HitPaw Video Editor Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Affordable Video Editing Tool

HitPaw Video Editor


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Clean and easy user interface
  • Pre-loaded stickers, music, and transitions
  • Manual control of video properties
  • Affordable price
  • Available in 16 languages
  • Free version available
  • Packed with editing features


  • Free trial version adds watermark to exported video
  • No Mac version

Reliable video editing software can make it easier for you to customize videos that can be put on YouTube or other similar sites or shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, not all editing software is easy to use. Many tools are complicated or cumbersome.

Most also have a considerable learning curve where you need to spend time to understand how to use the software and its various functions before completing any videos.

HitPaw Video Editor simplifies the editing process and is available for users at all skill levels. In this HitPaw Video Editor review, I will examine its strengths and weaknesses in greater detail and show the features it offers.

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HitPaw Video Editor Review

HitPaw is a software company with tools in video edit/convert, image edit, meme maker, and other fields. You can effortlessly upload videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites and create all kinds of unique videos with their Video Editor software.


HitPaw Video Editor features.


Stickers, hundreds of included filters, over 130 different transitions, up to eight file types, and support for 4K video at 60 frames per second are just some of its many benefits.


HitPaw Video Editor Features

Difficult video editing user interfaces can be very frustrating. There can be too many options for new or even advanced users to comprehend or keep track of. HitPaw won’t overwhelm you with too many functions. It keeps things basic. You’ll know what your viewers will see because the display window lets you observe all effects, sound files, clips, and other items contained in your video at any point.


HitPaw Video Editor options.


Here are some of the features:

  • Split video – Splitting videos makes it easier to remove unwanted portions. Move the play head over to the start of the section that you don’t want. Then you can go to the quick toolbar and select the “Split” option.
  • Change video speed – You can speed up or slow down your videos with a speed controller.
  • Crop video – Sometimes, there are sections you don’t need. That’s when the cropping ability can come in handy. Drag the selection to keep the part you need or change the Aspect Ratio to set the selection size, then move it to select the part you need.
  • Rotate video – Videos can be rotated by clicking on the preferred angle after you’ve selected the circle rotate option.
  • Mirror video – When the video is selected at the timeline, you will see mirror options like flip horizontal or flip vertical.
  • Zoom video – The slider that appears underneath the “Zoom” option allows you to zoom in or out of your video.
  • Change video opacity -The default setting for videos is 100% opacity. A simple slider lets you adjust the opacity if you want the background behind the video or media to be visible.
  • Video background – Easily change video background.
  • Picture in picture – You can put your first video on the main track. From there, dragging the file that you want as a smaller video to a new track will complete the picture in picture effect.
  • Stickers can be added, changed, or deleted.
  • Add background music to video – Your creations can be more meaningful when background music is added.
  • Mute video – Any video audio can be muted.
  • Pull audio from the video – Audio components can be extracted from videos.
  • Split audio – The split feature allows you to cut certain audio portions. You can use this function for any audio segments that are too long or don’t match the content.
  • Change audio speed -Adjusting the speed of audio portions is simple. Just go to the timeline to pick audio and select the “Speed” option.
  • Change audio volume – Moving the slider backward or forward lets you turn the volume down or up.
  • Audio fade out or fade in – Select audio, then you will find the “Fade in” and “Fade Out” button.
  • Text effects can be altered, added, or removed.
  • Change image opacity, zoom or rotate the image.
  • Change, add or delete text effects.
  • Mirror image – You’ll see the mirror choices on the top right side of your screen. Images can be mirrored by flipping them vertically or horizontally.
  • Adjust image duration – A default duration will be applied to any image that is added to the timeline. If you want to change the duration, simply drag the image edge until you’ve reached the desired length.
  • Change image – Tone options, temperature, shadow, highlight, sharpen (check AVCLabs Video Enhancer for sharpening blurry videos), saturation, contrast, and brightness are the image attributes that can be adjusted when necessary.
  • Transitions can be changed, deleted, or added.
  • Add, delete or edit filters.


User Interface

Six primary segments comprise HitPaw Video Editor’s user interface. The Timeline is the first and most important portion. You can add plenty of sound files and tracks to each timeline. The top Menu Bar has all of the basic editor settings. Hotkeys, export settings are some of the options here.


HitPaw Video Editor user interface.


The Media Library is on the left side. Here you will find stickers, filters, transitions, and music tracks. You can import these and other elements to the video that you’re working on. The Preview Window is just to the right of the Media Library. This window allows you to see your video as changes are being made to it.

Editing tools are located in the Quick Toolbar. You can zoom in or zoom out, preview, connect, crop, split, delete, undo or redo, adjust speed, etc. The Properties area is the last component. It lets you change the video sharpness, brightness, and other things.


Media Files

HitPaw Video Editor supports importing audio, video, GIF, and images. You can use any music files that come with the software. You can use the included sounds for commercial use because they are copyright-free.

You will also get excellent transition effects that make it easier for you to create custom, professional-looking videos. Add text to emphasize certain sections or stickers to make your content stand out. HitPaw Video Editor is an extremely versatile tool.



Edit images, GIFs, audio, and video. Add filters, transitions, stickers, and text. There are numerous possibilities to make your video stand out. And editing video is very easy thanks to the friendly user interface.

Selecting the Text Editor option and typing is all you need to add text. The text you create can then be dragged into the video portion. You can also place stickers in your videos the same way.


HitPaw Video Editor text editor.


These elements can be utilized to transform your videos and help them stand out. Another useful option is the filter selections. The Menu Bar’s filter section lets you place filters at any time.

HitPaw Video Editor has many of the standard features that you would expect from video editor software. You can cut audio portions out of video files, combine and split tracks, and perform other actions.


HitPaw video editing features.


The editor also supports keyframes. This feature lets you put nodes on your video’s timeline and move them to show effects to viewers gradually.

The Properties menu allows you to change different video clip parameters by hand. Adjust shadows and highlights, change temperature and sharpness, etc. There are many possibilities.

Clicking the Play button in the Preview Window will let you preview the video. The “Previous Frame” and “Next Frame” selections are handy if you want to investigate certain portions in more detail. The full-screen icon will allow you to view your video in full screen.


HitPaw Video Editor preview video.


You can choose the “Export” option to save the video after you’ve finished editing. The pop-up window that appears will let you enter or edit the video’s resolution, format, destination, and title. After that, it should only take a few seconds before you can share created video.

There is only a Windows version available for HitPaw Video Editor. A Mac edition is expected to be released sometime in the near future. Windows 7/8/10/11 64 bit machines can successfully run the software. The HitPaw Online Video Editing Toolbox can be used for 32 bit Windows computer users.


Pricing Plans

You can use the trial version to see all features that HitPaw Editor offers. Watermarks will appear on every video produced with the free edition. Watermarks will not be present on any videos created with the paid edition.

You can buy a one-month plan for $29.95 or spend $39.95 on an annual plan. For $59.95, there is a lifetime plan. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HitPaw Video Editor is currently available in 16 different international languages. Spanish, English, French, and Dutch are some of the languages that are supported.


HitPaw Video Editor Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for reliable video editing software, you can’t go wrong with HitPaw Video Editor. It allows you to turn videos into GIFs, place music in videos, adjust speed, rotate, crop, cut, and make other changes whenever you want. All important functions are included.

Users can cut a video and split it into two or more, and extract the desired clip from a video. Moreover, it also supports adding music to video to add music or a song or even background voice.

GIFs can be created from videos and used as memes and for other purposes. They can be created in a matter of minutes. Users can slow down or speed up videos, create stop motion videos, rotate and crop videos, and much more.

I liked HitPaw Video Editor’s intuitive user interface and impressive list of functions. Its features more than justify the purchase price. It’s a perfect tool for anyone who wants to edit videos easily without having to spend a lot of money on clunky programs or hiring professional video editors.

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