Woosuite Product Table Review – Best WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugin?

Woosuite Product Table


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Easy to use
  • Single page ordering
  • Soft filter
  • Fast search
  • Bulk add to cart
  • Responsive form layout


  • No multi site plans
  • No free version

Having a quick order form can make life easier for your clients and for bulk orders. This can be accomplished with a WooCommerce quick order form plugin like Woosuite Product Table. Customers can then easily find the products that they want, add quantities and complete the checkout process in less time.

Thanks to the quick order plugin, users won’t have to spend considerable time and effort going through seemingly endless catalog pages to find the items they want. One search bar and one search page are all that’s needed.

If you’re running a store that only sells a couple of products, then a quick order form plugin might not be the best choice for your needs. However, if your store has a large number of products for sale, this kind of plugin can make things easier for customers.

In this Woosuite Product Table review, I will show what benefits your store can have when using such a plugin and the features that it offers.


Woosuite Product Table Review

Woosuite Product Table is a great WooCommerce quick order form that simplifies orders for your clients. They only have to go to one location to see the whole product catalog. Clients can order quickly and efficiently. The plugin works very well with other third-party plugins and themes, and it doesn’t take much time to create restaurant menus, product comparison tables, product bundles, or wholesale order forms.


WooCommerce quick order plugin.


You can display as many items as you want in a format that your customers can easily understand. Clients can add products to their shopping cart and complete the checkout process quickly, which can help to increase your order value and conversions. The form layout is fully responsive on tablets, cell phones, and all kinds of mobile devices.


  • Single page ordering – Showcase the entire catalog on a single page or create a restaurant menu, wholesale order forms, and product bundles.
  • No product list limits – You can list all items that you have to sell so that clients can easily navigate and use.
  • Fast search – Clients don’t have to leave the current page to locate the items that they want to buy.
  • Sort filter – Different criteria can be used to sort items.
  • Bulk add to cart – Customers can add multiple products to their shopping cart and checkout. This can improve order and conversion values and let clients complete orders in less time.
  • Responsive form layout – Forms will look great no matter which device is used.
  • Product catalog in one place – Customers can order from the entire product catalog or pick what products or categories to display.

You can display more items in less screen space with product tables. You can manage the columns in those tables so that only the information you want consumers to see will be visible.

With AJAX filters, customers can search for products based on attributes, tags, categories, titles, and other relevant attributes.


How Does Product Table Work?

Your WordPress site can have its own unique product table lists or views that are very customizable. They will also be incredibly easy to filter and sort.

The data shown in these tables will be under your control. You can change functionality, filters, columns, and other attributes as needed. It’s up to you to decide what products will be displayed. The choices let you show certain categories and items or all of your available products if you prefer.

Customers can look further with the use of search, sort, and filter options. Items can be added to a customer’s shopping cart from a product table immediately. Each table is mobile-friendly and completely responsive.


WooCommerce product table plugin.


The plugin can be set up in no time. After it’s been installed and activated, you’ll see the WooSuite menu. From there, you can access the Product table tab. There you will see several options divided into sections. Those sections are Order Form Display, Order Form Information, Bulk Add To Cart, Order Form Controls, Order Form Design, and Performance Setting.

Most of these options are fairly self-explanatory but let’s see settings for each of those sections.


Order Form Display:

  • Shop pages – WooSuite Product Tables can be used as your store’s default page layout.
  • Product category pages – WooSuite Product Tables can be assigned as the default layout for product category pages.
  • Quick order form page – Select the page on which you want to display the shortcode.


Woosuite Product table order form display.


Order Form Information:

  • Columns – Set defaults for all your Woosuite tables. Available columns are SKU, id, name, description, short description, date, categories, tags, image, reviews, stock, weight, dimensions, price, add-to-cart, and button.
  • Image size – Size of images used in tables.
  • Image lightbox – Display product images in a lightbox
  • Shortcodes – Table content can display HTML, shortcodes, and other formatting.
  • Description length – You can determine the length for each product description.
  • Product links – Attribute, category, and tag can have hyperlink.


Woosuite Product Table order form information.


Bulk Add To Cart:

  • Add to cart button display – Options are “Button only,” “Checkbox only,” “Button and checkbox.”
  • Add to cart behavior – AJAX can be used when items are added to the shopping cart.
  • Quantities – The Add to Cart column can display quantity selectors.
  • Variations setting – Your choices are having separate rows in the table, dropdown lists in the add to cart column, and adding a link to the product page.
  • “Add Selected” position – The position can be above and below the table, above the table, or below the table.
  • “Add Selected” button text – The “Add Selected to Cart” button text can be entered here.


Woosuite Product Table bulk add to cart.


Order Form Controls:

  • Sort products by – Here, you can pick from the date last modified, date added, average reviews, number of sales, price, ID, name, SKU, or Other (if you choose this one, you will have the option to enter column name).
  • Sort direction – Your choices are descending, ascending, or automatic.
  • Product filters – Tables can be filtered in dropdown lists according to custom taxonomy, attribute, tag, or categories. Options are “Disabled,” “Show based on columns in the table,” and “Custom” (you will be able to enter your filters as a comma-separated list).
  • Page length – The “Show [x] products” dropdown list position can be determined here. You can pick from hidden, above and below table, above the table or below table.
  • Search box – Set the product search box position. Options are Above table, Below table, Above and below table, and Hidden.
  • Product totals – The position of the product totals, e.g., “Displaying 1 to 10 of 100 products”. Options are “Above table,” “Below table,” “Above and below table,” and “Hidden.”
  • Pagination buttons – Choose if you want to hide the pagination button or set display position (Above the table, Below table, Above and below table).
  • Pagination type – Options are Numbers only, Prev/next, Prev/next + numbers, Prev/next/first/last, Prev/next/first/last + numbers.
  • Reset button – Show the reset button above the table.


Woosuite Product Table order form controls.


Order Form Design:

You can add your own styling with the Custom option or just stick with the Default design. You get enough styling options to customize the table layout and design without manually making HTML or CSS changes.

Your active theme styles will be implemented if you choose the Default option. If you select the Custom option, you will be able to set color for Border Outer, Border Header, Border Cell, Header background, Cell background, Header font, Cell font.


Woosuite Product Table order form design.


Performance Setting:

  • Lazy load – Load products one page at a time.
  • Maximum product limit – Determine the number of products that will be displayed.
  • Caching – For better load times, table contents can be cached.
  • Cache expires after – After a predetermined period, table data will be refreshed.
  • Rows per page – Set the number of rows that will be displayed.


Woosuite Product Table performance settings.


Shortcodes can laos be used to show product tables. You can also adjust any of the above settings until the product table is to your liking. Various sites and niches can benefit from having the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

The possibilities are almost endless. The plugin can be used to showcase different items for sale in your blog posts, replace your current online storefront (if you want a catalog structure), and much more.



There are three pricing plans for WooSuite Product Table. Basic plan can be purchased for $79/year for use on one website. Coupon management, volume discount, minimum cart requirements, and other added features are available with the Professional plan for $139 per year.

With the Professional plan you also get these plugins:

  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Restriction Rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro

If you want to use all 14 WooSuite plugins, you can buy the All Access plan. It’s priced at $349 a year. All of these plans are only good for use on a single website. There aren’t any plans available for multiple sites at this time, which can make these plans rather expensive if you want to use them on multiple sites. A30-day money-back guarantee is provided for each plan.


WooCommerce Quick Order Form Conclusion

Customers want fast and easy experience. They want to find what they want and purchase those items in as little time as possible. That’s why it’s essential to have fast product searches and checkouts.

The longer a customer stays to find items or complete orders, the more likely they will abandon their shopping cart and seek out those items at another site. A WooCommerce quick order plugin can make things faster and easier for consumers.

These types of plugins can speed up checkouts and allow for a better overall customer experience. Users who regularly buy items in bulk and don’t want to waste time searching for items and purchasing can utilize quick order forms and save significant time and effort.

If you know that you need a product table on your site, I would strongly recommend looking at the Woosuite WooCommerce Product Table plugin. It’s easy to use and feature-rich, so the plugin will likely meet your needs. The plugin isn’t free, but it is well worth the price.

For more Woosuite products, check my review of the Woosuite Sales Agents, Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin and Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale suite.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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