WP Migrate DB Pro Review PROS & CONS (2023) – WordPress Site Migration Plugin

WP Migrate DB Pro


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version available.
  • The pro version lets you pull or push databases.
  • Lets you choose which tables you want to migrate.
  • Options for excluding certain post types.
  • Load essential plugins in compatibility mode.
  • Useful addons for even more options.
  • Generous 60 day money-back guarantee.


  • Except CLI addon, all other are available only in most expensive plans.
  • Free version doesn't have option to import database directly.

It isn’t always easy to move WordPress. You may spend more time and effort than expected in migrating WordPress to a different server. Moving the MySQL database typically takes the most time of all the steps in the process.

Downloading and then uploading a MySQL database while migrating can be very stressful. You can even run into issues due to the PHPMyAdmin file upload limit or timeouts.

Delicious Brains developed a plugin that can make the job easier. You can move WordPress databases without issues with their WP Migrate DB plugin. This plugin allows you to push and pull databases between locations.

Anyone who wants to duplicate a site for testing purposes and wants to keep or replace a database on a live website can benefit from WP Migrate DB.


WP Migrate DB Pro Review

WP Migrate DB Pro features make it a powerful tool for moving a WordPress site from development to a live environment and keeping an updated version on a hard drive. The plugin comes as a free and pro version.


WP Migrate DB Free

The free version is a simple backup plugin that you can use to export your database as a MySQL data dump. The free version is good for creating site backups, even though it doesn’t have the paid version’s push and pull ability.

Some of the most popular functions from the free version are:

  • Gzip compression allows you to reduce backup file size. Those backups can then be saved to your computer.
  • Location information can be restored to your backup by using the search and replace fields.
  • The advanced options section of the migrations tab lets you perform several helpful functions. You can exclude post revisions, transients, and spam comments and replace globally unique identifiers (GUIDs).
  • A profile can be created, which will save all of your settings for future use.
  • Certain plugins can be loaded as essential plugins in compatibility mode. This can minimize potential code conflicts and performance problems.
  • The maximum request size can also be altered. The default size is 1MB. You can easily adjust this size to accommodate your needs.

WP Migrate DB’s free version doesn’t include support. You can ask questions and get help in the WordPress.org support forum.

The free version has some good features that can be useful in various situations and does a good job as a simple backup tool. However, it doesn’t make site migration any faster. You can speed up this function with the Pro version of WP Migrate DB.


WP Migrate DB free vs WP Migrate DB Pro.
The free version is very limited with features compared to pro version.


The most import difference between free and paid version, is that in free version you don’t have import option, push and pull feature nor you can exclude tables and post types.


WP Migrate DB Pro

WP Migrate DB Pro version has more functionality than the free version. Being able to replace an entire WordPress site remotely is one of its most popular features.

You can export site databases with the free and paid versions of the plugin. The pro edition will also allow you to upload a backup file to import a website backup directly. The same database can also be copied to multiple websites.


WP Migrate DB Pro import databse.


You can either migrate particular tables or transfer entire databases with WP Migrate DB Pro. You don’t have to migrate or backup every post type. You can exclude certain post types for different reasons. The post types that you exclude won’t be migrated.

The archives of the backups previously used for site migrations can be found in the Backups tab. This is where you can download or delete your backups.


WP Migrate DB backup archieves.


Connection data for push or pull requests will be in the Settings tab. You’ll find the pull and push permission buttons underneath.

Permissions are set off by default as a precaution. This is because you can run into problems if you restore a database from the wrong website or push a database to a live website instead of a test website.

The settings page is also where the license information is contained. You’ll receive plugin updates automatically as long as the necessary license details are activated.

The paid version of WP Migrate DB also lets you set a delay in seconds between each request. You may find this function useful if a particular server’s rate limits cause a migration to fail.


WP Migrate DB settings tab.
Some of the settings found in the Settings tab.


You’ll be able to see just how much of a specific migration has been completed. WP Migrate DB allows you to cancel, resume or pause a migration or import at any time.


How Does It Work?

Check to ensure that your environment meets the plugin’s requirements before installation. After WP Migrate DB is installed, you will find its settings under the Tools section.

You can accomplish the following tasks with WP Migrate DB Pro:

  • Export site database (free plugin has limited functionality).
  • You can replace the current database by retrieving a database from another site.
  • The existing database can be pushed to another location and overwrite the database in that new location.


Exporting Database

Select “Export Database” from the WP Migrate DB menu when you want to create a backup database for your website. This option can be found under Migrate tab. If you want to take less time and storage space, you can have the file compressed via Gzip.


WP Migrate DB how to export database?


You can choose which tables to include in the export. Either make individual selections or back up everything. If you don’t want certain post types, they can be excluded from the backup too. After selecting what to export, you can continue or save your existing migration profile for later use.

Under Advanced options, you will have options like:


WP Migrate DB database export options


You can enter information in the find and replace fields for your file path and site URL if you’re planning on using the backed-up database on another site. In the export process, the plugin will then automatically replace databases for you.


Exporting the website with WP Migrate DB plugin.


A click on the big blue button “Export Database” starts the export.


Push & Pull Migration

WP Migrate DB is popular because of its ability to push and pull WordPress databases with ease. The sites you’ve selected for database migration have to be connected before using this feature.

Start by going to the Settings tab. You will see a secret key (connection info) that allows the websites to recognize and accept requests from one another.


WP Migrate DB connection info.


The key from the remote site is required for database push and pull migrations. Also, the website that gets pushed to or pulled from needs to have the Pull and/or Push permissions enabled on the Settings tab.

You can decide if you want to pull or push a database in the Migrate section. To continue this action, you’ll need to enter the secret key for the other site.


WP Migrate DB push databse.


Common database export options will be available after you’ve input the secret key information. You can exclude particular post types, pick the tables you want to migrate and make other choices.

You can also let WP Migrate DB Pro save a copy of the database before the synchronization. You may want to go this route just to be on the safe side if any problems arise during the migration.


WP Migrate DB Pro Addons

In the Addons tab, you will see that there are some add-ons available. You can activate and install these choices if you’ve bought any other WP Migrate DB Pro plan other than Personal (depending on the plan, you will have one or more addons available).

Each WP Migrate DB addon is its own individual WordPress plugin. They can always be activated or deactivated as needed.


Media Files Addon

Media Files addon lets you push and pull media library files back and forth between different WordPress websites. The Media Files Addon lets you handle potential sync issues that are typically encountered when moving media files.


WP Migrate DB Pro Media Files addon.


You have the option to migrate all files or migrate only files uploaded since a specified date. You can also exclude certain files. These options will stop you from creating duplicate media files during the migration process.


Theme & Plugin Files Addon

You can push and pull WordPress theme and plugin files using this Theme and Plugin Files addon. You get to choose the plugins and themes that will be migrated.


WP Migrate DB Theme and Plugin files addon.


You can always exclude certain files from migration.


CLI Addon

WP-CLI must be installed and activated before this particular addon can be used. The CLI Addon lets you run migrations from the command file by connecting with WP-CLI.


Multisite Tools Addon

Multisite Tools addon can be used to push a subsite to a single WordPress installation and vice-versa. You can also migrate a subsite between multisites.


WP Migrate DB Multisite addon.


WP Migrate DB Pro Pricing

WP Migrate DB Pro has five different pricing plans. Each plan comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days.

A personal plan can be acquired for $99/year with updates and support for a single site. You don’t get any addon with this plan. The Side Hustle plan is available for $149 per year. It offers updates and support for two websites. It comes with a CLI addon.

The Developer plan can be used on three sites and costs $249/year. It comes with a CLI add-on, Media Files addon, Theme & Plugin Files addon, and multisite support.

Full Stack plan comes with all addons and with unlimited sites usage and a price of $299/year. There are also available pricing plans for organizations.

WP Migrate DB free version doesn’t come with support. That’s one of the main reasons why individuals and companies opt for their pro plans.


WP Migrate DB Pro Review Summary

The WP Migrate DB free version has some interesting functionality, but you can do much more with the pro version.

The pro version allows you to replace an entire website remotely. This is something that competitors can’t match. Other backup and migration plugins and services don’t allow you to synchronize two databases in this way.

WP Migrate DB Pro saves time and effort as you can successfully test changes to your WordPress site before going live.

Try out the free version first. This will help give you a better understanding of what you can accomplish and free version limitations.

Many of the pro version’s unique migration features are not included in the free version. It doesn’t give you a true representation of all that you can do with the plugin.

I hope this WP Migrate DB Pro review helped you see plugin features and how the plugin works. Delicious Brains offers 60-day money-back gurantee so there is no obstacle for you to try the plugin and see if it is right tool for your needs.

Hopefully, this WP Migrate DB Pro review has helped you make informative decision if plugin is right choice for your needs. And as alternative options, you can check my BackupBuddy review, WPvivid review, or Duplicator plugin.

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