email accounts, check account metrics, and manage all of your databases and web files.


Speed Performance

Website speed is critical no matter if you have an e-commerce store, portfolio sites, blog website, or any other type of site. Faster websites help minimize bounce rates, improve site search rankings, and entice visitors to spend more time on site. Most successful website hosting companies invest in optimizing their servers for speed as their primary selling points.


HostArmada data center locations.
HostArmada data center locations.


HostAramda uses cloud SSD platform, LiteSpeed cache, Memcached cache, Brotli compression, etc. to keep sites fast. HostArmada does not make compromises when it comes to speed. All of their plans use either LiteSpeed or Nginx web servers, which can greatly increase a website’s speed.

HostArmada provides fast websites because of where their data center locations are placed across the globe. Clients can deploy their websites in areas nearest to their target markets, thus giving them a TTFB advantage.


HostArmada Uptime

Server uptime is another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a hosting service. If you want to know whether or not the uptime claims that companies make are true, you should make an effort to monitor server uptime. You can use UptimeRobot or any other third-party resources to accomplish this task.

No company is ever going to be able to promise 100% uptime. There will always be complicated technical concerns, regular maintenance, and unexpected issues from time to time. I wouldn’t trust a hosting provider that claims 100% uptime.

HostArmada’s guarantee is 99.9%, which is typical for most service providers. Any number less than that would probably be a waste of your time and money.


Security Features

Security can be a very sensitive subject when web hosting is concerned. Many site owners become victims of low-security configurations on servers instead of proactive monitoring and malware prevention.

HostArmada security takes another approach to keeping sites safe with their unique configuration which uses AI machine learning. They state that their system automatically updates itself and frequently looks for existing issues. They also have a malware scanner service that’s available free of charge. This service can find various malware that’ can be hidden in your site files.


managed wordpress hosting security


HostArmada provides a vast amount of security measurements like Web Application Firewall, Connections Level Limits, Requests Checking Service, Static Files Checking, DDoS Protection, Malware Scanning, Intrusion Detection, Live Monitoring, etc.

The company also provides free SSL certificates for all sites that use their servers. These certificates encrypt the connection between browser and server. This makes your communication line much safer from possible threats.


Pricing & Support

You can purchase a HostArmada plan without having to spend a lot of money. You can opt to be billed once every year, once every two years, or once every three years. There’s also a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. All plans come with a free domain name and free website migration.

Learning Center is HomeArmada’s headquarters for knowledgebase. You can find various tutorials about the services and features that HostArmada offers. You can reach their customer support via email, telephone, live chat, or help desk ticket at any time, day or night throughout the year.

Price is a good reason to consider HostArmada. All important features are included in their hosting plans. You don’t have to pay extra for premium support, backups, email services, SSL certificates, and other added functions. Their prices are very competitive. HostArmada also runs regular promotions, so you may be able to get an even better deal by signing up during one of their special offers.


HostArmada WordPress hosting pricing plans.
Example of pricing plans and their features for WordPress hosting. Usually they have promotional terms valid for the first Signup term. Upon renewal, the regular price is charged.


HostArmada has plans for every type of website. You have managed cloud WordPress hosting, SSD shared hosting on the cloud, cloud VPS hosting, dedicated CPU server hosting, opensource hosting, and development hosting.

You can choose from three different shared web hosting plans. Those are Star Dock and Web Wrap, which are NGINX based, and Speed Reaper, which is LiteSpeed powered. All three plans have their own set of features. Clients can upscale as their site and company expand without breaking their budget.

HostArmada also has four VPS hosting plans. They are Web Shuttle, Web Voyager, Web Raider, and Site Carrier. It’s easy to upgrade any hosting plans at any time. All you need to do is to go to HostArmada’s Client Area and then visit the Upgrade Center to make your selection.

The company offers a dedicated CPU service. The plans somewhat resemble to their VPS cloud SSD. The main difference in this option is that you have a more powerful CPU to work with. This plan works well for sites with large traffic sites.


HostArmada Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of some of the pros and cons of using HostArmada hosting.


  • They maintain a low number of clients per server. This improves website loading times.
  • HostArmada is very affordable. They offer some of the lowest hosting prices on the market today, especially when you consider all of the features you get.
  • HostArmada specializes in website optimization. The company really takes this to an entirely different level. Optimization is conducted for each customer’s site(s) to ensure they operate at peak performance.
  • As long as you’re a HostArmada client, you will have a free domain. This is a significant difference compared to other providers who only allow customers to have a free domain for up to a year.
  • Remotely stored daily backups are free.
  • Access to fully managed control panel.
  • They offer free website migration for up to five different sites. HostArmada’s veteran technical support staffers will perform the migrations for you without downtime or loss of data.
  • Sectigo-powered free automatic SSL certificates will be provided. All certificates are automatically issued and renewed.
  • There’s a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with their service.
  • You can make as many email addresses as you want on any of HostArmada’s plans for free. There are only limitations on the mailbox size. The restriction will depend on the hosting package that you’ve purchased.
  • You’ll quickly receive responses from the customer support team in case of issues. Their support staff is always available.
  • HostArmada has nine data centers located in different regions across the globe to provide better speeds.
  • You get a free drag and drop website builder with any of their shared hosting plans.
  • SSD storage is also included with any hosting plan that you choose.
  • Security firewalls are supplied at many levels. This helps keep your sites safe from hacking, malware, and other attacks.



  • None of their hosting plans have a monthly pricing option. Many users look for companies that offer monthly subscription plans to try out their services and features before committing for a longer time. They don’t like having to make a long-term obligation. However, HostArmada still has a 45-day money-back guarantee. You can try the service and if not satisfied ask for a refund.
  • Renewal rates for HostArmada’s plans can be rather expensive, like with any other hosting provider. Initial rates for their plans are lower, but renewals are costlier. They still have some of the most affordable hosting plans on the market today.
  • You’ll need the Speed Reaper plan to use the LiteSpeed web server. LiteSpeed is well known in the industry because of its improved speed and site performance capabilities. HostArmada only makes this server available to the highest hosting plan.


HostArmada Review Conclusion

WordPress websites need a good web host. Speed and service are essential. The company that you select needs to meet your needs so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Cost is one of the main reasons people work with specific hosting providers. Shared hosting plans are usually quite reasonably priced and most often the choice of website owners who just started their site.

The biggest concern with using a shared web host is that there can be many sites using that server simultaneously. If there are too many sites using that server’s resources, websites can start to load slower than normal or experience more persistent downtime issues.

Fortunately, HostArmada places fewer users on the same server. You’ll have a lower server load and better speed, CPU, and overall performance. Their 99.9% uptime claim means that you don’t have to fret over downtime or speed.

There are many cheap WordPress hosting providers, and HostArmada also has great selection of affordable plans. If you would rather try some other hosting option, then I suggest you take a look at WP Engine review, GreenGeeks review, 10Web review, Cloudways review, HostPapa review as well as free WordPress hosting disadvantages.

You can check HostArmada reviews on TrustPilot from other customers if you are not sure if it is a right choice for you. The reviews from users are excellent.

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  1. I’m with them now. My plan is Shared – Speed Reaper. The renewal rate as stated $18.95, but they offered me a discount on renewal. I find this company is flexible on pricing. I have been with Greengeeks before. I have been with them for 8 yrs, but they never offered me a discount on renewal even if I asked for it.

    By far, their server is perfect. Highly recommended. I’m from Malaysia; they have a data centre in Singapore near me.

    1. Hi Jornes,

      Thank you for providing your feedback regarding HostArmada. Yes, I also always ask for renewal discount with any hosting provider.

      1. I found their service is really good. Not only good on sales but technical support too. I thank god I found such a web hosting company with superb service.

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