67 thoughts on “How To Automatically Post From WordPress To Instagram? Publish Posts, Custom Post Types, WooCommerce Products”

  1. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is a great website and nice share. I want to thank you. Good job! You guys do a great blog, and have some great contents. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for this article. Does Snap Api work well for publishing to instagram as of November 2020, will like to know if the problems you mentioned earlier are gone now.

    1. I don’t use SNAP anymore as when I last tested it was not working well with Instagram and support for premium customers is ono-existent. I use Blog2Social.

      1. Ack. You might let that be known at the beginning of the post! I was so excited that you wrote this post and went to purchase it, only to find it didn’t work.

        1. When I wrote post I was using SNAP and it was working fine. Unfortunately, it is not the case anymore. Blog2Social works fine for me.

  3. Hello, thank you for the great article. you mentioned that SNAP author created their own API library for Instagram. I’m interested in learning how can I create my own API library for Instagram. any tutorials you direct me to would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Is there any multi user plugin that works fine for this?
    Instagram just released an update where they are stopping posting from 3rd party applications.
    Apparently some new ML algorithm which detects it.
    The SNAP plugin anyway had many issues in posting via their API to Instagram. Is there any decent plugin that posts to insta and other social media.

    1. As I understand they are not stopping posting from 3rd party applications but trying to stop fake likes and comments from 3rd party applications.

  5. Roshan Ogrey

    Finally, I found useful post. Thanks for this. I will check SNAP for automatically posting from WordPress to Instagram.

  6. tecnologia geek

    this plugin Instagram Auto Poster dont work, i buy this and have a error , instagram blocked for security reason, thanks to code canyon, the devoleper is issue a money refund to who ever buy this plugin.

  7. Hello, SNAP Pro alone does not give you the ability to post to Instagram. For this, you need a yearly SNAP API subscription (49 $/year) wich is pretty expensive if you are not a pro. If you pay for the API, SNAP Pro is free.

    1. Yes, SNAP in free version doesn’t have the option to post from WordPress to Instagram. $49/YEAR for SNAP API is not expensive at all considering what you get.

      Also, you can use it on an unlimited number of your sites.

  8. I have not tried or used neither plugin from mentioned. But second (AutoPosting to Instagram – WordPress Instagram Plugin Posting) says it was last updated 15 August 17.

    Dont look at the changelog at the end as it is not automatically generated but depends if author ads it each time.

    1. Good question. It seems SNAP doesn’t have that option and in case of video will probably just post featured image.

      I dont know of plugin which can do that.

    1. You have to input username and password in SNAP plugin settings from your site WordPress dashboard. I doubt it is stored anywhere so that author of plugin can see it.

  9. I purchased an Instagram Auto Poster Word Press to Instagram as you suggested, but I can;t figure out how to install it in my WordPress account

  10. Olawale Daniel

    I have tried all my best to get instagram working to autopost on social media networks but to failure until I came across your article, KASA.

    Thank you for your article KASA.

  11. Hi! Nice article, but I have one question. Why not to use online services for uploading pics from PC on insta? I upload and schedule photos thanks to push.photo . And without downloading any app (really hate having millions of apps). And it’s more convenient for me, because my laptop is on limit memory

    1. This is first time I hear for push.photo. It looks as it can do the job right.

      I prefer SNAP as it can post to dozens of social sharing sites automatically every time I publish new post.

  12. Thanks for this awsome info 🙂 It was just what I needed for automatically publishing my WordPress post featured images to my Instagram account.

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Thank you for letting me know about Blog2Social plugin which also can be used to post from WordPress to Instagram automatically.

      1. Blog2Social Requires at minimum a WordPress Business plan, even for the Blog2Social free version, FYI. Still growing the home business right now, was hoping to hold -off on the business plan until next year! LOL!

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this free plugin to automatically post from WordPress to Instagram.

      As I can see it has been long time since it was last updated so I wonder if it still works.

      Also plugin author didnt put much effort to at least add featured image for plugin and some description under FAQ and images under screenshots.

      All this can help to prevail for potential users so that they install plugin.

  13. I use SNAP to auto post my articles to social media. If i also use the instagram part will it post pictures from my articles? i only want my gallery to post to instagram.

  14. Just bear in mind that whilst snap is great, the support is non existamt, so if it works for you great, but if it does not i would not hold your breath expecting support…

    1. I see it is new plugin without any reviews yet. I might give it a try to test. Thanks for letting me know about free option to automatically post WordPress featured image to Instagram account.

    2. Hi,
      I tried this and this stops me to auto publish on other social media, I have working plugin for fb,twitter, G+.
      After activating this plugin, it’s posting to FB only..
      Let me know if this worked for you.


      1. I personally didnt test this plugin as I see it was not updated for long time (in time of writing this).

        I still recommend using SNAP PRO. I had some issues but now posting from WordPress to Instagram finally works smooth.

  15. This is the best guideline how To Post From WordPress To Instagram. I would like to congratulation for this great contribution. Thanks a for sharing this content with us.

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