WordPress Digital Signature Plugin | How To Sign Documents Electronically In WordPress?

Signature is one of the most widely used and accepted forms of document authentication. But getting to sign documents electronically can still be a hard task. This is where WordPress digital signature plugin comes in aid.

Many people still send emails back-and-forth to get a document signed. Sometimes a person who needs to sign document ends up printing, signing, and then scanning the signed document before sending it back.

Fortunately, there are several WordPress e-signature plugins available which make possible signing document electronically with no printing involved. You can send other parties a professional form or document which can be legally binding, and take their signature straight from your WordPress website.

So having a WordPress digital signature plugin will help you handle your clients and your approach more professionally. This can save a lot of time when the client is located far away.


WordPress Digital Signature Plugin

Getting documents signed can be a time-consuming process. Especially if cant meet with a client in person. Sending emails back and forth is not the best approach.

This process consists of the need to print, sign, and scan a document before emailing it back. Using WordPress plugins, you can easily put forms on your website through which users can sign documents.

Below I will mention few approaches and plugins you can use for making it possible for users, clients, visitors to sign documents electronically from your WordPress website.


1. WPForms Signature Addon

Form builder plugins have many benefits and ways to use them. You will need to install and activate WPForms on your WordPress site. Once WPForms is installed, you need a Signature addon. For this WPForms free lite version will not be enough as you will need WPForms PRO pricing plan which has access to the signature addon.

With the Signature addon activated on your site, you will have the option to add a Signature field to all your existing and new forms. To access this field, you can create a new form or edit an existing form and then drag and drop it into the preview panel.


wordpress e signature plugin
Adding signature field in WPForms form editor.


To make changes to the Signature form field, click on it. Set the field as required so that users can’t submit the form unless they add a signature. When you are ready with editing, click the Save button, and you will have an online form with an electronic signature option.

The next step is to embed your form on the website. Once the form is placed, you can test Signature field to see if it is working correctly by merely clicking down and drag your cursor to write. Each time signature field is used, the signature will be saved as an image that you can always easily view.


wordpress email signature plugin


WPForms Signature addon makes it easy for any user to sign your forms. This WordPress document signature plugin makes it simple to sign contracts and other agreements.

Visitors can add their signature while filling out forms, just by drawing with their mouse or touchscreen. Once the user submits the form, their signature is saved as a PNG image and attached to their form entry.


wordpress digital signature
Signature is saved as image which you can easily access.


If the user makes a mistake while using a signature field, they can click on the X in the signature field to erase their signature and start over, without reloading the page.

On the admin side, you can:

  • Set the size of the signature field (small, medium, or large)
  • Set the signature field as “required” or not required
  • Hide or display the field with conditional logic

With WPForms you can do much more than just create digital signature forms and contact forms. You can even create WordPress payment forms, surveys, poolls, conversational forms, forms with conditional logic, etc.


2. Gravity Forms Signature Addon

The Signature Add-On for Gravity Forms makes it possible to capture signatures online by allowing users to sign forms using touchscreen devices, touchpads, or a mouse.

This Gravity Forms Add-On is an Elite Add-On and is available only with a valid Elite License. After you install Gravity Forms and its Signature addon, you will have a new field in the Form Editor.


Create Online Forms With Electronic Signature
Gravity Forms signature addon.


You will be able to quickly and easily integrate signature capabilities into your forms. With the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On, you can provide a simple user interface allowing users to sign forms online.

The signature is captured as it is drawn and converted into a PNG image and stored on your server. This happens on-the-fly as soon as the user signs the field.

If you are interested in what are the differences between WPForms vs Gravity Forms, then be sure to check my comparison to see which best fits your needs.


3. WP E-Signature from ApproveMe

If you are looking for an option to sign documents online with WordPress, ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature is an excellent choice. This premium plugin comes packed with features and is solely designed to enable you to sign documents using your WordPress website legally.

Similar to other e-signature services like HelloSign and DocuSign, WP E-Signature enables you to upload documents and send them for signature. You can have and send unlimited documents, and all will be managed through your own site.


legally binding wordpress signature plugin
Legally binding WordPress signature plugin.


WP E-Signature is UETA and ESIGN compatible. So unlike many other plugins available, signatures are legally binding and can be used in court.

If you need a legally binding WordPress solution for signing documents, WP E-Signature is highly recommended. While this plugin and its features come with a price, the time saved and the peace of mind is worth the cost.


4. WP Online Contract E Signature Plugin

WP Online Contract is a contract management plugin. Using this plugin, you can create, manage, and save contracts online and provide your clients to sign from any device.

You can create your own contract templates using the WordPress editor. WP Online Contract stores the IP address and time-stamps when a contract is signed.

The plugin can be integrated with payment gateways using addons, which you need to purchase separately. WP Online Contract is an excellent pick if you need all-in-one contract management plugin. However, unlike WP E-Signature plugin, signatures received using WP Onlne Contact are not legally binding.


5. Contact Form 7 Signature Addon

Contact Form 7 is one of the best known and most popular free form builder plugin with over five million installations. Its primary purpose is creating contact forms, but it has expanded beyond.

This is possible thanks to add-ons such as free signature add-on (be aware that the addon has not been updated for more than a year). The signature field is added to your form using shortcode tags and can be customized using CSS.

If you are already a user of Contact Form 7 and need to enable the signature option on your site, this add-on will work to add signatures to your online forms. This is not a legally binding solution but can work for less strict applications.


6. Formidable Forms Signature Addon

You can add a customizable signature field to your forms using Formidable Forms plugin and its add-on. Formidable Forms is a free plugin, and it is installed on more than 200,000 sites.

This form builder can be extended through premium add-ons, such as their Signature add-on for which you will need to purchase at least Business pricing plan to be able to use. The signature field is added to a form like any other field and can be customized using few able options.


wordpress online forms with electronic signature
Formidable Forms signature addon.


Once the signature is submitted, it will be converted to an image and stored with the rest of the form data. If you are a Formidable Forms fan, this add-on will make it easy to collect signatures.

Be aware that this approach is not a particularly secure solution, nor is it designed for legally binding documents.


7. Super Forms Signature

The creators of Super Forms plugin have also designed a premium signature add-on that enables you to add a signature field to your forms. You can customize the line thickness and background image settings when adding a signature field.

Like with all other plugins, after the user submits signature, it will be converted to an image and saved with the form submission data.

If you are already a Super Forms user and need a straightforward way to collect signatures online, this add-on, though not a legally binding solution, will be a perfect fit.


8. Signature Addon for ARForms WordPress Plugin

ARForms is another popular and well-rated premium form builder plugin. Developers have also created a premium signature add-on for all those who wish to capture signatures online by adding a field to forms. The plugin uses drag-and-drop interface, so placing a signature field to your forms will be very easy.


free e signature plugin wordpress


Signatures are converted and stored as a PNG file with the form submission. Documents and forms signed with this method will not be legally binding.

However, if you are already an ARForms user and want a simple way to collect signatures, their signature addon is logic choice.


9. Swift Signature Free WordPress Plugin

This free plugin is part of the SwiftCloud business suite of services and is designed to make any WordPress page signable. To use, you will need to create a free SwiftCloud account.

Swift Signature can be used on single pages, or as part of a multi-step flow and it integrates with all SwiftCloud services. All signed documents using this option are archived and stored with legally binding timestamps for an audit trail.


WordPress Digital Signature Plugin Final Words

Electronic signatures are nothing new. Courier services used them all the time. For example, when you need to sign a document on a tablet using a special pen.

In most countries, online signatures are legal and binding, and can even be used as evidence in court. Now loan applications, legal documents, lease agreement forms, and much more are efficiently completed online.

If a form on your website needs to be legally binding, using WordPress digital signature plugin is a must. Signature addons and plugins save you time and make it possible to gather everything you need from your users. There is no need to print, scan, or fax documents to get a signature.

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