9 Best WordPresss & WooCommerce T-Shirt Designer Plugins

Intuitive, easy tools are essential if you want to provide clients option to design great-looking T-shirts. This is where WordPress or WooCommerce t-shirt designer plugins come into the picture.

Many of these plugins have a very convenient WordPress drag and drop option. Admins can upload shirts on the backend that users can use text, colors, clipart, and other options to create unique designs.

Letting users upload their own custom images or use some of the included library’s fonts, text effects, images, and other options give people more reasons to use your site regularly. Additional value can be generated by providing several pre-designed templates.

WooCommerce custom T-shirt plugins let people manage all elements and aspects of their T-shirt design. Customers can alter or modify design positions with resizing, flip, rotate, and many other choices.


WordPress T-Shirt Designer Plugin

WordPress T-shirt design plugins can help connect customers with your online store. Letting users participate in the design process can improve brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Installing and activating a T-shirt design plugin on your WordPress site is all you need to get started. You can offer more personalized products that are different for every customer.

Here are some of the best WooCommerce T-shirt designer plugins that you can use.


1. Fancy Product Designer

The Fancy Product Designer can help customers create and design a vast array of customizable items. There are countless customization options. One plugin is all that’s required to create many diverse products limited only by imagination.

Clients can control different levels of product development through the plugin’s layer system. They’ll be able to know which graphics, image, and text options have been applied. It’s easy to create items by moving layers up and down, locking certain layers, and other useful options.


WooCommerce Fancy Product Designer plugin.


If clients want to add the same design to the front and back of a T-shirt or one or both sleeves, they can do so with this plugin. You can determine which areas of a particular product can be designed by your clients by adding interactive Upload Zones. These zones can have personalized placeholder images. This area also acts as a bounding box for other elements that your customers may want to integrate.

Images can be uploaded from different sources by your customers. Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts’ images can be added to the product designer in a few simple clicks. Images can also be uploaded from desktop computers or mobile devices, or you can allow customers to choose from the design categories you provide.

You can provide customers with pre-determined colors to pick from or let them select whatever colors they want to add to different layers. Image and text layer colors can also be linked so that a color change in one element will be applied to all other applicable elements in a design. Clients can even deactivate certain color choices.

Different options are also available for text changes. Font libraries with Google fonts, system, or custom fonts can be set. The plugin supports traditional text modification choices such as alignment, underline, italic and bold. You can choose to restrict text elements to a certain number of lines and characters.

Product Designer’s interface can be altered to meet your product and page needs. You can pick a predetermined layout or assign the interface elements’ position, color and size. You can choose the area of the page where the product designer will be shown. Other options include showing the designer once a button on the page or in a lightbox has been selected or if the designer will be shown right on the page.

You have complete control over how and what items are paid for by your clients. Graphics, images, text, colors, and materials can each have their own price. Different product views, layer types, and added layers can also have different prices. For instance, images on the back of a shirt could be less or more expensive than images on the front of a shirt.


2. Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress

Lumise is a premium product design plugin that gives you and your clients freedom on how printable items will be customized and designed. The eight elements on the left-hand side of your design editor are the Lumise resources. They allow you to customize and add product elements.

More than 30 different templates are available, and you can use the Lumise Sync Addon to connect or add new templates. This tab also contains all of your pre-designed templates. Template keywords, tags, and categories can be used to sort templates.


Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce.


Drag and drop your mouse to the respective product to choose the template that you want. You can hover your mouse over the template’s (i) icon to find additional details about that template. Template information, including tags, price, name, and other relevant details, will then be shown.

You can also use more than 300 clip art items. Clip art can be synchronized from the Lumise Sync Addon or add new elements. You can connect with your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts or upload your images. You can also use images from Brust, Unsplash, Pixabay, or other image stock sites or from Lumise’s free gallery library.

Product attribute and information are included in the product tab. One button click is all that it takes to change the size, color, or products. Product prices are updated automatically when new printing methods or attributes are selected.

This tab is also where you can choose from more than 1,000 different Google fonts to integrate text in your designs. Just drag and drop into the product that you want to change to assign text.


Best WordPress product designer plugin.


Vector format is used for shapes. This allows for clearer detail when shapes are exported or if a user zooms in to get a better view. You can select from the pre-designed shapes or add your own shapes.

Another aspect that you can view on this tab are the product layers that you added. You can delete layers or decide to hide or show different layers as you see fit. Layers can be dragged and dropped to change their order. They can be moved from back to front and vice versa. Layers can be locked or unlocked to enable or disable modification tools.

Drawing information can be found on the draw tab. The editor section allows you to draw and choose the size and color of different items.


3. WooCommerce Designer Pro

The WooCommerce Designer Pro plugin has the following useful features:

  • A single click of the mouse is all that it takes to choose your RGB or CMYK workspace. SVG vectors in CMYK and other images can be automatically uploaded.
  • The template section can have more than one design if you prefer. This makes it easier for your clients to pick the designs that they want.
  • The editor can be completely customized to integrate your website colors.
  • Clip art images can be organized efficiently into various categories. Customers can quickly find the designs that they like, and customization is simplified.
  • QR codes can be added to different designs so smartphones can then easily access information. Marketing professionals may find this to be a great option.
  • Vector colors can be changed in a matter of minutes.

WooCommerce Designer Pro.

  • SVG can be grouped and ungrouped to create unique designs.
  • Your clients can integrate maps with their flyers or business cards.
  • Mask layers with shapes, clip art, and text can be added to images.
  • Objects can be aligned with your grid. When moved, layers will adhere to the guidelines that you set. This will be accomplished with more or less space vertically. It’s a helpful tool for when you want to align different layers or text.
  • Shapes can be integrated within designs. Offers can be presented with images in squares, circles, or stars.
  • Text can be bulge, curve, arc, or reverse. It can also be sorted from small to large or large to small.
  • Calendar images can be inserted according to various categories. Business cards can benefit from this feature.
  • Clip art, shapes, and text can easily be flipped, moved, rotated, skewed, and resized.
  • It doesn’t take much time to delete, assign names, unlock, block, sort, or identify layers based on icons or images.

WooCommerce custom t-shirt plugin.

  • Your clients can download and save designs in just a few minutes. The plugin settings also allow you to disable the download option if you prefer.
  • Images can be cropped to any size.
  • Filters can be applied by your customers so that they can adjust photos as needed.
  • Palettes can be adjusted by removing or adding colors used in backgrounds, shapes, text, and vectors.
  • Clients can customize text content by using either custom font files added to your editor or selecting any of over 800 different Google fonts.
  • If you’re concerned about others possibly copying your photos, you can add watermarks to downloadable images.
  • High-resolution PDF, JPG, JSON, SVG, PNK, and CMYK 300DPI images can be created after output file dimensions are properly configured.
  • You can preview, redo, duplicate, undo, flip, align horizontal and vertical, group and lock layers, rotate, send to the front, bring to back, grid and erase all design elements as needed.


4. WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer

WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer plugin lets your clients design T-shirts in many ways. They can alter the alignment, size, color, font type, and other attributes like logo, numbers, and text.

A logo can be chosen from the available sample items, or they can upload their own images and logos. Text can be rotated and can appear as rotated or curved.




Clients can preview their shirts as they’re being customized from the back and front view.


  • Numbers or text elements can be added.
  • You can have T-shirt designs for both the front and back.
  • You can upload your own image or choose a logo or image that already exists.
  • Curved and normal text is allowed.
  • You can alter the number or text alignment, color, font, and style as needed.
  • Images and text can always be swapped out.
  • You can put images and text anywhere on the T-shirt.
  • Images and text can be rotated, moved, and dropped.
  • There’s a preview mode so that you can see what your T-shirt will look like.

Admin can make changes from the admin area. The site administrator can adjust the default menu template color, content color, background color, and other template color options. The site admin can also assign button settings such as hover, font family, font size, border radius, background color, and other options.

The Localizations menu allows you to change the text from the plugin. You can display text in any international language that you want to use.


WordPress shirt design plugin.


The admin interface also allows you to edit the Help text sections using an HTML editor. Sample images are provided with the WooCommerce T-Shirt Designer plugin, but you can always upload more images if necessary.

Certain products’ design panels can be deactivated or activated by the site admin. Site administrators can also use the admin meta box section to set additional prices for custom designs.

Images and text can be placed on the front and/or back of each T-shirt design. The admin panel lets you manage those images.

Images can be uploaded for shorts, long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, pens, cups, and other products you want to customize. You can go to the WooCommerce menu, select the “Orders” option and then click on the “Order Details” page to print products and see your customized items with complete information.


5. Woocommerce Custom Product Designer

WooCommerce Product Designer plugin lets customers integrate their own custom artwork to the end product. Business cards, cups, T-shirts, and other items can be customized with added text and images. There are many item categories to pick from. Users can select a sticker, flag, or badge. Merchants can charge a product customization fee to earn additional revenue.


Woocommerce Custom Product Designer for T-Shirt, Cup, Caps, Cards.


Your clients can draw images freehand and insert effects, shapes, clip art, and text. Customers can also use the following options when designing products:

  • Clients have the option to add text to their product designs.
  • Customers can choose the color for their text.
  • Text formatting lets your clients pick the text style, size, and font type.
  • Option to add effects such as blur, emboss, greyscale, invert, sepia, or sharpen.
  • Circle, diamond, square and oval shapes can be used.
  • Final designs can have clipart added to them.
  • Users can upload their own unique designs if they prefer.
  • Add a Barcode.
  • You can allow users freehand drawing.
  • Canvas can be cleared or saved as needed.

This convenient tool lets your clients design the final products themselves. You can charge fees for the carving facility, embossing, or printing required to create those items. Clients get to have the products they want to sell, and you can make more money in the process.

You can use the plugin to integrate clipart so that new letters, animals, signs, symbols, images, and other elements are available. This gives your clients more product personalization possibilities. You can upload any clipart items that you want so that customers can print almost anything imaginable on their items.


6. Allada Custom T-shirt Designer

Allada T-shirt Designer plugin for WooCommerce offers everything you will need for t-shirt business. It included pictures of T-shirts from many of today’s popular brands. Shirts are arranged by references, colors and models.


Allada custom shirt designer.


The plugin interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Customers can enter text, adjust fonts and change styles, colors, etc. Delete, resize, rotate, move and align are some of the convenient help options. They make it easier for your customers during the design process to create shirts they want.

Shirts can be customized with any of the more than 600 available Google fonts. You can increase the default collection by adding other fonts that aren’t already included with the plugin.

Messages and other customization can be changed by using clip art. There are many images and pictures to choose from. Allada lets you organize clip art by category. Your clients can select clip art for their designs from the many categories that you’ve created. You can add to customer order total by charging different prices for each clip art item that they choose.

A few simple mouse clicks is all that it takes for customers to create a design that can be made available in multiple sizes and colors. If clients aren’t finished with their designs or ready to make a purchase, they can always save their T-shirt designs in their account. Customers can return at a later time to complete their designs.

Print-ready PDF files are important for this type of product. Allada allows users to create files that are up to 48 inches outputs at 300dpi outputs.


7. WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer By Design’N’Buy

If you are looking to convert your WordPress website into a self-service, customizable print store online, then you have to check out the PrintCommerce.

An innovative PrintCommerce plugin by a leading web2print solutions provider, this custom product designer combines the power of personalization with WordPress and integrates with WooCommerce rather easily.


Design’N’Buy’s t-shirt designer.


Users get access to a complete web-to-print solution, which means they can sell personalized products such as corporate gifts, t-shirts, mugs, caps, awards, greeting cards, etc. But if you solely want to concentrate on selling t-shirts, that is fine too.

The PrintCommerce solution gets directly integrated into the shopping cart, thus adding to the attraction quotient for the end customers also delivers an exquisite mobile experience, making it easy for the users to design and place an order from any device.

When it comes to personalization, there is no limit to what PrintCommerce can do. For starters, you can offer editable templates for t-shirt designs which your end customers can customize and order.

There is also an option of live pricing which helps them calculate the price for the entire print order. Besides, you can match the design tool theme and colors to reflect your branding from the interface on the backend.

You have full control of your online store and can choose which print products (e.g. types of t-shirts) you want to sell.

Accordingly, you can configure them on the storefront, build print-ready t-shirt design templates, define pricing, add clip art and photo library, manage orders and download ready-to-print vector output files, etc.

Here are a few awesome features you can enjoy with Design’N’Buy’s t-shirt designer:

  • Manage and assign color palettes and integrate assigned printing methods.
  • Set up design tool settings, including theme, localization and so much more.
  • Manage orders and download ready-to-print vector output files in PDF and CMYK.
  • Configure products on the basis of mask and overlay, 3D preview, 8 sides, design area.

For more info, check PrintCommerce review.


8. PH WooCommerce Product Addon

Provide extra product options for your WooCommerce store using the PH WooCommerce Product Addon plugin. With controls like checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and more, your customers can easily personalize their products before placing orders.


PH WooCommerce Product Addon plugin.


The plugin includes flexible pricing for extra options and provides 24/7 customer support via chat, phone calls, and zoom calls. Choose from free or premium versions for added features and customize your products to drive sales.

If you’re looking to provide your customers with the ability to customize their products before making a purchase, the PH WooCommerce Product Addon plugin lets you create and sell customizable products like shoes, t-shirts, gaming accessories, tour booking packages, pizza delivery services, coffee mugs, etc with no limits.

This plugin is equipped with a price and conditional logic feature for each control option, allowing you to set flexible pricing for extra product options. By combining the product addon summary with the product price, you can easily calculate the total cost.

Available in French and English languages, using this plugin, you can enhance your customer’s shopping experience and boost your WooCommerce store sales.


9. Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer Theme

This is not a plugin but a simple one-stop solution in the form of a WordPress theme. TEEPRO-WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress theme is ideal for T-shirt printing companies looking to maximize sales, revenue, and overall profitability.


Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress Theme.


T-Shirt Designer Plugin Summary

People love t-shirts, and sometimes they want something that will separate them from the rest. Offering customization of phone covers, mugs, T-shirts, and other products is a great way to offer customers something new.

Most site owners aren’t always able to meet site users’ requests for such items. Fortunately, several reliable product design plugins can get the job done. You can allow your clients to create their own one-of-a-kind product designs by adding one of these plugins to your WooCommerce website.

Starting your own T-shirt business is now easier than ever. You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of knowledge of current technology or popular products. Having proper resources that can automate operations is the way to go.

Providing option for buyers to customize their design is first step. But you also need to print and ship those items. For that parts, I recommend you check how to sell photo prints from WordPress, best WooCommerce print order plugins, and best DHL, UPS, and FedEx WooCommerce shipping plugins.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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