How To Make Your WooCommerce Site Personalized & Interactive?

It is always good to find new ways on how to improve your WooCommerce site. The joys of e-Commerce are aplenty. For buyers and online store owners. Shopping online has made possible getting things at your doorstep with a few clicks from practically anywhere on the planet.

Like any industry, there are always ‘big players’ like Amazon, eBay or Flipkart who have been around for years, growing more and more with time. There is also a big chunk of startups who start out with a bang and then fizzle out just as quickly.

Some may call it a brand name, but don’t you think that even a brand name takes something special to be created and sustained?

What makes this ‘big players’ so big while the others can’t cut it? Is it just the vast selection of products, quick service, site speed, or customer-friendly policies?

Yes, it is. But there are also two fundamental and essential factors that make these websites so successful – personalization and interactiveness.


Personalized & Interactive WooCommerce Site

Few tweaks here and there and your sales could increase. But also one wrong decision and it can all go badly. One of the most common mistakes people make when designing a WooCommerce store it that they forget to add categories and subcategories.

When a customer visits your store it is very likely they’ll want to sort items during their search and categories provide a quick way for them to do that. Also, you can use the subcategories to further narrow results.

It is also smart choice to use live search. Your buyers will be able to view out the most popular and relevant search results of your eCommerce site in real time.

Typing just a few letters into the search-box will auto-display matching store results. The more you type, the more narrowed the results become.


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When possible, add Upsells and Cross-sells. Upsells are shown as recommended on the product page as a related product as something the customer may also like.

Cross-sells are displayed on the cart page as complementary products. You could also use a WooCommerce plugin for recurring payments if you have digital products or products which require monthly payments.

WooCommerce inventory management plugin is an excellent choice if you manage online store while also having a physical store. This is just a few tips.


How To Make Your WooCommerce Site Stand Out?

A personalized website is an effective and efficient way of meeting customer needs while enabling quicker and simpler interactions. It is a great way of ensuring repeat visits and customer loyalty.

People prefer to shop from websites that are easy to interact with, show them articles they are interested in, are easy to navigate, make payments easier and keep them updated about the shipment.

But how do you do it? How do you make your website successfully personalized and interactive enough to sustain in this competitive market?


Offer Personalized Product Pricing

Pricing is probably the most crucial factor that influences a purchase. With personalized pricing, we are going deeper than just correct pricing of products. We are talking about pricing and discounts based on your customer.

If a product is priced too high, you can expect more cart abandonment. Additionally, your loyal and long-term customers will naturally be expecting some exclusive discounts from time to time.


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Similarly, first-time users may also expect an inaugural purchase discount. And the same goes for those who are making bulk purchases. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to pricing differently for different customers. You could even allow customers to pay in partial payments.


Consider Live Chat or Chat Bots

If you can, afford the resources for hiring dedicated personnel to chat with customers immediately. This is a great way to increase interactiveness and improve conversions. If you add a chatbot, then a bot will respond to customers immediately, looking at the query and then providing the closest possible solutions.

Customer questions can range from refund policies to specific feature queries, discounts, shipping queries, payment queries, or anything else. Just like a regular store, if they can talk to someone about it and get their doubts resolved, a great part of cart abandonment can be prevented.


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Did you know that, on an average, 65% people abandon their carts after adding 1-2 products because they have queries about these products that need answering to?

Now if there were a live chat on your website, where a customer could talk to a representative and get their queries answered immediately, most customers would go and buy the products immediately.

WooCommerce also offers many live chat plugins like Formilla, WP Live Chat Support, iFlyChat, etc. You can choose the one best suited to your e-Store depending on the features.


Add an Inquiry System

If you want to cover all aspects of customer communication, you can opt for an all-round, unintrusive inquiry system.

You can either set up a product-oriented request a quote or inquiry system, like a dedicated form, or button, just for inquiries. An inquiry form can be filled and sent by customers, and they receive a revert later on.

Whichever way you decide to go, having a proper inquiry channel is extremely important. For an inquiry system, you can consider the WooCommerce plugin called Product Enquiry Pro.


Add Personalized Content

This includes personalized emails, newsletters, and messages. Sending out specific and relevant emails to customers helps in retention and increased loyalty.

Email marketing is a very powerful way of retaining existing customers through targeted campaigns. To make an email campaign successful, segmentation is essential.

Users can be broken down into segments based on metrics like age, geography, gender, occupation, hobbies, purchase times, purchase preferences, etc.


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There is a lot that can be used to create user segments and then target each group with a carefully constructed and customized email campaign.

MailChimp, Litmus, PutsMail, are some email marketing tools for sending emails, tracking, coding, copywriting, etc. A simple search will throw up a lot of results that you can choose from for your business’s needs.


Offer Payment Gateway Personalization

It is always a good idea to offer multiple payment gateways to customers. Apart from cash on delivery and credit/debit cards, consider adding some eWallets, bank transfer options, etc.

If you are operating in more than one country, then use payment gateways that work well in each. For example, PayPal is popular in the USA but not in India.

Indian customers may prefer PayTm or Google Tez wallets over PayPal. So keep both these options for both countries.


Invest in Website Personalization

This is the most important part of the personalization process. Along with all the features, a website’s pages should also be personalized and interactive. For instance, create a strong landing page that tells a story. The story should resonate with customers.

It should point out some pain areas and solutions to them, or something else that customers commonly face while shopping online.

Another way is to show up images of related products, give proper descriptions of products, re-engage customers that have browsed for a long time but not bought anything using some discount, offer, or showing more products, etc.


Add Social Media Rules

A big part of personalization is about your social media presence and how easily your customers can interact with you on various networks.

Are your campaigns resonating with audiences? Are you offering them something others are not? Can they talk to you on Facebook or Instagram and get a relevant response?

All these factors are very important for personalizing your social media presence. It goes a long way in making your store memorable.


Improve WooCommerce Site Final Words

Now you know how important personalization is for the success of a WooCommerce store. Did you know that as per PR Newswire, “79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand?”

Personalization and interaction is key to boosting sales and increasing your brand’s presence in this competitive market. Another great way to make site interactive and personalized is using product configurator tool which would allow customers to create personalized products.

You can also check WooCommerce examples of sites that keep it enganging while utilizing all features WooCommerce provides. Keep the above tips in mind and target each area separately. WooCommerce is always there to help with its amazing features and loads of plugins.

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