How To Automatically Post From WordPress To Instagram Tutorial

How To Automatically Post From WordPress To Instagram Tutorial

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A few weeks ago I was in a need to automatically post from WordPress to Instagram from my website.

When I started searching tool or plugin which will provide that, I was unpleseantly surprised finding out that this will not be an easy task.

So I have WordPress website in a particular niche. I have Instagram account for that site. Lazy as I am I decided I dont want to manually repost and pubslish post to Instagram every time I publish new content or want to republish existing.

Naturally, I started searching for terms like WordPress auto post to Instagram, how to share WordPress posts on Instagram, etc. You get the point.

The first thing I done was to check if there is recipe on IFTTT for my purpose. There were many Instagram to WordPress recipes, but no WordPress to Instagram.

Then I found out that official Instagram API is not accepting images from anything other than mobile devices. I understand that move from Instagram. They don’t want spammers publishing via bots.

Which means no automatic processes. Just good old manual posting.

Luckily I managed to found two plugins which promised auto post WordPress to Instagram feature. One of them was Social Network Auto Poster. Or shorter SNAP.

I am already using the free version of this plugin, so didnt know that in PRO version, not long ago, developer introduced a new feature.

Option to post from WordPress to Instagram automatically when new post is published. Or even repost existing content. That was enough for me to buy PRO version which comes with tons of features and costs only $49.

I also found another plugin in Codecanyon repository. This plugin is called Instagram Auto Poster. This plugin is relatively new and costs $19. Of course it doesnt have many features like SNAP does as it is oriented especially to post WordPress images to Instagram.

Taking into consideration that social media plays a critical role in promoting content and engaging readers, it is important to have your social media accounts set up. Preferably on auto pilot.

It makes it easier to reach out to new readers while allowing for greater engagement via comments and discussions.

Manually sharing every post on all the different social media networks can get tiresome. If you don’t wish to share it manually every time, you can use one of many plugins or tools available.

Your site or blog is already posting your content to Facebook and Twitter. So what about Instagram?


How To Post From WordPress To Instagram?

No obstacle in WordPress can’t be solved using plugins. I will present you two methods how to share WordPress blog on Instagram.

These two approaches using SNAP plugin and Instagram Auto Poster are only ways I managed to find. If you know other options, please let me know.

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METHOD #1 Social Network Auto Poster (SNAP) – PAID

This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LiveJournal, Flipboard, Instagram, Telegram… The whole process is completely automated.

Just write the blog post and plugin will do the rest. Once you click “Publish” button, your post or announcement will go to all your configured Social Networks accounts.


What is the difference between “Free” and “Pro” versions?

Free plugin is limited to one account per each type of connected networks. In other words you can add 1 Facebook, AND 1 Twitter AND 1 LinkedIn AND 1 etc … accounts in the “Free” version. This is enough for about 95% of users.

Pro plugin is NOT limited in number of accounts per each type of connected networks. You can add 10 (or 100) Facebook, AND 15 Twitter AND 5 LinkedIn AND 25, etc … accounts in the “Pro” version.

Why some networks are not free?

Networks without native API like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Flipboard, LinkedIn Company pages and groups, Reddit, etc…don’t allow to make posts. SNAP author had to create and maintain own API libraries for such networks, and those libraries are available separately for some fee.

Some networks like Blogger and LinkedIn have free built-in APIs, but those APIs are limited in some ways. In such cases, plugin can use free API to the full extend of the network imposed limitation. 


I will not go in all features that SNAP has to offers as there is a lot of them and because I already wrote review on Social Network Auto Poster.

In order to be able to publish WordPress posts automatically on Instagram you will need to buy PRO version which costs $49. This is great price considering additional features you receive + features from free version.


Post from WordPress to Instagram tutorial using SNAP

First step is to connect Instagram to your WordPress site.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Social Networks Auto Poster Options.
2. Click “Add new account” button, select “Instagram” from the list.
3. Fill your Instagram username and password.


wordpress auto post to instagram


You can set image format to be extended, cropped or untouched.

Extended – Image is extended by the longer side to make it square. The whole image will be seen in the stream and in the full view. In the stream image will appear smaller.


wordpress to instagram post


Cropped – Image is cropped to make it square. Some parts of the image will be permanently removed.

Untouched – Image is untouched. Instagram will crop image for the stream. Could cause “Uploaded image isn’t in an allowed aspect ratio” Error.

To be able to share WordPress post images on Instagram you will need to buy PRO version. Paid version costs $49 on a yearly basis.

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How to avoid Instagram’s SPAM filter using SNAP?

Instagram has a SPAM filter. That filter does not care about autoposting, but it does notice some things that are hard/unusual to do from the phone, but very easy using the SNAP.

Instagram always watches new accounts. The older your account, the less likely it will be considered as “spamming account.”

Instagram does not support links at all. You can put URL to your description, but it won’t be clickable. Instagram considers all posts with URLs as suspicious, but most of all Instagram hates shortened URLs. Almost 100% of posts with shortened URLs will be considered as spam and deleted.

Do not include most popular tags. Instagram considers all posts with most popular tags as suspicious.

Do not post more than humanly possible. If you post five posts per minute 24/7, your account will be noticed.

If you already got hit by SPAM filter, try to make several posts from your phone without any links or hashtags. Instagram will unmark your account as “Spammer” after some time.

You can’t use plugin with Facebook or Google+ Instagram accounts. You need to have a native Instagram account.


METHOD #2 Instagram Auto Poster – WordPress to Instagram – PAID

The plugin allows you to send posts automatically to your Instagram account.

To use the plugin you just have to enter your Instagram username and password. There are not any settings except that. Simple and straightforward.


how to post from WordPress to instagram plugin


Choose if you want or not to automatically publish posts from WordPress to your Instagram account.

Set message format and you are done. Price for this plugin is $19 and can be purchased on CodeCanyon.


How To Automatically Post From WordPress To Instagram Summary

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with the huge user base.

If you can post quality images regularly and create a follower base, Instagram can benefit your business.

Using above-mentioned plugins you can use the platform to help your online business and get some extra traffic to your site.

Stop manually posting every time you want to publish new post from WordPress to Instagram. Let the plugin do the work so you can focus on more important things like writing content.

If you need to showcase your exisitng images from Instagram on your WordPress website, then I reccomend InstaShow. I have write InstaShow review so check it out.

Now over to you dear reader. Let me know in comments below what you think and if you know any other way or tool to post automatically from WordPress to Instagram.

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  2. ANZ
    October 10, 08:57 #2 ANZ

    Can I post woocommerce products automatically in istagram using snap?

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    • Kasa
      November 02, 14:15 Kasa Author

      I see it is new plugin without any reviews yet. I might give it a try to test. Thanks for letting me know about free option to automatically post WordPress featured image to Instagram account.

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  4. Unsatisfied
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    Just bear in mind that whilst snap is great, the support is non existamt, so if it works for you great, but if it does not i would not hold your breath expecting support…

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    • Kasa
      January 03, 13:16 Kasa Author

      Yes, I agree. SNAP support is terrible. You can be lucky if you even receive answer.

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    Anything for shopify?

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  6. LadyCobraa
    January 27, 00:16 #7 LadyCobraa

    I use SNAP to auto post my articles to social media. If i also use the instagram part will it post pictures from my articles? i only want my gallery to post to instagram.

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  7. Gas
    February 21, 11:32 #8 Gas

    WP2Instagram is a free plugin to post automatically to instagram. just sign in with and thats it

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    • Kasa
      February 21, 14:46 Kasa Author

      Thank you for letting me know about this free plugin to automatically post from WordPress to Instagram.

      As I can see it has been long time since it was last updated so I wonder if it still works.

      Also plugin author didnt put much effort to at least add featured image for plugin and some description under FAQ and images under screenshots.

      All this can help to prevail for potential users so that they install plugin.

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