Create WooCommerce Discount Rules Using Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Plugin

Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules


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  • Easy to use
  • Show all offers to visitors in clear way
  • Coupon management
  • Various price rules options
  • Volume discount option
  • Create buy one get one free deals
  • Minimum cart requirements


  • No multi site plans
  • No free version

Companies need to grow and sustain a loyal client base. Repeated and regular business helps them remain in operation and continue to be successful and profitable. Offering discounts and other special rewards is an excellent way to show your customers that they matter to you. This can help to ensure repeat orders and build trust and can be achieved using the WooCommerce discount rules plugin.

Providing great service that your competitors can’t match can ensure that customers will keep coming back. The same goods or services may have different prices based on the time it is purchased or depending on the customer. This is called dynamic pricing.

Clients are bound to return because they feel valued. This can help to increase revenue and profit. It can also improve your sales figures by drawing more new and repeat business.

You can achieve that task with the help of the Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin.


Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules Review

The ability to assign price variations and different conditions are just a few of the many features that this WooCommerce discount rules plugin provides. You can easily apply discounts according to user role, minimum orders, or item categories. You can entice more people to buy from you by offering discounts that are only good for a certain period.


Woosuite Dynamic Pricing plugin.


You can set rules for how, where, and when each discount will be allowed. Discount offers can also only be made available to specific types of customers.


Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce plugin.



  • Create dynamic pricing discounts. Those discounts can be used in certain date ranges, for individual product categories, minimum order quantities, or set per user role. Discounts can have more than one condition.
  • Special offers and different pricing are offered to different clients for the same item.
  • Set minimum product quantities for the shopping cart.
  • The more customers buy, the less their per item cost will be.
  • If a certain amount of one product is bought at full price, this can trigger a discount for the quantity of another product.
  • Fixed amount or percentages can be used for price discounts.
  • The product page will show all available offers to site visitors in a manner that’s easy to understand and isn’t overwhelming.
  • The export/import function makes it easy to download your rules into a CSV format, make changes if necessary and then import.
  • Each user group can have unique browsing options. More than one discount can be given to all customers, guest users, or according to a user’s role.
  • Improves cart abandonment rates.


Pricing Rules

Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules has several modes available for creating and applying pricing rules:

  • Single products pricing – Bulk and special offer pricing for individual items.
  • Orders pricing – Pricing based on the total quantity in a customer shopping cart.
  • Roles pricing – Pricing is determined based on user role. Different user segments and roles can have their own discounts and prices.
  • Categories pricing – Pricing based on product categories (Simple product category pricing, Advanced product category pricing).


Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules review.


Simple means the same rule will be applied to all products, regardless of quantity. While Advanced means that rules will take effect according to quantity conditions:

  • For orders, the total price of the order.
  • The number of products purchased is used for categories and products.
  • Bulk means that the rule is applied to all items under the rule
  • Special offer means that the rule only applies to a predefined amount.


How Does It Work?

The first step that you need to take is to go to the plugin Pricing tab. There, you will find several tabs.


Order Totals

You can set price changes according to the complete order amount for your whole store in this section. It’s the final discount rule that will be added to customer orders. If other discounts have been applied to cart items, these rules will not be applied to the cart.

Select “Add Pricing Group,” which allows you to create a group, apply a set of criteria to a specific role, and another set of criteria to everyone else.


Dynamic pricing based on order total.


Then you can configure rules such as:

  • Admin Title – Assign group title. That title won’t be visible to customers.
  • Quantities based on – Choose “Category Total” or the categories that will qualify for the discount and the categories that must be in a customer’s online shopping cart before they can receive that discount. Choose “Cart Total” for the entire cart.
  • Applies to – You can choose Specific Roles or decide to apply rule to Everyone. Choosing Specific Roles allows you to select the roles that the customer must be a member of for the rule to apply.
  • Dates – Prices will be applied during the date range that you determine.
  • Minimum Order Total – A customer must have the specified minimum amount in their shopping cart to qualify for the rule.
  • Max Order Total – Here, you can choose your maximum order amount for the rule.
  • Type – Percentage Discount is the only selection that can be set in this section.
  • Amount – Here, you will be able to enter a number for a discount.

Select “Save Changes” to enable the rule.


Roles Pricing

Here you can set pricing rules for the store based on users’ roles. You will see a list of all available roles on your site.


Dynamic pricing based on roles.


If you want to activate a discount for a particular role, just toggle the Enabled switch to “Yes.” You can also select the type of discount. Price Discount will discount by the exact amount you enter, and Percentage Discount will discount by the percentage.


Category Pricing

Bulk item pricing by product category can be assigned with bulk category pricing. The category pricing rules that you implement will be added before any role-based price discounts.


Dynamic pricing based on categories.


Product categories for your store will appear in the Category Pricing tab. To set up a discount for a certain category, toggle the Enabled switch to “Yes.”

Now you can pick the type of discount. You can Price Discount or Percentage Discount option.

Any products that are in multiple categories and both of those categories have discounts, the larger discount will be applied.

Rules will display in the store as though the item is on sale by striking through the original price and adding the new category-based price.


Single Product Pricing

You can set up an advanced pricing rule for a specific product. Go to Product Data > Pricing Discount Rules > Add Pricing Group.


Dynamic pricing for single product.


The following rule configurations can be set up:

  • Applies to – Rules can be applied to Everyone or just Specific Roles.
  • Quantities based on – Here, you can choose Product Quantity, Variation Quantity, Cart Line Item Quantity, and Quantity of Category.
  • Rule processing mode – Bulk will apply the rule on all items while Special Offer to a predefined amount.
  • Dates – Prices can be valid only during the date range that you specify.
  • Table rates – You’ll also need to assign table rates along with your pricing rules. The rates may differ depending on if the “Special Offer” or “Bulk” option was chosen.


Plugin Price

Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin comes in three pricing plans. Basic plan costs $99/year for usage on one site. With a Professional plan for $139/year, you get additional features like minimum cart requirements, volume discount, coupon management, etc.

With the Professional plan you get these plugins:

  • Dynamic pricing and discount rules
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Product table
  • Restriction rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro

All Acess plan if you wish to get access to all 14 Woosuite plugins. The price is $349/year. Unfortunately, there are no multi-site plans, which can become expensive for usage on more than one website.

Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Creating WooCommerce Discount Rules Conclusion

It takes time and effort to run a successful WooCommerce online store. It can take some time to increase sales and revenue, especially when you have a growing number of competitors in your industry.

Intelligent tactics, strategies that make sense, and immediate actions need to be taken to give people every reason to shop at your site. Creating discount rules for WooCommerce store and using dynamic pricing is one way that many companies use to attract interest and attention.

Having varied pricing rules can establish selling prices for your products and services. It can also draw natural site traffic through discounts that keep people returning to your site more often.

Some companies build customer loyalty and trust by adding dynamic pricing rules to accommodate for changes in competition, suppliers, demand, and other relevant attributes in the market. You can more effectively manage your store and inventory levels with pricing rules.

There are many different WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugins that can be used to set up dynamic rules and pricing for your store, but Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules is definitely one of the best available.

For more Woosuite products, check my review of the Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale suite, Woosuite Sales Agents, and Woosuite Product Table plugin.

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