How To Syncronize WooCommerce To Google Sheets?

Due to this pandemic situation, people started to purchase their needs through online e-stores. This increases the pressure on the e-store companies to handle huge customers. If you are searching for any supporting tool for managing huge customer information or other e-store information, this WooCommerce to Google Sheets integration article will be beneficial.

Google Sheets will be the right choice in handling all that information, and it will be easy to share with your team for managing. This article will demonstrate how to connect Google Sheets with WooCommerce.


Why Is WooCommerce To Google Sheets Integration Important?

The foremost reason is that Google Sheets is available for free, and WooCommerce allows managing and storing the information in Google Sheets.

Second, it is easy to handle information in Google Sheets, and you can share the stored information with your teammate for analysis. This process is possible without logging in to the WordPress dashboard.

In addition, connecting Google Sheets with Woocommerce helps in analyzing, sorting the customer order data easily. The data could be easily presented in charts and graphs.

So, the following section shows the steps to connect Google Sheets with Woocmmerce.


How To Connect Google Sheets With WooCommerce?

Before moving to connect Google Sheets with WooCommerce, you should create a Google Sheets through your Gmail id in your Google Drive. Next, you need a proper plugin for WooCommerce to Google Sheets integration.

This article demonstrates two different plugins which will help you:

  • Uncanny Automator
  • Pabbly connect


Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is a free plugin that helps in connecting various apps with WordPress sites.


Uncanny Automator plugin.


Before connecting your Google Sheets with WooCommerce, you need to connect the website with this plugin. To do so, you need to sign up with your mail-id.

The next step is to connect your Google account with the plugin. To do so, click the settings option in the plugin. Now navigate to the ‘Google’ tab and click on “Connect an Account.”


Connecting Google Sheets with WooCommerce free.


Provide the details of your account and permission for the plugin to access your account. Once the connection with your Google account is successful, you will get the below screen.


Setting Uncanny Automator with Google Sheets.


The Google account has been linked with the Uncanny Automator plugin. Still, you need to connect the Google Sheets with WooCommerce.


WooCommerce to Google Sheets integration.


Other than WordPress, the remaining integrations can be accessed only in the pro version. For the WooCommerce trigger, you will need to buy the paid plugin version.

When you select WooCommerce, you get the trigger to choose.


Uncanny Automator WooCommerce trigger.


Select the trigger condition that shows once the customer completes his purchase in Woocommerce.


Selecting the trigger condition Uncanny Automator.


Next, choose the product type to which the trigger should be raised. Just select the ‘Any Product’ option.


Uncanny Automator free vs pro.


The following section will be the action. Select the action as ‘Automator.’


Uncanny Automator available integrations.


Choose the ‘Call a custom function/method’ option in the action for Automator.


Uncanny Automator available actions.


Select ‘Set user data’ in the popup window that appears.


Custom function method Uncanny Automator.


Now, select the ‘Existing user’ option for running the actions and enter the user id to link to the Google Sheets.


Uncanny Automator available settings.


Note down the user id, which should be entered in the ‘set user data’ window. Now go to the ‘Subscriber’ option, mention the user id, and select the ‘Do nothing’ option.

Next, select the action, integrate ‘Google Sheets,’ and select ‘Create a row in a Google Sheets.’


Uncanny Automator Google Sheets action.


It creates a new drop-down menu that has a spreadsheet and worksheet.


Uncanny Automator Google spreadsheet.


Next, you should create the columns by clicking on the “Get Columns” button. Enter the heading for each column.


How to set Uncanny Automator?


Once you have completed it, select the ‘Save’ button. Now you have completed everything, and from now every information will be stored in the Google Sheets.


Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is not only for connecting Google Sheets and WooCommerce. It can be used for various purposes. Using Pabbly Connect, you can easily create many seamless workflows, and you don’t need coding skills.

Once you complete the signup process, it directly takes you to the dashboard. Now, it’s time to find the right link to connect the applications. So, click on the ‘Pabbly Connect’ option found in the dashboard.


Pabbly Connect feature.


Before connecting Google Sheets to WooCommerce, the workflow needs to be created. Once you click on ‘Pabbly Connect,’ it directly asks to create a new workflow. In addition, Pabbly provides 100 tasks to be executed for free using a Pabbly free account.


Pabbly creating workflow.


Pabbly requests you to give a name for the workflow. Enter the name and proceed to create the new workflow needed. First, you should select the trigger event and then select the apps as ‘WooCommerce.’


Pabbly Connect WooCommerce integration.


Select the trigger event to which WooCommerce needs to react. Here we selected the “New Order created” trigger.


Pabbly Connect triggers.


Now, the webhook URL is generated where the link should be pasted into the WooCommerce settings. The instructions to paste the URL are displayed below the URL link.


Pabbly webhook URL.


To paste the link, click on the ‘WooCommerce’ and navigate to the settings option. Now navigate to the ‘Advanced’ option and then select the ‘webhooks’ option. Now paste the link as shown in the below image, fill in the name, and keep the status as ‘Active.’


Pabbly WooCommerce webhook.


Still, we haven’t made a connection between Google Sheets and WooCommerce. Again switch over to the Pabbly tool because you need to start from where you left. Now, create the next action that means the result will be stored in an application once the trigger occurs. Select the application. Click on ‘Google Sheets.’

Then select the action event to tell how the data should be stored. Then click the ‘Connect’ button.

To connect the Google Sheets with WooCommerce, you need to authenticate using the Gmail id. Once the connection is made successfully, then the button will turn into ‘Connected.’


Pabbly Connect WooCommerce and Google Sheets.


Now, just enter the product details in the fields below the connect button. If you have a successful connection, then the information will be stored in Google Sheets.

Once you have completed the information, click on the button ‘Save & Send Request.’ Now, you go to the Google Sheets to check whether the trigger is updated once the event happens.


WooCommerce To Google Sheets Synchronization

This article discussed the two different tools to integrate WooCommerce with Google Sheets. Both tools look efficient to fulfill your work, but it is needed to know which tool is a better option.

From my view, the Pabbly tool looks easier to configure and understand the process, while Uncanny Automator looks more complicated in configuring. So, I recommend you to go with the Pabbly tool because it provides most of the services for free and is efficient to use.

And if you need advanced analytic and reporting tools, then check WooCommerce reporting plugins like Putler or InfoCaptor.




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