Mango Animate Text Video Maker Review PROS & CONS (2023)

Mango Animate Text Video Maker


Easy to use




Costs & Fees





  • Free version available.
  • Good selection of ready-made temapltes.
  • Various animation text options.
  • Text-to-speech feature.
  • You can add voiceovers.
  • Add narrators, cartoon characters and icons.
  • Several modes available.


  • Works only on Windows.

Animations are a great way to attract attention and give life to your work. But creating stunning animations is no easy task. There are many tools and programs to help you create digital animations, but only a few allow you to create rudimentary designs and advanced professional animations with ease.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker is one such tool. It’s straightforward to use for people of all interests and skill levels. It can help you create unique animations for creative, professional, casual educational, etc. reasons.

In this Mango Animate Text Video Maker review, I will show you all the features that come with it, and how you can utilize it for creating amazing text animations.


Mango Animate Text Video Maker Review

Animations are a great choice to attract people that enjoy animations and prefer videos over reading. Mango Animate Text Video Maker can be used to create different animated gifs and videos.

It comes with a library of templates and free images that you can use. You can create all sorts of animated videos for people of all ages in education, marketing, and other niches. Its goal is to provide access to everyone who wants to make their own unique creations.


Mango Animate Text Video Maker free vs pro.


You can create as many animated text videos as you want. Animate text blocks, blogs, articles, and other text types. You don’t need to know anything about animation to use this tool.

Pre-animated text video templates are included, so you don’t need to start from scratch. You can select a template, and the tool will apply the respective animation after the text has been added to the editor. You can create great animated text videos in very little time. You can always alter your animations because the templates are completely customizable.

There are also many different kinds of motion typography animations that can be integrated. You can make your text move by applying various motion effects or even using different animation effects for different text segments. This helps you craft videos that are unique and appealing.

You can add animated characters to animations. These characters can help your messages stand out. Characters can act out your text or narrate what you have to say. You can pick from any of the hundreds of character animations and characters in the Mango Animate library.

Animation is easy with this text video maker. Animation effects can be implemented in backgrounds, icons, images, and text content. You can also animate the speech captions that are created automatically. Your animated text videos will attract attention and keep viewers engaged.


  • Text video templates – Big selection of ready-made templates. Appealing typography animations and a completely customizable look come with each pre-animated template. You can quickly select, create and change unique kinetic typography videos.
  • Easy to animate text – You can select from the typewriter effect, sliding, bouncing, and many other motion typography options to generate eye-catching content.
  • The Text to Speech (TTS) feature will help you turn content into voices that sound lifelike. You can completely manage your TTS by using available natural-sounding voices in several available languages (21 available).
  • Speech to text – All you need to do is import your video or audio to convert speech to text. Your article will be changed into a video with unique typography animation. You can also alter the text size, colors, fonts, and other selections or even add text to videos at a later time.
  • Voiceovers – Level up your animated text video with a voiceover. You can record your own voice by pressing the Record button.
  • Implement icons – You’ll have access to an impressive and growing icon library. All icons are free to use and of high quality. The text video icon software will select the right icons for your article after being changed to video.
  • Customize – It only takes a few mouse clicks to adjust your kinetic typography project’s cover, size, and other settings as needed. Videos can be exported in different formats and uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok, and other similar sites.
  • Narrators and cartoon characters – There are plenty of character animations and cartoon characters to choose from.
  • Various modes – Video can be optimized for social media platforms, and you can use many different motion typography styles for articles that have been converted to video. You can select the MV mode, Subtitle mode, Rotate Text mode, and other options. Aspect ratios can also be changed as you see fit.
  • Easy to use – You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to use this tool. It’s incredibly simple! You can automatically add motion graphics, icons, video backgrounds and create typography animation.
  • Outro/intro – The text video maker allows you to create your own motion typography outro and intro videos. You can upload fonts, logos, videos, images, add transition effects and music.


How To Use?

After you download the software, you will need to create an account from the Mango Animate signup page. When you open the tool, you will see easy to use interface.


Free text video maker software.


You can go into the editing interface after selecting one of their pre-made templates or start a project from scratch.

Select the “New Empty Project” option to begin a new project from scratch. You’ll see detailed step-by-step instructions in the guide panel that will show you how to make a new project from scratch.


Text video maker new project setup wizard.
Text Video Maker creating project from scratch setup wizard.


Text content, audio, and images (GIF, JPG, SVG, PNG) are some of the elements required during the creation process. Mango Animate TM comes with plenty of built-in resources. You can add local materials or use items that are in the resources library. After adding objects to the canvas, you can customize the prosperities of them as you like.

You can pick between 9:16, 16:9, and custom canvas size. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to select your mode. There are four mode choices: Add Subtitle to Video, MV Mode, Subtitle Mode, and Rotate Text Mode.

Any outro and intro settings can be set in the Intro & Outro menu by adding audio, featured image, and title.


Text Video Maker intro and outro settings.
Intro and outro setting options.


You can then go into Preset Styles by clicking on “Next.” Here you can adjust the default effect, subtitles, and other style options.


Text Video Maker preset styles options.
Preset Styles options.


You can then add images in the next tab. Here you add images from your local device.


Text Video Maker image settings.
In Images tab you can upload images from your computer and further customize them.


Animation and mask can be added to your chosen image in the Image Settings menu.


Text Video Maker adding mask to image.
There is nice selection of mask options.


Text Video Maker image animations.
In Animation options, you will see huge selection of animations which can be applied.


The next step is Select Type tab. You can pick from the Input Text, Import Audio/Video, or Record input method.


Text Video Maker select type options.
Under Select Type step, you will find three types of input methods to choose from.


Selecting the type of input method will provide you last step called “Edit” where you can make further changes. Here you can add stickers, foreground, and other decorations.

You can also add icons, special effects, and text animation. You can choose your text to customize parameters and adjust text duration and placement if it isn’t synchronized with your audio component.

In Input Text method you can either choose the “Import Text” option to add text files (in srt, lrc, or txt formats) or manually enter text in the text box. There are 21 languages available and they sound natural.


Text Video Maker input method type.
Input Text type method options.


Using Import Audio/Video method you can pick the video or audio file that you want to use from your computer. Mango Animate TM can automatically recognize the audio and generate texts and align them according to the audio.

You can record voice using Record method. Text will automatically be created for you.

You can always make changes to your video regardless of your selected mode after all steps are finished. You’ll see that subtitles have been separated according to audio when you’re in the editing interface.


Text Video Maker editor.

Text Video Maker customization options.


Completed videos can be published to the cloud or as gifs or videos.


Mango Animate TM output format.


You have to define your frame rate, size, format, output folder, and other important parameters before publishing.


Mango Animate publish video parameters.


Choose the Publish option when those tasks have been completed.

Be noted that, depending which mode you select, there will be different steps involved. If you choose MV Mode, in step 5, you will have a different option called the “Lyric and Song.” Here you can add lyric files (in srt or lrc formats) or audio files from your preferred device (in WMA, MIDI, MPEG-4, or MP3 formats).

If you choose Add Subtitle to Video mode, you’ll be able to use the editing interface after you’ve imported a video file. Your video will have the respective subtitles added to it automatically.



The software comes in a free and paid version. You can pay for Mango Text Video Maker either by choosing an annual or monthly pricing plan. Paid plans are Starter ($79/year), Pro ($240/year), and Enterprise ($649/year).

The difference between the plans is in the available options. If you want the full spectrum of options that come with the tool, you will need to cash out for the Enterprise plan.

The free version will allow people to convert text to videos. Just be aware that any videos created with Mango Animate Text Video Maker free version will have a watermark embedded in them. They may also experience lower video resolution, fewer video assets, and other limitations. The Pricing page has additional details on each plan.

The software can be installed on any Windows computer. You can then log in to an account to use the text video maker. It isn’t restricted to use on only one PC.


Mango Animate Text Video Maker Review Conclusion

Animated videos are one of Mango Animate’s primary specialties. They have created Mango Animation Maker that can be used to create effective explainer videos and animation videos.

Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker is a good resource if you’re looking for hand-drawn animation and whiteboard videos. You can convert static images into animated characters with Mango Character Animator Maker.

Educational organizations, companies, advertisements, social media sites, and other businesses have been using more and more text videos in recent years. You can use the Text Video Maker tool to craft all kinds of eye-catching text videos to promote what you have to say or offer.

There are plenty of pre-designed templates that can help you get started quickly. You can easily add your own images, brand, and other unique elements as you customize the template. Users only have to add the desired text to take advantage of various typography animation options. Templates can always be changed at any time.

Many people use Mango Animate Text Video Maker because of its simplicity. Text sizes, styles, and colors can be adjusted after the text has been added. You can let the software arrange sentences for you automatically, or you can tackle that chore manually.

One mouse click is all it takes to add incredible animation effects. You can make your videos stand out by having different animation effects for each exit effect, entrance, or sentence.

Text can be converted to video in very little time with the text to speech (TTS) service. Users can manage their video sound by using the natural accents that are available in multiple international languages.

All audio files that contain speech will automatically have subtitles generated for them by the TTS. People can use the voiceover function to record messages or import files from their computer. TTS ensures that the text and sound viewing experience will mesh perfectly.

GIF, video, and other formats can be used to export your finished videos. Video orientation, size, and covers can be altered as needed. You can quickly adjust your videos so that they adhere to social media platforms’ upload requirements.

If you are not sure, you can always try the free version and see what Mango Animate Text Video Maker offers. And if you need good video editor tool, I suggest you check tools such as AceMovi Video EditorAnimotoMovavi Video Editor, Lightricks Boosted or FlexClip. For creating eye-catching graphics, great tools are Canva, and PicMonkey.

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