Woostify Theme Review (2023) – A Powerful WooCommerce Theme For Online Store

As an online store owner, you must pay attention to many important factors such as beautiful interface, SEO standards, fast page loading, ease of use, and many customization options.

Luckily, now we have Woostify – a WooCommerce theme that can help us turn a bland website into a robust online store. In this Woostify review, we will take a closer look at what Woostify can do and how it affects your online business.


Woostify Theme Review

Woostify is a lightweight and fast WooCommerce theme that helps you build beautiful and effective online stores intending to optimize conversion rates. The theme is integrated with Elementor page builder yet compatible with all the most common page builders and plugins.

Woostify has a lot of powerful features that enable you to create a custom online shop easily. The theme’s most highlighted advantages are flexible customization, conversion rate optimization, UX optimization, lightweight and fast loading speed, diverse and unique feature system, and enthusiastic support for shop owners. Now let’s take a closer look at these advantages and see if Woostify is a powerful weapon of any WooCommerce shop.


What Makes Woostify Stand Out?

Here are some of the Wostify advantages that make it stand out from the competition.


Flexible Customization

The first advantage of Woostify that we should mention right away is flexible customization. Why is this so important? There are many answers to this question, but perhaps the most important reasons are:

  1. Website owners want a website with more personal elements. Woostify’s customers are online business people from many diverse industries. With each different field and business model, shop owners have their own needs. Templates are not enough to satisfy the needs of the majority. So Woostify has provided users with almost unlimited customization possibilities.
  2. If you don’t use themes, you will have to have relatively good coding knowledge to have a website as beautiful and effective as you like. There are two problems here: first, not everyone knows the code well enough to edit the website themselves. The second is that visibility is not preferred if you use this method. Woostify will make you find this job easy and fun.

Here are features of Woostify that give you flexible customization.


Integration With Elementor

Yes, Woostify has a deep integration with both WooCommerce and Elementor. This enables you to customize your websites without any limit. Of course, you don’t need to know anything about code to build stunning pages.

Are you not familiar enough to work with Elementor? Don’t worry because Woostify can work well with the top most popular page builders out there (Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, King Composer, Brizy, etc.) However, we highly recommend using Elementor as your page builder while using Woostify because there are excellent Elementor pro addons you can utilize.

Special widgets like post widget, product slider widget, slider widget, product widget, or product category widget are all handy. With them, you can build an impressive Product Category, a beautiful store layout, or simply present many more products. In case you don’t realize, this is even more beneficial than buying an Elementor Pro.


Header & Footer Builder

Woostify has a lot of gorgeous header and footer layouts for you to choose from. Besides, Header and Footer builder extension allows you to freely build footers and headers for any page of your website. A uniquely beautiful interface will leave a strong impression on customers and make them feel more excited to explore your website.

In a nutshell, Woostify is deeply integrated with Elementor and helps you customize your pages visually with better efficiency than using Elementor Pro alone. Note that this is the exclusive feature of Woostify, and you won’t find it in any other themes.



Another secret weapon that makes Woostify a ruler in terms of customization is Woobuider addons. Woobuilder is a part of Woostify, but it can be used as a standalone plugin.


Woostify Woobuilder feature.


Woobuilder brings you the power to control and customize all the store pages such as the WooCommerce category page, checkout, cart page, product page, single product page, account page).

In a nutshell, you will be able to make even the smallest elements on the pages as you wish without owning Elementor Pro. Updating your store is now not a big problem as you have Woobuilder.


Focus On Conversion Rate

One of the essential things for an online store owner is probably the conversion rate. All businesses in this world are ultimately about profit. Woostify is one of the most effective weapons to help your online shop succeed. All thanks to unique features created to help improve your conversion rate.


FOMOs Included

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” This strategy is applied a lot in business. You want to buy a hat and today is the last day you can buy it for half the usual price. You will likely make a purchasing decision faster than ever.


Woostify theme fomo options.


FOMO is a fantastic method to captivate your visitors and persuade them to make a purchase. And here we have it in Woostify. If you could use FOMO to attract more visitors (our potential customers) to your online store, that would be a huge advantage.

Business owners can easily create FOMO in their stores using the Woostify Elementor WooCommerce add-ons like Sale Notification and Countdown Urgency. The Woostify Countdown creates a sense of urgency, encouraging reluctant consumers to take advantage of the deals before they expire.

Using the Sale Notification add-on is another way to create FOMO. Customers will trust your store more once they see pop-ups with information about a specific customer’s name, address, purchase time, and product picture from recent orders. They will be enticed to make quick purchases as a result of this add-on.


Multi-step Checkout

A complicated checkout page with dozens of information to fill in is often intimidating. This can make your customers hesitate and even cancel the order at the last minute.


Woostify theme optimized checkout.


Woostify brings business owners a smooth checkout process by removing the header, footer, and sidebars from the checkout page. The sole major emphasis of the checkout is the payment information section. This feature makes sure that once your customers reach the checkout page, they will never chicken out.


AJAX Live Search & AJAX Shopping Cart

AJAX live search and AJAX shopping cart have one thing in common – you won’t have to move to another page to perform a task. Imagine you are surfing on a product page, yet you want to see if there are more suitable products in the same category.


Woostify live AJAX search.


There is no need to leave the current page, thanks to AJAX live search. With it, you can search for anything using tags and categories while still on the current page.

AJAX shopping cart has the same mechanism as AJAX live search. On some websites, if you want to see what you have added to the cart or you want to change something about it, you must leave the current page. This may disrupt the purchasing flow, which leads to customers buying less than they would have.


Woostify theme AJAX shopping cart.


Moving between pages is not a comfortable experience as well. AJAX shopping cart allows customers to see what they have in the cart, change the product quantity, check the total price, apply coupons for discounts, and so on. The easier your customers can do everything in your shop, the more they will probably buy from you.


Buy Now Button

The Woostify Buy Now button will help you move directly to the checkout page by skipping the adding-to-cart phase.


Woostify theme buy now button.


If someone wants to complete a transaction as fast as possible, why don’t we show them an easy way to get what they want?


Sticky Add To Cart Button

Letting your potential customers scroll up and down to find the Add to cart button is something you should not maintain.


Woostify sticky add to cart button.


With the Woostify sticky add to cart button feature, customers can quickly add selected products to their shopping basket without having to look for the Add to cart or Buy Now button.


Lightweight & Fast Loading Speed

No one wants to own a heavy online store, with each operation taking a few seconds. Such a website will give the customer a bad shopping experience. And undoubtedly your profits will be heavily affected by this.

So what can Woostify do to help you with this? Sure yes. Woostify is built with clean code, small files, and customizable CSS. In particular, Woostify does not use JQuery but only JavaScript.

Because the theme isn’t designed with a vast CSS framework, loading heavy libraries beforehand is unnecessary. Features like AJAX live search and AJAX shop cart of Woostify are also crucial factors in ensuring the lightweight of your website.

In terms of SEO, Woostify is optimized for search engines, so your website can be easily found on the internet. Thus, Woostify will definitely help you bring in a lot of potential customers.


UX Optimization

Woostify also brings user experience optimization options.


Smart Product Filter Add-on

Woostify has released a new plugin called Smart Product Filter. The main purpose of this plugin is to help the customer find products they need simply and quickly. Its six features will ensure website visitors have an unforgettable purchasing experience:

  • Products are filtered by using a wide range of product data
  • Both vertical and horizontal layouts can be applied
  • Automatically adopts product data and presents the remaining filter terms
  • Work with WooCommerce shortcodes on both the default and custom shop pages with WooCommerce.
  • AJAX loading is applied
  • Mobile-friendly


Woostify theme smart product filter.


Now your customers can find any combination of products according to any criteria they want in a straightforward way.


Quick View

This Woostify Pro feature allows visitors to browse product details without having to visit the product page. They can see additional product detail information in the quick view box, such as price, product description, category, a bigger product image, tags, etc.

With this feature, you can make your product listings more user-friendly. It is possible to hide the quick view button on specific products. You can also preview and add things directly to your shopping basket from the product listing pages.

Most customers prefer to take a quick look at many products before choosing something they really like to see in detail. Quick View is built for this purpose, and it’s doing a good job.


Variation Swatches

Instead of utilizing the usual drop-down style for variants, you will be able to add product variation swatches. This feature allows store owners to show various attributes on a product, such as size, weight, color, and control over pricing, availability, and images. They may be utilized for any product with many variants (clothes, footwear, watches, etc.)


Woostify variation swatches feature.


When variants are presented more intuitively, it will be easier for customers to compare and choose products. At the same time, the products will also look more vivid and attractive.


AJAX Live Searching & Shopping Cart

An AJAX live search bar is what Woostify uses to bring your customers’ experience to a new level. They can easily search for anything they want using the tags and category without leaving the current page.

This tool also provides keyword suggestions to help you find the goods you need more quickly. This feature is beneficial as your customers want to compare products with the others. AJAX live searching is also good for loading speed, which is another aspect of UX.

AJAX shopping cart addon has the same effect on your customers’ experience. They turn complicated and tiring processes into something more comfortable.


Support Shop Owners

Woostify not only focuses on how to make your customers happy and purchase more. The theme focuses on you and your experience. Even if you own a small shop with a bit of knowledge of online store building, Woostify is ready to help you build your empire from the first brick.


Template System

Woostify theme comes with 15 gorgeous Elementor WooCommerce themes ideal for nearly any industry or specialty, like furniture, cuisine, fashion, glasses, cosmetics, pet, and so on.


Woostify theme ready-made templates.


They are all precisely configured for e-commerce websites, responsive, and equipped with all the necessary features. With such fantastic beginning sites, you can easily construct beautiful e-commerce websites. You may easily customize the theme and construct your own eye-catching web store without any coding experience.


1-Click Demo

A one-click sample installation option is available from Woostify. As a consequence, after activating the theme, you can simply click “Install Demo” to transfer the demo content (home page, store pages, about us, contact, FAQs) to your website.


Woostify import demos.


All of the processes will be automatically installed and enabled for you.


Woostify Support Team

Woostify is famous for its enthusiastic support. Woostify’s customers often leave good reviews about their services. It is known that they provide personalized support in many ways, even for those who use their free theme.


Provide Many Other Cool Features

Besides the major advantages of Woostify that we have mentioned above, this theme offers many other goodies that can be helpful in different situations.

  • Sticky header – This feature is simply making a fixed header at the top of the pages. This helps you move to any pages or categories whenever you want without having to scroll up again and again. This feature also contributes to an improved customer experience.
  • Megamenu – Woostify develops a completely responsive mega menu with dropdown categories and a large number of content modules. Inside the mega menu, you can also add basic details of products and their pictures as samples. The mega menu also makes it easier for customers to find a product category and act as a showcase for the other products.


Woostify theme mega menu.


  • Built-in size chart – For products of various sizes, this feature becomes extremely important. Especially for clothing stores, providing details about the product’s size will make it easier for customers to choose goods and make purchasing decisions. If you do international business, the role of the size chart increases even more. That’s because different groups of countries have their own sizing systems (US, EU, etc.). But if you find this feature limiting, you can always use alternative WooCommerce size chart plugin options.


Woostify Pricing

Woostify offers a free version and paid version. The free version is good enough to build an online store that meets the basic requirements. It is perfectly suitable for those new to the online business and who do not want to spend a big budget on building a website.

However, if you own a business that needs fast and sustainable growth, do not hesitate to use the paid version. Compared to the value that Woostify brings, the amount you have to pay is not a big deal:

  • Woostify Lifetime – Unlimited sites – $129 with lifetime support and updates.
  • Woostify Ultimate – Unlimited sites – $79 with one year of support and updates.
  • Woostify Personal – 1 site – $49 with one year of support and updates.

Here are features for the paid version only:

  • Header and footer builder
  • Elementor addon
  • Sale notification
  • Smart product filter
  • Megamenu
  • Quick View
  • Woobuilder
  • Buy now button
  • Sticky add to cart button
  • Variation swatches
  • AJAX search
  • Multiple headers
  • Countdown urgency
  • Size guide
  • Sticky header
  • Advanced shop widget


Woostify Theme Review Conclusion

With all its superior features, Woostify has proven itself to be one of the most powerful weapons of an online store. If you want to build a fantastic website with a high conversion rate, make Woostify your top choice.

You can try the free version first to see how effective this theme is. And certainly, the paid version will make you even more satisfied. Now it’s your turn to try Woostify.

As an alternative to the Woostify WooCommerce theme, you can check the Woostroid2 theme.

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