Movavi Video Editor Review (2023) – A Powerful Yet Affordable Solution

How would you like a resourceful video editor at an affordable price? Movavi Video Editor proves to be a prominent video editing software. The credit goes to its simplicity and highly useful features. Besides, even professional video editors talk in favor of the program.

Movavi creates several creative tools. The latest in the line is Movavi Video Editor Plus. Standing to its name, Movavi has packed the new product with some great features. But is it worth the money?

In this Movavi Video Editor review, we will discuss all the exciting features and price ranges for the video editor. Moreover, I will reveal a trick to avail of additional discounts. More on that later. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.


Movavi Video Editor Review

Movavi Video Editor Plus is pretty lightweight, with a download size limiting to 62 MB for a 32-bit system. Similarly, the download size for a 64-bit system is 68 MB. Therefore, you can get the installation package ready to open in less than five minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Once you download the package, you can start the installation in no time. The whole process would hardly take more than a minute. Better system configuration can even lower down the installation time.

All you have to do is accept the terms and conditions and click on the Install button.


Movavi Video Editor Plus install.


After that, the installation process will begin. It takes minimal time to install Movavi Video Editor Plus. The negligible load on the CPU is an additional benefit of using this program. We haven’t even started with the features.


Movavi Video Editor Plus features.


After the installation, you have to click on the Start button in the pop-up window to move forward with your editing.


User Interface

Movavi Video Editor Plus comes in a dark and attractive mode. All the elements are correctly aligned and won’t confuse you. Moreover, all the features are available to you within a single click.


Movavi Video Editor Plus user interface.


You will also find a vast timeline at the bottom where titles, videos, and audio files have dedicated tracks. What I liked the most about these tracks is we can interlink them. It means I can link an audio file or title file to the video. So, when I edit the footage, other files do not desync. Isn’t that cool?

Movavi Video Editor Plus also lets you adjust the size of the timeline. This is particularly important if you are working on a lengthy project.

Moreover, whenever you add any file like audio or video, it is visible in a separate tab. You can drag and bring it to the timeline from there. Thus, saving up the clutter, you can easily use a single video multiple times without importing them frequently.

All the features have relevant icons associated with them. You can quickly identify them and remember to use them further.  You can watch the live preview at any time by hitting the space bar. Moreover, pressing Ctrl and Arrow key will change the frames one-by-one.

Overall, the Movavi Video Editor Plus’ user interface is attractive and easy to navigate. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can familiarize with the interface within a few minutes.



Movavi Video Editor Plus comes with a plethora of exciting features. The new elements include Object Animation, Automatic Video Creation, and added built-in media. I have tested all these features for you. Let’s uncover them.


Object Animation

I attempted to recreate the promotional video to test the object animation feature. Surprisingly, it was easier than I had anticipated.

I started by adding a smiley sticker using the sticker tool. I aimed to move it across the video. Once the sticker was in place, I clicked on the animation tab. Further, I had to add keyframes which means the path I want my object to follow. Once done, the animation was complete.

You can change the angle, position, and opacity of an object using the animation tool. It is straightforward to use and requires no effort at all.


Scene Detection

The scene detection tool comes in handy when you have to cut a particular clip from a video. It can detect when a scene is changing and trim your video in multiple sections accordingly.

You can use this feature with a single click, and it does not require any additional inputs.



The stabilization feature has become an industry requirement in the past few years. You can always use a gimbal for your camera if it’s essential. However, there isn’t much you can do once the video is recorded and it’s shaky, or is it so.


Movavi Video Editor Plus stabilization feature.


The stabilization feature is here to rescue. It automatically detects minor shakes in your video and dampens it to make your video look eye-pleasing. However, you can apply the feature only on minor shakes. If you are running with your camera in hand, you can’t expect to get a stable video out of it.



It is basically like making a collage of videos. You can use this feature to show multiple angles of your character in a single frame. Or two sides of a phone call. Use your creativity; the sky is the limit.


Highlight & Conceal

We often come across scenarios where you want your audience to focus on a particular area. Movie directors use various cinematography techniques to accomplish the task. However, with limited time and budget, you have to depend on the editing tools.


Movavi Video Editor Plus highlight feature.


The highlight and conceal feature help you make a particular thing in a frame stand out. Similarly, you can use it to hide the identity of some person or car number plate.


Chroma Key

The chroma key replaces a background image or video, adding characters to new areas and much more.

Have you ever seen the green screen movie directors use? However, in the movie, we don’t see the green screen. Instead, you find the scene has completely changed, and the character who was standing in a studio appears to be in a desert. You have to thank the chroma key for that.

You can replace a particular color, usually green or blue, with another image or video using this feature.


Pan & Zoom

Pan and Zoom are some of the most basic yet functional features in any movie editor, and Movavi Video Editor does appropriate justice to the component.

You can use this feature to zoom in on a particular scene in the video. Using zoom, let’s say you took a wide-angle shot, but you want to show emotions on your character’s faces. Or, let’s say you captured a car moving through a landscape, but you want the camera to follow it, use Pan.


Audio Editing Tools

Being a dedicated video editing tool, Movavi would be too much to expect an excellent audio editor in Movavi Video Editor Plus. However, it comes with excellent audio editing capabilities. This is what stands out for Movavi than its competitors.

I liked the beat detection video. The feature can detect all the beats in your video and highlights them on the timeline. You can then use these markers to animate the video. It helps keep up the tempo of your video with the audio. Interesting, isn’t it?

Another helpful feature, especially for YouTubers, is the noise removal one. This feature can detect noise coming into your audio and nullifies it. Thus, you get a more precise sound, and your audience won’t be irritated. All you have to do is to select the audio file and click noise removal. Then, use the slider to adjust the noise detection. Everything else is automatically done with Movavi’a AI.

A few other noteworthy features are Synchronization, Equalizer, and Audio Effects.


Is Movavi Video Editor Worth The Money?

Movavi is, without any doubt, the most affordable video editor in the industry with the given features. You can find popular programs like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro that cost around $200 to $400. However, Movavi comes at an efficient price of approximately $60.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to compare the features to the professional programs, as they have detailed use. Still, the effectiveness of all the features Movavi is offering is fascinating. You would not find another program with similar features and ease of use in the same price range.

Besides, you can always use discount coupons for Movavi to avail additional benefits on price.


Movavi Video Editor Review Conclusion

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a lightweight and feature-rich video editor. It has all the essential tools that we need to make a great video. Moreover, the additional built-in media adds up to the features it has to offer.

Also, features like Chroma Key and Stabilization are hard to find on an entry-level video editor. So, thanks to Movavi for providing that.

Considering the AI-based technology Movavi uses to edit the videos, it is worth mentioning that such features do half of your work. You can only respect the automated features once you have performed the task manually.

Excellent tools like beat detection, noise removal, object animation, and more add a higher value. Overall, Movavi Video Editor Plus is an affordable yet powerful tool for daily use.

If Movavi Video Editor is not to your liking, then you can check alternatives such as Clipchamp and Kapwing, HitPaw Video EditorLightricks Boosted, Animoto or FlexClip.

For creating eye-catching graphics, great tools are Canva, and PicMonkey. For creating digital animations, Mango Animate Text Video Maker is useful tool and RecordCast if you need free screen recorder tool.




I am Peter Baltazar, a technical writer. You can find me cooking up an MCU theory when I am not educating people about technology.

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