CanIRank Review PROS & CONS – Improve WordPress Website Ranking, Content & Authority



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • There’s the option to try it for free
  • Monthly bonus reports with paid plans
  • Schedule an expert consultation for free (service plan only)
  • Finds many keyword ideas
  • The members user dashboard section is easy to navigate
  • It is web-based with nothing to download
  • Video tutorials in the Learning Center


  • The free membership has very limited options
  • You must manually analyze each keyword for which you want competition info
  • It’s a little slow at analyzing keyword ideas for difficulty percentage scores
  • I found it time-consuming to deliver all of the action plans, and got lost in some of the tasks
  • Price which is not for every pocket

Improving your WordPress website rankings, site authority, increasing traffic and growing content is very important. That is why I have decided to make CanIRank review.

I first heard about CanIRank when they contacted me about doing a review of CoinTent, one of their clients who provides an interest subscription plugin for WordPress.

But after learning more, I found out CanIRank wasn’t just another SEO agency, but actually has a unique model that combines SEO analytics software with a team of consultants.

So after some correspondence, they offered me the opportunity to take their software for a spin to see if I could identify any opportunities for growing my organic search traffic.


Improve Your WordPress Website Ranking

In order to improve your WordPress website ranking, when preparing your new post you need to research several aspects.

You need to gather valuable information including media, traffic estimation, research keywords, etc. Estimating the traffic for a target keyword is the most important step.

Keyword research is crucial part of the SEO process. It’s not enough to just repeat your target keyword a bunch of times. Instead, search engines are looking for content that has strong topi relevancy.

One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by using long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are search terms which are highly specific. As a result they are less competitive.

You can also try to rank for highly competitive keywords. But if you are competing against companies with large budgets and teams of marketers, that is not going to give you a good return on your time and money.

You need to write a targeted piece of content. You need to figure out a keyword term that is the right fit for your website. Not too competitive with enough traffic to make it worth your effort.

Finally you need to optimize that content so that search engines will be able to efficiently categorize your writing and index your page. CanIRank gives you clear data with step-by-step action plans while navigating you toward a brighter SEO future.

It diagnoses in which areas your site doesnt perform best, your chances of optimizing your target keywords, and tells you how to market your web site to become a competitor in your online niche.


CanIRank Review

In the past year, CanIRank has grown to become one of the SEO industry’s most respected keyword research and competitive analysis tools. CanIRank offers a number of useful features. Such as rank tracking, link building opportunities, on-page SEO suggestions, and a whole lot more.

Using modern data analytics, CanIRank analyzes the web to define all the variables which will bring you to wanted rankings.

It uses its ranking models combined with data and metrics from other services such as MOZ, Semrush,, SharedCount, and Ahrefs to create actionable steps that will benefit website owners in the search engines.


can i rank keyword research tool


CanIRank starts by calculating your website’s Ranking Probability for any keyword you’re considering. Ranking Probability is keyword difficulty metric that is specific to your website. CanIRank collects over 200 data points for every competing URL.

For any given keyword, it takes into account the top ranking websites overall strength, what topics they’re considered authoritative in, their link structure, keyword relevancy and other on-page features, anchor text relevancy, and many other factors.

With all that data, CanIRank can show you specifically where your website falls short, along with recommended changes you can make to improve your rankings.

Rather than relying on your gut or simply hoping that the keywords you’re targeting will end up being worth the effort, CanIRank lets you quantify both input (cost-to-rank) and output (traffic value).

Most SEO tools focus on providing you with data, statistics, information etc. But they dont tell you what to do with all that informationCanIRank attempts to replace the human intelligence of an expert SEO with “computer intelligence”. By using CanIRank you get clear, actionable advice, not just raw numbers.


How CanIRank Works?

CanIRank can help you quickly figure out what keyword terms you can target in order to rank well and get found by customers.

You can start in two ways. If you have a particular keyword in mind that you think might be great for your website, you can put it into CanIRank. On the other hand, if you need to get fresh keyword term ideas you can get those from CanIRank as well.

If you have a site that already has authority with inbound links from major sites in your niche, then CanIRank will show you keywords which are more competitive.

If you have a site that’s just starting out then you will need to pick less competitive terms that you can rank for. Once you are ranking for less competitive terms you can use your new page rank authority to rank for more increasingly competitive terms.

That way you will increase your audience and potential customer base. Google will view your site as a more authoritative resource for people looking information in your area.



Here you can see a summary of you activity like priority tasks and accomplishments. Get caught up on everything that’s happened with your SEO campaigns.


Marketing Performance

Here you can see your overall score and what improvements you can do as well as how does your site compare to the competition.

Based upon CanIRank’s analysis of your website and the competition, you will see current and achieved goals for improving your website areas in order to get a positive impact on your site traffic and sales.

improve wordpress marketing performance



One of the hardest question in website improvement is “where to begin?” Opportunities are designed to help you answer that question. In this section, you can see things you can do right now to grow your website traffic, prioritized based on getting most benefit.


things to grow your website traffic


CanIRank’s recommendations are based upon analysis of over 200,000 websites to determine what’s really most important to high rankings. All recommendations are based on a thorough examination of the unique needs, opportunities, and competitive landscape of your particular website.


Grow My Content

In this section you can get more content ideas every time you analyze a new keyword by clicking the Analyze button or by entering a keyword and URL in the form. To improve the visibility of your post or page for desired keyword, just enter a keyword and click “Can I Rank.” A report will be generated in a few minutes.

The report consists of what you can do to optimize the page and what your competitors are up to. This section is very detailed and provides useful data.

Just enter the keyword you wish to see if you can rank for. You will get a Ranking Probability score for that keyword, sugestions, how valuable keyword is in cost per click advertising as well as how your site compares to the competition for that keyword based on six factors.

Based on the keywords tracked, Keyword Ideas will suggest a list of keywords with all the necessary data to evaluate them.


Improve My Rankings

The Improve my Rankings section is designed to show you exactly how your page falls short of the top ranking sites, and what you can do to fix it. To create your report, simply enter desired keyword and URL for the page and click the “Analyze my page” button.

The Competitive Analysis table in your Improve my Rankings report will show you exactly why your site isn’t ranking.

CanIRank calculates how your website compares to existing rankers in every major ranking factor, as well as the influence of each of those ranking factors for that particular result page.

The tool uses the API from companies like Moz, SEMRush, and SharedCounts to pull the relevant data right into your CanIRank account.


improve my ranking WordPress


Mouse over the column headings to see explanations:

  1. Page Relevancy – Is the page optimized for a keyword?
  2. Website Relevancy – How much content does the website have related to the keyword?
  3. Page External Relevancy  How relevant is the page’s inbound anchor text to the keyword?
  4. Website External Relevancy  How relevant is the website’s inbound anchor text to the keyword?
  5. Page Strength – How trusted and authoritative is the page?
  6. Website Strength – How trusted and authoritative is the overall website?

Under the What you need to improve rank? section of the report, you will find the major Ranking Factors, along with a bar graph showing you how your score compares to the minimum, average, and maximum Ranker score.

Starting with the Ranking Factors where your website is below the Ranker minimum, click the Actions button to get specific recommendations for things you can do to address the weakness and rank better.

Each Action has a score that represents the impact CanIRank thinks completing that Action will have on the page’s rankings. Higher scores mean that an Action will have a big impact in an area where your page desperately needs it.

You can click the blue Do it for me button to delegate that Action to one of CanIRank SEO experts, or click the Action title to get step-by-step instructions on how to complete that Action yourself.


Promote My Content

In this section, you can find opportunities to build links, connect with influencers, and share your content with interested customers. Each Opportunity is scored according to relevancy, authority, and how actionable is the Opportunity.


promote my content wordpress


With the Promote my Content tool you can select the URL you want to promote, choose a link building strategy, and click Generate.

CanIRank will find many potential link opportunities, and score each one according to its relevancy to your target keyword, the authority of the page, what % of the external links on the page are dofollow, and how actionable is the opportunity. It’s best to think of content promotion as a regular recurring task rather than a one-time thing.

Promotion types for link opportunities are competiting pages and websites, Q and A, forums, resource pages, guest posts, reviews, directories, dofollow blogs, communities, fresh, internal links, unlinked mentions, competitor mentions, bloggers, keywords and journalists.


Build My Authority & Grow My Followers

Here you will receive top Recommendations for building your Website Authority. Each day you complete an Action, your website will be reassessed and you will get additional recommendations.


how to build wordpress authority


CanIRank Help & Support

Live chat is available to contact a member of the team and start up a conversation. In addition, you can submit an email support ticket.

You can also check the “Knowledge Base” to gather information on various topics ranging from Creating New Reports, Action Recommendations, and Interpreting The Reports to the General FAQs.

Knowledge Base section doesnt consist of thorough info unfortunately. Just basic instructions. Luckily there are useful video in Learning Center which will help you get started.

Special thanks to Henry from their team who guided me through CanIRank and gave me a personal demo of the software via Skype.


How Much Will CanIRank Cost Me?

CanIRank offers a free version. However, bare in mind that your access and features are extremely limited. There is also a free trial. All paid memberships have a 7-day free trial. The trial gives you some time to test out the tool without making any financial commitments.

Pricing plans are on a monthly basis. I have looked sites similar to CanIRank and always ask myself (from a user’s perspective) if a monthly subscription is worth it. How often does a website owner need to use this kind of tool during the month?

Some months I may use it often while there are times when I might not use it for a whole month. If I had clients or multiple websites, then it would be well worth the price.

I don’t mind paying one-time fee or yearly based cheaper option. Monthly would come in handy if I could pause the membership when I want, and continue to use the tool when I need.

However, there is no denying that CanIRank is a useful tool. They clearly invested a lot of time and resources into develping the software in order to help  bloggers and smaller businesses be competitive online.



canirank pricing plans


CanIRank offers four pricing plans. Depending on the plan you choose you will have more or fewer options. All plans come with free expert consulting to help with tricky issues and make sure you get the most out of your membership. The Full Expert Service starts from $35 per hour!


CanIRank Review PROS & CONS

What I like about CanIRank:

  • There’s the option to try it for free
  • Free 7 day trials with all paid membership plans
  • Full refund if no results in your first 30 days
  • Monthly bonus reports with paid plans
  • A full service plan option is available
  • Schedule an expert consultation for free (service plan only)
  • Finds many keyword ideas
  • The members user dashboard section is easy to navigate
  • Video tutorials in the Learning Center
  • It is web-based with nothing to download
  • Great support with assisting customers and answering questions
  • You can change your plan at any time


What I dislike with CanIRank:

  • The free membership has very limited options
  • You must manually analyze each keyword for which you want competition info
  • It’s a little slow at analyzing keyword ideas for difficulty percentage scores
  • Websites, keyword and SEO reports, content ideas, rank tracking and link opportunities are all capped at various levels, depending on your membership plan
  • I found it time-consuming to deliver all of the action plans, and got lost in some of the tasks
  • Price which is not for every pocket


Is CanIRank Worth Your Time? CanIRank Review Summary

What I particularly loved is that CanIRank gives you a number of important details to use through a series of actions to improve your ranking.

CanIRank is accessible even to those website owners with less SEO expertise. For each of your report, you will receive a number of suggestions to put into practice every day until you’ll reach your goals.

You can use it to track your website ranking (and improve them), find link building opportunities, get SEO suggestions (you will be informed of what exactly you need to fix without having the risk to be penalized for aggressive SEO) and more.

Taking everything into account (the tools, training and support), my experience with CanIRank SEO has been amazing.

Not only is the platform user/beginner friendly, but I also discovered many improvements that needed to be made on my own website which I’m currently in the process of doing.

The few main disadvantages which I would point are price, that you have to manually click the “Analyze” button for each keyword phrase you want to see the difficulty percentage for and waiting for eternity as the software is analyzing the keyword.

If you’re currently struggling with the SEO side of things with your website and in need of pinching a few top spots on Google for more traffic, sales and revenue, then CanIRank will provide you with the insights and the actionable steps required of you for online success.

Used correctly, CanIRank isn’t just a way to help you find new keywords to target, it’s an entirely new approach to growing search engine traffic.

CanIRank is about helping you spend less time and money on traditional SEO activities like link-building and content promotion. Less SEO means less risk.

When it comes to some SEO tools like CanIRank, you just need to take that leap of faith and use the software for a reasonable amount of time to find out for yourself whether it improves your website’s rankings and traffic flow.

With the number of tools that display different results, it’s difficult to know which are more accurate, so it’s a case of trying the tools for yourself to reach your own conclusions. Alternatively, it’s also best to read reviews and visit forums for more help. As CanIRank alternative, you can check SE Ranking review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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