8 Best Skrill Alternatives – Which Skrill Competitors Are Good?

Skrill is very popular and used by many. But which Skrill alternatives are best if Skrill doesn’t suit your needs?

Skrill business rebranded its services in 2011 and was originally known as Moneybookers. Many companies and individuals use Skrill’s online payment system and money transfer services.

Instant transfers, a prepaid MasterCard, crypto trading are some of the available features to account holders.

People can conduct transactions domestically and internationally quickly, secure manner with Skrill online payment processing services. Users can see how much they are saving or losing when transferring funds from one currency to another.

Customers can also send money in any currency that they want. Skrill is an active sponsor of the renowned football club A.C. Milan.


Skrill Alternatives

Skrill is much more than just a digital payment platform. The company has been in business for over 20 years. Some of its most commonly used features are receiving and sending funds. People can also sell and buy cryptocurrencies with Skrill. Companies can open a merchant account, and all account holders can get a prepaid debit card.


Skrill card review.


Funds can be sent to your bank account on the same day of the transaction with the Skrill money transfer platform. It’s a good option for people who want to send money to others living in different countries. You can open a Skrill wallet account in most countries. These accounts can be used to hold funds in up to 40 different international currencies.

There aren’t any transaction costs or fixed fees for sending funds internationally. This can make Skrill an appealing option for people who conduct smaller transfers and are concerned about the additional transaction costs associated with them. None of these fees are added if you use Paysafecash, a bank transfer, or a debit card to fund your money transfer.


Skrill account features.


A commission fee of up to 4.99% is charged per transaction by Skrill for payments made by credit card. The credit card issuer may also charge a foreign transaction fee for these activities.

Skrill also charges an exchange rate margin that it refers to as an “international transfer exchange rate mark-up” on all transfers. This margin is charged regardless of your payment method or the currencies being used.

The fee is a markup that’s slightly above the mid-market exchange rate. Skrill charges this fee on each currency unit that you convert into a different currency. The markup can be up to 4.99% of the transfer’s overall value, which is a huge margin.

I don’t recommend Skrill for currency conversions or paying in any currency that you don’t have funds in Skrill’s account. Skrill’s exchange rate margins are a little less on credit card transfers than they are on debit card transfers.



There aren’t too many people nowadays who don’t know of or are already using PayPal. When launched, the company took new approaches to financial technology and the ways that people bank online.

PayPal great Skrill alternative and is used by millions of customers in over 150 international markets. It integrates with many well-known payment processing services.

People and organizations have grown to trust and depend on PayPal’s payment processing services. Their connections with different accounting and CRM platforms have resulted in many functions being automated. One of their many services is providing a MasterCard similar to what Skrill has. PayPal charges no yearly maintenance fees for this card.


PayPal Prepaid Mastercard review.
Transfer money from your account at PayPal to your PayPal Prepaid Card so you can shop in store or online, wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted.
PayPal Cash Mastercard rview.
Access funds with a debit card linked directly to your PayPal Cash Plus account.


PayPal is great, but it might not be the ideal tool for every organization or person.

PayPal provides a convenient alternative for online transactions to those who don’t want or have a bank account. Clients can opt to link their PayPal accounts with a debit or credit card for payments if they don’t have enough balance in their PayPal account.

One area of concern is PayPal’s risk department. It’s not uncommon for account holders to have their account access limited due to PayPal’s security measures or have their accounts frozen.

PayPal’s support team is one of its strengths. They have plenty of knowledge about many common issues and problems. But you’ll probably spend most of your time in either their community forums or at their knowledge base. PayPal has an impressive amount of documentation that can help you figure out how to solve most problems.

Obviously, the company wants you to figure out the answers to questions all by yourself, so they provide a lot of information that can help you achieve that goal.

PayPal account dashboard summary.


Providing an online payment method isn’t only PayPal specialty. They also provide third-party payment processing and other options that merchants can use to their advantage.

Payments can be accepted with PayPal Checkout (formerly known as Express Checkout), Payments Pro and Payments Standard.

Over the last few years, PayPal has added more options. Some of these additions include more working arrangements with popular credit card companies, efforts to stop scammers from obtaining sensitive personal information, and PayPal’s very own payment application.



Wise was originally known as TransferWise. The company launched in 2011, and it is a UK-based business that lets you spend, receive, and send money to and from various countries with an online Wise account.

A Wise debit card allows you to spend funds domestically and internationally in many countries. You can send money to people living in various nations and receive money in different currencies with your account.


Wise review pros and cons.


Inexpensive money transfer service is Wise’s primary focus. Transparent services and affordable fees have helped Wise attract many loyal customers.

You can accomplish the following tasks with a Wise multi-currency account:

  • Hold account balances in 56 international currencies.
  • Currencies can be converted quickly with minimal fees.
  • Bank balances with bank account details are provided in Turkish lira, Romanian leu, Hungarian forint, Singapore dollars, British pounds, New Zealand dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, and United State dollars.
  • Set direct debits in Euros, British pounds, Australian dollars, and US dollars.
  • Wise debit cards are available to residents of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, and the United States.
  • You can use a debit card to spend money in any currency.

Wise is a strong Skrill competitor. There are no unreasonably expensive international transaction fees or exchange fees with Wise. That’s why many people choose them over other comparable alternatives.


Wise debit card.
Wise debit card can be used to pay in any currency.


Wise accounts allow you to send, receive and exchange money in various international currencies. The current exchange rate is always used, and their fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

You can pay for items in many nations with your account funds, withdraw money at ATMs and pay online with your Wise debit card.

For more info about Wise, you can check my Wise review, Wise debit card review, Wise vs. Revolut comparison, and best Wise alternatives.



Revolut is headquartered in the United Kingdom and was launched in 2015. It operates similarly to Wise and is a private organization. Customers can send money to other Revolut account holders and bank accounts via their money transfer services.

Revolut cards can be used to buy items at physical stores and online, use virtual cards, and trade cryptocurrencies.


Revolut bank review pros and cons.


Revolut main audiences are international business people and active travelers. The Revolut multi-currency card allows you to exchange funds and send money quickly and inexpensively.

You can withdraw money at ATMs and purchase goods and services with the Revolut card. The Revolut app lets you manage funds and all services from one place on the go.

A Visa or MasterCard virtual card or prepaid debit card will be provided after you’ve signed up for a Revolut account. Account chargeoffs and fund withdrawals in over 120 nations can be accomplished using the card. Direct transfers in 26 currencies can be conducted with the Revolut app.


Revolut pros and cons.


An account number and a sort code will be provided by Revolut, much like a traditional bank account. You can then receive funds with these bank account details. Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers, and traditional credit and debit cards can be used to add money to your Revolut account balance.

Residents of European Economic Area (EEA) countries, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and the United States can open Revolut accounts. Revolut Business accounts are available to organizations with a physical presence and are officially registered in the EEA and Switzerland.

For more info about Revolut, you can check my Revolut review, Revolut card review, Revolut business account review, Revolut WooCommerce integration, and best Revolut competitors.



Payoneer was founded in 2005. They are a financial services company and worldwide MasterCard service provider that provides customers access to working capital and is used for online money transfers and digital payments.

Helping domestic and international individuals and companies pay one another and receive payments is Payoneer’s main focus.


Is Payoneer safe to use platform?
You can get local bank account details in several currencies just like having bank account in physical bank.


Payoneer does not support point of sale payment options and payment gateways for businesses. This means you can’t use it as a payment gateway on your site.

Their primary focus is providing individuals and organizations an online platform to receive and send money.

Payoneer currently supports over 150 currencies in more than 200 nations. Funds can be sent abroad and domestically. You can also withdraw money using a debit card.

A Payoneer prepaid MasterCard can be used for transactions. The company doesn’t have any Visa card choice at this time.


Payoneer card review.


Payoneer clients can receive funds quickly, and ATMs around the world can be used to withdraw money. There is a daily withdrawal limit of $2,500. A foreign exchange fee of about 1% can be charged when applicable.

Your bank account can also receive funds from your Payoneer account. You can withdraw funds from your account at ATMs or use the money in your account to buy items online and at physical store locations.

Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard is optional, which is charged a $29.95 yearly fee. Payoneer has convenient apps for iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to manage funds, but it can’t be used to make payments.

Payoneer’s help desk has a collection of resources and a knowledge base if you need to find out more info. Their support staff can be reached by live chat, phone, and email from several offices in different countries.

Payoneer is a great site similar to Skrill. For more info about Payoneer, be sure to check my Payoneer review and Payoneer vs. PayPal comparison.



Many people use N26 non-traditional banking services. It is a fully licensed European bank that operates solely online. Its simple, intuitive app has many of the same functions, services, safety, and regulations that other standard financial institutions provide to their customers.

Fund transfers, money withdrawals, and topping up account can be accomplished with the N26 Mastercard. Clients can save money using its services as it’s a nice stress-free option for people who travel abroad regularly. Individuals and self-employed people who conduct business in various currencies or travel frequently can take advantage of N26 services.


N26 banking features.


N26 doesn’t have any complicated paperwork or annoying charges to worry about. People living in the following countries can open account with N26: Germany, USA, Ireland, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway.

N26 provides five free monthly withdrawals. A fee of 2 EUR is charged for each additional withdrawal after that. There’s no charge for opening standard N26 accounts. A free Maestro card and a free MasterCard debit card are included with standard accounts.

Travelers can benefit from using their N26 MasterCard. There are no currency conversion fees or transaction fees. The real exchange rate is always used. Fees are only charged if you withdraw money in the currency which you don’t have in your account. The travel card has a free travel insurance and fewer fees.

The app is where all transactions are managed. You will also receive push notifications for each transaction. You can even block a card and order a new one in a matter of minutes if your old card has been lost or stolen.



Monese brings an improved banking experience by providing a digital banking app and card that uses smartphone technology. It’s a good option for people who want to set up new accounts in different countries quickly and for those who travel frequently.

There are no fees for ATM withdrawals or card payments, conveniences that many other standard banks don’t offer.


Monese digital banking features.


Their debit card works much like many other popular debit cards. It can be used to make contactless payments, withdraw funds at ATMs across the globe and buy items in physical and online stores. You can also see statements, edit your personal data, and top-up your account via the app whenever you want.

The Monese app supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. This feature lets you use your phone to make contactless payments. Monese doesn’t have its own fee structure. It uses the interbank rate, which makes for more affordable international money transfers and foreign currency exchanges.

There are several ways in which you can add money to an account with Monese. Bank transfers in the United Kingdom can be processed with the sort code and account number that Monese provides.

European IBAN allows clients who live outside the UK to make payments to and from the UK Monese account. Monese is a great Skrill alternative.



ZEN is a Fintech company and site similar to Skrill. They have partnered with MasterCard to provide digital financial services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consumers. This suite of resources can be used to pay for purchases online and in physical stores with the contactless payment card and manage financials and cash flow with ease from one location.

MasterCard in the digital-only or plastic form is provided to ZEN customers. Those cards can then be added to Google Pay or Apple Pay wallets because of MasterCard’s tokenization technology. Clients conveniently can pay for goods and services online and in store in a safe, secure manner.


ZEN physical and virtual card.


One-year manufacturer’s warranty extension and cashback are some of the exclusive benefits available to ZEN cardholders.

ZEN can be used as a multi-currency account. These accounts don’t have any commission fees and allow account holders to pay for items in 30 different international currencies.

Most of us are used to being frustrated by having to replace or repair electronics that have stopped working properly after their manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Warranties for those items are extended by a year for any purchased items with a ZEN MasterCard.

Companies and individuals don’t need to worry about chargebacks with ZEN. They can follow the proper procedures to report chargeback claims to ZEN, and then ZEN will handle those claims for their customers.

The instant payment flow is available for busy entrepreneurs. All money transfers are guaranteed to be completed within hours of the transaction. ZEN customer service is available at all hours, day or night. Their intuitive, easy mobile app is used to manage all available services.


ZEN bank account.


ZEN accounts have their own IBAN and work much like traditional bank accounts. You can transfer and hold funds in more than 30 international currencies.

Anyone living in the European Economic Area can open a ZEN account. The business has offices in Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Poland. Their digital money license was approved by regulators in 31 nations and was issued by Lithuania’s central bank.

Customer support is provided in Spanish, English, German, Polish, and French. Services in additional languages are expected to be added at later dates.


Nuri (Formerly Bitwala)

Bitwala recently changed their company name to Nuri. The Berlin-based fintech company redesigned its mobile app and website. Their goals are to be more inclusive and to make their new ideas and methods available to a wider, more diverse audience.

Nuri customers can use fully licensed mobile bank account services to invest in cryptocurrencies and manage finances. Nuri works much like a standard bank. Nuri clients have access to trusted customer service support, low fees, and a broad spectrum of banking services.


Nuri bank account features.


Mobile or desktop app can be used to perform various banking transactions. It makes saving and trading easier and less time-consuming.

Nuri offers cryptocurrency trading, much like Skrill. You can buy and sell Bitcoin with your bank account. Not all banking businesses offer this convenient feature. Nuri account holders can also hold funds in multiple currencies simultaneously.


Nuri cryptocurrency bank.


Nuri also offers a German MasterCard debit card. The company’s partnership with Solarisbank makes this option possible. Clients can use these cards to withdraw funds at ATMs worldwide, make contactless payments and use many other features.

There won’t be any ATM withdrawal fees with Nuri cards. Nuri is also planning on adding Visa card and more bank account features in the near future.


Sites Like Skrill Conclusion

Skrill has simplified many online banking transactions. Its popularity has grown because of functions like linking bank accounts and debit or credit cards with Skrill.

Funds can be sent back and forth between Skrill wallets and accounts as needed. Users can select the currency that they want their Skrill transactions to be completed in. Customers can send funds to their bank account easily.

Skrill has many worthwhile features, but it may not be what every business or individual needs. Hopefully, the Skrill alternatives provided above will be useful for your needs.

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