WooCommerce NetSuite Integration – How To Connect NetSuite & WooCommerce?

NetSuite offers more than 450 integrations, from which 20 of those are payment processing applications. That’s a lot of integrations! If you want to connect your WooCommerce store with your NetSuite account, you will need proper WooCommerce NetSuite integration.

Having your WooCommerce online store and other vital systems communicate back and forth with your NetSuite ERP is essential for running a business smoothly.

WooCommerce NetSuite integration lets you use all of the connectivity that Oracle NetSuite ERP offers. It can help improve overall user experience.

This integration helps control all of your order fulfillment, product inventory and financial tasks. It automatically links order information, product, and customer data between WooCommerce and NetSuite. It makes your front-end and back-end systems more comfortable to manage so that you can concentrate on running a business effectively.

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How To Connect NetSuite & WooCommerce?

Medium-sized companies and enterprises are Netsuite’s ideal users. Overall, NetSuite is a complete business management solution for companies that need more than just accounting software like Quickbooks (see how to integrate WooCommerce with QuickBooks) or Xero (see WooCommerce and Xero integration methods).

And if you need simple, basic plugin for accounting needs that is not connected to any third-party software, then I suggest you check Finpose review.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce tools. Using WooCommerce and NetSuite integration provides store owners option to combine NetSuite’s impressive functions with the power of the WooCommerce platform.

Below you will find several useful WooCommerce Netsuite plugins and tools for connecting NetSuite with the WooCommerce store.


WooCommerce NetSuite Integration Plugin

WooCommerce-Netsuite Integration plugin allows you to synchronize and customer data and orders from WooCommerce to NetSuite in real-time.

All of your customers and orders will automatically be sent to NetSuite. The plugin’s admin settings can be used to map classes, currencies, custom fields, custom forms, payment methods, sales reps, shipping items, subsidiaries, and other important NetSuite fields. Inventory information is automatically synchronized, and data is retrieved from NetSuite to update WooCommerce products data.


Best WordPress NetSuite integration plugin.


WooCommerce action hooks are used to trigger real-time synchronizations. The plugin uses NetSuite SuitTalk web services for this integration.

API “Add/Update” tasks are fully supported, and customers are linked in real-time. Admins can define which WooCommerce roles will be synchronized. Subsidiary, shipping address, billing address, currency and all other customer data are supported. You can also take advantage of the Create Customer as Company, Avoid Duplicates, and Advanced Mapping functions.

Plugin syncs orders in real-time and order data including customer, currency, order items, order memo, custom form, class, subsidiary, sales-rep, shipping address, billing address, order statuses, and shipping total to NetSuite.

Product SKUs are used to update inventory data on WooCommerce from NetSuite automatically. The NetSuite Item Number and the WooCommerce Product SKU should match. You can choose how often this information is updated (hourly, twice daily, or daily). The Manual Sync Option and Multiple Locations are some of the advanced functions that can be used.


Woocommerce Netsuite Connector Plugin

This WooCommerce NetSuite connector plugin sends WooCommerce data to NetSuite CRM. The rules that you assign will be sent to the particular NetSuite CRM object.


Woocommerce Netsuite Connector plugin.



  • You can map any WooCommerce order fields to the NetSuite object fields. You can integrate WooCommerce and NetSuite CRM-Account by any authentification.
  • You get to decide when your WooCommerce order data is submitted to NetSuite.
  • You can create setup conditions and multiple feeds for sending WooCommerce orders to NetSuite CRM.
  • If there ever is a problem in sending WooCommerce information to NetSuite CRM, the specified email will receive a message with the error details.
  • You can see comprehensive logs for each WooCommerce order that was sent (successfully or unsuccessfully) to NetSuite CRM. You can always resubmit orders to NetSuite CRM at any time.
  • NetSuite CRM logs can be exported as CSV files for bookkeeping, accounting, forecasting and other uses.
  • NetSuite CRM entries are synchronized with all of the WooCommerce orders. If an order is altered, restored, or deleted, that information will update in NetSuite CRM.
  • All WooCommerce orders are sent to NetSuite CRM by default. You can create setup rules and add filters to reduce the amount of orderst sent to NetSuite CRM.
  • Customer and task can be designated to any employee in NetSuite CRM. You can use WooCommerce order information to assign them to various employees as needed.
  • You can synchronize everything from NetSuite to WooCommerce (categories, products, product attributes, stock quantity, product options, etc.).


Nova Mod WooCommerce-NetSuite Integration App (Connector)

Integration apps are individual software as a service (SaaS) tools that link different applications to one another. They are built on an iPaaS, which allows for a level of robustness and customization not possible with direct connections. This allows for greater levels of synchronization and strength that direct connections don’t have.


Nova Mod WooCommerce NetSuite integration application.


This integration app works right out of the box. Its customization choices and features can help you adjust optimal connection needs. Celigo’s integrator.io is the iPaaS that Nova Module’s WooCommerce Connector for NetSuite tool was built on. The Celigo App is created so that store owners can use it without having to face a steep learning curve.

The application features let store owners import order and customer data from WooCommerce to NetSuite. They can also export fulfillment data from NetSuite to WooCommerce, auto-bill orders in NetSuite to automatically generate an invoice, a cash sale or both.


WooCommerce NetSuite integration app.


Product data and inventory quantities can also be exported from NetSuite to WooCommerce. You can use the revolutionary mapping options between systems.


  • You can see customer and order data in NetSuite as soon as customers purchases on the WooCommerce store.
  • Shipping information and tracking numbers can be sent to customers in real-time after shipping is processed in NetSuite.
  • Sales orders can be billed automatically in NetSuite. This information can then be imported into WooCommerce.
  • NetSuite can be your sole source of order data. It can also help ensure that your WooCommerce inventory numbers are accurate.
  • You can manage product catalogs from NetSuite to WooCommerce store directly. This includes pricing, product variations, and other product attributes.
  • Integrate and sync multiple WooCommerce stores.


Bridge WooCommerce & NetSuite Integration Solution

eBridge Connections has a pre-built cloud-based NetSuite connector. Their NetSuite connector easily connects to WooCommerce and hundreds of different EDI trading partners.

Data exchange in multiple directions across systems eliminates the need for entering information by hand. You can better use that time and effort in managing your business. NetSuite-powered companies can use the eBridge integration tool to support more than a thousand data touch points and dozens of already developed aplication connectors.


Bridge WooCommerce & NetSuite connector.


eBridge’s WooCommerce connectors are already created for you. You no longer need to enter WooCommerce orders by hand or upload daily orders in batches.

What you get:

  1. Automatic data connection in two directions between WooCommerce and NetSuite.
  2. Connectors on a universal connection network that are pre-designed and can be activated to accomplish company goals.
  3. No physical software is required. All the data translations and connections are managed in the cloud.
  4. You don’t need separate mapping, thanks to shared business rules.


Folio3 Netsuite WooCommerce Integration Connector

Folio3 is a completely automated connection between WooCommerce and NetSuite. All changes are updated as they occur. You can sync all billing information, customer data, inventory quantities, order fulfillments, products, and orders automatically between NetSuite and WooCommerce.


Folio3 Netsuite WooCommerce Integration Connector tool.



  • The ability to automatically transfer SKUs, pricing, product categories, and other product data from NetSuite to WooCommerce.
  • You can automatically sync and update all inventory levels from NetSuite to WooCommerce.
  • Multi store, various pricing tiers, and multiple currencies are all fully supported.
  • Support for multiple warehouses.
  • Coupons and promotional codes support.
  • Sales order and customer data is automatically sync from WooCommerce to NetSuite.
  • Identify returning customers.
  • Manage customer accounts.
  • Recurring sales orders and different payment methods are supported.
  • Import billing information for all items sold from WooCommerce into NetSuite.
  • Fulfilled order statuses can be synced from NetSuite to WooCommerce.
  • Shipping information for fulfilled orders from NetSuite can also be synced with WooCommerce.
  • Partial order fulfillment is supported.
  • You can create invoices in WooCommerce and/or NetSuite.


In8Sync WooCommerce NetSuite DirectConnect

You don’t need to waste any more time syncing data manually. This WooCommerce NetSuite integration tool will sync data in multiple directions between NetSuite and WordPress and WooCommerce for an omnichannel involvement.

With In8Sync’s WooCommerce NetSuite integration bundle, you don’t have to learn how to use a new platform. In8Sync WooCommerce NetSuite DirectConnect is is natively built into and fully hosted in NetSuite. This takes less effort and time to control, saves you money in the long run, and allows you to enjoy peak performance from the system.


In8Sync WooCommerce NetSuite DirectConnect.


Automated NetSuite and WordPress/WooCommerce data integrations are completely automatic. They occur as the information changes. You can relax. Synchronization of customers, inventory, orders, and products shouldn’t give you any cause for concern.

You can access all of these impressive tool features immediately. In8Sync’s dedicated developer team takes care of the installation for you. They also provide fully-managed support.


  •  In8Sync’s NetSuite WooCommerce integration is hosted fully within NetSuite.
  • NetSuite’s website categories can be used to manage and sync categories. You can also go into WooCommerce to control categories if you prefer.
  • Real-time connection with WooCommerce makes it easier to sync with NetSuite. You can sync and map important accounting data and product information.
  • You can set specific times for synchronizing inventory stock levels.
  • NetSuite or WooCommerce can be used to create and manage new customers. The integration looks for, discovers, and makes new customers in NetSuite after they’ve bought items in your WooCommerce store.
  • WooCommerce can be configured to automatically apply any mapp discounts on products that are currently on sale. This simplifies the control of coupons and other discounts.
  • Tax rates can be sync from NetSuite to WooCommerce. You could also use tax service in WooCommerce and then sync calculated amount to your NetSuite sales orders.
  • You can capture and authorize payments in WooCommerce. You can also use WooCommerce to authorize credit cards and then use NetSuite to process the payment after the order has been fulfilled. All major payment gateways are supported.
  • WooCommerce can be set up to set preferred shipping methods. You can use standard WooCommerce methods, table rate shipping, or integrate a shipping calculator plugin. Any shipping methods in WooCommerce will get mapped to the related NetSuite shipping method on the sales orders.
  • Automatically send shipment tracking information back to WooCommerce from the item fulfillment record.


NetScore WooCommerce Connector for NetSuite

NetScore connector easily integrates the WooCommerce store with NetSuite.


NetScore WooCommerce Connector for NetSuite.



  • Price, product, and category data are sent from NetSuite to WooCommerce in real-time.
  • Easily connect multiple stores by using configuration records in NetSuite.
  • As orders are fulfilled in NetSuite, the relevant shipping and tracking information is also updated on the WooCommerce user orders.
  • Customer and order data is submitted to NetSuite as that information is entered. Repeat business will be recognized in the system.
  • Automatically lowers items available in inventory based on the item purchase history. This reduces discrepancies between WooCommerce and NetSuite.
  • WooCommere store users can view price and inventory information in real time. This can help them make informed decisions.
  • Orders are fulfilled and processed from warehouse quickly due to real-time order information procedures.


WooCommerce & WordPress NetSuite Integration Conclusion

Integration platforms are important for WooCommerce online stores that are connected with NetSuite. They ensure that your inventory levels are up to date and that the orders will appear appropriately in your NetSuite system.

You can sync tracking and shipping data between NetSuite and WooCommerce. This will improve your order fulfillment processes’ efficiency. It also means that you won’t have to concern yourself about entering order information manually.

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