13 Best WordPress Themes For High Schools Worth Checking

The infinite opportunities of WordPress for education were first recognized by universities. Now schools are also starting using WordPress to build their online presence. In this article, we will discuss the best WordPress themes for high schools and what educational aspects they help demonstrate.


Why Use WordPress For High School Site?

WordPress open-source blogging platform has long been used for commercial, educational services. You can use WordPress to build just about anything. You can create an eCommerce store, membership site, offer write my paper for me service or online courses, make a dropshipping website, use it as a platform for booking, blogging, for an affiliate site, listing website, etc.

Various educational institutions have been using WordPress for several reasons. Thanks to WordPress, schools can address several tasks:

  • Display admission terms and tuition fees;
  • Share photos and stories from field trips and other school outings;
  • Create multiple blogs for teachers and students;
  • Share advanced coursework by students;
  • Publish school news and share publications about school;
  • Organize forums and discussion groups within site, without recourse to social networks.

Speaking of WordPress at schools, the bottom line is that a school does not need to hire a special PR manager to spread the word about its activities. In the case of managing a WordPress website for their high school, teachers, students, and parents can easily promote their institution across the web.


It’s user-friendly

WordPress sites are light and intuitive. The basic functionality is readily available and may be used by anyone at school. School admins can create websites that represent the school. Teachers can write blogs to share their experiences and students’ progress. And students can use blogs to write assignments and practice their soft skills.


It’s cost-effective

Schools may be restricted in funds to maintain their online presence. This could be the principal reason why WordPress has become so popular in education. Developing and maintaining an old-school website is costly, while running a WordPress site usually only requires a one-time payment for hosting and theme.

While minimizing maintenance costs, WordPress maximizes opportunities for customization to make a school website reflect the school’s values.


It’s secure

Every website needs a backup, and WordPress sites are no exception. But other than that, WordPress sites are very secure as long as the school chooses a reliable hosting provider.


It’s customizable

In the past, the main complaint about sites was their similarity to each other. Back then, customization mostly meant changing colors and widget sizes. Nowadays, customization has spread well beyond and involves adding or removing functions and technologies to improve site performance and user experience.


WordPress Themes For High Schools

WordPress themes increasingly focus on education these days, and high schools can use the same themes as universities. On the other hand, high schools do not require the advanced functionality of certain themes and templates. So they can opt for less costly but more agile themes to highlight the educational process.


Education Zone

Education Zone theme will be suitable for any educational institution. If there are a lot of bilingual students at high school, the theme can be translated for access to the students’ parents.


Education Zone WordPress theme.


It is e-commerce ready and supports WPML. High schools can use it for enrolling students and presenting their institutions in the best light.



For schools that prefer simplicity over everything else, the Sakola theme will be perfect. A Sakola-based website is sleek and easy to navigate. It makes up for its less sophisticated nature by offering customizable fonts.


Sakola school WordPress theme.



For children with special needs and their parents comes the Lighthouse. Its solid functionality and customization options make it a site of choice for inclusive high schools, too. This mobile-optimized theme is compatible with smartphones.


WordPress theme for school for kids with disabilities and special needs.



Local high schools that organize extra classes will benefit from Masterstudy intuitive and user-friendly theme.


Masterstudy education WordPress theme.


It is easy to configure and supports various plugins, including WooCommerce with PayPal payments. You can also check MasterStudy LMS review, which is LMS plugin from the same author.



As the name suggests, the School theme was developed especially for schools. It is smartphone-friendly and contains some features that make a school’s presence dynamic and engaging.


MyThemeShop School theme review.


Sliders, translation, and responsive layout make browsing a pleasant experience.


Education Pro

Education Pro is a highly functional and responsive theme. One of the biggest benefits of this theme is the simplicity of customization that it offers.


Education Pro university theme for WordPress.


You will be able to set up a site with no coding knowledge and without spending too much time.



Learning centers, high schools, and specialist colleges will benefit from the Edutech theme. It boasts cross-browser optimization and detailed course pages. Information on tuition fees and teachers’ biographies can be included. The theme is translatable and has a contemporary design.


Edutech education WordPress theme.



Hogwords theme is ideal for schools, language courses, educational and sports centers. Bright colors make it memorable, and customization features include calendar-making and group building. It is WooCommerce-compatible, has a blogging option, and can be integrated with social networks.


Hogwprds WordPress high school theme.


Zakra Education

Cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly, the Zakra Education theme will easily suit a high school. It has a fully customizable interface, including fonts and styles, and can be integrated with social networks and eCommerce plugins.


Zakra Education WordPress template for high schools.



EducationWP theme is one of the complete WordPress offers for education. It is regularly updated and packed with features. It can also be used to create a book library and a store.


EducationWP theme for high school.



Astra wasn’t built specifically for high schools but for all types of websites. However, it has everything you need to create a high school website.


astra theme pro starter sites
Astra premium starter templates examples.


This theme has a straightforward but good-looking design. For more info, you can check the Astra theme review.



Greenville theme has been developed for private schools. Features include course and program information, photo albums and videos, extracurricular activities, and parents’ testimonials.


Greenville private school WordPress theme.


Payments may be accepted via an eCommerce plugin, and feedback forms are integrated into the website.



Edme is called one of the best WordPress themes for high school sites due to its trendy design and responsive booking wizard. You can run schools in different locations and provide detailed teachers’ profiles.

Edme MotorPress education theme.

All the Elementor-grounded pages to highlight courses, personal timetables, prices, and more info are powered by the free Elementor widgets of the Stratum addon.

If needed, you can apply lesson scheduling, multiple service reservations, and different payment gateways. Edme comes bundled with the WordPress Appointment plugin for free.


High School WordPress Theme Conclusion

Whether you’re building an online courseadding interactive lessonscreating a virtual classroom, or creating a website for educational purposes, after reading this article, you should have a better idea of how you can use WordPress to build a perfect website for high school.

WordPress offers multiple opportunities to highlight the advantages of high schools. We recommend browsing the mentioned WordPress themes for high schools and choosing the one that best represents your institution.



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