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Novi Builder


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Impressive template gallery
  • Range of plans to suit different user needs
  • Simple WYSIWYG Visual Editing
  • Ability to make changes to HTML/CSS/JS code
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Less friendly to non-programmers
  • No free version

Novi Builder claims to offer effortless drag-and-drop builder to make site creation easy. But is this the right tool for you? Find out in this in-depth Novi Builder review. A few years ago, building an HTML website required a lot of coding knowledge.

Then, visual HTML editors with drag-and-drop builders appeared and completely changed the website building game. Now, you don’t need any coding experience to create a visually stunning and responsive website.

But how can you be sure of getting something that will not fail you? Novi Builder is considered to be an HTML drag-and-drop builder to create a professionally-looking website both for non-techies and experts.

I am going to attempt to provide you with all the necessary details about Novi Builder. Let’s go through the main points to understand whether this visual builder deserves your attention.


Novi Builder Review – Drag And Drop HTML Editor

The development of Novi Builder started four years ago. To cut a long story short, the year 2016 did not manage to impress with lots of opportunities to create a website simply. Fortunately, various web-developers started working on adding multiple new features to existing ones.

The team of Novi was one of these squads that made research on dominant things in the world of web-development and tried to include them in their brand new digital creation.

For this reason, the Novi Team continued their research. They took into consideration three main characteristics that should be included in the user-friendly website builder:

  • a creator-friendly working mechanism that allows creating well-structured layouts without touching even a single line of code;
  • a drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easier for novices in website-building to create a marvelous online-project;
  • a completely intuitive interface that speeds up the process of getting a future website ready.


drag drop html editor


In 2017, people were ready to start working with a classic version of Novi Builder. Since that time, the Novi team does not stops following the latest trends and adds more helpful options and additional instruments.

In 2019. Novi Builder turns out to be a feature-rich HTML drag-and-drop builder that can be used by users of different skill levels. It is also a B2B/B2C online-platform. What does it mean?

B2B stands for business-to-business. In other words, this means an exchange of items, services, and information between multiple businesses.

In terms of Novi Builder, B2B refers to those users who create their templates and provide other people (including those who work in the field of web development, eCommerce, and email marketing) with a significant number of them.


html website builder drag and drop


B2C stands for business-to-customer. In this case, I speak about the connection between a company and its clients (and transactions that they conduct).

A client becomes an end-user who uses different products provided by the company. In terms of Novi Builder, B2C refers to those users who already have their websites.

It is possible for them to get any HTML template they want and import the existing online-projects. Novi Builder is a mix of these two business models which makes it a pretty suitable variant for different users.


Novi Builder Features

I have already mentioned that the Novi Builder is suitable for B2C users. Here are some tools oriented at end-users:

1. Page Manager – Page Manager allows creating, deleting, editing pages, and managing their settings.


novi page builder


2. Three Main Modes – When you start working with Novi Builder, you can notice that there are different modes intended to help users in various tasks.  There is a preview, edit, and design mode.

3. Preview ModeThere is no need to say that preview is a crucial step in the process of website building.  This mode allows seeing the quick results of your work. You can check your design and understand whether it requires some changes.

4. Edit Mode – This mode makes it possible to work with various types of content. As an example, you can easily edit buttons, images, icons, texts, etc.

5. Design Mode – One more mode is created for web-developers who prefer working with code.  Thanks to it, you can edit your design and improve your skills.


html website builder


6. Instruments for Developers – If you expect Novi Builder to have multiple tools for developers in its package, you will be happy to experience work with HTML, CSS, and JS editor.

Needless to say that it allows editing the source code without any limits. Preset Manager makes everything easier in terms of creating online-projects.

You just create some new presets and save them to use later. Just choose the needed content element, select it in the workspaces, and save by clicking Save as Preset (can be found in the context menu).


novi html drag and drop site builder


7. Instant Publishing – You probably know that it is imperative to keep your online-project up-to-date. For this reason, Novi Builder comes together with an instant publishing tool. In the right corner on the top, you can find the button Publish Site. By the way, you can also choose a publication path and work with configuration options.

8. Additional Features

  • Change Resolution allows changing the workspace size in one single click;
  • Settings allow getting access to the settings of the website or its pages;
  • Download Template allows downloading your brand new template and sharing it with your clients.


Novi Membership Pricing

The great thing about Novi Builder is its reasonable pricing, compared to the average price of similar services offered on the market. It doesn’t have a free version, unlike many popular website builders.

Free Weebly or Wix website building modes have limited customization opportunities, starting from a third-level domain name and finishing with undesirable ad placement.

Novi Membership includes three main plans: Startup – $29 per year, Advanced – $49 per year, and Developer – $149 one time payment. Each plan includes the same core features but offers access to a different number of pre-made templates.

Also only with developer plan you have lifetime updates and support while in Startup and Advanced you pay every year. A more limited license that only includes six months of technical support can also be purchased for $16 from a third-party vendor.


visual HTML drag and drop builder


For a one-time website modification, the Startup plan will be most suitable. But, if you want to build a site from scratch, the Advanced plan is a better option as it includes multiple pre-made templates.

Furthermore, if you are a professional site designer, then the Developer plan will be best because it offers lifetime template access.

Novi Membership updates give you access to the newest added templates, as well as the updated versions of already presented items. Moreover, you will get access to new features, plugins, element and bug fixes.


novi builder templates


Also, let’s not forget that Novi is sold at TemplateMonster for only $16 for a single regular license or $80 for an extended license (the price includes six months of technical support).

You can also install Novi Builder templates on WordPress. However, you will have to deal with all the necessary modifications and code changes on your own.

You can purchase the Novi Builder separately. Keep in mind that you cannot get a membership (including ready-made solutions and plugins) if you buy this drag-and-drop builder on some third-party website.


Startup ($29/year) Advanced ($49/year) Developer ($149/one time)
Novi Visual HTML Builder Novi Visual HTML Builder Lifetime access to Novi Visual HTML Builder
Novi plugins Novi plugins Lifetime access to Novi plugins
Unlimited projects Unlimited projects Lifetime unlimited projects
Free updates Free updates Lifetime free updates
Developer support Developer support Lifetime developer support
30-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Multipurpose HTML template 20+ HTML templates Lifetime access to all Novi templates


Novi Builder vs Default HTML Builder

Novi Builder HTML Builder
Edit Text YES YES
Stylized text (bold, color, italics, and others) YES YES
Tools for designers YES NO
Multiple pages creation YES YES
Project backup YES NO
Responsive Design YES YES
Autosave YES NO
Page Preview YES NO
Search block by categories/contents/name YES YES
Grid setup YES NO
Edit URLs User Plugin YES
Slider setup User Plugin NO
Map setup User Plugin NO
Contact Form setup User Plugin NO
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook setup User Plugin NO
Accordion setup YES NO
Navigation Setup YES YES
Add/Remove elements (widgets) YES NO
Add/Remove blocks (sections) YES YES

In addition to the range of the features making one solution different from another, there are also characteristics those have in common. Novi Builder and the three competitors, all support multi-page HTML templates and landing pages.

All of them feature tools and features that will be of use for the end-users, business owners, as well as webmasters. However, only Novi Builder can be applied to the existing HTML sites. You can also check comparison between Novi Builder vs HTML Builder vs Variant Builder vs Architect Builder.


A Few More Words About Novi Builder Capabilities

Let me summarize everything that Novi Builder makes possible:

  • edit your content in a user-friendly live mode;
  • import various HTML templates (in case you have already purchased some);
  • copy, remove, replace, and insert lots of web-design components;
  • take advantage of different content blocks that are included in the ready-made template as pre-designed elements;
  • edit URLs and texts;
  • work with backgrounds and change their colors, add images, and create gradients;
  • choose from a modern collection of Google Fonts;
  • add a marvelous slider, Parallax effect, Google Maps; and contact forms;
  • build eye-catching carousels and make your content look visually-impressive.


Novi Builder Review | Drag And Drop HTML Editor Summary

Novi Builder itself is extremely easy to use. It’s an excellent choice for designing an HTML website if you don’t have a lot of coding experience. It’s not as straightforward to use as many other website builders, but it can be an excellent tool for many developers.

To make the building easier, it comes with plenty of templates for you to choose from. And the business-specific template gallery is a very thoughtful addition.

Novi Builder is a 100% worthy alternative to some other website building services. Although it’s a relatively young builder on the market, it has a lot to offer for such an attractive cost.

First of all, it has a decent collection of modern HTML templates where everyone can find something suitable for their own business.

Second, it features an intuitive drag-and-drop builder with the opportunity to edit code right on the same page! Novi Builder supports different popular browsers. It is also tested continuously in Google Chrome and Safari.

You will receive updates automatically as soon as they are released. You can also download the latest ready-made templates in the Downloads section.

Developer Plan allows creating and selling templates that you create using Novi Builder. You are free to present your digital products on various marketplaces.

I hope you liked reading this Novi Builder review. If you have used Novi Builder or use some other HTML drag and drop builder let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

And if Novi Builder is not what you are looking for, then there are many other drag and drop builders available like Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, etc.

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